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Eric Voss and this is a breakdown of Loki episode 4 the Nexus event in which Loki Lovin himself may save the multiverse from Robot Puppets and loca Gators let’s break down. This episode shot by shot for all the Easter eggs and visual clues that you might have overlooked to figure out what the hell with 1l is going on and a reminder that the best way to support us here at new Rockstars is to get yourself some great merch at Newrockstarsmerch. com including this limited edition Loki out of time shirt that I will be wearing in every video because I love it so this episode opens on Asgard from Sylvie’s. Timeline. The opening shot rises up behind the green hills that enclosed the kingdom.

A Reversal Of The Past Thor Centric Establishing

shots of asgard that approached from the Bifrost. Gate because for Sovie Asgard wasn’t a hometown that she returned to. After battle to Revel in Glory. It was a rustic hearth that she dreamed of those adventures from she plays with toys, but Valkyrie flies over defeats the Dragon and saves alcohol like Thor admitted in Ragnarok Sylvie’s fan crush was Valkyrie riding her pegasus now the dragon may be the Muspelheim dragon that Thor slayed in Ragnarok’s opening. She also has a wolf, perhaps Fenris, Hela‘s Wolf Steed and this Viking boat actually another of which can be seen over by the seat in the background.

Then The Tva Comes In And Arrests

her for no apparent reason. Other than she’s a Loki, but perhaps since Sylvie sees herself in a heroic light that could be what causes the TvA or the mystery figure actually controlling the TvA to see her as a potential threat because that person wants Loki’s to be the bad guy and die prematurely Now. This squad is led by rentslayer before she became a judge now Hunter A23, which is probably a reference to Avengers 23. In 1963. The first comic appearance of Ravona Rinslayer, in which time traveling villain Kang the Conqueror professes his love to her, but she rebuffs him so you know he moves to destroy your home, which fellas is not the response to no but the writers choosing Ravona Rinslayer, as opposed to any TvA judge from the comics feels like it could be a deliberate.

Move To Introduce Kang Into The Mcu

and referencing the specific comic issue where Ravonna was introduced and that relationship was front and center seems like a pretty big hint toward that perhaps Kang is the one pulling the strings of the TvA. He’s the one who used his time travel abilities to create this bureaucracy that could manipulate time in a very specific way and now sees all loki variants who survive as chaotic Nexus Beans who destabilize his perfect timeline. I mean now that the timekeepers are revealed to be android puppets controlled by a mystery man behind the curtain and Richard E. Grant is playing a different character that leaves a vacuum for a big bad light. Kang to appear ahead of Jonathan Major’s portrayal of him in Quantomania, though in interviews Majors claims to have no idea what we’re talking about so we’ll see now we.

Never See What Happens With The

figurines Silvia was playing with they don’t get erased with a reset charge so maybe they were collected by Rentslayer for her creepy collection of trophies. I mean Kang’s Kingdom of Chronopolis, which could be that city in the quantum realm is in the comics similarly made up of architectural relics of trophies from history. ‘s. Kang has conquered so young Sylvie goes through the booking process from a lower and much scarier vantage point. She notices the four-all-time always Tva seal that Loki walks right over in the pilot.

Her Transcript Stack Is Much Shorter

than Loki’s. Since you know she’s much younger and has spoken much less in her life. But notice that Guy’s Mug does not yet feature his beloved cat and Silvie doesn’t like look down to see any cat in the corner so that cat might have been a more. And by the way I Hope the Cat‘s name is Strodinger because that would be awesome the girl is scanned to determine She is not a robot which since the timekeepers are Androids might actually be to prevent other robots from entering the TvA and detecting that secret because you know I’m Bot Phobic and I ignorantly assume all robots know each other rentslayer meets with the timekeepers who are arranged much like the goofy future leaders in their floating seats and Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure to me just a little clue pointing to these timekeepers being really the makings of someone less grand yet still excellent but behind them Is this red glowing symbol that looks similar at least to the runes that Agatha and Wanda used to mark a magical boundary to prevent others from using magic within that boundary like perhaps similar Sorcery was used by. Whoever built the TvA to keep Loki and Sylvia and others from using their magic within this setting now After the credits, we cut once again to a close-up of the face of the central time keeper the one whose head.

By The End Of This Episode

will be cut off. Now. Mobius wants to talk to C20, but rentslayer says Dad obvious what how Oh Owen Wilson may not get to say wow in the series, but he does get a solid how how Loki and Sylvie sit on the doomed lamentis one I’m sorry I remember asgard yeah I like how that Meteor whizzes like a bullet through Sylvie’s head. At the moment she cracks to open up to loki about her past and Sylvia says the TvA arrested her because she’s a source of chaos. The universe wants to break free, so it manifests chaos like me.

Born The Goddess Of Mischief And She

may be right She did really nothing to spawn a nexus event. She was just targeted because someone fears all Loki’s who don’t die prematurely we may lose sometimes painfully, but we don’t die We survive now back in the TvA. The screen shows Wrightville, Pennsylvania, January 6 1832 that’s referring to a bridge over the Susquehanna River in 1832 that collapsed due to ice and flooding then morag the planet where Peter Quill recovered the power Stone and Guardians of the Galaxy revisited an end game which was a planet that used to be covered by vast oceans until the water receded perhaps due to some environmental catastrophe now above. Those are mentions of Sakar that’s the trash planet from Ragnarok and Alberta, Canada. The province containing Calgary site of one of the worst catastrophes in the year 1970.

The Birth Of.

This piece of and I am a very very proud whackover and later on in the scene when they lock on to lament one above you can read unidentified planet interesting. Since we know the TvA has seen all of historical existence and by the end of that there are still some planets that remain unidentified and then Barcelona” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Barcelona Spain again and then a bit later after Barcelona There’s Aladon referring to Aledon Prime, a decimated planet that the cree army retreated to in the annihilation Conquest comics and then after that Lima Peru now we get this gnarly point of view of the shot from the planet crashing toward lamentist one as it breaks apart reminds me of the point of view shots from the asteroid. In Armageddon that movie is crazy but to be honest. It gave us some really fun stuff to look at so it is.

Loki And Silvis Connection That Leads

to this intensely powerful branch. The Nexus event of this title. It is so powerful that it defied the apocalypse that should have prevented this branch from forming, Meaning that these two free surviving Loki’s connecting falling for each other as opposed to killing each other represents the greatest threat to the person behind the timekeepers and their sacred timeline Essentially this is like Loki squared to them but they get captured and moby’s throws Loki through this red door that’s outlined in the same kind of Neon glow as the timekeeper’s rune so perhaps it represents a different kind of inner TvA magic. In this case, it’s this time cell a looped memory torture prison kind of like something you’d see in black mirror but Jamie Alexander returns as Lady Siff you conniving craven pathetic Worm you did this what I hope you. Know you deserve to be alone and you always will be now.

Sift Did Not Die With The

Warriors 3 in Ragnarok and she is expected to return in Thor Love and Thunder Loki cutting Sis hair is actually from Norse mythology, in which Loki cut off Sif’s hair and to make up for it went to Nidalee where the dwarves crafted her new hair from gold actually led to the dwarves crafting for the gods all kinds of things like Mjolnir. Now I love how you can hear the loop track resetting each time because it was just a bit of fun you and while we’re talking about the sound mix of the scene. Each of Sif’s successive hits get Louder and Louder on each pass to convey that increasing pain level on Loki pathetic. So Mobius tells B15 that they have brought in cree titans and vampires cree. Referring to the Imperialist cree from Captain Marvel, they also might have shown up in that Miss minutes animation.

Titans Could Refer To The People Of Titan

that’s thanos’s home world. Genealogically Thanos is an eternal with a deviant gene. Though maybe once they all relocated to Titan, they just went by the name Titans and vampires acknowledges the existence of Marvel vampires soon to be explored in titles like blade Actually vampires were brought up previously in Thor Ragnarok want to use a big wooden fork. No yeah not really useful unless you’re fighting off three vampires that were huddled together. Silvia’s being interrogated in time Theater 47 could be a nod to Marvel what if 47, in which Loki takes Thor’s Hammer I only bring it up because we actually see a version of Loki with a version of Mjolnir in the post-credits scene now in Loki’s interrogation.

Notice The Overhead Lights How When They

first come back into it they shift downward. This room might be part of one of the spires that we’ve seen in the TvA exterior that rotates past whatever the outside light sources. The camerawork uses this lighting to really great effect like when Loki tells Mobius that he and all the TvA employees are variants so before this you had a past. Maybe you had a family a life Nice try yeah notice how for a moment as Mobis considers this possibility the light of truth shines on his shoulders, but then he leans back forward in shadow to signal him blocking that notion back out. But then as Mobius says he and Loki’s interest are no longer aligned.

The Overhead Lights Shift Back Upward In

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In Episode Two B15 Now Sees This

poster that reads did you get them all verified through deletion with this big brothery and mustached man whom we have seen in the credits now I’m getting some howard Stark. From this guy, but I’m thinking it could be some veteran TvA director Maybe he who remains who created the timekeepers in the comics in Rensselaer‘s Office. This music plays This is Licinia the Swan by composer Camille Sansone, played here though by Clara Rockmore really the first maestro of the musical instrument. The theremin actually Loki director Kate Herron said she played rockmore’s rendition of this song in her pitch to direct this series and that is why you hear the theremin so often throughout this show. So rinse layer signs loki’s execution order using the same FDr high school pin that Moby has noticed in episode two note how he looks down at it again here and rant Slayer says cheers cheers to putting all this behind us Amen yeah Mobius might know his path here will lead to his own pruning so it’s a bit fitting that.

He Uses This Religious Affirmation So Rinse

layer adds to her trophies Sylvie’s sword while Moby switches their ten pads and abruptly leaves one drink. I think I do didn’t. I Mobius yeah Mobius is plain drunk here, but being confused over how many drinks he’s had connects to when he did not remember leaving ring stains on her table just saying he might not be the first or only Mobius out there nor the last so Sylvie reconstructs B15’s memory. I looked happy Masaku so good. She cries real tears here, but they mix in with the raindrops on her cheeks.

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A Nod To The Famous Tears And Rain

monologue Blade runner, which was a major inspiration for Loki. Also at this moment cited in one division with that tan hauser gate sign with B15 facing a similar realization as replicants that her memories give her humanity that has. been denied to her so Mobius confirms from Rinslayer’s Temp pad that she prunes C20 as a cover-up so he goes to tell Loki you can be whoever whatever you want to be even someone good I mean just in case anyone ever told you different and Loki responds with this heartfelt grin, which sadly leads this moment where Mobius knows Ravana is about to prune him. So he says where he would always want to go and wherever I had a life before the TvA came along, who had a jet ski that’s what I’d like to do just riding around on my jet ski prune him get this man a jet ski well considering Loki got pruned to this exile place it is possible doing this could have unplugged Mobius to his past life jet skiing I mean let’s hope so we know from trailer footage This isn’t. Last time We’re gonna see him but also again that scream as they get erased.

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Its So Haunting And Notice How It Ends

with this digital zip sound almost like someone being zipped up in a time body bag in the elevator Silvia asks what was my nexus event Why did you bring me in I Don’t remember that little smirk it’s similar to what thanos said to Wanda Maximoff an in-game you took everything from me. I don’t even know who you are and what don Draper said Ginsburg in the elevator. I feel bad for you. I don’t think about you at all so on to the timekeepers Chamber. It looks like it was designed from Mcescher‘s relativity lithograph looks very cool and the timekeepers greet them.

The Are These Muppets.

I especially love the Lorax one or two have to fight for yourself, but this artificiality is. idea they are positioned high up bathed and missed much like the great and powerful Oz just assigned to us that they’re clearly about to be revealed as a smoke screen. After the fight, Sylvie decapitates the central time keeper eliciting laughs from the other two until they’ve shut down like Chucky Cheese robots Fake, Mindless, Androids, I love how its mouth continues to twitch like ash, the Android, several head and alien and with the wiring and the twitchiness It’s just very hollow. The President’s animatronics the production design stays consistent with the TvA’s 70s analog tech, but yes.

This Confirms That The Timekeepers Are Not

sacred deities and much of what we heard in that missed minutes. Welcome video was probably a lie rather. These were the artificial creations of someone else now in the comics that was he who remains the elder TBa agent at the end. of all time, but in the comics they aren’t like mindless robots Like this they’re really sentient beings with real power who operate independently, but some believe these robots could be based on the Doom bots of Dr Doom or that he who remains could be some other past Loki variant a King Loki or even that this is all automated clockwork with no one at the helm but miss minutes, but I think based on Ravana being their advocate, a person who got promoted to judge despite losing a variant in a courtroom who now seems okay with Loki killing her off as if someone who’s been a prisoner in this position. I think the chances are looking a bit better that Kang could be behind this all and there’s no chance.

Ill Regret Theorizing That But Right

as Loki is about to confess his love to Silvi Rinslayer. Prunes him through the back just like how he got Colson, but I also like how for a second. It seems like his heart is glowing out of his chest, and his face is the last thing to fade similar to how when vision faded the last thing Wanda saw was his face now over the credits plays Brenda Lee’s If you love me really love me with lyrics about love eternal even when life is over similar to how these two Loki variants have survived several apocalypses and actually one shot in the credits has been updated to include among the photographs of Loki and Silvia photograph of Sylvie as a young girl, then the post-credits scene where Loki awakens. This is hell now the captions reveal he is spelling it with one l meaning he’s referring to the afterlife of Norse mythology, not the Christian hell and then. Hears a voice not yet but you will be unless you come with us So these are credited as classic Loki played by Richard E Grant.

Hes Dressed Up In The Bright Yellow

and green look from the comics. Maybe he’s a Loki variant that was pruned from the comic universe. Then boastful Loki, who carries a version of Mjolnir that appears to be a truck piston attached to a piece of train Rail and then kid Loki. Another character from the comics who carries an alligator with its own Loki Crown. Now Loki in the past has performed conjuring with animals like snakes and frogs.


The Frog was itself a reference to the Throg comics, but the voice we heard was Richard E Grant’s, though it was off-screen, leading some folks online to speculate that this could have been the gator talking. I don’t know about that. I hope it’s the case though now they are in the ruins of New York City. You can see Avengers Tower back there and you could see this as the aftermath of the Battle of New York in which either Loki won or Maybe where Iron Man failed to divert that Nuke you can actually hear the orchestra notes that are part of Alan Sivestry’s Avengers theme unless you come with us who but look closely at that particular Avengers Tower that is not the 2012 era stark tower which did not yet have the upper quinjet landing pad that was not added until the next time we saw the tower in 2015’s age of Ultron so I am thinking this could be sometime after 2018 after the Sacred timeline Loki died because at that point Earth was in the aftermath of Thanos Snap and then maybe the TvA Prunes.

All Variant Lokis That They Capture

to this exile timeline to keep them from respawning in some other place in time and this could mean President Loki and the ragtag bunch around him are all banished. Loki’s who have gone nutty in this prison. We’ll explore this more as we go on to episode 5, but God damn what an episode of television we just watched and again you can support us by checking out our merch options at newarkstartsmirch. com you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at Eavos follow new Rockstars subscribe to new Rockstars thanks for watching bye you.


This is a breakdown of Loki episode 4 the Nexus event in which Loki Lovin himself may save the multiverse from Robot Puppets and loca Gators . This episode shot by shot for all the Easter eggs and visual clues that you might have overlooked to figure out what the hell with 1l is going on and a reminder that the best way to support us here at new Rockstars is to get yourself some great merch at Newrockstarsmerch.com including this limited edition Loki out of time shirt that I will be wearing in every video because I love it so this episode opens on Asgard from Sylvie’s . Sylvie sees herself in a heroic light that could be what causes the mystery figure actually controlling the TvA to see her as a potential threat because that person wants Loki’s to be the bad guy and die prematurely . The first comic appearance of Ravona Rinslayer, in which time-traveled villain Kang the Conqueror professes his love to her, but she…. Click here to read more and watch the full video