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This is the big question the show that gives you too much information about why you should never trust a different version of yourself from a different reality because who knows what the real intentions might be I would never trust me. I’m just too irresponsible. I don’t trust myself in this reality exactly that’s what I’m saying Brandon My name is mt and I’m here today with the off-screen producer Brandon what’s going on brad hello mt not much going on. I’m so excited to dive into the big question with you again this week I can’t believe I’m back again.

Im Being On Screen Too Much Theyre Gonna

they’re gonna take away my time there’s there’s no such thing as too much Branding okay tell that tell that to my wife UK okay Brandon hit me with that big question all right all. Let’s do it empty okay so at the end of Loki We’re finally introduced to he who remains right and it’s been confirmed 100 that it’s it’s a version of Kang the conqueror right. I I just have so many questions about this and it looks like He’s going to be the next big bad in the mcu right. He’s going to be in tons of properties He’s going to be this guy. We fight at the end so that guy’s thinking about this week’s big question.

You Know Just How Powerful Is Kang

like where does he fit in amongst all these powerful bad guys and people from the comics well. I think it’s time to put some respect on Kang’s name. Let’s do it Yes please to get an understanding of just how powerful Kang is We’re going to look at some of his various exploits in the comics because there have been many variants of Kang that have appeared in the Marvel comics over the years, such as You Know My Boy Rama Tut Egyptian God even though it’s cultural appropriation that’s classic that’s classic classic white people UK you got me. We didn’t get a chance to conquer back. Then let’s go back and fix it.

You Know What I Mean Oh

my God. Oh there we have a mortise of course, and then we have Mr. Griffin and your boy. The strongest version of Kang Kangaroo, the conqueror let’s not forget him. Kangaroo the Conqueror, Oh Yes He’s literally the strongest version he’ll kick everybody’s ass.

I Hope We Get I Hope We

see that in the MCu because if we have a thanos copter, why not, and of course, iron lad just to name a few and I put I put out a video last week explaining some of these variants and how they could appear in upcoming MCu titles. So please check that out after you watch this of course because yeah We talking about how powerful Kang is you don’t want to miss out okay Jeez, but it’s also important to remember that with any character that appears in the comics over the decades, powers and abilities tend to vary wildly depending on who’s like writing the story and what is needed for the narrative art and also villains tend to lose in the end because you know it’s. Comic books and heroes have the ultimate flower. They’re always making the villains lose like come on guys, Let’s let a villain I know like what the heck’s up with that like especially like old comics from like the 60s. It’s always like Oh Yeah, the villain just like I forgot to turn my stove off at home or my favorite is like freaking um during the thanos copter thing when he’s like fighting hellcat or whatever he’s just like Oops, I got the cube Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean it just drops the queue.

Theres That Like Classic Is The Old

Fantastic four cartoon when Magneto’s like Ah that gun was made of wood. What that’s why your power didn’t work okay but let’s talk because one thing all the kangs have in common is that they are generally normal human beings like they don’t possess any superpowers naturally. except for their genius level intellect, of course because that’s the greatest superpower of all knowledge the more you know the more you know the more you hey where are your kids seven O’clock where are your kids? I don’t know Jesus. I hope I don’t have any kids right that’d be terrible someone was like hey where your kids empty like you had kids. I’m like I had no idea I’d be like that’s a variant that’s another reality there’s a mori show for like are you the father like there’s several variants like who is the father but um also since Kings come from the 31st century.

They Do Have A Longer Lifespan In

general thanks to the advancements in medical technology because as technology advances so does medicine and people live longer that’s just how things go and that’s the basic advantage that every kang comes equipped. with but they all use that genius level intellect to add a few special features because why wouldn’t you yeah? I mean if I’m super smart I’m gonna find ways to exploit that to take over places exactly I mean why wouldn’t you. I mean why why not just like you know benefit the world. You know no no no my nature as a white male is to take over the world. Oh my God two real two or two real I’m gonna get burned in the comments Oh God hey man you’re just speaking the truth guy I appreciate it.

I Appreciate You Dog When It Comes To

nerdy like engineering and physics, especially in the realm of time travel. Kang’s Big brain makes him a huge threat like. He often uses some sort of fancy chair to travel through time or sometimes even a freaking sphinx like a. Whole Sphinx thing from Egypt. He uses that to travel through time sometimes, but in the Mcu they will probably relate his time traveling abilities to the quantum realm because that’s where all that goes down.

I Remember Really I Remember When That

we first saw like the void in in Loki mt you were like so excited to see the Sphinx because like does it yes like romantic like travels through the Sphinx is like a time machine right exactly and like when I saw that I was like Yo that’s probably an old time machine that’s correct that one of the kangs used like during the World War Tang and like you know that or maybe that’s the time machine that he remains used to use but yeah because tank and time travel he has access to technology across all of time. This means that he can pull. up whatever super weapon he may need to defeat whoever stands in his way because like he has everything like the whole time stream that he can just pluck technology from so he’s like Hmm. You know what would work a death ray from the year six thousand. I need that for this for this particular thing.

So He Just Grabs It Its

really great. I would love that for example, Rahmatut, the king who took over ancient Egypt had something called an ultra diode gun. This weapon could drain the the hero of their superpowers and take away a target’s free will and if you’re paying attention to last week’s big question. You already know that there’s no free will anyway. So you know who cares there’s no free will oh no no oh no that was such a fun big question with me and jess if you haven’t.

Checked It Out Please Check It Out We

get it We dive into Mcu free will it’s really interesting it doesn’t exist and as we saw with he who remains Kang knows what happens across the timeline, so he can use this information to a tactical advantage. He can learn the history and the future of any foe he is going to face and then use that information against them because again why wouldn’t you if you know what’s going to happen in the future, Then you can get some intel yeah if you were like I could like go to my when my boss was like a kid and getting picked on in school and be like and find out what his weakness was and then come back and be like exactly. I know I know that you peed your pants in fourth grade. I know you’re allergic to. Peanut Butter better give me a raise give me that race? Do you think there’s ever been like a villain like a major villain in any comic who had like a very simple allergy and he was like Gee.

You Know Like Its Just Like The

joker being like I hope no one finds out that i’m allergic to latex not surgical gloves like the red skull has got irritable Bowel syndrome. They’re just like oh not spicy foods and like it just kills anybody who finds that right yo you know too much the waiter at Pf Changs just gets killed immediately. You go to a taco balance like none of you guys are gonna make it I’m so sorry this taco is too spicy. You are failing me hilarious and red skull had like a lactose intolerance, but like he just he just didn’t want to admit it. He just kept on eating milk This ice cream is delicious.

I Cannot Stop I Need To Powder My

nose. You don’t have a nose just tell me what the bathroom is. I wonder if if he can even taste because he has no nose. Oh. I mean that’s next week’s big question Don’t get ahead of yourself right get the red skull taste okay so Loki and Sylvie weren’t able to land a blow on him until the very end because he knew every move that they were going to make right right.

He Was Always Dodging Out Of

the way because he’s like man. I already saw this if you’re fighting in like an omniscient bad guy like they’re gonna have a one-up on you, but that’s also hard too cause like you know we’ve all played dance dance revolution and it’s like even though you know the song 50 times it’s still hard to get the moves right every time. It’s true like tangles have like a really big brain if you can memorize like everything that that photographic memory Doc yo he’s true he sounded tough. He sounded tough you’re convincing me empty well I’m glad um in most cases, choose to wear a battle suit that gives them increased strength and endurance and the king that prances around as iron lad even has his own iron man-esque suit that gives him the additional ability to fly and shoot energy blasts. hands so that’s that suit the traditional suit that we see Kang wearing like the green and purple with like the blue face that’s like a power suit exactly like Kang Doesn’t actually have a blue face like the blue face comes from his suit that he puts on it doesn’t look like a very powerful suit.

It Looks Like A Jumpsuit, But I Guess

it’s strong it’s future technology right. You know it was back in the day so like they had like interesting ideas of what futuristic suits would look like. In the in the 31st century they’re gonna wear very baggy clothes, very baggy green and with purple with some blue face like that’s going to be the style that’s what all the kids are going to wear yeah honestly. This seems like some. I feel like this is Kanye’s doing hey bro you stop it all.

Right You Stopped It All Right

This is kind of his influence on the world he had those like Touchy suits Right He wore those on his spinel. When he was bouncing 110 wear Kang’s entire outfit. What’s the name of your clothing line We don’t know do you think Kanye’s a king UK but okay let’s take a look at some of the foes. Kang has faced in the comic books to get an idea of just how powerful the man is and let’s start off with Kang versus the Avengers because Kang has faced the Avengers on multiple occasions in the Marvel comics and usually the Avengers of course come out on top of the end because comics, but on one occasion, Kang was able to get them to surrender the entire planet. The entire planet brand Dude did they have the authority to do that did they.

Take A Vote They Surrendered The

planet Yeah! I think they called every country like Hey you good with us surrendering the entire planet It’s like Oh, Yeah! It’s totally fine go for it okay. I just checked all right. I’m sure they had their reasons. I’m sure they had because during the Kang dynasty or Kang Wars comics run in 2001. Kang had his armies attacked the planet in multiple occasions as part of his devious plan and he even wiped out the entire population of Washington DC, which is kind of crazy that’s a lot of people.

I Mean Some Of Them Can Go.

Some of the politicians. I’ll say it no seriously you all suck am I right. I don’t want to get arrested no but and he was so successful in his scheme that the Avengers wound up signing the declaration of surrender, which is the exact opposite of what Benjamin Franklin the boys Yeah back in the day and in the end, Kang is betrayed by his son Marcus because you can never trust Demarcus. I mean Yuck yeah, I’m watching you Marcus I’m watching him.

Im Watching You Marcus So While

he may be a great tactician he got done in by one of his own family so that’s that’s pretty damning it’s cold that’s cool brother I mean like come on that’s a very disappointing episode of Mori Povich. Right you are the father and your son just just betrayed you Yo but I I think in that run he actually betrays his father because he falls in love with Captain Marvel Yeah so. You know Carol Danvers hey man if it’s if it’s Brie Larson. I would portray my phone. I mean I love brilliant yeah Sorry Dad I’m sorry dad but let’s get into Kang vs.

Captain America Because During Those Very Same King

wars King actually goes one-on-one with the old man himself, the senior citizen Captain America Steve Rogers. I love whatever people fight Captain America. I’m like well. I can’t believe you would fight an old man right. He served our country in World War Ii.

Hi There Young People A Nice Day

today so you like kicking butts do ya well we’ll show you old man thanks to his battle suit. He’s able to keep up with Captain America in combat, but cap ultimately takes him down in the end of course, though nothing gets capped madder than a tyrant bringing genocide to an entire planet Oh yeah. Cap was like pissed off right cap’s got that fire inside yeah! He can’t replicate American Pride, Justice and Liberty Baby and of course we got a showdown that a lot of people on the internet have come across now that Kang is popular Kang vs. Thanos because we all know how powerful the man Thanos is like this man fought all the Avengers. He’s the Titan he’s by himself he’s a Titan he’s the mad Titan he’s crazy.

The Bad Titan Did Manage To Beat

the Avengers and wipe out half of all life in the universe, though he who remains showed us that Kang merely allowed him to do that, but what would happen if they went toe-to-toe what would happen because in a recent comic run called Avengers Mech strike a young Thanos without the infinity Gauntlet teams up with the Avengers to take on Kang and well. It doesn’t go great for the giant purple people defeater because Kang unleashed the power of time onto Thanos and literally like pushes him through his entire lifespan in like one second like someone called M night Shyamalan because your boy looking old interesting so it’s like a younger. He beat a younger Thanos who doesn’t have the infinity Gauntlet, but it’s still pretty strong you know Thanos without the infinity Gauntlet is still very very strong Yeah He’s just. Does not need the offended goblet to beat your ass so it seems like like thanos is like your brute force villain. He’s smart, but he’s moving Brute force that’s how he gets things done, but I’m seeing a pattern here that Kang is very smart.

Hes Very Tactical Mm-Hmm And He Uses

like his knowledge of time to his advantage okay okay moving God we have Kang vs The planet eater Galactus. Oh like good God what what a match-up because while Kang hasn’t exactly fought Galactus directly in the comics. There was a run in the Marvel Exiles, where King acquired the power of a dead Galactus from another reality and then altered his desire for eating planets into a hunger for devouring entire realities. Because Galactus wasn’t hungry enough. You know it’s why not eat realities and thus we got the time eater because if you can’t.

While Theyre Alive You Know Just

wait till they’re dead and then use their body as a weapon. You know pretty smart move gang that is smart. I mean because like no one can really beat Galactus. I mean Galactus is pretty tough if you’re going to fight him head on, but just wait till he dies Miss Keisha Miss Keisha, Oh just like the collector said the Groot he’s like hey can I have your body at the time of your death because like you’re using it now but like yeah I’ll just take a magnificent magnificent um now let’s talk Kang versus Ultron because this one is a little unfair to our boy King. What’s up mt No what did you say what’s the language um In a 1984 issue during the secret Wars run, Dr Doom is a little pissed off at Kang and orders Ultron to.

Kill Him And He Does So

pretty swiftly like you would think that Kang would have seen this coming, but this was the secret wars so everything was a little bit screwed. Maybe this was like the dumbest Kang out there farewell the dumbest version of Gang May you rest in peace still pretty smart dumb Ding Dang dig day the dumb gang um okay, though to be fair doctor doom has also wondered if he himself is a kang and doesn’t really know it so that’s some weird like mind-bending stuff like am i okay are you okay like who is a gang maybe we’re all okay put me on Maury Povich bishop you are a king exactly we need a kang test. You know we got with a birth test 23andme for Kangs, but since Kang is the master of time travel. He Can’t be sure that he isn’t king from a different time so maybe Kang ordered Ultron to kill himself during the secret wars checkmate Oh Okay, so Kang’s really up on it Yeah because Doctor Doom the idea that like you’re a kang who like came back in time, but maybe forgot or like you’ve tricked yourself into not knowing you’re a king because like dr Dooms related to Kang right Yeah, so Dr Doom is potentially a an ancestor to okay you’re not my dad who knows like maybe it could be Kang being an ancestor to himself, but i personally like to think that um Doctor Doom and Nathaniel Richards kissed at one point and they made the babies just kidding that’s okay there’s a reality where that happens reality is empty yes there’s a reality where me and doctor do kiss and it’s very passionate you know. He’s got that tight metal body.

I Hope I Hope My Gay Mt Variant

is living the best life. I hope he’s leading the the pride parade in 2022. I hope so honestly I hope so but let’s compare Kang to other Mcu villains now because okay you know we got kang coming up and he’s already gone toe to toe with you know two mtu villains already with loki and Sylvie Yo. I I need we need to see Jonathan Major’s contract because what does that look like dude. I hope it what is it is it pay for each gang right like how many like how many appearances do they have them signed up for because we’re getting so many kegs coming up so like hopefully it’s about a hundred hopefully get a hundred I’m all about it but yes let’s compare some keg to other Fcu villains.

Because How Would Kang Compare To

other powerful villains? We’ve seen the Mcu already because we can take a look at the celestial ego for what is it because Ego was an immensely powerful being with a plan to reshape the universe. How he saw fit. He just decided hey the universe doesn’t have enough me in it so let’s just make it all me why not. However, he has spent a fair amount of his recent existence trying to make a celestial offspring to power his spores. So while Kang may not be able to beat a celestial hand to hand.

He May Be Able To Outsmart

them or at least travel to a point when they are the most vulnerable and then defeat them with some futuristic weapon designed for killing celestials. Yeah like when Ego was just pulling himself together or into a brain right. Ken could. Just show up and like squash him or something like that yeah like yeah, You know what just gonna end this process you’ve been terminated plus like as you pointed out like Kang has he has like the the knowledge of time and can move back and forth. So you know someone like ego who’s been alive for a long time and has time to think about it and is patient and can wait.

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He Still Is Kind Of Living In The

moment right because he doesn’t know what the future holds he has his plan and he’s eager to get it done. He’s waited millennia to get it done. So he’s in a rush but like Kang is just like I can wait until the perfect moment and if I miss the moment I can go back to it. Exactly I’m like you know Ego got defeated by the Guardians of the galaxy, but a bunch of a-holes right so you know what a bunch of a-holes he’s not infallible Yes he’s a celestial but he was like kind of a spare celestial like off doing his own thing. I’m also wondering with Kang like does Kang are is already more powerful than celestials Like I have this feeling that Kang is already in just by his nature by being outside of reality by being outside of the multiverse is already stronger than everybody within the universe.

So That Includes Celestials And Like As A

guardian gods as we see so like who knows I think that maybe Kane. go hand to head with him and maybe just like take his powers away. Yeah I guess I guess we’ll have to see they haven’t really told us because that’s the one thing that celestials have is they exist beyond universe endings right like they Yeah, I think that’s exactly what happened they created by the first ever like Eternity right and he created the the celestials and the aspirants and then they went on their war so like yeah. I think they do survive this is I’m not sure getting that sinking feeling in my stomach can we go back to talking about just like catastrophe yes they’re in the world okay so what about what about like a God like how how does King like match up to a God. I would say same goes for a God like Hella because we’ve already seen Kang outmaneuver a host.

Of Variants In One Particular God

of Mischief in season one of love Oh Yeah Well I guess he outsmarted every loki ever right everywhere like look He outsmarted like Hella was like a pretty strong god Goddess Oh Yeah very very but she was also able to be contained right like Odin kept her locked away so in theory like Kang could find a way to lock her away or like go to a point in time when they developed a God gun that could shoot guns and just yank that out and be like Boom gotcha caught you slipping gotcha gotcha slipping Hella and Kate Doesn’t always need to defeat his foes because sometimes his plans are even more strategic because at one point in the comics he even attempts to capture and wed the celestial Madonna in order to copulate and produce some powerful offspring to rule. The universe like you know like ego styles women women love it when you just like capture them and marry them Oh so it’s it’s the best thing you know in the world. It’s like not having the will to make your own decisions. Women dig it. They love it that’s not true Don’t listen like I don’t want to give in cells any ideas like hey you’re right not the most romantic pitch you would try on a woman, and it doesn’t work out for Kang in the end, as the Avengers foil his plan to help with Rama Tut, but again sometimes you’re your own worst enemy what is up with like Kang’s turning against Kangs constantly.

It Is A Very Common Thing

in the in the comics, especially with Immortus who like is constantly trying to um you know foil his other Kangs well they kind of. Set it up in loki because he who remains is like you know we just we’re always fighting each other. Every Kang wants to be the leader so it’s like you can’t trust any kings. I think that that’s why he finds you know these Loki’s working together so intriguing right because he can’t work together with any of his Kangs Oh What about we got the eternals coming up right right is Kang stronger than an eternal. I mean it’s i’m maybe he is it sounds like he’s smarter.

I Mean He Definitely Would Know A Lot

more than the eternal, which is kind of weird. Considering that the eternals have been around for so long right so like to have someone that is like has a one-up on you because you’re going through time the long way around it’s very interesting yeah they’re going the slow way Kang’s. Jumping around he’s speed reading time yes and so like there’s a big chance that we will see um a Ramatat Kang in the Eternals film because like that film goes throughout the centuries throughout humanity’s history so it’s possible that Ramata will face off against the Eternals in ancient Egypt, but we will have to wait and see but to wrap everything up here as we continue to head into the next phase of the Mcu. Kang is very much shaping up to be like a powerful adversary in the Mcu that we will be seeing very soon and there won’t just be one big bad. This time like there was with phantoms and our heroes are probably going to be facing multiple kangs from different realities and each of them hell-bent on conquering it all so I can’t wait for it.

Oh Man.

This is a really interesting. It sounds super exciting I I really like it. This is a great like level up on storytelling. You know yes we had one big bad and now we’ve got like so many of the same big bads.

Yes Yeah Like It Makes Me

so happy that like the multiverse is now like a popular thing that everyone can grasp Yeah like everyone understands the concept because of Loki Loki was literally multiverse 101 like variance 101 like what a very smart like Kevin Feige made this show specifically to prepare everyone very small what’s coming next. In the phase of Kanye Feige he taught us all about it. Gandhi Feige he’s a variant. He knows he knows a sacred timeline but a great way for you and any of your variants to support new rockstars is by checking out our merch at new rockstarsmerch. com we got a limited supply.

Of Loki Merch Left Including A Shirt

featuring Mobius finally getting that jet ski ride. He so desperately deserved in season one of Loki that we never got shame on you. Everyone see him on the jet ski give him a check. We need the jet ski Season two better start with the Jet ski like I don’t want anything else just give me like 50 minutes of Mobius on a jet ski for episode one. I’m just saying that um but we also have some exclusive black widow-inspired Merch like this shirt with all those black widows nice little nesting dolls I love it it’s so cute.

I Love It Very So Cute So Deadly.

It’s a great way to support the channel and all the awesome content. We pump out on the secret timeline so please head on over and check out all of our merch options over. Newrocksourcemerch. com and before we dive into our bite size.

Questions Next Some Words From The Folks

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I Got A Question For You

brandon. The question of the first question of the day is what is the strangest real world cameo in comics, Oh buddy. This is a good question. I mean over the years have been plenty of strange real world cameos and comic books from like actors and athletes to musicians and historical figures. I went through a ton there’s like so many look these up because they’re hilarious and weird, but these are some of my favorites that I found okay.

In The 1970S Superman Boxed Mammad

Ali which seems completely unfair. It seems completely like right. I mean like. Not from the 70s, but like that’s an iconic comment right right like it’s like around the covers like Superman versus Mammad Ali Yeah Spoiler Alert Mammad Ali wins I don’t know how Oh, I mean it’s a kryptonite fist man yeah yeah, I think I think some bookies paid Superman to take a dime or something like that Oops you’re gonna go down in the fourth round okay otherwise I’m gonna break Lois’s legs. This is this is another good one eminem.

The Rapper Team Teamed Up With

the punisher Oh and they weren’t just out there spitting fire lyrics. I mean the cover has m like a gun like a uzi, it’s crazy UK Yeah he like loves comics. He’s made a lot of references to it but it’s so funny. This one I thought was really funny in ultimates Number four from 2002 you know Mark Millar’s. Like Ultimates run great stuff Love it really inspired the mcu a lot um, but it’s revealed that Hulk’s you know main Lady Betty Ross.

Shes Like On A Date With

Freddy Prince Jr And I like pisses off the Hulk and the panel is like the Hulk screaming like Freddy Burst Jr. And like they asked Freddie Prince Jr about it like 2014 and he had like a funny. He said like you know bring it on Hulk or whatever but it’s just funny like what a weird thing also a weird fact about Freddie Prince Jr. He was a writer for the Wwe like in really late 2000 like in the 2010s or something like that yeah he likes wrestling he was a writer like very weird Brady Prince Jr. It’s just funny like the whole being like UK Wait was this like after like the Scooby-doo movie.

This Like Around That Time Yeah! I

think it’s just 2002. He was really popular at the time Betty Ross They just went on a date. I mean we don’t know what happened okay The fantastic four met the beatles. I mean that’s very fun right. I mean hey if you’re gonna be a time traveling family why not Yeah Yeah beetles um there’s of course Presidents have shown up in the comics a lot Obama was in a Spider-man comic George Bush.

I Think George Bush Jr.

George W Bush. He showed up in like a comic he had to like Lick Magneto’s boot or something like that like Magneto. I don’t think the writers were happy with George W at the time. You know sure he’s like painting now but the man’s a war criminal look it up look it up.

I Mean Superman Superman Has Met Both.

Bill and Hillary Clinton, and he also met Jfk, though he wasn’t faster than that’s bridging Bullet. You know what I mean Yeah, I don’t think I’m not completely sure but I think he met Jfk like after he was assassinated It’s Weird, um it’s kind of weird and this is the weirdest one like Abraham Lincoln teamed up with Spider Man and Captain America in like a comic book which is very strange. The cover is great very wow um oh, Oh God I need to read that one because that sounds like a great very strange. I think this was like the height of like Abraham Lincoln vampire Hunter fun times this kind of thing.

We Were Really Having Fun With Abraham Lincoln

a few years ago, Superman saved orson welles once that was very fun Rodney Dangerfield took over for Tony Stark in the Iron man suit. But it was just to like tell some jokes like a thing He didn’t go around fighting Okay kiss the Knights in Satan’s service the band kiss They’ve appeared in both Howard the Duck and Archie comics, so they’ve crossed that makes that makes sense. They’ve crossed like different comic boundaries David Letterman interviewed The Avengers once and this this is the weirdest one. This one is very strange. Charles Barkley played basketball against Godzilla Okay.

I Thought Youre Gonna Say Superman Or Something

and you might be thinking Oh, so Godzilla was small right no no no no Charles Barkley got like some weird magic silver dollar from a fan and it made him huge oh okay so they play basketball like yeah. They then they play best like giant sized basketball which I don’t understand how Godzilla knew the rules about it’s not fair to Godzilla you know. What I mean seriously like I like to think there was like an hour where Godzilla was explaining the rules Sebastian Charles Barkley’s barely understood basketball like you know I’ll bet a basketball game and they’ll be They’ll blow the whistle I’ll be like that’s a foul like what what I don’t know what happened um and I think I think Godzilla gets some like nikes in the end or something like giant shirts Oh word very strong, Oh damn I would love to see what what size that Godzilla wears so yeah. Those are like the weirdest the weirdest my favorite like kind of real world cameos and comic books, but go look them up there’s a ton of them okay. I got another question for you Okay here’s another one What other versions of Rick and Morty have we seen that Don’t look like the normal Rick and Morty, for example, Hammer Morty and all that stuff And this is from Iaj Smith24 on discord so thank you yes yes thank you Aj smith so many always asking good questions and you know you kind of laid it out but we’ll assume like a normal Rick and morty is like the humanoid versions which we mostly see like humanoid versions of them um but you know, since Rick and Morty has established like there’s infinite you know universes with like infinite possibilities.

Any Type Of Wicked Mortar You

could imagine exists but we we have seen a few but if you dream it it’s possible you know what I mean yes kids remember that if you dream it you can. Achieve it? You can achieve it You you could do so you you do you could you you want you want him to do you so much You could do anything but here’s some of our favorite like non-humanoid Weird Rick and Morties we’ve seen over the years of course. Ia. j Smith pointed out Hammerhead Morty which we saw in close close Rick counters of the Rick kind and that would too we also saw alien Rick and Morty You know just kind of like very green looking alien guys you might remember from Rick Potion number nine there’s like the Cronenberg universe so we had Cronenberg, Rick and Morty um and then tales of the citadel. We also saw Lizard Rick and Morty.

You See Wizard Lizard Mortys One Of

the main guys that they kind of like stand by me storyline, but there is like a lizard Rick. Crawling in the background somewhere that you can find and then tales of the citadel. We also saw like a fish version of Rick and Morty You’re like a merman kind of version Aqua Aqua Rick and Morty, and then there’s Fishy Rick Fish and then the episode edge of to Morty Rick Die Rick Pete Great name great movie Great name I love that movie there’s a few weird iterations. We see in that one when he’s kind of jumping into his different like clones, Though most of them were fascist you know it’s a problem. It happens a lot The multiverse apparently yeah you know it happens of course you like rock wasp Rick and Morty and that horrifying scene where they eat the teacher alive, which is like he’s screaming for his babies and they start eating his babies.

Its Just Terrible Oh We See

like 10. G fun we see like Teddy Bear Rick, who’s like straight up fascists already and then of course we see shrimp Rick and Morty again. Most important versions the most important and most delicious versions um so and then if you go into like the Rick and Morty comics there’s like even more there’s like a cat mortar you see at some point and like all sorts and then there’s like the pocket Morty’s mobile game which has even like way weirder versions of Morty You don’t see different versions of Rick but you see like all the weird Morty’s and you can assume that there’s a rig to match like clock face Morty There’s probably I don’t know how canon like the game is but yeah there’s like a ton there so we’ve seen some really cool ones some weird ones, but we’ll probably see a few more before. The season’s over H Yeah I would imagine so but like also you mentioned the Rick and Morty comics Anybody who loves Rick and Morty and does not read the Rick and Morty comments you are missing out. I like them.

Im Basically More Seasons Of Rick And

Morty. Like they are fantastically written comics they’re hilarious it’s literally like you’re watching a storyboard of a Rick and Morty episode, but it’s like fully drawn out and like it’s spot-on one-to-one like it’s fantastic when you’re reading it do you do the voices in your head Yes like it’s it’s hard not to because it’s so well written it’s such a good so anybody out there please go read the rich promoter Yeah They’re very very funny but yes now it is time for one of my favorite segments of the show. It’s the box of scraps the box of. of scraps the boss is so today’s box of scraps question is if you had to go back in time and conquer any time period any time period where would you go and how would you conquer Brandon that’s a great question mt well. I think you know to make up for my you know my my horrible white ancestry.

I Would Go Back You Know

to early native American times, the indigenous people of North America and I would help them fend off all these colonies colonialists coming in and stuff and you know it’d be crazy because I you know they were living hunted gatherers like having a nice time. You know I would just bring a little bit of my modern knowledge It now I’m not very smart, but I think I could give them a few heads up like hey Don’t trade the blankets let’s. get some mold going? Let’s get some penicillin out of that and fight off Some of these diseases are coming because you know I don’t know if you know this empty, but like there’s like evidence that just before the kind of colonialist came in the kind of 1600s that did the settling and really laid the groundwork that um. There was a big period of die off around the indigenous people from other kind of diseases that were going around and that’s why North America and the Americas hadn’t been colonized before because like there’s evidence that like the Vikings were showing up you know way before. Like the Europeans came and the Spanish came and stuff and they would show up and the Native Americans would like fight them off and be like you can trade with us, but you’re not staying.

You Know What I Mean Yeah.

But by the time like you know the pilgrims start showing up there had been this like massive die off so they didn’t have the numbers to fight off people anymore and so you know the Europeans are showing up They find these big empty areas that hadn’t cleared out because the people who lived there were gone now but they’re like Oh. This is a great place to set up shop and then the native Americans were like well we’ve we’ve had some tough times. We need to do some trading and like build up our numbers and then they got screwed okay yeah I’d be there to be like hey guys. We gotta keep these people out of here.

Im On Your Side Because That Was

the other thing like these caught you know the pilgrims and the colonists would show up and like people would run away. and join the Native Americans because they were living great lives kicking it back Hunter gathering The women had a lot of autonomy and power in there, and they hated being with the colonials and the clones would actually go grab these people and drag them back into like the areas because they were like we need your help building a society You’re like no I want to go look at these people they’re having a great time They know how to live berriesNK] have you ever heard of like Jonestown where it was like this big mystery where this town like this all these colonists disappeared and they don’t know what happened a lot of people think that like they probably just ran off and they’re like Europe you know England we don’t like the Dutch we’re out of here we’re joined in the Native Americans so that’s. That’s where that’s where I would go totally rewrite history and you know no more shopping malls We’re living with the land forever tp’s in buffalo. It’s gonna be great it’s gonna be great Hey man that’s that’s a really good one I’m gonna write some wrong see I’m going to write some wrongs hey. I I appreciate it.

You Know All Of Us Brown Folks Would

appreciate if you go went back in time and gave Christopher Columbus a wedgie oh that would be really great screw that guy screw that guy honestly straight up what am I a terrible person terrible monstrous man Yeah I would conquer ancient Rome yeah if I went back in time. I would conquer ancient Rome just so hey I could stop the whole gladiator thing because looking back that’s terrible like they made people fight to the death Yeah It’s just really terrible, but like each of Rome that’s like a really good time to to come in and take over a whole empire yeah and that was a huge empire that was assembled so if I just came in with my iphone and be like Hey check out my future technology and like my knowledge of like I don’t know vaccines and sicknesses even though I wouldn’t know I mean there’s no internet to connect to empty. Also when that battery dies, it’s gonna be time it’s like it’s like. I need to come back. I need to Google something because I want to go to 2021 Google something that comes up.

I Think If You Know Its Not.

Like you’re instantly transported if you know you’re gonna go back in time you study up a little bit maybe you take a couple years you’ll learn a little Roman history learn about the problems like no. I just need to play assassin’s creed you know beat Nzo know which know which rooftops you got to jump on you’ll be fine I’m bringing my copy of assassin’s creed to the Roman times and I’m going to play it right in front of their faces. Oh my God he’s a wizard a solar generator maybe a solar generator too exactly what are those that would definitely help me with my wi-fi problems for sure so I would choose ancient Rome I like it um, but that is it for this episode of big question. I want to thank off-screen Producer Brandon for joining me this episode as like he is fantastic.

Some Love In The Comics And Follow Him

at Grindenberric on Twitter if you want to see what he’s up to on the the interwebs not too much follow him anyway because he’s amazing and we all love Brandon We love you brandon I love you emt. This is so much fun. You can follow me at mastertainment. If you want to see me tweet some weird but most importantly subscribe to new rockstars here on Youtube and make sure to hit that notification bell so you get notifications whenever we upload dope which is pretty much every day so thank you guys so much for watching and we’ll see you guys next time bye you.


This is the big question the show that gives you too much information about why you should never trust a different version of yourself from a different reality because who knows what the real intentions might be I would never trust me.& I’m being on screen too much they’re gonna take away my time there’s no such thing as too much Branding okay tell that tell that to my wife UK . We’re going to look at some of his various exploits in the comics because there have been many variants of Kang that have appeared in the Marvel comics over the years, such as You Know My Boy Rama Tut Egyptian God . We didn’t get a chance to conquer back.& Oh there we have a mortise of course, and then we have then we had a fight at the end of the last episode.& Then let’s go back and fix it.& Let’s do it Yes please to get an understanding of just how powerful Kang is. We’re looking at some ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video