Lucasfilm in turmoil as STAR WARS Andor fails DAMON LINDELOF news backfires and LAYOFFS loom


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titles. Star Wars Andor is a failure sure it has its fans and creatively. It may be the best thing to come out of Lucas film for a while, but that doesn’t matter because commercially, as measured by Disney plus viewership courtesy of Nielsen hardly anyone is watching it the only possible interpretation of that is that the Star Wars brand has been severely damaged and is in dire need of repair. The very last thing Lucasfilm should do in such a situation is higher. Another Productions” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Bad Robot alumni with an extremely spotty track record and whose very name will cause fans of any and all genre entertainment to recoil so naturally Kathleen Kennedy went and did just that by hiring Damon Lindelof in this editorial.

Then We Will Begin By Looking Into

these latest news and the likely reason why they have come about and finally why this is the last thing they should do within the industry. There have been rumors that Damon Lindelof has been circling Star Wars for some time, and this was finally confirmed by deadline Hollywood on October 23rd. The exclusive and We’ll get back to that reads following months of speculation Deadline is now hearing from several sources close to the project that not only is Damon Lindell of developing a new Star Wars film for Lucasfilm, but that Charmin obied Shinoy has been set as director. We’ll get back to her in due time, but for now let’s focus on Lindelof. Lindelof is co–writing the project, though it is unknown at this time who his writing partner might be insiders say the script is still being written which.

Is Likely Far Out That Said Sources

adds it was important to Lucasfilm and Lindelof that a director be brought on so that that person’s own vision for where they see the story headed gets included in the script Lucasfilm and Reps for obeyed Genoi could not be reached for comment which as we’re about to see is fully intentional as for what the film is actually focused on that will remain. Under Wraps as this project remains one of the more guarded secrets in all of Hollywood, as for when we’ll see this film. While it still seems a ways off the feeling is given how proactive Executives were in binding. A director for this film that this Star Wars feature seems to have the most momentum out of all of the current films in development. At the studio 2019’s Star Wars.

The Rise Of Palpatine Was The Last.

film to bow in beaters with the studio focusing on its UK projects or over the recent years since then that said they have a number of films in development including this one and Lucasfilm has been pretty clear. They want to make sure the next series of films has a story. They’re happy with and don’t see a need to rush out the next franchise, which is Hollywood speak for that they are desperate and they know that they can’t fail with this but they will because with Dame and Lindelof on board failure is virtually guaranteed but before we get into why that is let’s explore the nature of this exclusive because this was no official announcement but a leak straight from the production team why would they leak something like this directly to an industry trade as opposed to save it for something like T23 or Star. Wars Celebration I mean this year’s D23 could have used something a bit more juicy just ask John Campion we’d like to present to you a cartoon show filled with character cartoon characters We’ve all seen already many times.

Lords Of Showmanship The Powers That

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become a lord or a lady We can build our little Midnight’s Edge Kingdom go to Mid Edge 10 to get your titles. Now link is in the description with that let’s get back to what this lindle of leak could be all about under normal circumstances. I do not doubt that they would have waited to announce something like this for D23 or Star Wars celebration or something to that effect but a few things happened last week, which may have facilitated someone to backdoor announce this to deadline Hollywood without Disney signing off on it and we know they didn’t because if they did this would have been an official. announcement with statements from everyone who declined to comment one possible suspect is Damon Lindelof’s Camp you see last week even the major trades picked up on Alan Moore Trash talking not just Lindelof’s prematurely canceled Watchman UK series, but Lindelof himself that would have been very embarrassing for Lindelof as all of his friends and business associates would have read that and he would have heard no end of it and would likely want nothing more than to shift the narrative like forget that Alan Moore thinks I’m a hack.

Im Writing Star Wars Another Suspect

is the entire Kennedy faction of Lucasfilm because they need some good news. Right about now last week. Nilsson released the top streaming content and Star Wars. Android was far far down the list apparently Bob Chapek now has so much evidence of malpractice in both Lucasfilm, Pixar and Marvel that firings have. begun and indeed, there was a high profile firing in Lucasfilm only last week when another Bad Robot alumni Michelle Rejuan was given a production deal which is how you fire Executives in Hollywood make them producers Rejuan who apparently is as woke as they come was once touted as and reportedly groomed to be Kathleen Kennedy‘s eventual replacement and her being fired would have wreaked the Kennedy faction out if Michelle restaurant can be fired anyone can be so this could be an attempt to demonstrate that C were working on cool stuff that will up, but if they thought anyone would be won over by Damon Lindelof.

They Were Sorely Mistaken Lets See

why Damon Lindelof got his major breakthrough on Lost the series for so many future. Bad Robot alumni first went wild with mystery boxes and mastered the art of creating an incredible build up but. Then completely and utterly dropped the ball after that he co-wrote a few mostly harmless and forgettable original Productions, but he is most notorious for his work on established franchises. He co–wrote Star Trek Into Darkness, the movie which killed any and all momentum the franchise had after the 2009 reboot and which was so bad. It directly caused the sequel after that to bomb and end that iteration of the franchise.

One Of His Worst Offenses, Though Is Ridley

Scott’s Alien prequel Prometheus original writer John Spates had actually written a fairly decent draft, which actually was a full on Alien prequel, but then Lindelof was brought on to do a rewrite turn a fairly solid and concise script into the Utter mess, which was put on screen instead echoing his work on Star Trek it was so bad that it caused the sequel after that to bump and. of the franchise too now. I’m not saying that Damon Lindelof is all around incompetent, but I am saying that his brand of writing is best employed on his own Original Stories because the moment he plays in someone else’s Sandbox certainly franchises they tend to end. Fans have long since picked up on this but I guess the powers that be at Lucasfilm must be a bit slow on the uptake or they would never have hired someone like Damon Lindelof in the first place, but they did so what story has he cooked up. The day after that initial deadline Hollywood Scoop The Hollywood Reporter ran a scoop over their own note that this is still no official announcement, but more leaks coming straight from the production team.

This Write-Up Opens With The Project

has been in the works for months, and while Lindelof is getting the wookie-sized. attention thanks in no small part to a pedigree that includes co-creating UK sensation, Lust and Shepherding the acclaimed UK series Watchmen Well. It wasn’t acclaimed by Alan Moore and it was canceled after only one season, so Nice reframing there see that as it may. The point is that Lindelof is co-writing with Justin Brick Gibson, whom I not familiar with so let’s get around to what matters sources who are probably very close to Lindelof because he got so much unwarranted praise and coverage here say the movie Project is intended as a standalone, but in success could lead to more movies that plan goes against the grain of earlier lucasfilm development processes which saw the company try to come up with new trilogies. Now the studio seems to focus on standalones, okay that’s some UK right there they did not develop the sequel Trilogy as a trilogy.

Three Standalone Movies, Where Each Subsequent

movie tried to subvert and retcon the one that came before it, but moving on and sources say that the story would take place after the events of 2019’s Star Wars the rise of Palpatine, although it would not be a continuation of the Skywalker Saga. It could however, feature some of the characters from the Star Wars. Trilogy made in the 2010s that’s a complicated way of saying the sequel trilogy. In other words, what they’re saying is that this movie will take place in the aftermath of the sequel Trilogy.

You Know The Trilogy Which Killed The Star

Wars franchise and that has zero Vans and this movie will reference and acknowledge it by way of bringing back some of the characters from it and it’s written by Damon Lindelof that the powers that be at Lucasfilm seem to think this is. A good idea only goes to show how out of touch they are with the audience and with the real world, but I wouldn’t worry about the further damage that Lindelof Star Wars movie is going to do to the franchise just yet statistically chances are that like almost every other Star Wars movie announced in the last couple of years. This will never see the light of day Star Wars movies being announced.

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Damon Lindelof is co-writing the project, though it is unknown at this time who his writing partner might be . Sources say the script is still being written which is likely far out that said sources adds it was important that a director be brought on so that that person’s own vision for where they see the story headed gets included in the script . Charmin obied Shinoy has been set as director of the new Star Wars film . The last thing Lucasfilm should do in such a situation is to hire someone who has an extremely spotty track record and whose very name will cause fans of any and all genre entertainment to recoil so naturally Kathleen Kennedy went and did just that by hiring DamonLindelof in this editorial . We’ll get back to her in due time, but for now let’s focus on Lindeloff . This video is sponsored by established titles. Please share your support on Facebook and Twitter feeds. Back to the page you came…. Click here to read more and watch the full video