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The Mandalorians Collision Course With Boba Fett.

This season will reveal a past rematch between Tomorrow, Morrison’s adult Bounty Hunter and the Jedi who ruined his life with this Papa Jango on Kamino Obi-wan Kenobi Hello. There setting up Ewan McGregor’s solo spin-off seriesNK] Welcome back to Boo stars the only thing better than an episode of Wild Speculation about the Mandalorian season two is a halloween themed episode of Wild speculation about the Mandalorian season two or as I call it season Boo I am the heavy microphone breathing wild heart, thieving Copia Stevieing host of this show. Tommy Beck told her. This is rogue theory the only show that brings you the devilishly nerdy hot takes on the topics that are to die for with me today is the nosferatu of new rock stars Skerrick Eric Voss Hi everyone happy Halloween um hopefully you’re not too scared.

Theres Lots Of Reasons To Fear

in this year Yes yes there are This is a very real rip from the headlines halloween as I say coming up next. We have friend of the show comedy writer host of The crush fictionally podcast. Hopefully she doesn’t get crushed really in real life, but it’s fine to have a crush on her. I suppose Kimberly Trung kimberly hello, How are you I’m good thanks for having me yeah all right. I like your ears.

Those Are Very Nice And We Are

thrilled to welcome to rogue theory. My comedy buddy, a man that I first nerded out with in a car ride to long beach comic-con and thus a nerd relationship bloomed say hello to my friend and fellow comedy Nerd Tom Michelson, Hello Tom how are you hello everybody thanks for having me. I and this is my first time. New rock star, so I wanted to make sure that I was dressed up but also this is my Halloween costume Tommy hold on Oh, I’m John Wick yes you are you look outstanding. I I should have worn a costume I definitely should have won UK I believe Eric you have some things you’d like to say, Oh yeah I I couldn’t go a full out with my costume because you may notice I’m wearing this amazingly cozy perfectly fitting.

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add on at check out a special custom shout out that Tommy and I will include on screen in episodes of Wikileaks Our Mandalorian after show next episode’s coming Tomorrow after the episode premiere So just get on this help support me rockstar So one day you know we don’t have to scream at you about bang energy drink in the middle of every video cool that would be yeah what you know but I’ll never stop raving about ball trimmers so manscape you’re safe with me search that merch but good luck getting those t-shirts because I’ve got my minions on it and they’re ordering them as we speak I’m ordering them in all sizes. I’ve. a planned weight loss and weight gain this year of hundreds of pounds, so I’ll be down. I’ll be all the way down to a child’s large and all the way up to a male 7xl, which is the only way to sleep in a tent and wear a tent with you at all times all right let’s get spooky with it and also sci-fi with it and a little bit of fantasy with a dash of Western season two of the Mandalorian is premiering in a matter of hours. The success of season one on Disney plus has led to the announcement of other star Wars spin-offs, including an Obi-wan Kenobi series that is now in production with Ian McGregor Hello Many believe this upcoming Mando season will introduce us to one of these spin-offs so please my friends pitch me your theories on how the mandalorian season two.

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Star Wars Titles Eric Were Going

with you first my man Yeah, Yeah Tommy You may remember how last week we started exploring this idea on our first episode of Wikileaks and the idea that I pitched is that Mando’s encounter with Boba Fett. This season could lead to a kind of flashback with Boba Fett’s encounter with Obi-wan Kenobi you know back when he was a little little Wee boy on during attack of the Clones when they were both on Kamino, but I think the Mandalorians collision course with Boba Fett. This season will reveal a past rematch between Tamara Morrison’s, Adult Bounty Hunter and the Jedi who ruined his life with this Papa Jango on Kamino, Obi-wan Kenobi Hello there setting up Ewan McGregor’s solo spin-off series so what do we know about this Kenobi series other than you know it’s gonna be dope well it’s gonna. 11 years before a new hope so that would be after order 66 or revenge of the Sith and after Obi-wan left Baby Luke with I think it was Joel Edgerton and Nexium Bonnie yeah right I think those are the two um and I think we’re about to learn that Ben Kenobi didn’t spend several years just in a desert creeping on Luke from the other side of Beggar’s Canyon learning how to imitate a crate dragon Roar to scare off some jawas that’s not what he’s doing this guy’s got he’s full of adventures and Obi-wan and Boba Fett have only crossed paths as I mentioned on screen when Bubba was a kid he was escaping with his dad on Slave one from Kamino, but I think adult Boba Fett didn’t show up until Empire strikes back and that would be after Obi-wan’s death on the death Star. Did insert Boba Fett back into a new hope and one of the restored editions in that scene with Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt um, But I do think we’re gonna see what adult Boba Fett was up to on Tatooine During the years Obi-wan was there and the way rebels kind of gave us an amazing tattooing rematch between Obi-wan and Maul.

I Think Were Gonna See A

live action rematch set in those early years with the Sun. Boba Fett still angry over the Jedi slicing off his papa’s head on Geonosis and he seeks out Mace Windu. Mace Windu was thrown out a window on coruscant and then instead. He traces down one of the few Jedi left Kenobi on Tatooine and I think this is going to be a story told by Bella that to Mando as I speculated in some of the trailer breakdowns. Know Mando is going to return to Tatooine maybe run into the remnants of Jabba The Hutt’s criminal network that could lead him to Boba Fett who if you remember is a clone and he may be able to give Mando answers on why that guy Dr Pershing who was wearing a Camino patch was studying the child in episode three of season one and since Mando is also seeking answers about the Jedi Boba Fett.

He Knows All About The Jedi.

He’s gonna tell us that story about how when he as a younger man tried to hunt down one of the few remaining Jedi Kenobi, who lived not too far from here. Just on the other side of the canyon and we know baby Yoda is over 50 years old, so he might have been present for that fight between Kenobi and Boba Fett maybe the early years. of Baby Yoda will be a subplot in this Kenobi series and I think the big twist of this Mandalorian Season 2 will be Baby Yoda communing with a force ghost that only the child can see just off screen Mando’s confused as hell, What is this Kid smiling at but we just hear you and McGregor’s voice saying hello there old friend and then we cut to black wow wow that is a lot to process very exciting for me. I I love just the idea of of bringing back these characters in a way that does not feel too convenient you know it doesn’t feel too forced like that that’s a thinking man’s thinking person star wars right there you really gotta put the pieces together.

Im Not Going To Give You

any treats or tricks. The tricks and treats today will be awarded by my friend and. star of the Mandalorian baby Yoda whoa you got him? I got him and supposedly he should talk Oh my you know what he said he said you get three treats. You get three robies great job baby all right that’s enough now. I said that’s enough hey don’t you scream at that child he’s very powerful.

This Is So Cute All Right Kimberly

what do you got for me okay well if Eric’s theory was a thinking man’s theory yes mine is the woman’s theory Oh okay now look I hate to talk business but I’m gonna lean towards that because I think what we know about Disney and the Star Wars franchise is that they are very clever about finding new ways to take my money and I don’t know what you’re talking about I don’t really like to spend a lot of money on them the fact. remains is the fact remains is that Rosario Dawson is a big name and to bring Rosario Dawson into season two of The Mandalorian I Don’t think that’s a happy accident. I mean yes I know she’s kind of been like a fan favorite. People have been trying to talk her into doing or joining the the franchise for years now and she’s finally joining but again. I don’t think that’s a happy accident.

I Think That Is On Purpose And I

think it’s because they’re setting her up for her own spin-off for Ahsoka and look I personally think that Ahsoka is a character that fans want to see brought to life and form of live action. I personally would love to see that um and I think there’s an opportunity here for us to see if we look at the age of Rosario Dawson right. She’s 40 and. Looking fantastic but can we see an older Ahsoka character storyline in a spin-off from the Mandalorian season two Abso freaking Lutely. I think is the answer and then last but not least Ahsoka’s a Badass character and I think we would just all love to see her, especially Rosario Dawson, who quite frankly looks like her real-life Doppelganger play that role so I’m very excited that’s my pitch that’s my theory my businesswoman theory I have spoken that is listen.

Id Love To Do Business.

I think that is a great idea. We are buying that we are buying anything with Rosario Dawson in it including if they want to make a few more clerks movies. I would advise against it, but I’ll go. I’ll still pay for it.

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She Can Be In Anything, Especially If

it’s a a show or we could see her every week. I’m all. For that, I love you know the industry industry is fascinating to me as well, so I like you know thinking about it logically from an economic standpoint. I love that theory, but it doesn’t matter what I think Kimberly Ultimately it matters what the child thinks so let’s see what the child says wow that’s that’s gut wrenching content right there the child says you get three treats as well three treats for your idea quiet child quiet we’ve got more show to do now three treats for your theory as well anything with Rosario Dawson’s automatically gonna get three treats for me and not a treat more child please Ah Tom you’re bringing us home what do you got for me all right hopefully baby Yoda likes this um well you know what we know what season two is gonna be about it’s gonna be about the man. Amando and the child on the run um with bounties on their heads yes and that’s going to bring out every bounty Hunter pirate and Scoundrel in the galaxy and who’s the biggest Scoundrel out there that we know Lando Calrissian.

I Think That I Think At

some point maybe you know they’ll the child will be in danger. Maybe Maddow will be defeated or like gone or something and I think that the child will will be defenseless as we see this like shadowy figure walking up and we’re going to we’re going to see the feet approaching kind of like with Boba Fett approaching um Fennec Shan in season one and as the feed come closer baby Oda looks up and we’re just going to hear hello what do we have here. I think that’s how they’re going to introduce Donald Glover’s version because as we know we. Don’t really know what he’s been up to since return of the Jedi you know he’s he was on endor and then the next time we see him he’s on a sand crawler In episode nine saying Give Leia beloved right we don’t really know what he’s been doing We don’t even know how many other robots he’s been banging in the meantime, but these are the things that we need to know we can only hope this is why we watch disney plus to find out these answers yeah I think every parent that signs up for a disney plus subscription says I need answers on the human to robot intercourse or I’m canceling and you know what answer it for me across all titles. I want to find out what’s going on in Lion guard are they are they building robots yet and what’s going on with them.

Whats Going On In In The

Frozen Saga is there an element of robot human love that we can introduce to Arendelle. I don’t know I’m not sure Tom wait wait wait ingratiate yourself with the new Rock Stars universe by introducing interspecies sex, which is something that they’re gonna love in the comments section Yeah, I I um I would love to see like whatever the explanation is to have like Billy D Williams play the character return of the Jedi and before Donald Glover comes in like to be like I took a de-aging potion or like they just don’t explain at all because Donald Glover’s impression was awesome. I don’t need it it was incredible they should literally just do the Adam Scott Bradley Cooper Explanation from wet hot American summer and just be like wow you got a lot of face surgery Yes I did okay. It anyway that’s all and then never address it again. It’s not up to me as we said it’s always up to the child here.

Tom And We Dont We Dont

take it easy on you just because this is your first show so the child will be fair wow wow just really incredible content from the child right now. I mean they said that he had 27. I say he i’m not really sure they said the child has whoa the child just did a magic trick. You guys missed it sorry that we have that off camera. He says you get three three treats as well.

Its A Clean Three Treat Sweet.

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What Are You Waiting For Go Whack Your

weeds whack those weeds yeah whack em whack-a-mole okay now it’s time to talk discord guys we’re gonna get to our discord rogue theory but first I want to mention on the sports thread of discord This. Am introducing a football pick contest Saturday Night. I’m gonna make a football pick video put it up on there sometime Sunday morning You guys will have the option to pick against me or pick with me. I’m gonna keep track of everyone’s scores and at the end of the season I’ll think of some prize there’s got to be some nerdy thing in my collection. I can give to one of you to satiate your nerdy desires.

Maybe Its A Comic Book Maybe Its

a lock of my hair. Maybe I just take a weed whacker carve out my nose hairs put them in a ziploc bag and give them to the winner that’s currency somewhere in Belarus” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>belarus nose hairs. My nose hair is like gold in Belarus anyway quick shout out to our patrons Civil unrest who won this week. ‘s discord rogue theory contest on our patreon discord. Server their pitch for a Mandalorian Season 2 plot included both a fake and real Boba Fett and a cameo from a mysterious blue Lightsaber Wielder.

I Think I Know Who That Is

so play along in future rogue theories become a patron by going to New Rockstars and speaking of Lightsabers My spooky friends. You didn’t think I was gonna leave the halloween themes of this episode behind did you question two is positively Ghoulish. Season one of the Mandalorian ended with Moff Gideon surviving the tie fighter crash and hacking his way out of the ship with the Darksaber. The ancient Black Lightsaber passed down through generations of Mandalorians and last seen in the animated Star Wars Rebel series, being wielded by Bogotan, who will be played by Katie Sakhoff.

In Season Two, So How Did

Imperial officer Moff Gideon get the dark Saber Tom why Don’t. You lead us off this time okay well yeah, so what do we know about the darksaber so it was the first lightsaber made by the first Jedi Mandalorian Tarvisla and when he died his descendants from House Vizsla who ended up creating death watch stole the saber and they use it as a symbol of power and leadership and whoever holds it rules Mandalore so what if during the siege of Mandalore moth Gideon actually stole it because drumroll. He is a Mandalorian not only that what if he’s a descendant of House Vizsla that would make him the true heir to the throne and the blade. Even though him using the the dart saber as part of the Empire is total sacrilege um but you know we’ve seen precedent of this before like within rebels when Sabine Wren um you know was part of the empire for. A while so we know that the empire was um you know was taking Mandalorians and moving them into the fold and so and if this is true that actually would have really interesting symmetry with Din Jaron’s origins.

You Know Here He Is Hes A Foundling

not someone from Mandalore who was raised in the culture and who now has become kind of the pinnacle of what the what a Mandalorian really is and now We have maf Gideon who if is true as is a Mandalorian with claim to the throne and the darksaber, but he’s someone who’s betrayed his people who’ve left them behind and now it’ll be a battle of who is the real Mandalorian. Someone raised as a Mandalorian or someone who is technically a Mandalore but gave that life up and I think that’d be really interesting too awesome that’s a cool theory love. It yes that is a wonderful theory? I I mean, I think that would be one of the great twists if that ended up being true. I mean, I think people will be talking about that forever. I had to put the child to sleep the child needed to take a nap.

So Instead The The Treats Are

going to be handed out via this terrifying eye thing. I found at target Yes look how scary it is it’s like a steampunk eye of agamotto yeah wow terrifying the eye that sees all says shut up it says you get two treats for that theory two stinky treats no tricks so that brings you to a total of five treats. Tom wonderful Kimberly follow that I dare you well. I think I have a simpler theory and you know the phrase drive it like you stole it yeah. I think.

Moth Gideon Is Wielding The Dark Saber

like he stole it off of Bocaton and she is alive, and she’s a prisoner of war, but the New Republic is allowing it because they want to see if they can get some benefit off of her. You know this post-war like prisoner exchange type thing so that’s my theory and I think for the meantime he’s like you know I might as well use a sick sword. It’s a pretty sick saber, so I’m just gonna use it to my benefit Yeah and I have spoken all right. This is the way. I this is the one anyone who quotes Nick Nolte is good in my book.

I Think Yeah I Love It.

I I love the idea of him just stealing it being like I better use this till I get in trouble like it reminds me of like a teenage-like teenager, stealing a boat or something I like it, But it’s not up to me. It’s up to you. It’s up to this eye the retina eye scanner and it’s it’ll work Don’t worry okay, Oh it makes eye puns too which is the fun thing Oh I think with all the eye puns what that meant is he’s awarding you two treats two treats as well. Two treats two treats for you.

A Total Of Five Treats As Well Eric

no pressure but if you don’t get two treats here you’ll be firmly in the basement. Oh my god, what if I like the basement’s where Jigsaw plays Oh no I don’t like it down there not with him um. All right well here’s my thinking Giancarlo Esposito has been um you know hinting at the fact that there’s going to be some kind of Lightsaber duel and I think one of the missteps of the sequel series is that like pretty much anyone can pick up a Lightsaber at any point who aren’t Jedi like it’s supposed to be like a sacred thing. The only people pick up Jedi are supposed to be Jedi themselves and I was excited to see Finn pick it up and ignite it, but like he wasn’t a Jedi and they just kind of like ignored the importance of that moving on so I’m thinking that in order to have his hands and be able to effectively wield this. I kind of want Moff Gideon to be a former Jedi or or at least a a Jedi Youngling or a Padawan who is at.

The Jedi Temple At The Moment

of order 66 um, Kind of like as We’ve seen in Jedi fallen order, but he becomes an inquisitor right so maybe he’s like an inquisitor who’s working for the empire. He’s someone who is helping the Empire hunt down other former Jedi to to take them out and that’s how he gets to this moth position. He’s. He’s rewarded with this position for being such a valuable asset to palpatine and it’s possible that the dark saber we’re seeing it either could be the dark saber. It’s also possible that it’s like a replica he built from the dark Saber using his own black Kyber crystal that he got from Ilum, which is a plant they might be visiting, but it could be the dark saber.

Well See Which Is True Between Those

but I think his goal is to start a new sith order that is in the name of Palpatine. Even though Palpatine is believed to be dead here. I think one of his like his dying wishes is to start a new sith order and that that is going to be the mission overtaken by Moff Gideon and that is why he wants the child because he knows this child is force sensitive and he’s trying to track it down because that’s going to be a keystone to whatever new school of thought that he builds are you saying he might turn the child into a sith. I think that’s the goal Yeah. I mean the kids he’s very impressionable.

Hes Only 50 Years Old.

You know he could my God he could feed his mind with all kinds of horrible things. his child just put a chill in my spine wait a second Oh, Oh no, oh no they’re kissing, Oh God, Oh no crossover we never thought we wanted or needed Eric two treats for you too Oh my God disgusting well if the eye is a robot that’s actually pretty cool actually more of that baby Yoda is 15 or 50, but the eye is only 17. so it is still inappropriate. Okay that wasn’t me that wasn’t me all right moving on we’ll cut that out for time I’m sure wow here’s our rook leave it in all right here’s our road question guys great answers we’re all tied up at five.

You Know Me Im Very Im Very Even

keel about my rogue giving until the end when I become cut throat murderous evil Our road question James Gunn tweeted this week that he was given the freedom to kill any character he wanted by Dc, What if he chose Wonder woman and warner brothers in the upcoming to the suicide squad. He’s like I actually just want your bottom line to fail. I kill wonder woman if you could direct an installment of any franchise and kill off any character you’d like who would it be and why I for me um I would want to take over a pixar film The toy story series and I want to kill off all of humanity in the toy story series so that it becomes the cars universe and now animatronic or not Animatronic Inanimate objects are actually alive and they inherit. the earth they’re all just every toys walking around talking there’s just nothing stopping the toys They’re just toys. They’re all toys.

I Love It Well For Mine Here I

need my wig for mine because it’s related it’s related to Mine Sorry hold on okay wow welcome back John welcome back hello so um my theory of my theory yeah My my idea is if I could direct a John Wick movie and kill John Wick because then his dog would take up the revenge story and then kill everyone who killed him and it would not be like air, but it’d be more like homeward bound where it’s like and yeah and we would watch the who we watch his dog go on a spree to get revenge on his owner John Wick, a dog wow I recently watched the latest terminator movie terminator Dark fate and it. got me thinking I’d love to direct a terminator but kill off Sarah Connor like actually kill off Sarah Connor. I love her character. I actually think that the latest movie I I sat there and I was like why doesn’t He just kill her as well. He came all the way here to wherever they are Mexico.

He Goes All The Way To

Mexico to find John Connor and the and Sarah’s right there and he doesn’t even kill her so kill off Sarah Connor and see where that where that universe leads us to Hmm sure yeah interesting. I like that I like all three of them. The correct answer. Unfortunately was you kill Waldo from the where’s Waldo books. So then it just becomes where’s and it’s an existential search to find meaning in anything.

Everyones Just Standing Around No Im Kidding

of course the correct answer. is kill all humans so the toys rule the world toy story Eric Voss is our winner Eric congratulations what is your wish your victory wish for us to do today on the show. Oh in the spirit of halloween. I want all of us to do our evil laughter and just like really you know what this is our last one before the election.

So Just Get Out All The

rage and evil dark spirits just vent them into the cosmos and get it out of our system so hopefully we can enter this new era pure and without any toxicity. Everyone ready Three two one the child this is my son the child. This is his boyfriend, the evil eye. I want to thank our guests.

Tom Michelson Kimberly Trung Eric Voss Dont

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This season will reveal a past rematch between Tomorrow, Morrison’s adult Bounty Hunter and the Jedi who ruined his life with this Papa Jango on Kamino Obi-wan Kenobi . There setting up Ewan McGregor’s solo spin-off seriesNK] Welcome back to Boo stars the only thing better than an episode of Wild Speculation about the Mandalorian season two is a halloween themed episode . The Mandalorians collision course with Boba Fett. The Mandalorian . The nosferatu of new rock stars Skerrick Eric Voss. Tommy Beck told her. Tom Michelson, a comedy writer host of The crush fictionally podcast, is a friend of the show comedy writer . Tommy Beck said he has a crush on Kimberly Trung kimberly. She doesn’t get crushed really in real life, but it’s fine to have a crush. He said she didn’t get crush on her. She didn’t want to get crushed. She said it was fine to be crushed…. Click here to read more and watch the full video