Mad Max The Troubled Past and Uncertain Future of the Franchise


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The Post–Apocalyptic Genre Is One Of The Largest Subgenres

in entertainment today. Its influence can be seen in film on comic book pages, in video games and even advertisements, but it wasn’t always like that before the 1970s, the genre was fairly unknown to the general public post–apocalyptic story state all the way back to ancient times, with one such example being the Epic of Gilgamesh and also includes such great authors as Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe andNK] Wells. Though it’s easy to trace the latest craze to the Cold War with the constant fear of nuclear annihilation and being brought to the forefront by films such as Planet of the Apes, The Last Man on Earth, The Omega, Man and Zardoz. It was one film created in 1979 by an eccentric Australian that would cause the genre to expand in a completely different way. George Miller’s Mad.

Dying World Fueled By Memorable Villains,

unforgettable vehicles and the creation of Mel Gibson‘s acting career, though it would go on to be ripped off and parodied countless times. It’s Legacy is undeniable. The film series spawned three sequels each further influencing the look and feel of the world after has all ended. However, each film was difficult to make with the last entry Fury Road taking over two decades and judging by recent information the road to another MAd MAx film will be just as bumpy as the previous ones. In this video we will look back at the history of the MAd MAx series.

The Torturous Journey To Fury Road And What

future obstacles are preventing the series from continuing. As of now. The MAd Max film series is the brainchild of Brisbane director George Miller, who prior to creating films was a medical doctor Miller routinely bore. witness to the physical trauma caused by high-speed car accidents and even lost a few good friends to them. Over the years while working in Sydney, he met a young filmmaker named Byron Kennedy.

They Soon Became Good Friends And Created A

short film titled Violence in the cinema in 1971. The film won them great acclaim. Despite some criticism over the matter-of-fact violence displayed in 1973. Miller was inspired by the effects that the oil crisis had on his native country of Australia. Many people believe that the apocalypse was fast approaching and this gave him an idea.

Miller Also Believed Audiences Would Find His Violent

storytelling more grounded if it was set in a bleak future instead of modern day. So Miller Kennedy and screenwriter James UK sent out and created what would become Mad Max. The film was made on the cheap reportedly costing around 400,000 Australian. So tight that Miller reportedly had to do three months straight of emergency medical calls in order to pay for the film. Miller also wanted an American in the lead in order to get the widest audience.

He Eventually Came Across A Young Struggling

actor named Mel Gibson, who was born in the UK, but had been living in Australia since the age of 12. Although the film was shot completely in Australia. The actors dialogue was recorded for an American release. This from fear that the Australian accents would alienate American audiences and hindered the movie at the box office. The film centers on a patrol officer named Max Rockatansky, who tries in vain to keep the world from falling apart, but when his family is brutally murdered by bikers, he’s been trying to stop.

He Goes Rogue And Hunts Them

down. When the film premiered at roadside distribution. Critics were very polarized, some condemned it as nihilistic ly violent Stephen King went so far as to call it a turkey, while others praised it as a bold and topical film. For a directorial debut, Mad Max went on to gross just over 5 million Australian dollars at the domestic box office and grossed over 100 million dollars in the worldwide box office. It remained the most profitable film ever created until 1999 the Blair Witch Project.

Following The Massive Success Of Mad

Max, many Hollywood studios tried to persuade George Miller to work for them. He refused instead he attempted and failed to make of all things a rock musical. After this failure, Miller became intrigued with returning to the world. He had created with Mad Max, but with a much larger budget this time at 4. 5 million Australian dollars inspired by the works of Joseph Campbell.

He Worked With Writer Terry Hayes

and his producer friend Byron Kennedy to strike gold Once again. The plot of MAd Max 2 would set the standard for the rest of the series. Max Wanders the Desert running into a cast of colorful maniacs and reluctantly gets involved after relatively calm production MAd Max 2 was released in 1981, but in the United States. It received a different title due to producer American International Pictures being bought out by filmways INc. This caused a major hit on the release in the box office of the original film so when Warner Brothers decided to release the sequel.

They Deemed It Best To Change The Title

in order to not associate it with the original. The film’s name was changed to the Road Warrior, a title that has remained with the sequel ever since when it was released. Mad Max 2 aka. The Road Warrior garnered universal acclaim. Many like Roger Ebert said it to be one of the purest action films ever created being leaps and bounds better than MAd Max 1.

Nowadays, Its Widely Considered One Of The

best films of 1981 and even one of the greatest action films ever created. Mad Max to influence the post–apocalypse genre more than any other film even more than the original. The leather outfits of the villains and the Bleak Desert world instantly became iconic inspiring many future generations of directors financially. It was considered a hit, though not to the caliber of its predecessor. It grows 10 million Australian dollars domestically and a further 24 million dollars worldwide.

At The Time It Seemed George

Miller was unstoppable. He had created a massive new franchise than millions of people all over the world had fallen in love with. Unfortunately, this would be. point for several decades and the franchise would already start to decline. George Miller didn’t wait too long to create a third movie in his franchise.

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But This Time There Would Be Several

new obstacles. His best friend Byron Kennedy died tragically in a helicopter accident during production. This left him not as enthusiastic with the project as he had been with the previous two installments. He also had to deal with Hollywood more directly as Warner. Brothers had more control over the project than with MAd Max 2.

This Led To Some Big-Name Celebrities Like Tina

Turner appearing in the film and even writing songs for it. The film even had a larger budget of 10 million Australian dollars, but this did little to comfort Miller. In the end, he co-directed the project with another friend of his George Ogilvy. All the stress would eventually cause Miller to walk. The film leaving his friend O Gali to finish the movie.

Oh! Movie Took Over The Story And

the character moments and not being as hardcore as Miller likely made it Pg-13, but that didn’t help matters. Upon release in 1985 the film got a decent reception, but it was not even as close to the positive reaction received by Mad Max-or even as much interest as Mad Max. Much of the criticism was thrown and it’s detached second half and the direct inspiration from Peter, Pan’s, Lost, Boys and Lord of the Flies. Though the titular Thunderdome fight was widely praised. The box office however, was disappointing to say the least Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome grossed only four million Australian dollars, while its worldwide box office would gain thirty-six million dollars, making it the lowest grossing entry in the series even though but in the United.

States Beyond Thunderdome Was The Highest

grossing film in the series. To that point, it still had the misfortune of opening a week after Back to the Future hit theaters back in 1985. Miller would soon lose the rights to his beloved series and between that and the grief of losing a close friend he would move on to other projects. It would be 30 years until fans would see Max the wasteland and its many colorful characters again. In the years that followed Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome George Miller would move to Hollywood and direct such films as The Witches of Eastwick, Lorenzo’s Oil and produce Babe and direct the sequel Babe Picking the city.

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Though Its Not Quite Clear Why

he lost the rights. Miller managed to get the rights back to Mad Max from Warner Brothers as part of a settlement from being fired from the film. contact in 1997, Miller agreed to leave the Jodie Foster film and allow Robert Zemeckis to assume the director’s chair. In return, he got the rights back to MAd Max. This of course would set things in motion for a new installment in the franchise.

The Movie Was Set To Be

produced by Miller and longtime producing partner Doug Mitchell and by Gibson’s producing partner Bruce Davey at UK. It would seem to be a false start as it would take him three years to come up with an idea. Miller wanted Mel Gibson to return to the role that made him famous and the entire project was set to film in late 2001. The project would be put on hold following the events of September 11th in December of 2001 reports began to service that Miller was once again working on another film the franchise, which at the time. was under the working title MAd Max for the film was to be very different from what was to become MAd Max Fury Road.

The Story Would Revolve Around Maxs Son, Who

was to be plagued by then Roswell star Brendan Fehr, with Gibson only showing up in a cameo fate. However, intervened once again the American and Australian Dollar Plummeted not long after which forced Miller to move on to other projects. By 2003 the direction of the film had changed course, and Miller had written the script for what was to become MAd Max Fury Road dropping the storyline involving Max’s son. The entire project was given the greenlight again plus a 100 million dollar budget.

The Shoot However, Was Once Again

delayed this time due to rain in the Namibian Desert. Eventually it was cancelled completely in light of shipping and security concerns stemming from the start. of the Iraq War production was set to begin in 2006 with Gibson once again as the star. It was then in the midst of pre-production that Gibson was arrested on UK charges in Malibu California on August 2nd 2006.

During His Arrest He Was Recorded

making allegedly anti–semitic statements. Gibson was pulled over early Friday morning for speeding and drunk driving. It could have been a standard celebrity traffic stop, but it’s what the star who first became famous as Mad Max allegedly did next that as Hollywood talking reporter Harvey Levin first broke the story. He became uncooperative profane threatening at times violent banging himself against the car inside the car.

Im Tried To Escape Let It Obtain The

arresting deputies notes which say the handcuffed Actor also began a barrage of anti–semitic remarks. The Jews are responsible for all the wars asking the deputy was he Jewish. A downward spiral, the tabloids referred to him as Mad Mel, a name which has stuck with him to this day.


The post–apocalyptic genre is one of the largest subgenres in entertainment today . It’s easy to trace the latest craze to the Cold War with the constant fear of nuclear annihilation . The film series spawned three sequels each further influencing the look and feel of the world after has all ended . Each film was difficult to make with the last entry taking over two decades and judging by recent information the road to another MAd MAx film will be just as bumpy as the previous ones . In this video we will look back at the history of the MAd Max film series. The torturous journey to Fury Road and what future obstacles are preventing the series from continuing. As of now, there are no plans to release a new installment of the series, which is set to be released in 2015. The last installment is scheduled to take place in October 2015. We are looking forward to a sequel to this year’s edition of this year’s edition of the last installment of Fury Road…. Click here to read more and watch the full video