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Boss and the Mandalorian has returned with season two but the big return that you probably know by now Since the episode has been out for several days and this was widely reported months ago. The Big Return is a Boba pet. The original trilogy Bounty Hunter with too little screen time and a death so unceremonious that the leading head cannon is that the character had to have been drunk. I’m not kidding blame it on too much of Jabba’s Spatuka. I forget the point I forgot a boy and returning is not just Boba Fett’s armor worn in this episode by Cobb Bath Timid.

The Ole Fans Marshall Character From The Aftermath

books, but the actual dude in the Flesh played by Tamora Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones the Source Donator from which all the Camino. Clones including Boba Fett were cloned from Boba Fett’s possible survival from the Sarlacc has been a mystery speculated on by pretty much every Star wars die hard over the decades, including patent Oswald, the Gloved Mandalorian armor gauntlet of Boba Fett grabs onto the sand outside the Sarlacc pit but now that this is legit on-screen cannon. We are still not satisfied. We never are we have follow-ups and if you have been watching carefully. There are more than enough clues telling us how Boba Fett survived what he has been up to and what he is doing next spoiler warning in case any of the speculation ends up being right and ruins Your life okay so first off how did Boba Fett survive One that does not simply walk out of a Sarlacc as C threepio explained when translating Javid’s death sentence you will therefore be taken to.

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Sea And Cast To The Pit Of Kharkum

the nesting place of the all-powerful Sarlacc doesn’t sound so bad in his belly. You will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years, and while fighting Luke Khan and Chewie on the skiff Boba fett was sticking out when Han blindly knocked his jet pack, causing him to bottle rocket into Jabba’s barge and fall into the Sarlacc. But this new episode of the Mandalorian gave us an answer to Boba fett’s escape by making the even larger Crate Dragon take up residence in an abandoned Sarlacc pit. There’s no such thing as an abandoned store like pit. There is if you eat the Sarlacc Ah yes to paraphrase the great Jedi.

There Is Always A Bigger Sand

monster and one of the surprise features of this Crate dragon was its ability. Spew acid to dissolve its enemies. It’s abused acid Now it’s fuse acid now. According to Mendo, that acid must be capable of dissolving and digesting a Sarlacc, but when Mando himself gets swallowed by the Crate Dragon, along with that Boom Bantha that acid does not dissolve his best scar armor. You can see it smeared all over the best guard, but it does not appear to be burning it away so for you visual learners Sarlacc eats Boba Sarlak’s slow working digestive Juices gets started on Boba, but then great Dragon eats Sarlacc dissolves the Sarlacc cutting out the food chain Middleman so that Boba, his mandalorian armor.

Immune To The Crate Acid Can

get puked up to freedom just like Mando did now canonically, Boba fett’s armor is supposed to be made of dura steel, a different alloy than Vesgar, but in cobb Vance flashback You can. See clearly that Bova’s armor deflects a blaster bolt same as Mando’s best guard armor always can so it wouldn’t surprise me if they end up retconning Boba Fett’s armor to be best gar or suggest it is just as strong as Bhaskar. Even if Dragon acid can leak in and burn your hair off, but before we continue whether you’re a well-known Baldy like Boba fett for thanos. It’s easy to be a grouch when you’re losing your hair. It can be a bummer.

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the description to receive 50 off your first order okay so if that is indeed the explanation for how Boba fett survived what happened then why is? Boba Fett no longer wearing his armor. This is the bigger mystery asked by Christopher Voss Hey no relation. I don’t think either way. I am denying paternity theory as to how Boba Fett was separated from his armor. Chris actually was able to include that shout out after getting our exclusive.

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Rockstars Merch Store you can do at anyway. There are a few theories to this one is that Boba Fett’s escape from two turducken layers exhausted him so much that he just passed out in the Dune Sea, where he was discovered by Jawas who stole the armor from his body. If you look closely at that armor, the green paint has been corroded off just like there’s some scarring on Boba Fett’s face. He went through a lot and there was a metal patch added to the jet.

Pack To Repair The Spot That Han Solo

smashed it on the skiff now. Boba could have repaired that himself, but I think it’s more likely that the Jawas welded that on another theory is that Boba Fett as a contractor for the Empire might want to change his identity and kind of blend in on an anti-imperial outer implant like Tatooine, but I am not sure about that because think about it now he would just look like every other clone Trooper enlisted for the Empire so that wouldn’t help the other explanation that I kind of like is that Boba Fett could have voluntarily given up or sold off his armor because one detail we pointed out in the breakdown is Boba’s Tuscan rifle Tuscan gaffy stick Tuscan Robes. Boba Fett could be living among the Tuscan Raiders. We know from the episode that the Tuscan raiders have. kind of ongoing deal with the Crate Dragon where they try to feed it ban the tributes to try to keep it sleeping.

Perhaps During One Of Those Feeding

sessions, the Great Dragon coughed up a Boba hairball and then the Tuscan Raiders, whom we now understand are actually way friendlier way more hospitable as a people could have taken in Boba Fett and brought him back to his health and the same way that Mando adopted the identity of his rescuers. Boba Fett could discover a sense of kinship and community with these folks folks who ironically Boba’s former boss slaughtered like animals. I hate them and now Bubba could live on masks like his Tuscan brothers spiritually outgrowing the mandalorian armor of his clone papa, so what is Boba Fett doing now He does appear to be living disguised or sincerely as a Tuscan raider on Tatooine. He. might not be too eager to get his armor back because at any point he could have just snatched it from Cop Vanth over the years, but he didn’t and I assume that’s for a reason.

So I Dont Think We Should Jump

to the assumption that we’re going to see a man This season. Boba vs Den if anything they’re going to have more in common and be assets to each other, especially if Bubba could say that he saw the error in his ways and stopped appropriating mandalorian armor, which Mando would totally appreciate and remember This season 2 premiere did not give us answers about the big tattooing mystery from season 1. The identity of the mystery figure who came upon Phoenix Shand. I feel like if that was Cobb man. He would have told us about it that Chatty Cathy talked our ears off about his.

Backstory, All Of Us Are Long I

think Fenik Shand may be with Boba Fett, maybe with the other Tusken raiders as well recovering from her attack in episode 5 last season and her possible return. This season could explain what’s next for Boba Fett. Series producers Dave Filoni and John Favreau didn’t just bring back Boba Fett for fan service. They took him out of his famous armor all to remind us of the face underneath and where it came from, namely as a clone from Kamino.

This Has To Be Important To The Future

of the series. Dr Pershing who study Baby Yoda wore a patch from Kamino and this episode Pelimoto made a reference to Beta Yoda’s reproductive cycle in biology. You know if this thing ever divides or buds I will gladly pay for the offspring and trailer footage shows this kind of rainy Ocean planet. that could be Moncalla or Camino, so I believe that whenever Mando encounters Boba fett this season The reason for Boba’s live-action return will be as a link to the primary Star Wars history.

Boba Fetts Camino And Origins Which Could Be

part of Baby Oda’s origin. Despite Khawil’s belief that Baby Oda wasn’t genetically engineered and Boba’s experience with Vader and with the Jedi Since he was there for Django and Obi-wan Kenobi’s fight on Kamino and he was there for the massive Jedi battle and Geonosis. So I think Boba Fett is gonna tell Mando where to go next to find Jedi and to find entities involved with genetic engineering in this universe and I also have a bunch of thoughts on how Obi-wan Kenobi could play into this all to set up his Kenobi spin-off series So you gotta check out my recent theory video on that. check out our merch store, Newrockstarsmerch.

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The Big Return is a Boba pet. The original trilogy Bounty Hunter with too little screen time and a death so unceremonious that the leading head cannon is that the character had to have been drunk. Boba Fett’s possible survival from the Sarlacc has been a mystery speculated on by pretty much every Star wars die hard over the decades . The real return is the actual dude in the Flesh played by Tamora Morrison, who played Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones the Source Donator from which all the Camino were cloned. The Ole fans Marshall character from the aftermath books, but the real guy is the real Boba fett. The real man in the flesh is played by Cobb Bath Timid, who plays the real Fett. He was sticking out when Han blindly knocked his jet pack when Han hit his jet-pack with Han Solo’s jet pack in the skiff . The episode has been out for several days and this was widely reported…. Click here to read more and watch the full video