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This is big question the show that gives you too much information about how the entire fabric of reality can be messed up by one person having a temper tantrum I’m empty and I am here today with the one and the only Eric Voss. How you doing Eric I’m doing good mt hey if that one person throwing the temper tantrum is Loki Laffy Son Odinson. I’d happily live in that world same here. I mean Loki’s got a totally fine mind that’ll be totally fine a perfect universe.

Yeah Lets Just Give Him A Chance Give

him a chance to burn everything down and just see what he does right. You know. I would see his glorious purpose manifest. I would love a universe where everyone was just wearing those gigantic horns. Just everyone Yeah mandatory let’s normalize that let’s normalize horn crowns.

As We Slowly Creep Into The Next

phase of the Mcu we keep seeing and hearing the word Nexus pop up all over the place I mean. In one division episode seven, the In-universe commercial defined Wada as a Nexus being, which was later revealed to be an intended message from one Dr Steven strange which I I wish we saw but that’s okay and now In the first episode of loki we are showing that there’s this whole big bad bureaucratic task force working around the clock to keep Nexus events from ruining the sacred timeline. We know that there’s a lot of Nexus history in the Marvel comics so that got us thinking about this week’s big question which is which characters in the Mcu might be Nexus beings yeah that’s a great question empty what does the word Nexus mean to the MsU and let’s look at. the different definitions and what we know from the comics and see if we can figure out what Loki’s next move is going to be with this as we look ahead to titles like Doctor Strange and Multiverse Madness, Let’s do it so in the Marvel comics, Nexus being sometimes referred to as Nexi are extremely rare and powerful entities that have the ability to upset the future by affecting probability as well as the just whole flow of the universal time stream, and they’re really detached from any one reality rather than them existing in a reality. The reality kind of exists in them right.

I Guess You Could Kind Of

say they transcend the reality. I think is the best way to talk about it okay okay yeah because they are so powerful. They really need to be kept a close eye on by groups like the Tva. And the time keepers really we were first introduced to this concept of Nexus Beans in 1990 in Avengers West Coast volume 2 number 61. In this comic Immortus aka Kang the Conqueror.

He Was A Keg The Cocker Yet

which is known as Mortis. It brings a bunch of villains from the future to the present and it’s in this issue that Wanda Maximoff is revealed to be a Nexus being Nexus B well which was really just like late 80s early 90s like let’s just come up with new weird words with the letter x in it that we can it just makes um sound like the word Nexus is actually the primo word to make something sound cooler. It’s like oh my God it’s my it’s my Nexus toaster it just toasts bread in a Nexus way totally Nexus dude it was before quantum in the mcu. Now put Quantum in front of everything just put Nexus in front of everything Wow yeah that’s what we do here. Oh you see my my Nexus staff Oh that’s a Nexus store Don’t go through that one Oh yeah you’re next Owen Wilson is on point bro it is on point it’s so good I do my best Yeah No kidding so back to the comics later in Scarlet Witch Volume one number four that was in 1994.

It Is Established Here That Only One

Nexus being exists on each of the parallel worlds of the multiverse So Earth 616, the main Marvel comics timeline that Nexus being is the Scarlet Witch. In this comic she’s visited by Lore and next site from another dimension that has the power of Necromancy. So she’s consumed by her own world and since then has ventured into other realities to consume their dimensions and empty. I know you’re, a fan of the I’m, a big fan of Laura in the comics because I um I actually have I think our one of these are first appearances. I forget which one like these are back and at one point.

During One Division.

I seriously thought that Agatha Harkness was lore or a combination between Agatha Harkness in the comics and lore because Lorp is a necromancer and Agatha Harkness was doing some necromancy. I I assumed that she was doing some necromancy type stuff with with piano. We had a lot of assumptions about what Agatha Harkness was doing. She might still have some Necromancy going on.

We Know She Killed The Dog

but resurrect it. I hope so there’s still time there’s still. Time MCu character to come back it’s sparky so next I each have unique powers and in the scarlet Witch’s case it’s Hex power Hex magic, but no matter what individual powers they may have. Each Nexus being has the ability to alter reality to change the fabric of the world around them. Right so, while Nexus beings can affect the flow of time and therefore are potentially super dangerous to their reality.

They Are Also Considered A Keystone Of The

multiverse so without Nexus beings anchoring each universe there wouldn’t be the stability to maintain the multiverse and it plays into the importance of the organization. Like the TvA to watch over all these Nexus beings like you need a Nexus being to exist in order to maintain the fabric of that reality. But yet that same Nexus being has the ability to tear down that reality, so it’s. Really they’re they’re all very unstable themselves, but that instability is crucial in a way Yeah like it’s like it’s like they’re they’re keeping everything together but like they could be unstable, so like you need an organization like the TvA just or you know your doctor strangers to just keep an eye on the scarlet witch, which is why Agatha Harkness was freaking out when she realized who Rwanda was and her foot when she realized her full potential, and she’s like Oh my God like what are you like you are the scarlet witch and you’re crazy so the founder of reality is going to die. You can fix anything mom fix it dead.

Right Now Im Freaking Out Yeah

you’re too powerful you’re God level power right so just to run down some quick list of the known next speeds. In the comics of course Scarlet Witch. That’s Earth 616. and we see that really play out in the house of M Comics right that we hoped would come about in one division, but it seems like they might be going that direction and Doctor Strange Multiverse Madness, where Juana Maximoff just basically resets reality chaotically over and over and over again until creating this house of M reality where mutants are running society and that leads to a whole battle that has her say no more mutants and then a lot of mutants just poof erased from existence there’s another Nexus being is Elian Ellen Helen DeGeneres. She was a witch queen that was also a nexus.

Bean Laura Absorbed Her Powers And Possessed Her

physical form. There’s a character Leonard Tippett, who didn’t know he was the Nexus being almost got a nuclear Holocaust on Earth by affecting probability the watcher saw what was. Going on and then kind of manipulated the avengers into stopping, so you’re telling me that there’s a Nexus being named Leonard Tibbetts and he’s like one of the most scariest beings. Oh better watch out for Leonard Tibbett the Nexus being i’d be afraid of Leonard tippett. Even before now he needs a Nexus B keep an eye on that one anyone named Leonard Tibbett capable of anything make sure you’re really nice to Leonard typically yeah He’s he’s the one who will snap first yeah He’s got he’s got lists.

I Really Hope We Dont Have A

Leonard Tibbett watching another Nexus being that Pops up is one named Seismic. It’s a magic wielding being that Doctor strange and Mordo had to deal with it. ‘s time traveler from the 31st century that absorbed all the magical energy in the mad in the Marvel Universe in order to recreate. The big bang so life could start over a lot of these Nexus beings just kind of show up in one-off comics, and they just needed to heighten to like some kind of God level reality rewriting being that’s an example here and fun fact seismic name backwards Genesis UK UK now Merlin actually yes our friend from the camelot era does reside in a pocket dimension near Earth called otherworld was even the sorcerer’s supreme at one point technically as immense magical powers now of course we’ve skipped over the one who we know for sure is coming in the mcu hang the Conqueror Yeah Yeah. He is the one of the greatest time traveling villains of Marvel Lore and We’ll show up in Ant-man.

The Guacamania Hopefully And Loki Thatd Be Cool

to see him establish there just makes a lot of sense to see him now Franklin. Some of the what-if comics becomes like a Nexus being and then vision from Earth90110 That was my favorite teen soap opera version of Vision. There is a Nexus being version of Vision named Ultravision same powers as Earth 616 Vision, but in his reality, he’s kind of the leading guide to the world as well as the head of the Avengers in that reality Gene Gray from Earth 9250 and of course Gene great The mutant incredible psychic powers access to the phoenix force right. It’s considered next being there and then Odin borsen from Earth 9260 similar to that of Odin Boston from Earth 6166. This version is the true Nexus being now.

The Term Nexus Comes Up In

other places like in Marvel comics. There’s what’s called the Nexus of all realities right and this is a physical space that forms the cross-dimensional gateway between the. It first appeared in Marvel’s Fear number 11 1972 that’s the man thing comics so basically a couple kids are goofing around and one of grandpa’s occult textbooks and then they open up the Nexus before getting bored. They head off to the movies and left a man thing to deal with it, but um it just kind of leaves it there so there’s that but then there’s also another version of Nexus in the mcu that should have been age of Ultron when Tony Stark visited what was called the Nexus trying to track down it’s the internet what is it This gen It’s the internet they called it Nexus. It might have just been a simple term for it because the Nexus just means like a gateway across things that should be separate right.

So I Think Thats Why It Was Called

that but who knows maybe that. could be revisited as like something that allowed for gateways between dimensions to be open because it just is accessing information networks behind the barriers of time and space check this out take a look at this Jesus Christ. It’s also interesting that you have a character like a vision and white vision that have had this connection with Wanda’s Hex reality if they’re irradiated by her Cmbr and if they have the kind of information access that Ultron had could that lead to some kind of nexus opening up through that character, Oh Yeah like that that’d be a really really great opportunity to do that because they are irradiated by this. This chaos magic now especially white vision like because because white vision or vision I guess used to be powered by mind Stone energy and now white vision is now powered by chaos magic so in speaking. of Wanda vision that’s where Nexus has come back and is presented a way that seems like this is where the MCu is headed.

Starting With This Commercial For Nexus Antidepressants

and the way it was described by the voiceover is interesting. They say this Nexus drug can quote anchor you back to reality or the reality of your choice and this ad was made for Wanda or at least you know the reality warping powers that Wanda admits. I just think it’s a manifestation of her Nexus powers and I think the fact that in earlier drafts of one of vision the commercials were definitely gonna be coming from dr strange reaching out to her tells us that it’s it’s coming from a place of authority. It’s not just there by accident that there was an intention by calling this Nexus. I wonder if like Wanda is one of the few people that it from her native universe that can actually go to a different universe without you know breaking down or being like rejected because they’re not native of that universe right so um.

I Mean Obviously Were Going To

do some universe hopping and doctor strange and the multiverse of Madness via Miss America most likely but you know just I just want to see like how that Nexus moniker or title plays out. I love this line the commercial. It says because the world doesn’t revolve around you or does it like it’s it’s starting to give us like the the meaning to characters who are Nexus beings. This is how it’s going to feel like. I think one division was just like a sample of what will be on a macro scale in multiverse of Madness.

Wanna Just Created A Pocket Dimension That Spanned

the limits of a town? But what happens when that pocket dimension spans an entire planet a galaxy, You know an entire universe gets worked around this one individual person and from her point of view. This is normalized. It’s what it’s always been it does you don’t remember what came before it’s actually similar to what thanos was going to do When in game right he was going to use the stones that they had collected for him to tear the universe apart and start over and that the people who populated that new universe would have no idea what came before right that’s essentially what Wanda’s doing now They’ll be nuts absolutely not now What’s interesting is that Loki is giving us a more specific and technical understanding of how nexus events occur on a very very small scale. . And I don’t think it suggests that every person every variant who creates a Nexus event is a nexus being um because it’s kind of suggested that anybody from Loki to Josh Fadom’s character to that one scroll to any of the detainees to Mr.

Rocky Bullwinkle Character The Yellow Dude

can become a Nexus being. I think it happens all the time and I think it’s suggesting that if these characters become masters of it then they evolved so the idea is they show these Nexus events occurring right you see it in miss minutes cartoon segment where you see this guy. He jumps onto a new branch in time to go off of where he was supposed to go from the destin sacred timeline Now. In this cartoon they don’t specify what enables this in Avengers in game, The Ancient one said that the removal of an infinity stone was kind of the key that created this branch reality, but they don’t show any of these other detainees other than Loki having any particular infinity Stone on them. I don’t know how Josh Fadom’s character whose dad worked for Goldman Sachs that sounded like would be able to possess any of these infinity Stones I was just like how did you get into trouble my dude with the Tva what did you do but maybe that is true maybe each of these people like they accidentally got their hands on the eye of Agamotto or they accidentally held the suitcase containing Loki’s scepter, not realizing what was inside or the orb that contained the power Stone rolled over to them from when like Star-lord and.

And Gamora Were Tussling Over It And

they just picked it up. They’re like some scroll on Zandar was like I guess this is mine now and walks off with it and creates a new branch timeline not realizing he’s a variant the way Loki didn’t realize he was a variant when he took the Tesseract Yeah like that’s what I love about this show cause like there’s heavy like the rick and morty is very strong in this show like the Vibes and like the oh my god like that dude could have been from anywhere in the timeline he could have been in the distant future. Like we don’t know who this mysterious golden Goldman Sachs son of the Goldman is or was now that he’s dead or dead or do you think he was killed there or just like reset back to where he was supposed to. be because I think killing him would disrupt the timeline that he was taken from would it not yeah! I think you’re right because then maybe it does more of like a reset type thing because in the in the comics the red canon was said to rewind you in the timeline. So like if I’m not mistaken so like it would make sense if his molecular structure or whatever was just like all right you’re going like back to like to the moment where you branched off and like everything’s either way.

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I Hope It Was Really Painful

like I hope being rick cannon on the fly like that is just like. I feel my cells and my molecules moving backwards, and it hurts that’s what I wanted tenet to be. I wanted it to be not just a simple predestinate time travel story. I wanted it to be. Like it required an immense amount of energy expense by people who would move backwards through time that would do irreparable damage to their bodies as they move backward in time and that’s why I thought like Oh that’s why they have to wear oxygen masks that’s why you see people in hazmat suits like I thought like people who move in reverse entropy are like a weird kind of radiation that um causes their cells and molecules dope but no nope it wasn’t that imagine if they like like De-aged the more that they use their power which is like I’m using chrono energy so now I’m getting younger Yeah I’m sort of like monster girl from Invincible Yeah No Oh that’d be great or like in that movie Looper how you saw Paul Dano’s characters like his like his limbs were falling apart his fingers were getting erased.

It Seemed To Hurt Like Staggering

around. I always think of pain Loki give me some pain UK but I think the idea is that Loki is basically suggesting these Nexus events are small little isolated events that happen by accident, but but but if some character gets a good handle on this if anybody starts to realize the power that comes with that and then intentionally creates Nexus events that makes them on par potentially with Nexus beans because at that point they might not even remember what their home timeline was they’re just jumping from branch to branch to branch to branch until it becomes a giant mess and at that point what’s the difference between yourself and a God. It’s still true. I really that’s a really good point that’s a fantastic point just like you are destroying the fabric of reality on multiple levels that could. be how we got Kang You know like that could be how kang started is It may have started as an accident and then he’s like Oh I got away with something and it’s like screw This infinity Stone.

I Figured Out How He Can Do Even

crazier than that right because we saw the TvA is more powerful than infinity Stones Infinity stones are paperweights to them. Oh my God that was such a good image. It was so powerful and striking I was like Oh my God. There’s so many so looking ahead and Nexus Beans are going to start being the thing in the Mcu, which characters in the Mcu will be next to speeds well scarlet witch obviously right. I think yeah she’s got to be the Nexus being for our dimension of the Mcu, which is technically Earth nine nine nine nine nine five nines.

Five Nines But Now We May

see reality where Loki could evolve into a nexus being the God of mischief like he’s already one step on that path by moving out of his home timeline into the TvA and if he gains the TvA’s trust and works with them, he may gain enough power to affect all of reality and the future of the Marvel universe. Oh my God like you know that this man is making a play to do just that like he’s trying to I I’m just so nervous about what Loki’s gonna do by the end of the series like Oh my God but yes yeah, Loki is definitely a contestant and I think another contender. Hopefully Loki will introduce us to is Kang the Conqueror. I think if you bring in Kang the conqueror to the Mcu and Ant-man the was quantomania and. Make him Nexus level powerful.

I Think It Does A Disservice

to the character. I think Kang is such a complex weirdo and we need to see him detach from his whatever timeline. He came from. He’s a guy who looks at timelines like as what outfit of clothes he wants to wear that particular day so yeah definitely Kang is the Nexus being but do you think vision white vision or some other form of vision could be revealed as a Nexus being if they want to bring if they want to restore white vision as the red Vision form like they did in the comics they brought it from another reality merged him with white Vision’s body and we got vision back. Do you see that happening in the future empty.

I I Mean Its Possible, But I Think

that if any sort of nexus type deal was. Going to happen? It would probably tie into what we were talking about earlier with the fact that you know White vision now runs on chaos energy and you know if we’re going to be running into potentially This hasn’t been confirmed yet, but like if Schumacherath or some other multiversal threat. Yeah is going to be um on the horizon. He could use White vision as an avatar sort of because he does have this chaos energy so any chaos entity out there in the multiverse could potentially make that white vision into um Nexus being maybe who knows Yeah, but i could see that Yeah now I have to ask about Doctor strange because he’s someone who seems like as a master who knows how to navigate the the multiverse he could rise to that occasion. However, he specifically told Tony Stark that my goal is.

To Protect Your Reality Douchebag, Which

makes me feel like he’s contained within a reality as opposed to one who’s just kind of ambivalently detached from any one particular one, so i don’t know maybe a multiverse of madness will be a battle between Doctor Strange and Wanda over who gets to be this universe’s Nexus champion that would be so that’d be crazy now looking ahead beyond these titles in the Mcu there are characters like Jean Grey, you know Phoenix like she hopefully if they do something where the X-men are in a different reality and multiverse of madness just merges those realities. I think Jean Grey would have been the Nexus being of that reality. I think that’d be really cool to see that’d be super dope. You know you know how X-men days of future past ended with Logan and talking to Patrick Stewart why am. Professor X He’s talking about professional accent the game’s like we gotta fill you in on some stuff What if they were what if like the MCu like Retcons that’d be like Yeah They were talking about you know some what’s some stuff happening in Doctor Street’s the multiverse of madness and like how Jean Grey has to fight Wando or some stuff and in a nexus battle or whatever um so it’d be it’d be interesting and that’d be fun Yeah I mean another reality that could get merged here would be you know something from the supernatural realm like Hell like Methisto could totally be 100 Mepisto could basically be anything he’s a pandora’s box you know.

However, You Want To Use Them

you could you could figure it out it’s true, but i also think if they ever wanted to bring back thanos the fact that thanos. vanished from his 2014 timeline. I could see him being someone who transcends realities, but how about this do we think Uwatu the watcher would be considered a nexus being. I don’t think so I think he’s just more like a you know just a observer. I don’t think he has that much power because like there’s been a lot of times where he like a lot of the times in the comics he’s just been like hey guys.

Ive Been Watching Some Stuff And You

guys need to interfere because I I can’t and like I don’t have that yeah the power to do anything yeah. I think watchers are a special category right where they are um they are outside of realities, but they don’t have to be a true Nexus being you have to have the ability to rewrite it right to your own um you know. Preference and I don’t think Uwatsu does that but like like we mentioned earlier a huge contender is Franklin Richards because we’re getting the fantastic team very soon and I think it would be very wise if Kevin Feige introduced the Fantastic four with the kids already born so like Franklin Richard is he’s diesel. He is a very huge force in the Marvel universe. So like if anyone’s has the potential to be another Nexus being it’s Franklin Richards.

I Think Theres A Lot Of Potential

there I think that’d be awesome to see well that kind of covers. I think everything we know so far about how the mcu is approaching this whole concept of what a Nexus being is so hopefully that gave you some clarity as we head into episode two three four five and six of loki well great job Eric I like that explanation. But before we dive into our bite size questions we gotta give you a word from all the lovely people about your big question. First we want to thank our friends at Mint_Mobile” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Mint Mobile for sponsoring this episode with big wireless providers. There’s always a catch right that’s what’s cool about Mint mobile and their premium wireless service.

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and by getting it you’ll be doing yourself a solid and supporting this show I never recommend something I don’t use get honey for free at joinhoney.com big question that’s joinhoney. com big question hey empty. We got some bite-sized questions for you to answer you ready Okay let’s see we got one from Crispy Chrissy on discord, who asks if there was no gauntlet to hold the infinity stones, what other article of clothing slash apparel could be comparable and how would the person wielding it activate the stones instead of by snapping interesting that’s a really good question Chris Yeah great question um okay so throughout the Mcu we’ve seen the Infinity Stone housed in all different sorts of casings, such as the orb that held the power Stone Guardians of the Galaxy or the Tesseract the holding the space Stone and sometimes. Infinity stones are housed in items that serve practical purposes that harness the power of the stones.

For Example, Lokis Staff Holding The Mine Stone

or the eye of Agamotto holding the time stone. We also see Ronan the accuser slap the power stone right into that hammer for that instant planet pulverizing weapon upgrade in Guards Yeah that’s a great hammer. I don’t know how I found that hammer do that but that’s a hammer what a hammer what a hammer must have went to lowe’s, but it wasn’t until Avengers Infinity war that we saw all six infinity stones finally combined into one item a gauntlet and this gauntlet was forged in the furnaces of nadivalier. I hope I didn’t pronounce that wrong No you nailed it and it’s made of Uru, an extremely durable metal ore capable of withstanding the power of all six infinity stones, and of course, is also the material that Thor’s Hammer is made out of and it’s a really old material. It’s been around since the beginning of the universe, but yeah I digress anyway in Avengers End Game.

Tony Uses Nano Technology To Craft Another Gauntlet

to hold the infinity Stones, and while the Nano technology seems to be able to wield the incredible power of the stones. It still leaks a lot of that energy to the wielder, causing severe damage to the hulk when he undoes the snap and very severe fatal damage to Tony Stark when he blips away everybody. At the end of Avengers End game and you know dies all right B Tony sorry. But could something other than a gauntlet wield All six stones is what my girl Crispy Chrissy is asking so in Thanos number five in 2004, We saw Galactus arrange all six infinity Stones into something called a focusing Crux . He was attempting to rid himself of his insatiable need for devouring planets, which bro i feel you man yeah sometimes eating just so good you just gotta know he was attempting to rid himself of his insatiable need for devouring planets, but wound up opening a portal and unleashing an interdimensional parasite called Hunger, and there’s no fancy movement that Galactus has to do to activate the stones.

He Just Puts The Stones In The Focusing

Crux and it just works. Hey comics and Thanos actually tries to stop him from using the stones warning him that it’s sort of like a monkey’s pot scenario with those stones. Ah so as for what item I would choose to hold the stones, You know that your boy gotta go with a fanny pack. You know what I’m saying it’s the best way It’s the best way to use a infinity stone. I’m just kidding.

I Wouldnt Be Caught Dead With

an infinity Fanny pack because God see I would I would have like a key tie and just like play like different like soul soul soul soul soul, soul state soul soul soul time soul soul. Oh my God I dig it that would be great yeah thank you for answering that one mt. I I love that answer no problem but it is time for our next segment of the show. It’s the box of scraps of scraps and today’s box of scraps.

Question Is Eric If You Could Create

your own branch timeline What changes would you make? Oh I think I would just make it so that it’s it’s pretty much the way things are right now except social media didn’t have comment sections remove the ability to comments that would enter the world. If that happened the instantaneous world peace. I think you solved it yep other than that I’ll take all the bad stuff just get rid of that and I think it’s. I think we can figure out everything from there honestly if for me it would just be I would just do the one thing that everyone’s been clamoring for for too many years.

I Would Make Guac Free

like why is black orchestra why why Guac would be free to me you’re. Welcome Yeah Mt 2024 should be free exactly and you know it could be for in California the avocados do grow on trees out here exactly so it’s so easy to find come on free walk 2020. You can afford it. You can afford a chipotle.

You Can Afford To Give Guac For Free

come on but anyways that is our episode of a big question thank you so much to Eric as always for joining me. This episode you can follow him at eavos and you can follow me at mastertainment all of our social medias but most importantly follow new rockstars wherever we are but especially on Youtube make sure to hit that notification Bell so you get notifications whenever we upload a new video and send us your big questions by using the hashtag bigquestion and subscribe to this podcast feed and give us a nice rating. and review and all that so again subscribe to new Rockstars and we’ll see you guys next time We love you bye you.

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Eric Voss is back at the helm of the MsU with a new episode of the new series of Marvel’s “Loki” This week’s episode will focus on which characters in the Mcu might be Nexus beings . In the Marvel comics, Nexus being sometimes referred to as Nexi are extremely rare and powerful entities that have the ability to upset the future by affecti affecting the future . Voss: “I would love a universe where everyone was just wearing giant horns. I would happily live in that world same here. I mean Loki’s got a totally fine mind that’ll be totally fine a perfect universe. Let’s do it so that got us thinking about this week’s big question which is who is Nexus being” In one division episode seven, the In-universe commercial defined Wada as a Nexus being, which was later revealed to be an intended message from one Dr Steven strange which I wish we saw but that’s okay and now In the first episode of loki…. Click here to read more and watch the full video