Lucasfilm Is Still Pathetic IGNORE Darth Vaders BDay Roasted For MLK Tweet After Finn Shafted


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arcade outpost and every time that people start to believe that maybe Lucasfilm is going to do it right that maybe Lucasfilm can start to turn Star Wars around. They go and do something and show just how out of touch they still are They prove that this is still very much disney Star Wars and that they have such a long way to go. This time it was from the Star Wars official twitter account that had a really bad couple days. Now we’re going to get to who they decided to wish a happy birthday to aka Rose Tico, Kelly Marie Tran and who they somehow forgot you know James Earl Jones the voice of Darth Vader the most iconic villain in cinema history. You know they didn’t wish him a happy birthday, but they wish one to Kelly Marie.

Tran Rose Tico Were Gonna Get To

that and what that means and how ridiculous it is that they never even corrected their mistake. But first why Don’t we go back to what they put out yesterday on Martin Luther King Jr Day. It is so obvious for people to see straight through what they are saying because we know that this is a lie Lucasfilm does not believe these words Disney does not believe these words because at each and every time they have an opportunity to show that they truly do believe it. They choose instead to make money. They choose instead to put profits and money over these words, which is how everyone knows it is a shame.

It Is A Virtue Signal That

they do not believe take a look at what they put there comes a time when one must take a position that is. Neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right Martin Luther King Jr. Neither safe nor politic nor popular Very interesting we’ll see we’ll see what else they expound upon down here today we honor Dr King and celebrate his legacy the Lucasfilm family is committed to fight for justice and equality in every corner of the galaxy. Each of us keeps the dream alive really we’re committed to fight for justice and equality In every corner of the galaxy. You know somebody had a statement on this some guy on twitter Ryan Kennel rk outpost give him a follow funny guy every corner of the galaxy except China because we want their money and that is the real translation and how ironic that today Finn is trending because people are talking about John Boyega in the shaft that he got.

In Star Wars, Finns Character Who Is Completely

minimized who is completely rendered useless and ineffective and stupid and pointless in this entire sequel trilogy and another thing that goes in line with you know my comments remember the poster if you really believe this Lucasfilm. If the Lucasfilm family is truly committed to fight for justice and equality in every corner of the galaxy, what about that force awakens poster Star Wars outcry after China shrinks star in poster and of course the star We’re talking about is John Boyega. John Boyega, who is very prominently displayed on most force awakens posters except in China where somehow they shrunk him down and hid him in the corner. Do you know why this is because Disney knows that a lot of the Chinese audience isn’t a big fan of black actors in the movies. They watch that is what they have discovered that is what they have determined Now I don’t know if that’s true or not.

I Think That Maybe It Would

be interesting to see what movies like the rock. If the rock is in a movie is it successful in China you might have to look into that but that is the stipulation because we know a lot of things go on in China that do not align with a lot of the traditional values. We would expect people to have in a free and open society, What does Disney do do they continue do they do it because it’s uncomfortable because it’s not safe. Did they keep Finn there or did they shrink him down in order to pander to get Chinese money that is exactly what they did we all know that’s the case and now so many people are talking about Finn. John Boyega’s Finn was set up as the male lead and co–protagonist of the sequel trilogy that’s not an opinion that’s not a head canon that’s a literally fact that sucks this blue up with all these grammar errors he was set up to be equal with Rey and Kylo’s foil and we all know why that changed now I gotta call out this a little bit let’s be very honest.

I Dont Believe That Disney Lucasfilm Would

have ever. Boyega be the co-lead to Daisy Ridley for pretty obvious reasons, let’s be real this is force awakens. This is not a reaction to the force awakens. This is the poster they shrunk him in the poster for this audience, do you really think they were if they did this If they did this to a black man’s character do you really think that they would have made him the co-lead that they were ever intending to do that. I personally Don’t believe that I do know that he is the one that had the most potential to expand upon he could have become a jedi.

He Could Have Become A Love Interest.

He could have done all these things, but instead he was neutered and rendered useless by Ryan Johnson and then J. j Abrams, but that’s what so many people are talking about how they would have loved to. John Boyega could have done with Finn with this character in the sequel trilogy Now You remember that a lot of people tried to paint other people that hate this character. If you remember this is back from 2015.

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Racist Urged Boycott Of Star Wars Episode

7 over Black lead most of them love trump now If you think that all this stuff against fans. The media with Lucasfilm against the fans has just recently popped up that only since Phantom menace was around no you’re wrong. This was happening a long time ago. People just weren’t as in tune to it Of course. Most of the reaction to Finn being a storm trooper was because some people are so dumb that they thought that clones were still storm troopers that’s their lack of Star Wars knowledge that’s their ignorance, but it is not racism.

The Vast Majority Of People.

Who had a problem with me who were like asking questions about a black storm Trooper? That was the reason why anyone can do a little research and find that out but no these bleep articles and these bleep media members have been doing this since before the last Jedi needed to be defended, but that wasn’t the only ridiculous thing that so many people noticed and again let’s let’s just go back to China again. I i have to pull it up um the new Chinese only high republic novel. If you really care so much about justice and equality and diversity and all these things you claim to the distant star system that is specifically a Chinese book that is being released is uniquely Chinese corner of the Star Wars universe. Although populated by some recognizable races like Twilics, Rodians, Wookies and the like it mostly consists of.

A Race Of Human With Black Hair

and dark eyes who’s given names space food architecture, values, culture and habits reflect those of the Chinese. They made a Chinese ethno state in Star Wars to sell to the Chinese market because again they will do anything they will change. Star Wars They will compromise any principles they supposedly have for money that is the bottom line, but let’s get back to this help us in wishing the incredible Keller Marie Tran a very happy birthday now. I have no problem with Star Wars doing this. I think the character of Rose Tico is an absolute joke, but Kelly Marie Tran seems nice enough beautiful girl put her out there happy birthday to her no problem with that I do have a problem when you ignore James Earl Jones birthday when drunk threepio has to remind everyone that by the way.

Its Darth Vaders Birthday James Earl Jones Turns

90. It was the same day nothing from the Star Wars account not a single bleep peep from Star Wars about the voice of Darth Vader. One of the things that made Darth Vader so menacing so iconic. This is a villain who had 13 minutes of screen time in Star Wars later to be known as a new hope 13 minutes yet he’s his lasting impact on entertainment is unreached by maybe anyone else and you don’t wish the man a happy birthday now if you want to say maybe they didn’t know maybe they weren’t looking at the replies look at this now when you go through these replies it’s all people that are saying what about James Earl Jones, what about James Earl Jones, what about James Earl Jones right you can see it so many times people talking. about James Earl Jones in the comments you know or darth Vader one or the other same thing look at this I found this.

This Reply Was Hidden By The Original Tweet

author. So there is a reply here that was hidden by the star Wars Twitter account. I thought that’s weird data racer. I know data racer why would they delete data racer’s tweet well you had to go to his to actually find it ignoring the icon James Earl Jones 90-th birthday to instead post about a 30-year-old annoying and forgettable forced diversity character No one likes you’re truly a clown now maybe they hit it because he’s called him a clown or whatever very clearly he was insulting the character of Rose Tico, not Kelly Marie Tran. I think that’s pretty obvious but they hid this reply which means they saw this reply they saw.

Reply That Said They Missed Darth

Vader’s birthday They didn’t do a damn thing about it. They never went later in the day I can show you Star Wars Twitter account let’s look let’s look at the Star Wars twitter account look those only two things help us in wishing the incredible Calorie train happy birthday nothing on the nothing on the 18th except the mlk thing that’s it they never followed up. They never said Oops can’t believe we missed this happy birthday. Darth Vader Luke is filming the people who work there including the people who run social media are so bleep out of touch with Star Wars fans and it is continuing to remain that way that is unforgivable. Let’s just be honest that is completely unforgivable wish which killing reach him happy birthday.

All You Want But To Ignore

the icon of James Earl Jones This. Just proves that the idea of let the past die kill it if you have to is still alive and well at Lucasfilm just because they brought a couple characters you like back doesn’t mean everything’s changed there all of a sudden doesn’t mean it’s perfect and I think most people understand that but every once in a while. I think people need a reminder of just what Star Wars still truly is and it still is Disney Star Wars let me know what you think about all this in the comments below smash the like.


The Star Wars official Twitter account wishes a happy birthday to Rose Tico, Kelly Marie Tran and James Earl Jones the voice of Darth Vader the most iconic villain in cinema history . We’re gonna get to that and what that means and how ridiculous it is that they never even corrected their mistake . We’ll see what else they expound upon down here today we honor Dr King and celebrate his legacy the Lucasfilm family is committed to fight for justice and equality in every corner of the galaxy.& Each of us keeps the dream alive really we’re committed t. Neither safe nor politic nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right Martin Luther King Jr.& Tran Rose Tran . We will talk about what they did and what it means and what they say. We will see what we think they say about the future of the Star Wars universe. We’re going to see what other things they say in the next episode of this week’s Star Wars episode ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video