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Welcome Back To New Rock Stars, The Multiverse Has

blown wide open in the mcu making it a marvel cinematic multiverse. I’m gonna start calling it thanks to the loki finale, but if you look closely as we have at all those little branch timelines that are splitting off from each other are we seeing into the future of Spider-man No way home Multiverse of Madness even Thor love and Thunder Quantum Mania Avengers 5 Have they just given us a full road map of how this impacted everything. We know and love from the future of Marvel. Let’s talk about it even if it’s a bit premature. I don’t care because this is rogue theory.

Im Back Mother.

This is a show where we pitch the wildest theories for the nerdy titles that we love I’m Eric boss going rogue with me today. We have writer, comedian and fantastic. of the show Jessica Clemens Hi back by popular demand and back by popular supply America‘s favorite uncle timeline Brancher Tommy Bechtold Yes I’m old I’m older than I look and I’m tired ah back by legal obligation and thank you guys for keeping me out of prison. Just make sure we remember to sign your paperwork after we’re done taping because otherwise it won’t count.

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us of course fellow new rockstars host Mt. Hey We just gotta shout that at the top of every video because how often are we gonna be right on this. You know right we got we got the Kang gang. We got the big head gang everybody’s out and about today right the Kang hang big head gang alliance that’s right. I’m not in a gang okay.

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in a gang yet how dare you jess you could get it. Oh dear eye denim Divas none of you guys are dating Tommy well let’s dive into this. The sacred timelines eruption into a multiverse in the loki finale seems to have direct implications on titles like Doctor Strange and the multiverse of Madness and Ant-man. The was quantum mania, but what about all the other titles We know about coming down the Mcu pipeline. We’re gonna go through them all one by one like could thor love and Thunder be set in a timeline that we’re in or in an alternate timeline could she-hulk be in a live-action, What if is Avengers 5 guaranteed to be a multiverse collision event like Secret Wars, How are the fantastic four gonna fit in all this so here’s what I want us to.

Mention The Title Streaming Series Movies Whatever

these things could be in a couple years and I want us to sort them into one of three categories? One is it gonna be in the main MCu timeline where like the identity Saga has taken place B? Are we gonna see it taking place in an alternate timeline that has something parallel but just off about it. Some one of those other branches or C is it going to be an inter-dimensional story that’s set across multiple timelines the way Loki” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>loki has are you guys down for this. Oh yeah I’m down for it This is interesting let’s go let’s do it okay we’ll start with what if what if seems to be the third category right interdimensional, but do we think any of these stories could be set in our prime MCu timeline. I Don’t know if any of the main stories will be set in our main timeline, but like we do get a shot in the what-if trailer of a scarlet witch which makes me think I’m like is that our scarlet witch like the the same scarlet witch from the sacred timeline. So like I’m wondering if there are characters that will be introduced into into that third category interdimensional story but um.

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I Dont Think That Theres Going To Be

any core story in what if or any like episode of what if that will take place in our timeline Primarily. I think it’s all just going to be and it’s going to be mainly. The whole season is going to be an interdimensional story set across multiple timelines because we do see those multiversal avengers well and that’s the fun of the comic what ifs are that they’re. That Don’t ma they don’t ruin your main narrative timeline They’re like so I remember reading like what if Uncle Ben had lived as a kid or what if I forget there was what was like what if Wolverine was in the fantastic four and they’re just kind of like a creative muscle flexes. I think for for the writers, so I I have a feeling that that series is going to be more of a fun hypothetical than an actual lean in and get more main MCu timeline information I I don’t know though I mean I’ve been wrong once or twice on this show, so you can’t always trust what I’m saying well.

We Try To I Mean Jess Do

you think that Uwati the watcher could have been a primary Mcu because they they animated him in a way but like because he’s such a weird form. Like could that have been implied to have been in the same world as the Guardians of the galaxy, You know or thor that’d be sick as hell. I mean I I hope so how much do you think is gonna be canon because of the what if series I don’t think it is. I don’t think it is. I think it’s just for fun is that just me is that wrong no that’s what I think oh it’s a row Oh okay.

I Was Like Am I Wrong.

I just think the rules of it are going to be canon yeah the idea of I don’t think the exact scenarios will all be canon, but I think this idea of alternate realities will be canon. Oh for sure I I am of a differing opinion here because I think that this is gonna hardcore tie into the the more. Multiversal elements that are coming up into the Mcu I never really considered that but yeah Jeffrey Wright’s watcher could actually be the the watcher that we see in the Mcu going forward because in Guardians of Galaxy Volume two the watchers were highly you know cgi characters like you’re not gonna get like a real man to be a watcher, so you can easily have Jeffrey wright be any looking watcher that he needs to be right in the end right right and we’ll move through these um a bit quicker because we got a lot of titles we want to get through but let’s talk eternals quickly you know so eternals. I it’s still a big question mark for me.

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What Do You Guys Think How Do You

think Eternals could tie in with what happened in loki or will it I mean like there are definitely. Some elements in Loki that Eternals tie into definitely the the whole Kang um aspect of everything The Rama tut specifically the Rahmatan incarnation of Cam. We do see that Sphinx in the in in the Void in episode five of Loki and in the comics of Sphinx is a time machine that Kang uses in that that I’ve brought this up in inside Marvel before , but yeah so I I feel like you know there could be a connection there with the Eternals because they are this long-lived people and the story is going to be taking place over of thousands of years. As Marvel studios has revealed I think Eternals will be a main mcu timeline but I I which we talked about in big question. I’m more confused and just trying to figure out because the Eternals are the eternals, but we’re also talking.

About The Celestials Coming To Earth So What

are the celestials going to be doing with Kang and how did Kang interrupt the celestials and so that’s where I think it could cross into a different timeline Because where is who’s bigger than God the celestials are like not the feeling you’re wrong yeah, I think that it’s going to be in the main timeline. I don’t think they’re going to really address the whole Kang situation or Loki situation. I also want to know maybe like Loki is happening way after the Eternals movie, but it it could talk about it just because we’re trying to figure out who’s stronger Kang or the Eternals or the Celestials. My answer is not as fun. I think but I think I think I think Eternals is gonna kind of suffer from the same.

I Mean, I Like Black Widow But.

I think it’s going to have the same thing where a lot of I think what’s happening in Loki? Obviously, I think Marvel has their plans that are years and years. You know ahead of time, but I have a feeling eternals is going to be kind of feel like Oh. This movie was supposed to come out a year ago and it’s gonna be good it’ll be very entertaining, but I don’t think it’s gonna. I think anything to tie into what happened in Loki is gonna be is being done now or has been done over the last couple of months like Yeah whether it’s a post–credits scene or it’s an additional reissue.

I Have A Feeling The Narrative Of

that story will be a main mcu. It’s. I think it’s mostly going to be the you know we’re going to get the first 30 minutes are going. kind of the explanation of why they didn’t interfere with the battle of New York or Thanos invading and why why that happened and why that was a lot. We’ve discussed that on a bunch of other rogue theories and big questions, but I I so I yeah, I I honestly eternals is one of those movies.

I Have No Idea.

I mean I really anything could happen in that movie and I would be like okay that’s fine there’s so much they’ve invested so much in the cast of that movie. There’s so much star power in that movie that it’s like I feel like it’s got to be setting up for more you know like they have to be some of those characters are have to be going into other movies you know are being set to appear in other things. I think Eternals could end where loki. begins only because that way the celestials are working with so much in the universe that what Kang is doing is probably so like minuscule to them that they’re like yo.

This Guys Keeping Order In The World.

Why are we gonna get so mad about it um and so it could that could be the timeline of it. I I feel like they have to address it if it was before so that’s why I’m like there’s there has to be a reason they’re not going to address it yeah maybe within the family tree the eternals We meet Ellars father Kronos, you know and then Kronos has some kind of opinion on what Kang is doing and what the CVa is doing. There could be some kind of cross over there or like the eternals could since they were long lived, we could see eternals in the year.

3000 Where You Know Kang Started So

like maybe we could see that I mean that’s true that is true that’s true all right. Let’s move on to the one that you guys. I think everyone is most curious about Spider-man no way home.


The Multiverse has blown wide open in the mcu making it a marvel cinematic multiverse . Are we seeing into the future of Spider-man No way home Multiverse of Madness even Thor love and Thunder Quantum Mania Avengers 5 have they just given us a full road map of how this impacted everything . We pitch the wildest theories for the nerdy titles that we love I’m Eric boss going rogue with me today . We also got with us of course fellow new rockstars host Mt. Mt. Kang, Tommy Bechtold, Jessica Clemens and the big head gang of the Kang gang . We know about coming down the Mcu p p p.m. and the multiverse of madness. We just gotta shout that at the top of every video because how often are we gonna be right on this . We got the big heads gang everybody’s out and about today right the Kang hang big head Gang alliance that’s right.& I’m wearing a jean jacket and I’m not in…. Click here to read more and watch the full video