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Hmm Well, Its Been A Crazy Week Since

Amazon‘s the Lord of the Rings, the rings of Power Trailer air during the Super Bowl and known not just for me personally driving halfway across the country with a car filled with stuff sleeping at rest stops and now sitting in an empty studio in Texas. But very happy no i’m talking about the Lord of the Rings fandom and beyond the unthinkable happened. People came together all make shapes and sizes to speak their mind and resoundly reject what is clearly a subversion of tolkien’s work now we’ve seen this before with other fandoms but nowhere near the size and scope. The Uk trailer has already been ratioed and at time of recording. The American trailer is at most 1 000 dislikes from being ratioed and it is glorious a lot of mental gymnastics in the last week too especially.

From The Access Media Where It

is expected and fan sites that’s right the one ring.net, a fan site that I had recommended quite a bit wants to Clown fandom for wanting to respect the lore. Something they have been asking for themselves for years, but all of a sudden they’re tuned strangely changed over the last year and a half all for that sweet sweet access so something interesting happened while I was driving across country vanity fair came out with a follow-up article because their first one was such a disaster. Along With this trailer 10 burning questions about amazon’s the Lord of the Rings the Rings of Power It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it show runners Jd Payne and Patrick Mckay, whose only previous Imdb credit was a bad star Trek movie Star Trek Beyond produced by Bad Reboot Dive deeper into the details of the lavish Lord of the Rings Tv series Lavish maybe a subvertive deconstruction probably now Articles of this nature aren’t that unusual, but what is very unusual is the timing. It almost seems like it’s a response to all of our videos because that’s exactly what it is the first look at a number of characters and locations for prime videos The Lord of the Rings the Rings of Power Series JrR.

Tolkien Fans Got Another Look At

this new middle-earth story when the first teaser debuted during the Super Bowl This Sunday now. runners Patrick Mckay and JD Payne offer up even more details or rationalizations and the deconstructionist repurposers waste no time with the corporate Hollywood speak in creating this new story, Mckay and Payne’s goal was in Mckay’s words different but familiar you’ve got to be kidding. It shouldn’t clash with the cinematic world fans have come to know and love except for that Middle Earth Holocaust then the article goes on to say actors like Morphic Clark Galadriel and Robert Armeo. Elrond were cast in part because they could age into the older versions played respectively by Kate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving in Jackson’s films Does Morphine Clark look anything like Cate Blanchett and does Robert Armeo look anything like Elrond No and this is the state of our media today we’re just gonna say we don’t care if it isn’t true it’s worth remembering if only for legal reasons. This is not the exact same world.

I Believe This Is Something Amazon Initially Didnt

want to admit to, but was forced to. For example, King Elendil’s legendary Broken Sword Narsil, which debuted on one of prime video’s promotional posters and I couldn’t believe this was it because it looks awful does not look identical Yeah, You think so to the one eventually reforged and used by Viggo Mortensen’s Argorne in the return of the king, what exactly is the source material here so what did Amazon buy? We have the right solely to the fellowship of the ring. The two towers, the return of the King and the Appendices and the Hobbit Payne says and that is it we do not have the rights to the Silmarillion Unfinished tales, The history of Middle Earth and any of the other books that takes a huge chunk of lore off the table and has left Tolkien fans wondering how this duo plans to sell a second age story without access to those materials. There’s a version of everything we need for the second age in the books that we have the rights to as long as we’re painting within those lines and not egregiously contradicting something we don’t have the rights to I would argue that’s already happened and just to give you an example of what they have the rights to as far as the Second age is concerned outside of some passing references in the three main books. This is return of the King This is what they have access to There’s a lot of Leeway and room to dramatize and tell some of the best stories that Tolkien ever came up with no or never came up with we took all of these little clues and thought of them as stars in the sky and when we connected to write the novel that Tolkien never wrote about the second age.

I Mean Except For All The

collected works they don’t have access to now. They say they have worked in conjunction with Tolkien scholars and the Tolkien estate except for Tom shippy. They fired him for giving an unsanctioned interview, which I think was extremely petty. They did be dirty and I want to remind you that one of bad reboots and their disciples Mo’s is lip service will it sound like Lord of the rings well. They mention that they cannot use any dialogue which I had brought up before, but then we hear the key word the key word from a bad reboot disciple.

In Studying The Languages From The Three Episodes

Amazon Let Vanity Fair screen. We found a mix of cleverly repurposed lines of Tolkien’s dialogue as well as a few snatches of biblical text then payne one of the showrunners goes on to say well. I studied Shakespeare at Yale who’s in the writer’s room for Lord of the Rings well, Jason Cahill from Fringe a bad reboot production and halt and catch fire which I didn’t see Stephanie Folsom from Thor Ragnarok Justin Doble from Stranger things which hasn’t been good since season one. Jennifer Hutchinson for Breaking Bad which is an absolutely brilliant show, but I’m not sure how breaking bad writing translates into Tolkien Helen Shang from Hannibal, which was a good show and Glennis Mullins from Star Trek Discovery. So there’s a star trek discovery writer which should be a red flag enough.

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Theyre Going To Repurpose Tolkiens Dialogue And Repurpose

his characters. The female hobbit’s name is Nori Brandyfoot. Now here they’re talking about the dwarf that actually looks like a dwarf, but no I want to point out the last line here, but remember that Mckay and Payne are compacting thousands of years of Tolkien’s second age down into one shortened timeline What’s the deal with this elf and half human romance well as expected. In the very short tradition of Hollywood. It’s a repurposed gender and race swapped Baron and Luthien or Aragorn and Arwen meets Guess who’s coming to dinner here’s my favorite bit what’s up with Warrior Galadriel is this in the books well let’s see what their rationalization is Tolkien claimed young Galadriel could match strength with most male counterparts and in a 1973 letter wrote she was then of Amazon disposition and bound up her hair as a crown when taking part in athletic feats.

This Is How She Got Her

name. Galadriel, which means maiden crowned with gleaming hair in the unfinished tales which Amazon does not have the rights to it says Galadriel looked upon the dwarves also with the eye of a commander seeing in them the finest warriors to pit against the Orcs as far as Galadriel is concerned and the story this is where things might get a bit egregious. She’s full. of Piss and Vinegar, She’s got a sword that’s broken because she’s killed so many Orcs. Mckay says of their version Oh again, Galadriel did not take part in the War of Wrath.

She Did Not Take Part In Any Of

the wars of the first Age. She did take part in the rebellion of the Noldar and the flight of the Noldar, where she led forces, but that was the first time elf had killed Elf. This was a rebellion against the Valar and other Elves who were loyal to the Valar over the semirolls. She did not take part in the kin slang. She did not take part in the burning of the ships.

Although She Did Witness It All

she wanted to do was bail to Middle Earth to rule not command it’s curious that they don’t bring that up and no one questions that Galadriel is. Powerful she’s a very popular character, What’s more curious is who they didn’t bring up Kelliborn her husband again kind of a big part of her story and the reason They don’t bring that up is because they don’t want to emphasize it that is the key word here. They can pick whatever they want from Tolkien and twist it and interpret it and destroy it and subvert it in any way they like and then rationalize it and that’s all they’re doing here and you picked the wrong fandom to pull this off so not only are we gonna see them misinterpret Galadriel and Elrond and We’re gonna get that all new guess who’s coming to elevensies. We’re also going to see the forging of the rings of Power, which would be a show by itself and the rise and fall of Numenor and the fall of Numenor would. be a show all by itself We’re going to see sailor, a silder and we’re going to see two things that weren’t mentioned at all in the Second age Hobbits and a wizard.

Oh! And The Hackery Doesnt End There Okay,

but will there be wizards. The short answer is yes in the footage that premiered in the Rings of Power Super Bowl Teaser audiences caught a glimpse of a tall mysterious man who falls from the sky. Our immediate instinct is to wonder if he’s one of the wizards. Even the most casual fans might have heard of in Tolkien’s text. They didn’t come to middle-earth until the third age, but is the show taking some added liberties with the timeline when asked if this might be Gandalf, Ratagast or Saruman Mckay answered cautiously well.

I Would Say They Are Not

the only beings those names in that class. Maybe maybe not and the mystery in the journey of it All is the fun I would say and this is the problem with modern storytelling in the corporate age, The jingling of keys, Nostalgia bait Easter eggs. Those are only meant to distract from the radical changes and subversions that are made for ideological reasons. If they do it right. It’s the Easter egg phenomenon that people really like with this kind of stuff.

Tolkien Scholar Michael Drought Says Its

going to be to see place X or place y more than person X or person Y I’m very excited about this very cool. It sounds very cool that’s exactly why we’re seeing hobbits and wizards in a story where they really don’t belong because if they did Tolkien would have mentioned them and put them in and finally we get to should fans be worried and the short. Answer is no? Fans should be excited but thanks to the works of bad reboot with Star Wars and Star Trek In particular, fans are very concerned that the thing that they love will be subverted and vandalized. Fans will always be worried that’s the nature of adapting something as beloved and enduring as the Lord of the Rings. Mckay and Payne can relate absolutely they can relate because they play part in it, but it’s important to remember that Tolkien himself envisioned a number of different people telling stories set in his world.

In His Letter To Milton Waldman Its

letter 131 Payne says Tolkien said that he wanted to create an interconnected mythology that still would leave room for other minds and hands wielding paint and music and drama. He wanted other artists to come after him and continue to push the boundaries of expanding what middle earth. could be? It’s a testifying but awesome responsibility to take the man himself up on his wish to continue his work in Building Out Middle Earth that’s a very interesting interpretation. I think it says different people not a giant trillion-dollar corporation to come and vandalize his works.

I Will Go To Another Tolkien Quote

in response to a proposed script for an animated adaptation of Lord of the Rings by Martin Grady Zimmerman in 1958. If Zimmerman and others read my commentary, they may be irritated or aggrieved by the tone of my many criticisms. If so I am sorry though not surprised, but I would ask them to make an effort of imagination sufficient to understand the irritation and on occasion the resentment of an author who finds increasingly as he proceeds his work treated as it would seem carelessly in general in places recklessly and with no. Signs of any appreciation of what it’s all about the canons of narrative and in any medium cannot be wholly different and the failure of poor films is often precisely an exaggeration and the intrusion of unwarranted matter, owing to not perceiving where the core of the original lies boom the intrusion of unwarranted matter and not perceiving of where the core of the original lies.

In Other Words, He Wasnt Down

with anybody subverting his text or radically changing it. In other words, respect the lore and I want to remind everyone that Tolkien wouldn’t have liked Peter Jackson’s, Lord of the Rings, Christopher Tolkien didn’t like Peter Jackson’s, Lord of the Rings, but I loved it. I’m not as harsh as they would have been so for these two Jackasses to come out and say Tolkien would have probably loved what we did they’re full of crap and they know it and that’s why there’s been a full-on assault on the fans signed off on by Amazon perpetuated by the usual suspects in the access media and disappointingly supported by fan sites who we once liked but were willing to sell you out to get relevance that they haven’t had in decades and as I finish recording it has happened. The American trailer has officially been ratioed 99 000 dislikes to 98 000 dislikes and there’s no sign of.

Stopping Amazon Has Failed Before They Even Began,

and it’s a bit mind-boggling that they would pay that much money to get a built-in fan base that they want to alienate right off the bat giant corporations access media shills shills at fan sites Content creator Shills will tell you your voice doesn’t matter that you have no power you won’t be able to change anything it really isn’t that bad what complete keep speaking up. We will win if you like what you heard please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard I thank you for listening this long I will see you in my next lord of the rings video erotic. com I am Gandalf and I come back to you now at the turn of the time.


Amazon’s the Lord of the Rings, the rings of Power Trailer air during the Super Bowl . The Uk trailer has already been ratioed and at time of recording.& The American trailer is at most 1,000 dislikes from being ratioed . The US trailer will be ratioed at least 1,500 dislikes at the time . The UK trailer is expected to be the first look at a number of characters and locations for prime . The new trailer is the first time a trailer has been shown in the U.S. has been released in the UK . The film is directed by Jd Payne and Patrick Mckay, whose only previous Imdb credit was a bad star Trek movie Star Trek Beyond produced by Bad Reboot . It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it show runners J D Payne and . Patrick Mkay, his only previous IMDB credit is a bad Star Trek movie . The movie is set to be released in theaters on February 14, 2015 ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video