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dark hey outpost and when I saw this headline Today, Star Wars the rise of Skywalker does right by its character Trio I was like What are you talking about the legacy Trio Luke Han and Leia and then I realized they weren’t but still this is laughable amidst the divided response for UK Abrams Star Wars. The rise of Skywalker one thing it got right is its main trio Rey, Finn and Poe and I just completely disagree you know even as someone who does not care about the Disney trilogy. After force awakens I was out. I can’t like look at the character arcs that they went through and be like yeah They were treated really well. They were done right.

Its An Absolute Joke Ah So What

we’ll get into it We’ll get into it The Star Wars. The rise of Skywalker may have divided fans, but one thing it objectively got right is its treatment of the main trilogy. Our main trio Rey Finn and Poe with Star Wars 9 andNK] Abrams came back to close out the sequel trilogy, which he kicked off in 2015’s Force Awakens. The latter not only brought back legacy characters like Han, Leia and Luke. It also introduced a crop of new galactic key players.

Theres Scavenger, A Stormtrooper Fan And Resistance

Ace pilot Oscar Isaac. They represented the good side of the narrative opposite first order members Kylo Ren and General Hux. All three characters went on their own respective journeys. Though Finn was paired first with Poe and then rain. After the successful destruction of Starkiller base.

They Went On Separate Tangents Leading

to Star Wars. The last Jedi that mostly kept all three characters apart and that’s. That’s the thing you’re talking about how justice was done to this trio when they barely spent any time together. You make it seem like they have this big rewarding conclusion when they do nothing that to build up to it. You know Finn is with Poe for like five minutes in the force awakens then goes on then meets Rey that is with Rey for for quite a while that is true.

They Dont Really Build Too Much Chemistry.

It seems to be maybe leading into the next movie. They intend to really you know he obviously cares about her and it’s enough to make him stop and think about not running away right that’s. Finn’s arc in the force awakens he’s done running away. He’s gonna stand and fight for something for Rey so he’s obviously very attached to her her, who knows how much she is to.

Him But Then In The Second Movie, Everybody

does different stuff always doing his stuff The whole time. Finn is doing his stuff with UK the whole time and Ray’s doing her stuff The whole time. There is no character development wait between them and you’re supposed to act like it. Rises Skywalker that a year is past and you’re supposed to believe that they’ve spent a bunch of time together because a couple little one-liners it’s it’s all pay off with no earning it and that’s the problem with the rise of Skywalker One of the big problems. Despite the lack of personal history with each other.

Rides And Skywalker Somehow Able To Sell Their

camaraderie to the public that we find ourselves rooting hard for these heroes who who is this. Unlike the original trilogy trio Luke Leia Han, it even the prequels main three Anakin, Obi-wan and Padme, Rey Finn and Poe spend less time with each other. In fact, they never went on a mission. Until the rise of Skywalker. This is a glaring issue for some who may have liked the affirmation characters individually, but felt the need to have them all together in the same way that predecessors did I don’t even like them.

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I Hate These Characters, But I Have A

problem with it. It seemed Like Abrams knew of this problem leading to the movie allowing him to address it address it given what’s established Rises, now Berg’s able to sell this notion thanks to the one-year time jump between it and the last Jedi. All three of them joined the resistance rebuilding period fans given the impression they spend more time with each other off screen where they got to know each other better you are given that impression but it’s not believable it’s not believable at all the it’s not the most ideal situation, but it was possible thanks to the innate chemistry. The playful banter in among them implied they’ve gotten comfortable with each other adding the dynamic layer to their relationship. From there.

The Rides Of Skywalker Made Sure

the main trio spent as much time together as possible and that’s true, but there’s there literally just frantically running around the entire time. How can you say that Finn was done right? Finn was set up in the Force Awakens. Finn is one of the most underutilized characters in this thing and one of the people who’s been been hurt the most by what this the path to seagull chills you went in force awakens. He has this arc where like I said before he is ready to stop running he’s ready to stand and fight for something. He’s not gonna be a coward anymore, but then in the last Jenna that you race all that make him redo his arc and then at the end this one he’s again running all around and they’re like you know what let’s say he’s force-sensitive so.

People Thought And Hope That He Would

have been the one to be force sensitive to become a Jedi but no they didn’t do that because if you believe the leaks it’s because they didn’t want a black male overshadowing their female. They didn’t want that diversity overshadowing this diversity can you imagine if that is true. If those leaks are true that is astounding well not really it’s Disney. I could believe it but Finn has been hurt so bad and so many people were fans of him and wanted him to see more how can you say they’ve been done justice. This their adventure brought them to various locations, including persona where they encountered Lando Kazemi were they encountered Zouri and the first order Star Destroyer.

Despite This, The Rise Of Skywalker Knew It

didn’t have the screen time needed to truly establish a stronger relationship suitable because. of lingering plot points it made up for that with internal dialogue or intentional dialogue. Throughout the movie, we hear the characters repeatedly insisting that they need to go through this whole debacle together, emphasizing their strong bond that was evident when Poen Fin de Mane and they went with Rey as she begins her journey back Segal and again when Finn refusal rate travel to the Death Star ruins on her own. Although she just did it anyway. When the film’s final battle, they were all separated.

Once The First Order In Emperor Palpatine

were defeated. We see all four heroes come together for a tight embrace to show collective relief and unity and what she said halfway through this freaking paragraph that they made up for it with dialogue they tried to they tried to make up for forced dialogue. You have all this banter immediately of this. Banter between Poe and Fin that seems not viable because you know that they don’t know each other. It completely fell flat for me.

I Didnt Believe It At All Its An

understatement to say the discourse surrounding starboard threads of Skywalker has been polarizing but admits in the division. There are some great elements incorporated the movie that seemed to appease everyone which includes the handling of the sequel trilogies Main, a trio of heroes and again. I think that you’re gonna find a lot of people split on that as well. I watching this movie for myself as someone who didn’t care about these characters. Even I was sitting there saying there’s no wet like I can’t believe that they’re taking this time to say that Poe was a spice runner back in the day they’re completely changing his story arc today it established in the comics and.

In The Novels, Saying That Hes

some kind of spice on her for no reason They go ahead and they make Finn for sensitive, but they don’t actually tell you and they go nowhere with that plot. It’s just something that has to be explained to you. That Finn is now force sensitive. You want to argue that Ray had a good arc. I mean I guess for her.

Its Really Good For Her She

literally gets everything gets everything given to her so maybe yeah I guess you could argue that maybe she had a good plot for her maybe not great for a movie from a storytelling standpoint, but this main trio of characters no one is gonna look at this in a couple years and be like Oh Yeah Finn Rey and Poe. Our heroes come on to even call them like a trio of characters I. Mean I guess technically they are, but it wasn’t until this final movie. We even got to see them together and it’s just a joke to me, but let me know what you guys think do you think that they were done right is this something The Raisa Skywalker got right was Finn Rey and Polkas for me.

It Wasnt Believable If You Had Had Maybe

another movie in between there like Episode eight that could have built and could have had them could have them overcoming initial struggles and like developing a better friendship. I can you know I could see why how this in Rises Skywalker would then be that payoff, but you can’t have a payoff if you didn’t have anything building up to it that is the problem with episode 9. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below make sure you smash the like. Button subscribe to the channel ring the Bell for notifications share this video out there and I’ll talk to you guys later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons.

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The rise of Skywalker may have divided fans, but one thing it got right is its main trio Rey, Finn and Poe with Star Wars 9 andNK] Abrams came back to close out the sequel trilogy, which he kicked off in 2015’s Force Awakens . The latter not only brought back legacy characters like Han, Leia and Luke, but also introduced a crop of new galactic key players like Scavenger, a Stormtrooper fan and resistance Ace pilot Oscar Isaac . The last Jedi mostly kept all three characters apart and that’s.& That’s the thing you’re talking about how justice was done to this trio when they barely spent any time together . All three characters went on their own respective journeys.& Though Finn was paired first with Poe and then rain.& After force awakens I was out.& They went on separate tangents leading to Star Wars.& The Last Jedi that mostly kept both characters apart.& It’s an absolute joke Ah so what we’ll get into it…. Click here to read more and watch the full video