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Youve All Seen Man Of Steel By Now Right

cool let’s talk spoilers and yeah that is a spoiler warning for anyone watching this video if you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet Don’t worry. I made a review with Spoiler Free review and I made it just for you for the rest of you. Let’s talk some spoilers about this movie first of all I’d like to thank everyone who watched my. Man of Steel review and recognize that the rating I would buy it on Blu-ray is in fact a positive rating and I’m advocating that you see the movie because it’s cool and everyone heard that it’s weird. There’s really weird things logic and reason are on your side friends okay so let’s talk about Manas Dale again with spoilers this time so many steel starts out nice on Krypton and like I said Krypton is really cool it sets everything up Zod stages his coup.

They Do Have This Weird System

where you’re like are those the matrix babies. All these babies are being grown in eggs like in the matrix and I guess Krypton They’re like hey no sex dude come on or they do have sex, but it’s just for fun in which case Yeah go Krypton, but Kal-el is the first natural birth in centuries. He’s like He’s special and Zod actually kills Jor-el I actually like that you know he’s screwed anyway and about the half a day. This plan is gonna get torn apart like a ball of clay. It was kind of cool that Zod actually got the knife in because now he’s the guy who killed Jor-el.

Jor-El Would Have Died Anyway, But Now

he’s actually especially a douchebag, then they get banished to the Phantom Zone, which is actually pretty convenient. They get banished there six hours later. The planet gets destroyed and then they get free throw like a phantom zone I will find it and blow away. We’re free how long were we in there only that long we can actually catch. The newest episode of Krypton’s Got Talent.

Right Now Wow Didnt Miss Much

except the whole planet being destroyed. Then we get to Earth and Kal-el is wandering. and Kung-fu or Jules Winnfield from after Pulp Fiction He’s trying to find answers. Then you see through flashbacks what he’s gone through to lead him. To this point.

I Love The Flashbacks In This Movie Because

it really shows how much he got messed with as a kid and an adult even as an adult. He’s in that bar that dude grabs his girlfriend’s ass and he’s like Hey man. He’s in the nicest way possible like he is super managed as he can he’s like just back off the guy splashes his beer in his face pours it on his head throws a can Adam you’re like this is remarkable restraint. Officially I’m not Superman because I would have punched through the guy’s face, although that was cool to see Kal-el take a little back for himself the guy walks out and his semi is just Jack just. on a telephone pole with another thing through it looks like a teepee.

It Had Like A 3-Part Kabob Thing Going

you’re like yeah. I would doubt you if you didn’t do that good to know you’re still a person, but he does find out that in this glacier is a ship. It has his Superman suit and all the answers. He’s looking for with like twenty thousand year old ice around it and it has a Superman suit in it alright. He needed the Superman suit and I am questioning that thing when he got in the ship that little droid that left security droid that whipped him in the arm and it hurt him.

Youre Superman It Should Just Be

like whip well that was dumb well, although he does crush it like thirty seconds later. So you know he’s stronger than it you can argue that well. was made on Krypton and that’s why because it’s Kryptonian technology and is from his planet and he would be weaker on his planet. I would buy that if he didn’t on a few occasions. In this movie make holes in Kryptonian ships either case doesn’t matter he gets a Superman suit.

Now Hes Superman, But General Zod Comes To

Earth and he starts acting like a dick and so now he has to deal with that and I love that because that’s very Superman ish you know he’s floating there and he’s like I want to speak with Lois Lane Don’t play games with me general and she’s like why are you surrendering to Zod He’s like I’m surrendering to mankind There’s a difference I was like Oh that’s Superman I know and love Henry Cavill on a few different levels. I was like you’re awesome is Superman it. was big-the guy is enormous after that oil tanker scene he comes running up he has no shirt on you’re like dude put it away. I don’t want to feel like less of a man because you’re awesome like that. Although this is just a thought that crossed my mind that that whole oil tanker scene install exploding and he saves everyone on it would that be kind of cool if in a Justice League movie or an Aquaman movie of some sort.

They Established That Aquaman Was Behind That Like

he’s the one who destroyed that oil tanker. I think that’d be kind of cool just a thought. Though just cross my mind. It’s the thing that I thought about heat vision was really cool-I was wondering if he would have all of his Superman powers. He does and heat vision is badass it’s just.

Its Just Such An Intense Ray Of Heat

and lasers like he’s shooting the Sun out of his eyes and you see the varicose veins by his eyes and it looks like there is a light bulb inside his head and it’s shining out his eyes. Even when he’s done. He’s like Ah yeah that hurt heat vision was so cool was like Force Unleashed heat vision among the flashbacks establishing everything that’s happened to make him the man he is today. We come to the Jonathan Kent death scene and that was a mixed bag thing for me in the usual Superman Lord that I’m used to Jonathan Kent has a heart attack and he just dies. In this one.

Hes Helping People Get Away From

a tornado and Clark can save him, but he tells me that ultimately tells Clark to let the tornado kill him because the world’s not ready to see what Clark and these are two very different scenarios made for two very different situations. He stood by and he watched him die and he could have saved him, but he didn’t because his dad just requested it and it’s a powerful thing. It’s very cool, but I’ve always liked the whole Jonathan Kent dying of a simple heart attack. Bang I’ve always liked the fact that of all the things Superman can do He can’t stop. Everything he can’t save everyone life will trump even him a simple thing like Cholesterol can’t do about it unless he wants to advocate Cheerios on do you want to be on Cheerios boxes, Then he can probably do something about Cholesterol.

I Was Like How Something So

simple can make even Superman feel so small that’s almost a question like what do you prefer about the pock Kent getting taken out with a tornado or going out like curly from city slickers let me come to the action and guys to be clear. I liked the action in this movie it was Badass I’ll get to more of what I meant about the maybe they could have had a little less action. Later on in the video, throwing on Smallville is my favorite one he just tackles dog he starts just wailing away on him. They go through the gas station things are exploding I’m like okay, It’s happening I like seeing these action scenes because Superman’s never really been able to show us everything he can do on the big screen in a way that’s done really well Either the movies were made so long ago. They didn’t have the tech for it or when they did have the tech for it they made him lift an island into space but no this Throwdown is so cool cuz like the bad guys are doing dual techs like Chrono Trigger style throwing Superman someone clothesline um check his bad ass by the way I was thinking to myself.

I Was Like Why Isnt Sod Standing

out in my mind as much as I think he should because this chick is the villain that stole the show she did everything I mean Zod had the motivation. behind it But this is the chick first of all she has the hottest eyes ever. This is not a bad thing. These are positives, but she’s like hitting dudes, but she’s doing really fast. She’s not flying but I’ve always thought to myself.

If These Super People.

These Kryptonians can move really fast why don’t they always move fast when they hit people sure enough she’s like she’s / she’s gonna jump onto a plane or capes all blowing you’re like yeah you’re getting it done man This chick is in it to win it. She was one vicious and I loved her. She’s a badass. Then a train is flying at Kal-el.

Youre Like Cheese Sands Odds Going To

terraform earth into Krypton Essentially that worlds maker thing was bad as all the gravity it’s all like boom This gravity is just crushing everything it’s a circle of. Going out with that’s a ballsy move. By the end of this movie, you’re like Metropolis really got screwed. It looks like nuclear Holocaust Metropolis, which is cool. Those are high stakes.

Youre Like I Will Yeah Our World Ending

is as high as it gets for us. Do you guys see that Lexcorp‘s sign. There was there was a gas truck that was thrown at Superman. It said Lex Corp on the side I don’t know Easter Egg. It was cool but when Kal-el goes to the Indian Ocean to take out that other thing that other side of the world maker they establish that getting closer to this thing might weaken him because it’s ultimately creating Krypton and we’ve already seen that Krypton’s atmosphere makes them vomit blood and get a bloody nose and pass out so what do they do in this scene is this ship gross.

Tentacles And It Starts Swatting At Them.

I’ve seen this movie a couple times at this point both times. I was like why Tentacles it looks like at that point In the movie. This is really the particular time where I was like I could have done without that get enough going on before this scene they had a lot of action. You’re gonna have more action to come it looks like they’re just throwing it on there for the sake of entertaining us if they took out the tentacles and had some other reason for it being difficult for him to complete his task.

Id Be Kind Of Cool You

have this action sequence going on over here. The people in the plane. They’re trying to fight the Kryptonian Chick and again. You have a Throwdown with Zod that’s going to happen later on in the movie so you. Don’t need Superman to really fight anything it’d be cool to have a situation where he feels like he can’t complete his task and he has to really dig deep and muster everything he has to do it, which they kind of do in the movie in the sense that he’s in the beam and it’s really hard for him to stand up because of all the gravity and he doesn’t.

He Flies Up And Blows The Thing

away but if getting closer to this thing is gonna make him all sick and vomit it’d be really cool to have a moment like Metal Gear Solid 4. You know when snakes crawling through the microwave hallway and you feel like he’s just dying all the really sad music starts kicking on you know and all the ambient noise goes down. He’s just crawling. Kal-el starts puking blood and he’s getting a bloody nose bloody ear. Maybe a hemorrhaging is never good and him standing up is taking all the strength he can muster and maybe you can hear a voiceover of Jonathan Kent talking about he was sent here for a reason.

Whatever He Decides To Be Good Or Bad.

He’s gonna change the world then he flies up and nails that thing you’re like yeah triumphs no need for tentacles just there wasn’t almost like that I was talking about my review where I said less action might have been more I’m not saying that Don’t like action and action movies for some odd reason. When I said that people heard I do like action and comic book movies, whereas my Superman Returns blu-ray they did it perfectly. I don’t know why is a weird thing, but some people heard that the action. This movie is Badass, but there are a couple of situations in the movie where I was like if you held back on that being an action sequence and replaced it with something that I don’t know hit you here.

You Might Have A Better Balanced Movie

that’s all I’m saying and you would still have easily the most action-packed Superman movie that does exist anyhow. All the Hentai tentacle is in that situation that’s all done The other Elias Koteas crashed his plane into the ship and L went back to the Phantom Zone except Zod of course and those odd and Kal-el get into a fight. They get to a big old scrap and he’s all running up the side of buildings. Like he’s a bulldog. Kal-el is flying at him and they’re flying through buildings and a lot of people are probably dying and then sods like.

Im A Military Leader I Adapt Easily Now

we can fly and he can control his powers. I love how in Zod’s helmet breaks and he’s looking around and he sees the X-ray vision and he can hear everything it really freaks him out and he has to adapt to it. He doesn’t Initially I like the fact this movie made it to where it takes them more than five minutes to adapt to the X-ray vision Heat vision hearing everything it takes him a day. But this is the thing where people are like no that wouldn’t happen like that and other people like me are like that was awesome and it’s When Kal-el takes out Zod Zod’s using his heat vision. He’s gonna fry.

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This Family And Ultimately Kal-El Has To Break

his neck for it. I’ve seen some comments are like no Superman would never kill a. A lot of these comic-book heroes who don’t kill people have been put in the situation where they have to kill somebody. I mean shoot you look at Batman people say he never killed me one in the Dark Knight Trilogy did he not. He did push Harvey Dent over that precipice and he fell and snapped his neck.

Batman Did That Harvey Dent Didnt

accidentally slip off the thing. Batman killed Harvey Dent but it’s all about how they executed it and handled it. I mean Zod has put Superman in a situation where he’s like you’re either gonna have to kill me or I’m going to kill that innocent family and Kal-el has him in a headlock and he’s like dog don’t do it stop He’s pleading with the guy to not do it. He’s giving him every opportunity to stop this and back down. Zod’s like never.

Just Snaps His Neck He Had To The

situation was either Zod dies or that family dies even after it happened. It’s not like he snaps his neck and pissed on his face and he’s like good. He stopped he paused and he just like yelled and rage is yelled in pain that that is this handled very well. I would argue if Kal-el didn’t break Zod’s neck to save that family I’d be like you lack the conviction to do what’s necessary to save people I do not have my trust in you where’s Magog well. Superman has been punching Zod through buildings.

Im Sure People Have Died From That

Don’t care stuff no one cares the moment he breaks a maniacs neck, though that’s the line. The Lois and Clark romance of the Lois Kal-el romance rather I felt worked for this movie I never felt like. fall in love in this movie. I felt like this should be an introduction that’s more or less what it was yeah.

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They Shared A Kiss, But Honestly

who wouldn’t in these circumstances look at it through Kal-el. His point of view this is a chick he’s connected with on a level. He’s never connected with before she knows who he is and is still interested in him his last girlfriend. We see from the flashbacks was still dating the facade and from her point of view. It’s very simple.

The Dude Looks Like That And

he saved the world and is indestructible. The fact that she didn’t sit on his face in front of the entire UK Army that’s remarkable restraint on her part. I thought it was an interesting and ballsy call you had a very cool call. He shows up at the Daily Planet as Clark Kent. She’s like I know exactly who that is I think that works because let’s face it honestly.

I Have Never Ever Ever In My Life

bought the fact that this chick he’d have a crush on Superman work with him and not know that Clark Kent is him now never bought that in my life so I like the fact that they’re like yeah that’s unrealistic so we’re gonna do it like this as for where they can take the sequels. I don’t know where they’re gonna take him. Lex Luthor’s tough to do because you’re not gonna have a throw down like this with Lex Luthor unless he has his Lex Luthor suit. I guess you could do that I would like to see in the next one maybe. There are some people from the UK who are not convinced that Kal-el is fighting for Us Amy They contract.

Another Guy In Another Company Callednk] To

create a weapon or something to fight Superman? Maybe it’s based off of an artificial intelligence an UK that they found in that ship that Superman destroyed. It calls itself Brainiac and Lex Luthor and the government and Brainiac all work together until Brainiac just kind of doesn’t I would like to see Brainiac in a movie. They have yet to bring Brainiac to a movie. I don’t know but like I said I’m interested to see where they’re gonna go with this franchise. Man of Steel was a cool movie.

I Did Feel Its Imperfect, But Its Still

great. So Man of Steel have you seen it what did you think of it was it everything you hoped it would be did you like it, but we’re a little disappointed or did you just flat-out not like it entirely whatever you. Think comment below Let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more you.


This is a spoiler warning for anyone watching this video if you haven’t seen Man of Steel yet . I made a review with Spoiler Free review and I made it just for you for the rest of you . The rating I would buy it on Blu-ray is in fact a positive rating and I’m advocating that you see the movie because it’s cool and everyone heard that it’s weird. There’s really weird things logic and reason are on your side friends okay so let’s talk about Manas Dale again with spoilers this time so many steel starts out nice on Krypton and like I said Krypton is really cool it sets everything up Zod stages his coup. Then they get banished to the Phantom Zone, which is actually pretty convenient. They get banished there six hours later. The planet gets destroyed and then they get free throw like a phantom zone I will find it and blow away. Then we get to Earth and Kal-el is wandering. The newest episode of Krypton’s Got Talent….. Click here to read more and watch the full video