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a face for radio and a voice for print The reason why I keep coming back to this story or these stories about Johnny Depp and Amber is because I think it’s one of the the most prolific and important cases that show that you can’t just take someone’s word for something because they’re a woman and in this case everybody you know when this happened Everybody sided with Amber. Johnny lost his job with the Pirates of the Caribbean be in series. There were many complaints that he was going to be doing the UK Rowling. I think that’s her name I get that wrong all the time I’m not a Harry Potter fan so if I if I get that name wrong, but where he did the Grimwald or the some movie with her anyway which was really kind. of his last acting stint for a little while and people were complaining that he was being given work everybody kind of piled on because she said well this happened and of course the more and more and more we find out the more.

It Shows That Hey Maybe It Looks

like it’s actually Johnny that was in the right and this is a great case of why you can’t just believe somebody because they say something happened and they happen to be female. So let’s talk about the the newest scores that Johnny is winning and how it looks like things may be going against amber in a pretty strong way and I think it’s really important. So let’s get this recording so first so we know what happened between the two of them if if you don’t look it up in the news but anyway basically, she said. He did harmful things he said no as defending myself it was her. She went public and said I’m a survivor and everybody kind of piled on with her well now.

Hes Filing A Lawsuit Against Her

for a story that she wrote, stating that he was doing bad actions as you know with stories like this I have to be careful with my wording so bear with me says Amber Heard hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Johnny Depp, but they didn’t find anything. Paul Barr se alleges he was hired amber herds lawyers to find people who had been a Johnny. Depp had treated poorly. We’ll put it that way and they found nothing that it claimed he says he was hired by herds lawyers to find people who had Johnny had treated poorly and he wasn’t able to find anything Depp is suing his. ex for 50 million, a defamation lawsuit after she allegedly made defamatory statements in a Washington Post article in which she claimed that he did harmful things to her and that she was a survivor, but he couldn’t find anyone who had a bad word to say against Depp.

After Interviewing Over 100 People Who Had

worked with the Pirates of the Caribbean star over the last 30 years. He goes on to say I went to the UK France Italy Britain everywhere that Depp had roamed everywhere he walked. I couldn’t find one instance or at least one admitted one where he was bad to a woman and did anything physical with him me it’s like he’s an angel no one as a matter of fact set a depreciating thing about him. I interviewed dozens of people who knew him going as far back as three decades ago, and nobody had one bad thing to say about him. In fact they couldn’t say enough about his ever-flowing outpouring of generosity and a tender heart.

Now What I Find Interesting About

this is even though that was his nature how quickly did everybody turn on him when all it took was a woman saying he did this and just like that everything changed, so you can’t always rely on you being a good person to protect you. You can still get blamed of bad actions even if you’ve done nothing wrong. This is why we talk about so much about how you need to protect yourself regard yourself and be aware of who you’re interacting with and that if you if a little warning bell goes off that maybe something could go wrong. try to work through it? Don’t try to think it out Don’t think that you’re your good character will carry you through this. You will be in trouble so get out of that situation before anything bad happens moving on to the next story, Johnny Depp scores victory in his Amber Heard 50 million defamation lawsuit.

So Basically.

This goes on to say that because she wrote the article I’ll just read it. According to court documents obtained by the blast in a Virginia judge, a Virginia judge ruled on Thursday that the case will remain there and not be transferred to California as Amber had wanted the judge agreed with UK that because the Washington Post op-ed by heard that is at the heart of the lawsuit was published in Virginia. The case should remain there in the lawsuit that takes issue with the article Hurd wrote for The. Post which in which she referred to herself as a public figure representing household harm shall we say? Although Johnny Depp was not named.

He Claims The Entire Article Depends On The

central premise that UK Hurd was a that she was harmed by him and that he was the one that did it against her. He claimed that he claims that heards allegations were conclusively refuted by two separate responding police officers, a litany of neutral third party witnesses and eighty-seven newly obtained surveillance camera videosNK] is suing for defamation asking for damages in excess of 50 million Amber Heard apparently only has around nine million, so even if this is chopped down significantly. This could be enough to render her penniless now let’s move on to the third crucial thing in this Amber Heard to be fired from Aquaman two and other would other Hollywood movies and. This was updated on April 1st. Now I don’t Have I did see this in multiple magazines or multiple online web articles.

Im Old I Call Things Magazines But On

multiple articles. So this may actually now be true. Says the tables have turned and now Amber Heard is finding that her career as an a-list Hollywood actress might be over. She has reportedly been kicked from Aquaman 2 when Amber Heard alleged that she blah Blah Blah and he did all these things husband actor Johnny Depp, his career took a dive says regardless of the lack of evidence. The media chose to believe her and the biggest film studio followed suit that led to Depp losing some of his biggest roles.

These First Surfaced In 2016 And

it goes on to say lots of things about what we’ve already talked about. However, since his divorce Johnny Depp has. Tyrus tirelessly fighting legal battles of Slander and defamation against his ex-amber. Johnny Depp agreed to a deal with the Daily Mail UK to release a plethora of career-ending audio tapes of Amber not only admitting to making fun of him, but also hitting him and doing other things. Since the auto tapes were released.

Hurd Has Found Herself As The Topic Of

many online petitions. One petition was to replace her as Mara in Warner Brothers and UK Comics Aquaman and to the other to remove her as the spokesperson for L’orĂ©al Paris. After Amber heards appealed to stop Johnny Depp’s 52-million defamation case against her was rejected so in other words, she tried to get the case thrown out and the judge said no I think there’s enough here that we need to proceed with that case when that happened and when got or news got out. was not gonna be tossed out and it’s proceeding everybody got a little bit nervous that was dealing with her so ever since then the 33-year-old actresses career seems to be coming to a screeching halt reports are flowing in from Hollywood alleging Amber Heard has been removed from the upcoming Alcaman sequel and subsequently expelled from any future Warner Brothers production indefinitely to add insult to injury. Hollywood sources are claiming the actress actress has had difficult time securing roles with a defamation lawsuit hanging over her head and now that the courts have rejected her appeal.

She Herself Is Also Being Flat-Out Rejected Laurel

Palace Paris, having been under a lot of pressure to remove her said that they were not yet ready to comment on the actions. She has no confirmed jobs after Aquaman-and if he wins the defamation case against her is. Like say she might need to create an only fans account to pay back Johnny Depp if he wins his case against her. Since she’s reportedly only worth nine mil, and they’re still waiting for official confirmation that she’s been fired from Aquaman-but all signs indicate the decision to remove her has been made seeing the lawsuit was not thrown out against her. So here’s the whole thing about this that I find really interesting is that number one everybody jumped right on and believed her because she was female and she said he had done it.

However, Now There Are Also Other Cases That

have been filed against her for doing what she claimed. Johnny did, which was being physical and verbal and some bad actions. There’s other cases out there against her so now with that and the fact that no one could find anything about. about Johnny doing any bad actions and the fact that they have videotape and witnesses and I mean it’s all piled up and it looks like it’s finally coming home so so going forward. She may actually not only lose her current gig that she has she has this lawsuit coming up, which may render her penniless.

She May End Up With Not A

dime to her name and no more work lined up now We know that may not last forever as you know could because many times actors have something happen and a few years later. People kind of have this short-term memory and especially when it’s someone that they want to be an actress or actor for them and they forget all the bad things that they’ve done. However, in this case it may may not be enough for her so I predict that she will very. Find a Hollywood elite celebrity that has lots of money to marry if she especially if she loses this case. I’m just saying it’ll probably happen guys I will leave it there for tonight.

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This is Joker with a face for radio and a voice for print . Joker says Amber Heard is a great case of why you can’t just take someone’s word for something because they’re a woman and in this case everybody you know when this happened everybody sided with Amber . Joker: “It shows that hey maybe it looks like it’s actually Johnny that was in the right and this is a really important case” Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation of defamation of character in a lawsuit against her for a story that she wrote, stating that he was doing bad actions as you know with stories like this I have to be careful with my wording so bear with me so bear it up in the news but anyway basically, she said.& He did harmful things he said no as defending myself it was her.& She went public and said I’m a survivor and everybody kind of piled on with her well now. Well now. He’s filing a suit against her. I’m not a survivor…. Click here to read more and watch the full video