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Im Andy Signor, Director Of Man-At-Arms To

show for break media. We put it on the Ami channel on each week. We found this amazing Blacksmith. I am now proud to call him my blacksmith Tony Swattin and each week he builds a weapon from scratch based off pop culture. I have an example right here.

This Is The Keyblade From Kingdom Hearts,

which is quite heavy and quite dangerous. So the show came about for us wanting to do a sort of Dooley sort of action. NK] sort of show and like the tools is what we sort of where it came from and so I had seen some clips online of blacksmiths doing stuff and the views were a huge view is that people just hammering like daggers and stuff, and I thought this is cool why isn’t someone making like you know the he-man sword and like. weapons I called several blacksmiths around they. There are not apparently as many blacksmiths as you’d think every other blacks when they talk to you told me to talk to Tony and so then once I talked to Tony, he’s like yeah talk to any of the blacksmith you want you’re gonna call me back because I’m the only guy who can do this and it turned out He was it was true.

So It Was Just A Google Search

of finding blacksmith in that area and then referrals to Tony and Tony ended up being sort of the dream come true of making everything we wanted. He was able to do it any new media rockstars. So Gimli Zak’s here just Fitness all up. I was always interested in this kind of stuff. We couldn’t afford it.

So I Started My Clown And Now

I have all of us. All those trolls are saying he’s not real sorts and eat it right Tony this is real would do some serious damage cut my nose off right here. This is 43 stitches just hang in there. This is a cut from stabbing a knife to sheathing it into my arm. This is just speckled burns from this week’s built for you guys The Keyblade you’ll see the flash fires shooting out of that made a flamethrower very very cool except it’s my arm things with with the show is I’m not that familiar with the pop culture I don’t watch television I’m had a UK hooked up since 1997.

I Dont Play Video Games Ive Made

the bat left type weapons before for Star Trek but I haven’t made them you know to this realism you know it’s really out of Aluminum. This thing was pretty redonkulous you know just. trying to interpret a fifth sword and Yeah I won’t say this is when I challenge Tony on as like Tony, we really need to do this minecraft sort and Tony what was your response to that Oh Yeah sure no problem I don’t wanna you can’t make me. This is what this is one piece. We did push a little bit that he made because and the reason I pushed because I knew he was gonna make something amazing and he figured out he always does.

This Is One Of The Coolest

things I think we’ve made you think right. This is pretty cool. It’s pretty cool still weird but like Jaime Lannister sword Ninja Turtles Sighs for Raphael was great Yeah because I’m more familiar with the traditional weapons, as opposed to video games and stuff that I’m completely oblivious to the Kingdom Hearts sword I see these. People at cons walking around and crazy wigs and this gigantic tin foil wrapped piece of toilet, paper, tube or carpet, tube or something and I’m like you know what is this and so now I had to make it you know but it took out the door pretty good everything I make for man-at-arms is my fan base interpretation of other people’s properties. If people want to buy a piece that they’ve seen on the show if they can get me written permission from Cartoon, Network or Marble or Disney or Warner Brothers.

Then I Will Talk Price With

them but otherwise you’re welcome to come to my showroom in Burbank California we’re open on Saturdays. You can see some of the pieces on my website UK comm but they are not for sale. You know I do take private Commission’s but right now about two to three years. pieces started about two to five thousand dollars in 2015. If you place your order now and I’m interested in taking Commission I may be able to deliver something to you.

We Just Updated My Website Because It Was

exploding it’s now like a terabyte of bandwidth and when this show comes out we’ll probably have to bump it’s more seasoned too amped up a lot. We actually took a lot more comments from the users like this season to is all requests from the users and so it was a hybrid of figuring out which ones can we do Because we shoot we shoot the show on a block of six just so it’s easier for Tony to get these done so we took six of the most Amann comments This season. We have the Kingdom Hearts keyblade. We have a Klingon. I’m gonna say it wrong the UK.

At The Uk Law You Its

the stuff played with the Klingon Blade from Star Trek Okay they’ve Captain America Shield, the minecraft diamond sword Gimli Zacks from Lore the Rings the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy which was a huge one that was a huge literally a six-foot blade that he’s gonna be crushing some wooden tables with In season two. We really went bigger to like we wanted more action. We want bigger weapons. We wanted stuff that people asked for my man arms you take the production really seriously like we would shoot it very slickly our UK matter one is fantastic. He’s in here all week following Tony like with the amazing camera package shooting it just so professionally slick that you it it would seem like the show would be boring week after week watching these builds, but it’s not like we document it’s so.

Like You Just Watch Every Piece Of

every weapon that we feel like this show. I feel like the shows really giving you a really cool sort of Discovery Channel Vibe, but you’re getting really this sort of very like niche sort of objects that you wouldn’t normally get to see anywhere else. We sort of do what we want because we sort of wait for people to tell us that we can’t do it just because we don’t want to disappoint the fans The sort of the argument is this. These are Tony’s interpretations of the weapons. So I feel like we get around it that way, but we try not to say can’t tony specifically like when I give him a sword can you make the buster sword, which is a gigantic sword yeah? Of course he’s like well if you need me to make I’m gonna make.

The Poster Sword, So We Definitely

tried us to make no rules like make the biggest coolest things. We can my favorite weapon so far is probably been the adventuretime fins Golden Blade really turned Golden Sword turned out really cool this season So far the Minecraft sword is pretty awesome. I have to say that might that might surpass it. There’s a lot of damage. If you take a look.

Theres A Lot Of Carnage That

we have to be very careful of we take the show extremely seriously. We have you know a medics on set. We have a stunt team who goes through and safety. You know make sure we have Freddy pad and walls because it is web that does that you that’s an expense that most web shows probably all have to deal with is the safety aspect, but it adds a lot of our. costs Cuz we have to be sure that no one’s walking around on the broken glass without it being sweeps away so safety is super important.

No Ones Gotten Hurt Thank God

and so so far no problems, but it’s definitely sort of a fun sense because it is there’s always a little you never know on season 1. Some of the swords broke which we didn’t want to show right away just because we had to build it so fast and so see and we didn’t want to show that piece, but and season 2 the reason they did is cause Tony had to build them so fast so that was a more dangerous safety thing that we learned we have to be even be careful and Season 2. He’s now tempered them to their death so like you could literally drive anything on these it just takes twice. as long to build them, but we made sure this around that doesn’t even happen so all these weapons are just completely sturdy working weapons. This is our set Medic George have we had any trouble.

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Oh Really Yes There You Go Oh

yeah it’s pretty good-we got political answer no really and real dangers. This is Brian he’s Tony’s go-to what’s your what’s your title grunting grunt link Brian’s a huge resource and our stunts and our and he knows the pop culture stuff way better than Tony and you also know the cool stuff that Tony’s built. Can you show us some of the fun stuff Yeah first off pirates the Caribbean. This is Johnny Depp‘s sword right now this is me touching Johnny Depp’s tip that just happened he’s in Soul Calibur little soul edge action going on there Tony’s first big gig was making. The hook for a hook What a lot of people Don’t know is he actually made a bunch Oaks because they didn’t know what they wanted Donna Hooks You’ve made a little baby hook for the little Teddy bear In this case over here we got we got Zorro, we got Sucker Punch we have sweet Pea spelled Hren from Hellboy.

We Have The Kernels The Curtilage Blades We

have daggers from alias we have Last Samurai. This is actually the blade. We remade for. I believe it was Criminal Minds. We make stunts versions out of aircraft Aluminum.

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We Make The Real Thing.

So here’s the real thing we made and then they went out and they made a rubber version. So as you can see I was kind of looks better so here we do the real thing. We don’t make things that are Robert it’s all bye. It’s all by hand there’s nothing automated the spear of destiny from Constantine Yes most people did think it was it would be bigger.

You Know Camera Add Six Inches.

These are Katy Perry’s scale male arms be jealous down Here we see some cans of spam. We did not actually make that spam that spam was actually a gift from the whole cast of spam a lot cuz. We actually made a big goblet. I believe a big goblet and then to curry sword, which he really liked and he did terrible things to it I hear but it’s to curry so it’s totally okay.

I Got Deadliest Warrior And I Can

show you. Katy Perry’s Boobs let’s do it but I made this for season 1. Episode 1 a Deadliest Warrior on Spike Channel Chuck Liddell cut a cow-in half with this not even kidding look it. up a cow in half with this moving along over here we got a steampunk arm and some goggles that was used by Panic at the disco. I believe in the ballad of Mona Lisa we have Prince Caspian sword.

One Of The Things Were Actually

doing in our show. Currently is where are you making an axe at a Damascus. It’s a pattern weld where we actually have multiple layers the one we’re currently doing has 143 I believe layers of individual sheets of metal that Tony then Forge Welds together. Tony has made multiple wonder woman costumes worn by men and women alike, as well as an entire Xena outfit for Rainn Wilson or Dwight Schrute from the office. I believe that’s in Bogor people look that up we also have here just our Katy Perry’s arms.

This Is Katy Perrys Breastplate From

the Et music video so. To get this Tony? It does what he likes to call a saliva cast He’s a little more detailed, a little more painstaking, but you just kind of get that level of detail and you kind of get to connect with your Maliki get inside their head? Or is this the mold from Rockville Booth? This actually is perfectly fit to her Wow so that’s what it would be like to touch her boob. This is this is just our boobs yeah I mean there’s no nipples it’s happening just a yeah just to make it okay here we go okay yeah, but this is all this is all hammered. You know. This is all you know that’s how we you get those to you like wow.

Those Look Like Hammer Strikes Thats Because They

are there’s no way to cheat that what feel like underneath because her boobs touch. that Yeah that’s touch that part Yes they did actually my hands touching where she not. I do not believe she could wear a bra see because of the D comes from well then by God Yeah in the back we have the breasts of such celebrities as Britney Spears. I think we have Janet Jackson Queen Latifah that’s a lot of metal you go girl you go girl Souter I’m right here originally made for John Cleese that’s right he’s not home right now Yeah I’ll just shut up something like these if you came into our shop. We’re open on Saturdays to the public for knife sharpening as well as rentals and and purchases and things and I believe our if you want a stun sword same swords that you know you see being used in Thor pirates.

The Caribbeans Like That Which Is Aircraft Aluminum

and it’s. Hard to tell Alright Which one is which I don’t know Toni’s made many iconic items, including the hook from hook in the blade for blade. I’m waiting for a movie called Hammer and then I’m for us to build the hammer so we can hit then I’ve also built the hammer from hammer or the axe from axe or the mask from mask you.


Andy signor, director of Man-at-arms to show for break media.& We put it on the Ami channel on each week.& I am now proud to call him my blacksmith Tony Swattin.& Each week he builds a weapon from scratch based off pop culture.& This is the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts, which is quite heavy and quite dangerous.& So the show came about for us wanting to do a sort of Dooley sort of action.&NK] sort of show and like the tools is what we sort of where it came from and so I had seen some clips online of blacksmiths doing stuff and the views were a huge view is that people just hammering like daggers and stuff, and I thought this is cool why isn’t someone making like you know the he-man sword and like they.& weapons I thought it was cool why wasn’t someone make like that . Gimli Zak’s here just Fitness all up ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video