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See How Its Its Synced Up A Little

bit UK the timeline is breaking but who broke it is it the chicken or the egg oh And if you think that’s cool empty check out this could it have been synced this way this the drop is it an egg of the Voodoo doll He’s got on his desk there I think so did he just drop Agatha Oh my God they planned it. They blamed this whole thing empty it has to be an Agatha Voodoo doll or could it be a different Voodoo Doll hold on hold on wait Oh my God it’s boom are you looking for this every every drop in the mcu Kang just caused that’s what that means that’s what happens when you play things side by side it means causality it’s that boom are you looking for the ability to walk because Rhodey. is welcome back to New Rockstars did the breaking of the sacred timeline in Loki open up the multiverse syncing perfectly with one division’s post-credits scene or could Wanda becoming the scarlet Witch have been the true trigger that broke the timeline. These shows have got to be connected but how which came first the ship, A thesis or white visions panic attack wait a day minute minute. This is inside marvel Loki’s first season is complete, but we are still digesting clues for the way this series will connect or might have already connected to the rest of the Mcu i’m Eric Voss here trying to answer your lingering questions from Loki with Mt Mt.

Its Our First Wednesday Without Loki.

How has this week been for you how are you feeling today um it’s hard to process a week without um a Loki in my life or some. of Loki variant I mean I already had to go about two weeks without Gator Loki and I’m dead inside Eric I’m just dead it’s hard. It’s hard but we’re getting through it together because you know what here on Youtube. The season never ends we’re just going to keep making videos on this until our questions are answered or until something else distracts us like a spider-man No way home trailer please please God please well last week in our immediate reaction to the Loki finale.

I Pointed Out How The Sacred Timeline

shattering into a multiverse could have been connected to that one division post-credits scene when she heard her sons calling to her from another reality maybe that was the opening up of the realities there now In the days since the Loki one division connection has been a huge point of discussion lots of. there including this discovery by Tick Talker Brian Walker who claims that if you play the season finales of Loki and one division at the same time, starting them both at the same time in their respective run times. The moment he who remains realizes they’ve crossed the threshold lines up with the moment Wanda powers up into the scarlet witch and also the object. He drops syncs up with Agatha’s fall I love this dark side of the rainbow. It’s so right much I dig it it’s so great um.

In This Episode Were Gonna Explore The True

timeline between Loki and Wandavision, which crisis caused which and what the true Nexus event of Marvel Phase four has been so far because we still don’t really know what the Nexus event that caused all this could be a few different things really okay okay now quick announcement the Loki. Gator polo shirt from New Rockstarsmirch. com I’m sorry you missed your chance it’s sold out in record time. I mean it’s Gator Loki of course it was gonna yeah we told you we told you he doesn’t stick around that guy doesn’t linger he comes He’s got quick little feats. You got quick little feats he’s going they’re faster than you think you gotta run in zigzags that’s it classic Florida Truism that we read but the good news is when it comes to remarks there’s still other really really cool Loki inspired Merch options available for a limited time, though like Mobius on a jet ski shirt our Gator Loki’s stickers our loki and black widow-inspired latest obsession shirts that I am wearing and mt.

You Have The Black Widow And

the red deep yeah looking great now when you buy the latest obsession shirt at Newrockstarsmerch.com it not. supports new Rockstars, but also unlocks the ability to write in additional custom shout outs that will appear at the bottom of your screen like we got Randy Lewis who says Love you in our do you think the miss minutes refers to is the Sphinx parked outside the elite portal referring to that episode five one I don’t know. I think she was stalling in that moment, but she was definitely stalling for time. Is the Sphinx a ship is it a vessel well it is it’s a vessel for King the Conqueror version so like that could have been what like the vessel that you know he who remains used when he was conquered when he was conquering Goliath or controlling him or like when he first arrived to the void.

So Like That Is Actually A A

very important piece of landmarks there in that fifth. Episode so yes I love it What else we have Malachi Vera who says who would win in a fight Thor or Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is powered in the MCu by derivative energy from the Space Stone Thor is an Asgardian God. I think as Guardians might not be as powerful as Eternals right you gotta look back at their power ranking it’s weird. I think the fact that Captain Marvel can go binary in the comics makes her pretty God level at least but Thor can live upwards of 5000 years.

Just You Know Aging Naturally I Mean

if we’re just talking Mcu. I mean just given with like what Captain Marvel did to thanos in endgame and like versus Thor struggling with thanos. I think for the MCu anyway maybe Captain Marvel may be a little bit stronger here, but I don’t know yeah it’s hard because. Like you gotta look at the context and the in the weapons they were using using Stormbreaker Thor would have had Thanos even with all six infinity stones powered up with the experience of using those stones so let’s say Thor with Stormbreaker in peak condition is pretty unstoppable, whereas Thanos and Captain Marvel. They were able to lock horns there, but just by taking out the power stone and punching her with it.

So I Think Based Off Of That

whatever that is commutative property of mathematics. I think I think that that’s perfect they make that logic makes perfect sense. We also got Daniel tan down here he says Lauren balaz. I love you so much and thanks to new rockstars We get to goob with the greatest. Oh we love gooping with you.

I Love Going With You Lauren And

Daniel. You guys are so nice this. Is so nice Daniel. This is very smart. I love that you did this thank you again get the latest obsession shirt today before it is gone at Newrockstarsmerch.

Com The Black Widow Inspired Ladies Obsession

shirt is only going to be around for a short time as well, along with the Red ledger journal Newaxersmerch.com all right Mt What’s our big question for this episode wait a damn minute are the finales of Loki in one division synchronized Yeah Let’s talk about the timeline here currently on the Disney plus platform, their MCu and chronological order listing places Loki before one division, perhaps just going by the logic that Loki’s branch forms from the 2012 point and then it just kind of jumps around on the timeline, whereas one division is set one month after Avengers End game in fall 2023, but in truth, the TvA seems to exist outside. of time, even though the final shot seemed to imply that this new TvA was a variable and thus maybe linked to a specific timeline, but either way the citadel for sure exists outside the timeline and from that citadel. He remains can look out at the timeline ring that orbits him and see the past see the future to see all of it all together. That was that Alan Watts audio in the opening seconds that kind of teased that time does not you know just move in one direction time for he remains is not linear.

So All The Events Of Loki

are really taking place at the same time of every other MCu event, including Wandavision So however, you want to sync up this final moment of the sacred timeline breaking apart you’re technically not wrong to do that because it is taking place aside every other. Mcu event we’ve seen so if you can derive meaning from the way it connects to um you know thor in the dark world or Ant-man running down the steps or getting a tug of war with his dad. You’re right you’re not wrong it’s okay it can literally happen anytime. It’s a very wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey type of situation and those are technical terms. Mcu is using he gets those directly from astrophysicist Whibley exactly so this whole discovery of Wanda powering up into the scarlet witch around the same time stamp as the moment he remains felt that threshold it’s a it’s a super interesting thing though yes you know looking at this logically it probably is just a coincidence because we also have to recognize that it’s just highly unlikely that the editors of both these shows sat down in a meeting together to synchronize these moments wrap.

Around Exactly What The Time Code Would Be

I mean who knows I mean maybe retroactively like Marvel and Kevin Feige. I know I know this for a fact. I do work on Tv shows. I know how these things are made. This is true, but like I’m saying maybe retroactively Marvel and Kevin Feige are seeing all of these theories.

Im Just Like Maybe We Could Just Say

like like with mark like what Marvel did with Iron Man 2 and the kid that um Iron man saves in at the expo like Yeah that was Tom Holland all the time. Maybe they could just be like Oh yeah that’s when the threshold happened, Blah Blah Blah whatever yeah and just like red caught it you’re right Mt. Marvel doesn’t love Easter Eggs and Kevin Feige is aware of this on twitter this week when he did the black. Widow Watch Party, he recognized the val Tva Yeah! It was so cool, but he said we didn’t think of it he could have in that moment just taken credit for it, but he didn’t. I think it’s one thing to say that one character who’s a seemingly um throwaway character is someone of greater importance, but to say to force your editor to re-edit a specific moment because this just isn’t how Marvel typically does Easter eggs retconning specific characters and and putting set details in the background or you know something like a23 or a visual effect or something like that yeah for sure but I think this is just really the result of this is how Tv shows are made.

Episodic Story Structure Is A Tight Formula

folks despite it seeming like oh, it’s art it’s art no there is like a formula that they follow and. Narrative climax more often than not usually hits like clockwork at the two-thirds mark of whatever you’re watching in screenwriting. We call this the break into three and this and for both episodes it was around the 28-minute mark and if you’re being honest each of these moments. It’s like a two-minute window of things that you can kind of sync two minutes to overlap with each other pretty easily and if you watch any Hollywood movie dude around 15 minutes in exactly some inciting incident will happen. There is like a structure that unless it’s really boring yeah unless it’s not a typical Hollywood movie and it’s just doing its own thing.

But I Think We Could Say Things Like

one division and loki are following formula pretty pretty closely when it comes to timing these things out, but more than that more than that I just don’t. Arrival of the Scarlet Witch was the thing that broke the timeline because that would mean it would have to be an accidental nexus event and he remains eyes Now it could have been like obviously nexus beings like Wanda are gonna be a dangerous blind spot for Kang, but the implication of Wanda’s vision of her future self in that mind Stone moment. In episode eight remember she saw the outline of her future self as the Scarlet Witch. I think that implied that her becoming the Scarlet Witch was destined always part of the timeline, which means it was part of someone’s timeline script so I think maybe he remains saw that eventuality, but just didn’t consider it a major threat for him because we know his script ran out at some point and that’s gonna be some other King’s problem but I think in the context of. This Loki scene I think what caused the timeline to unravel the way it did was the connection between Sylvia and Loki producing whatever their anomalistic Nexus event through their shared intellect that broke he remains timeline and made him obsolete so that another king variant would have to take over and I think it broke because it was always destined to based on Sylvie’s defiant individualism and her pension for distrust and revenge and if you’re a writer working on Loki something that’s cataclysmic as the timeline shattering is more meaningful if it’s a consequence of your protagonists not the result of actions by some characters not even in your show, so if we’re talking about authorial intent at least it would assume that Loki writers would say this was probably just caused by Loki or silly.

He Remains Another Kang Variant Some Combination

of that however, I don’t. want to say we shouldn’t connect these shows because yes I do believe they are interconnected. That is my general theory as a crazy marvel scientist that all these things are connected and I believe that Loki’s timeline explosion and one division’s post-credit scene are linked because in that scene. After some unspecified time in this cabin reading through the dark hold only in that moment did Wanda finally hear her kids and that would imply that something in the cosmos changed in order to open that door. So I think I like to look at it this way where Loki caused one division as opposed to one division cause Loki because this way you don’t need to think about Wanda vision or Loki being different than as was presented to us when we watched it in order to do this math because it could just be as simple.

Like We See A Scene A Doctor

strange multiverse madness where Wanda or Doctor Strange say suddenly the multiverse just erupted into chaos, allowing realities to intersect. We don’t know what caused it so he’s like me Neither I don’t know yeah I don’t know I wasn’t there they booed me back into Kang Tva so I think loki variants coming together was what broke he who remains timeline so that he had to kind of retire allow allow a more chaotic Kang to rule creating this multiverse of madness that affected Wanda and her post-credits scene and we will see the fallout of that in doctor strange multiverse Madness maybe even spider-man no way home but empty. I want to know your thoughts on this and if you do have a specific take. I want to know what did you think he remains dropped on his desk in that. What was that all about dude? I like played that moment over and over again because I’m like what the hell does he have in his hand and I just can’t point it out and like I just I just chalked it up to like you know this amazing man Jonathan Majors being the improv king that he is um acting legend was just like you know what I’m just gonna pick this like random prop up and just like demonstrate that like you know like there’s no like I’m going off script and like you know things are different now and like maybe I’m in a just a new just a new phase of the cosmos um and so yeah, I don’t think that object is all that significant.

I Think That He Was Just

like just just really feeling weird about freestyling, freestyling it for the first time. In Eons Yeah, but like what did he expect to happen did he expect it not to fall according to gravity but like float off into space. It was what the script he thought. I guess in that moment was just his version of pinching himself. You know Yeah that’s what I’m thinking it’s like it’s like whoa it’s like cool like I can like this was not predetermined.

I Didnt Know What This Is

what was happening maybe it’s a jurassic park thing like you know Malcolm where he has the drop of water on Laura Dern’s knuckle and then he’s like you would think it would roll one way or roll the same way again, but due to little micro indentations on your hand chaos the universe goes to chaos and then it’ll roll a different way, so maybe it wasn’t the drop it was the way it. hit the desk? It was supposed to bounce one way and then it bounced another way or it didn’t bounce and that’s what blew his mind. In that moment did we figure it out. I think you did dude. I think that’s the exact answer, but what do you what do you expect do you do you think we will get some kind of recontextualization of that one division post-credits scene that explains what really happened in that moment Do you think it’ll be tied to Loki .

I Think That You Know The The Connection

of Loki sort of causing that moment like you said in that cabin in one division makes a lot of sense because like she’s able to connect out to the multiverse and before the multiverse was tied together by he who remains and so like it makes logical sense for that moment of. hearing her um her children, I don’t know if they’re after you know their multiverse children that it makes sense for that for that to be the thing. However, we do have the um the factor that Wanda is the scarlet witch. So like I feel like Wanda could pro probably just communicate with the multiverse or break through whatever binding he who remains did on her own because she’s just that diesel of a being but logically logically. The events of Loki seem to have happened first because everything’s sort of outside of time.

So I Dont First In Quotation Marks

um before the that that scene in one division Yeah I guess what’s interesting about this is that it seems like he remains slash whatever Kang collective he’s part of identified Loki and Sylvie as huge threats because of that Nexus event they created a lamentous. One um maybe the the two of them coming together creates like a nexus being, but really I think they should be more worried about the scarlet witch because the only reason they were able to thwart Sylvie and Loki is because Sylvie and Loki as Loki’s are just innately distrustful and they get trapped in the game within the game, whereas Wanda I don’t think cares about the game within the game. She has other priorities. She is not as selfish as these characters are. She has these kids.

She Has Her Love For Vision You Know

um I hey. There’s a counter-argument there that Wanda by trapping all of West view in her mind. Hex is selfish in a way because it’s her own grief, but that chaos makes her in a way a bigger threat than Loki is because you can’t there’s no game to try. to corrupt with her she is she is more sincere. I think in her motives.

Shes Not Playing Any Tricks That You

can get in like a a Sherlock Moriarty chess game with as he remains got him with Loki and Silvi. So I’m surprised that I’m not surprised. This is just a story that they’re telling Kang is the villain of Loki, but I’m just it makes me curious to see if Kang is gonna show up in some way in multiverse of madness see like here’s something that like I brought up the other day with my in my talk with Jess during rogue theory about the nature of scarlet witch and that like because he who remains obviously is the Kevin Feige of the Marvel universe, essentially and he essentially knew that the advance of one division were going to happen maybe he’s setting up. Wanda to be a weapon against the oncoming Kangs that are coming because he knows that the kings are just super diesel and that they are like they’re gonna conquer anyway so it’s like I’m gonna set up this. You know this mentally unstable lady and she’s gonna be a weapon and she’s gonna kind of just be a rogue element because I don’t know what she’s gonna do, but I know she’s going to really make it hard for these kegs to conquer um so like you know maybe in an attempt to like to truly find the best Kang because like it’s the trial by fire thing because tanks can fight other Kangs but like what if it’s Kangs vs.

Kangs Versus Scarlet Witch Like And Like

I I have this weird feeling that there is probably a bigger multiverse war going on than we we know about. Because like we have to consider the Dormammu and what we know about Dormammu and that he supposedly has conquered all these other dimensions or universes in the multiverse, and we also have Kang who’s also doing the same thing as well. So Kang and Dermamu have probably come to terms or like have come to butts or something or I’ve been in a wars or of some kind or have at least talked. So I’m very interested to see how that at least it’s like I’ve taken their broom and bumped on the ceiling well. We have several more questions.

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What Does This Tell Us About

this new reality that they’re in at the end of the episode Well. First of all I think that Mobis and B15 didn’t recognize locally specifically to hurt our feelings because they knew it would hurt us and it did it really did because that was his best friend, but no I think that the reason why they didn’t recognize Loki is probably because Loki is in the first ever loop of the Tva. It’s like this is the one that you know Kang first started and so like this is why no one knows who Loki is because they don’t really have a whole lot of experience pruning timelines yet and they’re like okay our loki in this universe looks totally different. Maybe it’s Richard e grant Loki maybe it’s a completely different loki like maybe that’s why they call him classic. Loki because he was from the first run of the of the multiverse loops, but that’s my theory what do you think I think that’s a really good explanation empty.

I Didnt Think About That My

take of it was that this was a kang dominated timeline now and because Kang is such a conqueror that he went further and pruned all Loki’s from birth like he made a reality where it’s not like infinite Loki’s exist but reality where like no Loki’s exist and so the TvA doesn’t even know the God of mischief because like maybe there’s some kind of alteration where Kang just went back to the source to that battle with the Frost Giants. In 965, a. d and prevented that young Luffys and child from being taken in by Odin and being taught as Guardian Magic by Frigga and growing up alongside Thor becoming the Loki that we know and that like you know maybe he who remains is like no we don’t need to do that we can use Loki’s we can just prune them when their next events occur, but we don’t need to prune them out of existence and the Kang the conqueror is like no we’re going to kill baby No more Loki’s like that element of chaos. We can’t risk it take it out yeah um but I think either way that’s got to be the case right because when Loki first walked into the TvA. In episode one, a lot of these people were aware of who he was and it wasn’t just because there was a sylvie.

Variant Like Loki Lafayson Is One

of the more famous people in all of reality in the Marvel world. Like he’s a celebrity to them you know and I think they just treat him like a run-of-the-mill Detainee um just to kind of like beat him down a bit you know um but like they’re aware of who they’re they wouldn’t mistake him for an analyst. You know yeah that was crazy okay so our next question of the day is wait a damn minute, why did Sylvie say she was pruned before Loki was born Yeah okay so this kind of like brings up what might just be you know to a lot of people a plot hole that the show hasn’t really given an answer for and I think mt you and I and a lot of other people and a lot of other people watching the show. of taken it for granted that this makes sense, but it really doesn’t necessarily like so Sylvie was pruned before Loki was born, but if it’s all happening all at once, how was she pruned before he was born and I think what this means it’s kind of what you were saying Mt is that the reason why all these variants exist despite them coming from timelines that are pruned, despite they’re only supposed to be one sacred timeline Why do we have a Loki that’s an alligator or a loki that’s a woman or a loki that looks like Richard E grant or you know any of the other loki variants that we see their existence was not their nexus events. They didn’t shape-shift into these forms They were born the way they are looking the way they are, but it’s because within the sacred timeline it is really.

A Coaxial Cable If You Were To

cut open a coaxial cable Yeah? There is a central cable, but there’s like a bronze weave. You know there’s like a mesh weave or like a think of a bundle of rope or like a hair braid or something like that or like a twizzler A twizzler. It is really a cord that is woven tightly with a ton of other cords that if you cut it it frays and I think that’s what this is really is. It’s a collective of a bunch of smaller chords, a bunch of smaller timelines that all kind of weave together and don’t interfere with each other and when you cut it or when you break it. One of those starts to fray off and if too many of them start to fray off it all comes apart.

So I Think That Is What The Sacred

timeline is and I think the show didn’t necessarily give us that for visual as much, but within that one sacred timeline. There is a separate reality where Loki was an alligator a separate one where it’s Sylvie, a separate one where it’s boastful Loki, a separate one where it’s classic Loki a separate one where it was president. Loki and none of them interfered and none of them created a a Kang and when they do the Kang timeline gets pruned. I think the nexus event for each of them is. They did something different in their life that led to an eventuality where Kang would rise so the fact that he who remains his prerogative was to prevent other.

Kangs From Forming, I Think That Tells Us

it’s not about Loki It was it was about Kang really um but yeah so when Sylvie said I was pruned before Loki was born. Maybe that was the writer’s version of trying to explain this that the sacred timeline is kind of what you were saying Mt. It’s like a it’s a loop. It’s just going round and round and round and round and each time it loops back. It’s a new chord gets formed within exactly right exactly that’s exactly what I would answer too because like that’s it’s precisely what’s going on.

Its Like With That First With The

TvA that we find Loki in that I suspect to be the first ever loop that’s the first chord in the coaxial cable and then the next loop will do the second chord and then like it keeps going like. You said and then it’s making this one super coaxial um just sacred timeline Multiverse chord. It’s very weird and when the timeline breaks though we’re seeing those initial phrases, but then it just spills out into a spider-web. You know and I think that’s that’s what that is supposed to mean um, but all these things still existed within the timeline. All these things were kind of existing in a kind of harmony altogether, but what is interesting about it is it’s almost like while it’s a sacred timeline.

If It Is One Is It

one loop that’s tightly coiled. I get like a slinky that’s smushed together and if you’re to stretch out a slinky, it is just one string of metal or plastic or whatever it is um so is the idea that like I think that’s why it’s hard for a lot of people to. wrap their minds around it because like it’s Oh it’s one thing to say that time is not linear. It’s another thing to say that it loops back on itself at the end of time, so does it mean like there’s some inevitable millions billions of years from now the end of the universe, where it just unravels so much everything explodes or something and then it resets like a level of Mario, and it goes back to the big bang and that explosion is just the big bang and it and it because when people say time is a flat circle it’s like well, then what causes the reset. If time is a flat circle exactly you just said yes no no no like no like no like what causes the reset exactly that’s a good point and like you know I think there could be like a big.

Crunch Situation Where You Know Everything Just

goes together and causes the big Bang but no that’s a that’s a really good point like those are all very valid points, but I think that’s what like we did start to see in the opening animation of episodes that’s exactly what I think you know like. We saw we zoomed out from our solar system, our galaxy our universe and then it all condensed in a sphere that exploded into a big bang, but like those planets would not have existed before the Big Bang, so it’s almost like saying the big Bang is the reset point over and over and over again spewing infinity stones into the universe creating different planets. causing these planetary body bodies to collide stars to form you know solar systems to form and then eventually it reaches a point of critical mass again and explodes again and that each time is the coil reset. I think that’s the Big Crunch man like everything the big Big the big Bang happens and then like let’s all the matter spreading out and then the big Crunch is all the matter coming back in forming a little ball and then the big bang happens again so like it’s. I think that that could be the exact loop that we’re we’re seeing and that’s what causes the big bang and that could be a potential thing that um.

This Is This Is Actually Something

I’ve been thinking about the Big Crunch and I think that’s this could be what the collector is preparing for because like you got to remember. That the Collector in Guardians one he’s not just collecting because he’s a freak. I mean that’s a big reason why he’s collecting and he’s a terrible person, but he’s. He’s also described his character Benicio Del toro as like a noah and like he’s collecting all of these these creatures for a specific thing that he’s doing and he since he’s one of the first beings to ever exist in all of time and space because if he’s an elder of the universe. I think that he sees this big crunch coming up and he’s like you know what the universe is about to be rebooted.

I Got My Arc Ready To Roll

so you know I don’t know but that’s just me that’s such a cool theory um I hope it’s true We have some time to answer a few questions. We’ll try to. Do these rapid fire? Just a few of these wait a damn minute? What do you think Sylvie will do now? What’s her next step from that citadel Hmm She could do pretty much anything because now she has that ultimate 10-pad Wrist thingy that was left behind by Kang when he passed away. Unfortunately by mysterious circumstances , but I think that she could maybe try to lead a TvA of her own because she does have the power and you know it would sort of be really interesting because like she goes after the guy that you know affected her life and changed so many people’s lives that like maybe when loki runs into her neck. She’s like.

I Became The Thing That I Hated The

most and I think that’d be really interesting for her character. just dive into like the you know. responsibility of power which is what he remains struggled with but yeah Yeah I think she’s gonna go on a killing spree to kill every Kang that she can whack-a-mole style and it’s never gonna be enough for her and she’s gonna go one and each time when she kills one. He’s gonna say see you soon and she’s like Ah I didn’t get the right one. She’s gonna go one by one and eventually she’s gonna get to young Nathaniel Richards.

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Iron Lad Of The Young Avengers And Hes

gonna be like Oh No no I don’t want to be gang She’s like I’m going to kill you. He’s like Don’t be good. I’ll be good I promise and then that will lead him to become iron man. I think oh that’d be really interesting. It’s like Hey like he changes his mind because Sylvie shows him who he could become, but I love that yeah I love that I dig it um here’s a question wait a damn minute.

Some People Have Been Pointed Out

how Casey’s evidence card got pruned back in episode one, suggesting that it should have gotten the void right. So is there a drawer full of infinity stones in the void now that someone could use yeah. I mean sure that seems that like that’s the logical thing and someone’s gonna find it um hopefully the one-armed loki because he could get himself another arm that way, but yeah you know or Elijah ate it and is having terrible heartburn. Yeah he just has to pass those stones yeah, which is gonna be really rough for him. I mean in the past.

Ive Theorized That Like The Reason

the stones weren’t. In the TvA is because like you can’t use magic in the TvA like Loki Can’t use his sorcery and that’s why Sylvie’s Enchantment didn’t really work but in the void it’s different. They totally use their enchantment and their magic in the void, but I also wonder if like when you make a an infinity stone redundant wherever you take it it loses its power Is my theory that like it’s not usable like the fact that it’s not one of a kind anymore makes it it neutralizes it that’s kind of my thinking It makes it easier because otherwise it’s it opens too many possibilities. I think that you know just given by this the ancient one’s explanation of the time stream in the in the universe, in in in Avengers endgame because the ancient one said that the infinity stones create what we perceive as time so. Like anybody within the time stream can use the Infinity stones because the Infinity stones kind of make the time stream, but when you exit the time screen and enter the TvA it’s like you are no longer within infinity Stone realm.

So Therefore These Rocks Are Useless

good answer good answer one final question that we’ll ask for this episode Throg, how did he get in the jar, what is his backstory well. I think I will I really like to think that Throgg and Gator Loki arrived in the at the void at the same time and then Frog was like okay Loki let’s get let’s do get help and gator look he’s like we’re not doing get help and he just puts him in the jar and shows him underground. I don’t know how he manages to put him in the jar because he doesn’t have opposable. Thumbs but Gator Lucky will find a way yeah , How do you think it’s wrong? I I guess the question is is was this a thor that was turned into throgg or is this a throg that was always a throg . I’m willing to bet.

This Is A Reality Where Thor

was turned into a frog and that was a nexus event for some look that led to a reality where loki could create Kang or something like that so it was pruned um so I think it tells us more about the loki from the reality it came from than the thor from that reality honestly yes because like the jar was right outside the loki secret base right so like yeah that does make sense for him to be a thor that was turned into a frog by a mischievous Loki and I think the Mjolnir. was put right there just to taunt him yes, but what you would think that if he could pull the Mjolnir, he would be able to power up like he could summon it, but maybe this throg is not worthy of that Mjolnir. Maybe it’s a Mjolnir from another timeline and so across timelines the worthiness Charm doesn’t work even though an end game, though I guess future Thor was able to summon that and that was they were in a variant timeline. At that point it’s true, but I think it maybe wasn’t variant until he pulled Mjolnir. I think that what could have happened now that I’m thinking about it is that what if this is the thor that Kid Loki said that he killed because he left him in a jar underground.

He Was Like I Killed Thor And Because

after he turned him into a frog. And Thor is underground he doesn’t He doesn’t see that Mjolnir’s there so he doesn’t try to summon him because he’s in the dark only we can see it from our point of view. So he’s just trying to get out but he’s just like right in front of the owner and he has no idea Yeah. He’s just like Ah and it’s like this is loki’s torture yeah He’s like yeah he has no clue well.

Were Gonna Keep Talking About Loki

in the weeks ahead, but that is it for this episode of inside Marvel Mt and I are going to be back every wednesday to continue unpacking Loki and to answer all your biggest Marvel questions as we wait for the premiere of what if on August 11th and of course, Don’t forget to check out our many great loki merch options at Nyrocstarsmerch.com follow Mt at. Mastertainment follow me Eddie Avos follow new Rockstars subscribe to inside Marvel wherever you get your podcast thanks for watching see you next time Bye you.


Eric Voss returns to New Rockstars to answer lingering questions from Loki . The first season of the series is complete, but we are still digesting clues for the way this series will connect or might have already connected to the rest of the McU . Could the breaking of the sacred timeline in Loki open up the multiverse syncing perfectly with one division’s post-credits scene or could Wanda becoming the scarlet Witch have been the true trigger that broke the timeline . The season never ends we’re just going to keep making videos on this until our questions are answered or until something else distracts us like a spider-man No way home trailer please please God please well last week in our immed video . We’re looking for this every every drop in the mcu Kang just caused that’s what it’s that boom are you looking for the ability to walk because Rhodey. It’s hard but we’re getting through it together because you know what here on Youtube.& The season…. Click here to read more and watch the full video