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done we’re done with all that mischief erotic.com, so it’s been a little over four years since Amazon purchased the rights to the Lord of the Rings. We finally got a title The rings of power Just a couple of weeks ago, we finally saw some images and today we got a trailer well not exactly a trailer. A teaser can’t really say this is a trailer reaction because i saw this teaser. A couple of weeks ago, I just couldn’t understand the language and now that I could it didn’t change my thoughts on it at all and I guess I’ll say this again.

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I Warned You.

I told you no story at all, but before we get into that I just want to point out one thing. There was a site that I used to recommend quite a bit to people. The onering. net.

I Have Been Going To This

site for years, especially when the Lord of the Rings. The Peter Jackson Trilogy was coming out 20 years ago. This was the site to go to for me and I was hanging around in the forums just want to point out by the way in those forums. I never saw anyone who had a problem with Ian Mckellen being gay, although they love to roll that out on twitter well. I just wanted to point out that the Onering.

Net Did A Live Stream With Amazon

today. So now we know it has been confirmed Amazon signs off on all of the fan attacks from the Onering. net and I’m still waiting for an answer to Jeremy from the quartering’s question you’ve been calling out the Alt-right Youtube channels Onering. net and Jeremy simply asks for you to be specific which channels are you considering all right. I hope you’re not considering his channel all right or my channel alright or as his channel or the critical drinker’s channel alright or just some guy that would be funny.

Although Hes Been Called A White Supremacist

before by Mark Wade It burns it burns us it freezes blast the white supremacist right what did you say he’s black it’s almost like you had your responses ready to go before the trailer or the images. released now one impressive thing that’s going on right now is a Tolkien quote that is being repeated over and over again. Now I don’t know how accurate this quote is, but it doesn’t matter. At this point evil could not create anything new. They can only corrupt and ruin what good forces have invented or made J.


r Tolkien just like when Gina Carrano was fired from Disney Star Wars for doing absolutely nothing hashtag. I stand with Gina Carano hashtag Gina Carano did nothing wrong. Don’t try to ruin my life with lies when your life can be ruined with the truth look at this the comment section is filled with that quote it’s brilliant so after a little over four years. The first thing Amazon decides to show us in their billion dollar project is characters that weren’t originally in the story Shoehorned in characters the Har foots.

The Female Hobbits According To The Vanity Fair

article, these two female hobbits are supposed to be around the margins of the story. Apparently like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, are dead again. The first thing Amazon decides to show us is something inaccurate. It says here before the king, but there were a lot of kings in the second age, so after they gave us a voice over from female hobbits brand new characters that they had to invent for this series. We are shown war Galadriel climbing an ice cliff with one dagger, Oh my God cue the predictable responses you’re just threatened by a strong female No I roll my eyes at a strong female that’s been turned into a dude femininity is power too.

I Have Sat In The Room

while a woman has given birth have you of course. I’m talking to the critics there not to. The fine beautiful members of the audience here at neurotic? Apparently this is supposed to be a younger Galadriel, but Elves reach full maturity meaning passing puberty and being a full-grown adult. Between the ages of 50 and 100 years. She is thousands of years old.

At The Beginning Of The Second Age, Galadriel

climbing on a giant ice wall reminds me of something again. I saw the trailer a couple of weeks ago thanks to Az and this is one of the scenes I described a few days ago and it’s Don Lemon catching an arrow and throwing it back and the only question I have is where is the Sylvan elf barbershop in Middle Earth. You may call this a nitpick, but it really isn’t and this is what happens when you depart too much from the source material. It stops looking like it This trailer doesn’t feel. Like Lord of the rings, Okay is this gilgalad is this Kellebrimbor.

I Have No Idea Who Was Gil Galad

just the last high king of Noldar, the high King of the Elves of the West, the King of Linden, the King of the Eldar. In other words, a freaking king a king in the time before the king and there’s war. Galadriel the commander of the northern armies. It says a new legend begins in a story that’s a historic prequel to an older story. It’s like Amazon went cheap and got the bargain price for trailer cards that’s as bad as the description of Galadriel and Hall Brand He is running from his past.

She Is Fighting For The Future What Does

that even mean fan fiction, especially when we’re this far into the trailer and we don’t know a damn thing about the story, but we do. know it’s diverse and inclusive there’s Elrond that doesn’t look anything like Elrond and again I will ask is this a prequel to the books Is this a prequel to the Peter Jackson films or is this its own thing and there we have our strong black female dwarf without a beard Now the question remains why didn’t they put a beard on her are they worried about attractiveness well they didn’t need to worry about much. They managed to put a beard on a female dwarf in the witcher why not do it in amazon‘s the Lord of the Rings, the rings of power, especially when you’re adapting one of the most detailed stories ever written well. I think it’s because they didn’t want to make her any less attractive.

What Does That Say About Amazon Oh

look. The don Lemon Elf is chained up by his leg in. A totally unrelated statement, I’m wondering if we’re gonna get any of that modern messaging that we all know we’re gonna get remember the Don Lemon Elf is supposed to be in a forbidden relationship with a single mom guess who’s coming to second breakfast Don’t blink Oh look a battle scene and there it goes now if I’m judging this trailer objectively it’s generic at best. We know absolutely nothing about the story and what we do know we learned from the vanity fair article which stated they are compressing 3 500 years that’s roughly how long the second age is into quote.

One Time Period Whats One Time Period A

year two years five years that’s still too short as a lord of the rings adaptation that’s one of the most expensive shows ever made. It’s nothing but a disappointment but that’s what happens when you prioritize the message over good storytelling and to address the inevitable comment which will state that I haven’t seen this story so there’s no way I could judge it honey. I’ve seen this story over and over again over the last few years and it always ends the same a divided audience and a dead or dying franchise, so I wasn’t impressed with the trailer that I actually saw three weeks ago. The cgi was average the music was average and all I know is this thing is really diverse and it reeks a bad reboot if you like what you heard.

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It’s been a little over four years since Amazon purchased the rights to the Lord of the Rings. We finally got a title The rings of power. We don’t get paid anything and everyone who’s just been ranting and ranting.& I’m going to leave a little a little tiny troll treat in the silver cup. Keep in mind everyone this is an all volunteer fan website. We are not paid shingles. We’re done we’re done with all that mischief erotic erotic erotic.& We’re not paid for access. Once again keep in mind that this is a fan site. We aren’t paid anything. We just want to point out by the way in those forums. I never saw anyone who had a problem with Ian Mckellen being gay, although they love to roll that out on twitter well. I hope you’re not considering considering his cha. The Onering.&net did a live stream with Amazon today. I’m still waiting for an answer to…. Click here to read more and watch the full video