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the 10th Annual Halloween Special Tonight We’re talking about a film that is absolutely Infamous for its brutality. A film that I can barely show you any clips from and I’ll have to be very selective in the editing process and that film is of course Martyrs a film hailing from France. It came out in 2008 and it’s about a woman named Lucy who’s trying to find the people responsible for her childhood suffering and Trauma. Along with her is her friend Anna, who isn’t quite sure if Lucy Hallucinated all of that trauma in the past, but nevertheless is trying to help her friend recover in any way she can and once Lucy and Anna stumble across a seemingly normal house that’s when all hell breaks loose. If you’re a fan of horror you’ve probably heard of Martyrs it’s absolutely notorious.

For Being One Of The Most

violent and sickening movies ever made and it’s mentioned often alongside other films that are considered part of the new French Extremity movement, which is a fancy way to say that it’s a French film that’s really blumin up you’ve seen things like this in the past. There’s the video nasties in more recent years. There was the torture porn boom that began with saw which by no means is a torture-porn film, but it was so good and so cheap and so successful that a bunch of other films thought oh wait we just have to be a really gross nasty and make money. They didn’t understand that you actually have to have some psychological things happening under the surface with great characters like James Wan and Lee Winnell did when they made the great film saw Martyrs is one of. The few films though that I’ve heard a lot about and then eventually watched and it lived up to what everyone had said.

It Is Really Gross.

It is sickening and I have to ask myself. If I can even say that I like the movie because I don’t enjoy watching it. I certainly appreciate this film and I think that in many ways it has a lot of brilliant sequences, but enjoyment is not something that I feel when I watch this movie and I have seen it twice now. I watched it once back in the day when everybody was talking about it and again to prep for this review.

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Im Good Now Two Times With Martyrs Is

enough for me. The first half of this film is very unique in one specific way it almost feels like you’re watching the ending of another movie. You’re instantly thrown. into a very tense situation with Lucy and Anna, where Lucy does something very violent and very horrific and you don’t really understand why and it’s not until you finish the movie and look back on those events that you realize that what she’s doing is actually very cathartic for her and very important for her, which is your first clue that this is not your typical Revenge film. In fact, I can’t even really call it that because the Revenge that happens is in the first part of the movie, and when it does happen you don’t really understand what’s going on because you don’t know the context of the people who are being killed or what they did or what they may have done and so they just feel like random people being killed.

You Cant Feel The Catharsis That The

character is feeling nor can you understand. Why it’s important to her until much later and in that way the director is deliberately keeping the audience away from the satisfaction that most Revenge films offer, But I can say that I actually do like the first half of this movie. I enjoy watching most of the first half of this movie because it feels like it’s setting up a movie that never really happens. I’m fascinated by this film in many regards. I love looking up.

Peoples Theories About The Ending Of The Film

because as far as I’m concerned without getting into any spoilers in case you haven’t seen the film there’s really only a handful of things that could have taken place like I said I can’t speak about this film. Traditionally, I can’t just sit here and be like wow I really love Martyrs. I know that some people can but the director seems. and I emphasize seems because of course, I don’t know him. He seems to have a very nihilistic outlook on life and I simply don’t feel that way and so when I watch a movie where someone has a very different opinion about life than I do that’s totally fine as long as I understand where they’re coming from.

I Have To Be Able To Take Something

away from it. If you’re going to make a movie about brutality that’s not necessarily difficult to do anybody could sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write down a bunch of really blumin up things that could happen on screen and they would be really gross and disgusting and that’s how a lot of those video nasties got made back in the day. There wasn’t a lot of care to the story. They just kind of. of got made because of shock value not that they’re all bad.

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There Are Definitely Some Good Ones.

It’s very easy to come up with something very disgusting and violent and then just depict it in a movie what’s difficult is injecting meaning into it and in many ways. The director has succeeded this film clearly has made a lot of people talk and it has certainly made an impact on people and the final line in the movie is one that has haunted me ever since I saw it because it’s not that I agree with him or that that I feel he’s opening my eyes to something I never thought of it’s mostly that it makes me feel very unsettled because it doesn’t 100 make sense. A character does something in the final moments of this movie, and if you think about what happened to that character a few scenes ago there’s really only a few options that could have potentially made this character do what. They do any real criticisms with the film that I might have come in the form of a character that does not leave a house when they should that leaves their fingerprints everywhere when they shouldn’t and that just keeps going down further and further into a seller when they really should be going in the exact opposite direction, and then there’s the ambiguity of the ending which I just mentioned a few moments ago.

Its Not That I Dont Like An Ambiguous

ending. In fact I quite love them. It’s just that this one is a bit frustrating because as I said there are only a few options for what takes place and none of them fully make sense to me. Here’s the beauty of that ending. Though I’ve read other people’s Theory and have found ones that do make sense to me, but they all feel like they’re.

Reaching A Bit For Something That Isnt

quite there to inject meaning into an ending that doesn’t 100 knock it out of the park for me so if I really love this movie like actually truly loved it, and somehow wanted to watch it over and over again which I don’t. Then I would probably find a way to make this ending work for me and there is a way you can zigzag through a maze of potential options that could have happened or things that could have been related to a character and you can find an ending that works for you. In fact that’s probably the genius of the ending. It is so open-ended and there are so many possibilities that you can almost fill it with anything you want but for a horror film. This one does get one of my absolute highest praises and that is.

I Cant Eat During This Movie.

One of the only times that’s ever happened to me is the original Texas Chainsaw, Massacre and Martyrs I actually tried to have a snack during this movie. I put it down. I couldn’t I was like I don’t even want to I can’t I can’t eat while I look at this blumin. Martyrs also belongs to a category of films that is highly benefited by its reputation.

I Remember The First Time I Watched The

Exorcist being raised to Jehovah’s Witness I of course was never allowed to watch it and it seemed very very off limits and it just was like the worst movie ever so incredibly evil. So the first time I watched it. I just had all of those thoughts in my head and every single scene felt heightened by those thoughts even if nothing necessarily scary was. Was happening Martyrs is the same way because of its reputation from the very first scene. You feel on edge like you’re going to witness something that’s going to blumin you up if you’re a horror fan that is okay with watching something that is incredibly Bleak and that will probably leave you breathless and anxious and potentially even give you nightmares.

Martyrs Is That Film This Film Was

clearly made by someone who at least at the time was going through some blumin There is no way the filmmaker behind this movie just went to work smiling every day, and I think in the end that’s the thing that actually disturbs me. The most about this movie that the filmmaker was able to put themselves in that headspace and maintain that headspace for that long that actually unsettles me guys. I can’t give the traditional. The traditional recommendation for Martyrs this Halloween because this film is so unpleasant, but I can tell you that if it is the type of movie that you will see something and Find meaning in then perhaps you should check it out sometime, but I will also say Don’t feel like you have to watch this movie Just because other people say you should there are a lot of movies that are just extreme that I don’t feel the need to ever watch.

I Dont Necessarily Feel Some Urge

to to check off every extremely violent and disgusting horror movie that’s ever been made on a list somewhere and know that I experienced it. I think that if a film is worthy of viewing, but it’s also very violent and disturbing like this one. Then I’m going to tell you that maybe at some point if you feel you can. Brave it you should check it out but I’m not that kind of film lover that feels the need to watch every extreme gross and sickening film that’s ever been made just because it is extremely gross and sickening.

I Think Like I Said It

is very easy to make a film like that you just have to think of something blumin up and then put some characters in a situation and film it it’s really hard to put meaning into it and I do think that in a lot of ways. Martyrs succeeds in that guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more videos in the 10th Annual Halloween special coming your way very soon. If you like this, you can click right here and get stuck manized oh foreign.


Martyrs is one of the most violent and sickening movies ever made . It’s about a woman named Lucy who’s trying to find the people responsible for her childhood suffering and Trauma . Lucy and her friend Anna stumble across a seemingly normal house that’s when all hell breaks loose . It is sickening and I have to ask myself. If I can even say that I like the movie because I don’t enjoy watching it. I certainly appreciate this film and I think that in many ways it has a lot of brilliant sequences, but I have been unable to say if I like it because it’s sickening to watch it. It’s one of many films though that I’ve heard a lot about and then eventually watched and it lived up to what everyone had said. It is really gross. The few films though I’ve been able to watch and it’s absolutely disgusting. I think it is really sickening. I have had to say it has to be very selective in the editing process….. Click here to read more and watch the full video