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K outpost today. I’m coming to you with another character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe now if you would watch me on geeks and gamers. I’ve covered some pretty high-profile names from the Star Wars. Expanded Universe from Jason solo dark Itis to his sister Jana to Darth Bane creator of the Rule of two and that’s kind of what I want to focus on a geek. Some gamers is those big-time characters, but I had a listener suggest to me and I thought it was a great idea that I could do a biography or lore video on maybe a lesser-known character, but it was one of his favorites and I thought it was a great idea because I find this character to be very interesting as well.

Hes Someone Who Walks A Very

fine line between the. the dark at times, so I hope you guys find him intriguing too if you’ve never heard of him before today we’re gonna be talking about the Jedi Master Lord Hoth, the man who would eventually be known as Lord Hoth was born with the name Roll on during the Republic Dark Age. This was a period of despair in which after nearly a millennia of fighting with Sith, a Galactic plague and an economic crisis. The central government of the Republic was almost non–existent outside of the Core Worlds. The UK was in shambles transportation hubs were in disrepair and the local governments of several planets that had changed hands between Republicans.

Sith Were Ineffective Or Forgotten With The

government failing. The Jedi were given increased power in the Republic with some even serving as the Supreme Chancellor spreading across the galaxy. Jedi joined Together with local militaries and militias to help repel forces of evil and chaos, sometimes even becoming local rulers themselves taking on the title Jedi Lord Rowland was the descendant of a line of Jedi Lords and as a child he had visions of grandeur, believing that he would be the one to end the Sith once and for all. He became a Jedi determined to fulfill his destiny. He rose to prominence by defeating a group ofNK] pirates in a faceoff on the planet Hoth, becoming known as the Night of Hoth, which he would carry and soon turn into Lord Hath.

He Was Advanced To The Rank Of Jedi

Master and was given the illustrious and coveted position of Jedi Battle master. The Jedi Battle master is responsible for training the Jedi Order in Lightsaber combat. Combat other famous battle masters include the Hero of Teeth on from Star Wars The Old Republic Syndra League, killed by Darth Vader in the raid on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant and eventually the great Kyle Katarn, but Haas pragmatic nature and disdain for diplomacy rubbed some in the order the wrong way and the Jedi Council wished for his successes to be kept quiet and to help raise the prominence of another Jedi Master scare con. But Khan shocked the order by turning the dark side and creating the Sith Brotherhood of Darkness fed up with the failures and inefficiencies of the Jedi Council. Lord Hath left Khorasan and recruited some Jedi military members militia and anyone else who wished to fight and created a force to combat Khan’s.

Brotherhood Of Darkness The Army Of

Light, an outstanding strategist and brutal warrior Hoth in the Army of light. Initially drove the Brotherhood off mini worlds, but they sustained catastrophic losses. Eventually outnumbered and outgunned. The Brotherhood began encroaching back into the core worlds. Haas needed allies and he got them.

His Actions Had Made Him A Hero

in the Republic and the rest of the military numerous Jedi had other volunteers flooded to him. He officially became the commander of the Republic military and shifted their strategy to a singular focus eliminating the Sith. He eventually focused most of his forces to the Sith held world of Ruse on where Khan refused to back down battle. After battle took place for rusyn with neither darkness nor light making much headway and Haas army was again dwindling in both numbers and morale. Many Jedi had not initially come with Hoth in his army, feeling that this would become a dark and personal vendetta.

Lord Haas Gruff Blunt Nature And

his lack of care for diplomacy did not help. In this manner. Lord Valentine Farfalla Jedi Master and someone who frequently clashed with Hoth promised to bring more jet to the cause. If Hoth’s forces could just hold out but the death of Hoth’s Dear friend and fellow Jedi Poorna car drove Hoth down a dark angry path. It was one that Farfalla tried to turn him away from, but / no cars Death shook Hoth to his core and a wedge was driven between the two masters.

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The Miserable Conditions Of Roose On

the death of his friend and the resurgence of the Brotherhood of Darkness, led by the late arrival of Darth Bane had Hoth to the point of giving up. But Poorna Car appeared to him as a vision in his dreams, telling him not to despair to trust in the force and his friends Hoth stepped back into the light, mending his strained relationship with Farfalla and joining forces once more. They pressed their advantage driving the Brotherhood of Darkness back into near certain defeat, but with the manipulation of Darth Bane Lord Kanha decided to make one final drastic step and use an ancient force technique known as the thought bomb a blast of force power that would eradicate all who were forced sensitive within range, Knowing that Khan could not be convinced otherwise. Pothe himself with a group of volunteers attempted to stop the mad sit before the thought bomb was detonated. Hoth arrived where Khan and his brotherhood waited thought bomb ready to explode.

Khan Greeted Hoth, But Was Rebuked When

Hoth said that he could. not be frightened by the prospect of death in a last-ditch attempt Hoth lunged at Khan, but it was too late. The thought bomb detonated and Hoth Khan, along with countless other Jedi and Sith were killed. Haase former Padawan had a mausoleum constructed to honor the Fallen there, including Hoth in what would come to be known as the valley of the Jedi. Their spirits remain trapped in this cavern of power due to the thought bomb until Jedi Kyle Katarn 1,000 years later defeated Jarek and freed all the souls including Lord Hoth that had been stuck in between worlds so that’s the story of Jedi master Lord Hoth what I thought was so interesting about that was that out of the hundreds and thousands of characters in the expanding universe, that a listener reached out and asked me to do one on him someone who only plays.

Big Role In Really One Book And

I just think that’s one of the cool amazing things about the Stowers expanding universe. It is so vast and so massive that people can find these these obscure characters that they really get attached to and you can understand why you know from a really young age. You know Hoth was he had a just focused driven mind that he was supposed to be willing to destroy the Sith and he kept that all the way no matter who doubted him no matter what happened. He he thought that he was gonna be the one and it was you know that pride and arrogance that you know got him in trouble a little bit and his you know inability to listen to anybody else until he kind of brought back got brought back down to reality with the realization that you know. It he essentially got his best friend killed and all of the men that had followed him into this gruesome battle.

They They Fought Him Because They Believed In

him and they were on the verge of defeat and which is what really woke him up and and told them that he needed to change his ways and he needed help. So just one of many great characters in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and if you’re out there thinking about getting in the expanding universe just do it. I’ve got a great video that I did that kind of describes my suggestions for getting started in the expanding universe, but in reality, there’s no wrong way if you want to don’t put it off just pick up a book and read but hope you guys enjoyed this so make sure you subscribe smash the like button hit the bell. for notifications, so you know when I post a new video or I’m going live and let me know what you thought of Lord Hoth in the comments are there any other characters that you might want to see me talk about in a lore video, Let me know and I’ll talk to you guys later.

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A fan suggested to Ryan that he could do a biography or lore video on a lesser-known character from the Star Wars Expanded Universe . Lord Hoth was born with the name Roll on during the Republic Dark Age . He is the descendant of a line of Jedi Lords and as a child he had visions of grandeur, believing that he would be the one to end the Sith once and for all. He became a Jedi determined to fulfill h.& He’s someone who walks a very fine line between the.& the dark at times, so I hope you guys find him intriguing too if you’ve never heard of him before today we’re gonna be talking about the Jedi Master Lord Hoths . The video is available on iTunes and Amazon.com/Star Wars Exposed Expanded Expanded Online.com. Back to Mail Online home . Back to the page you came from iReport Online: http://www.mailonline/reportonline/news/knewalloyoyoy…. Click here to read more and watch the full video