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Things Havent Gotten Better For The Comic Book Shops

or the complic industry since my last video, but before we get into that I would like to express my gratitude something The Camba creatives have had a hard time showing lately thank you to all who have subscribed to my channel and liked and shared the videos it really has helped and I thank you for your continued support If you don’t like my politics. Don’t buy my book neurotic comm call it Karma call it destiny call it consequences call it justice call it whatever you like the pencils are down at Marvel and a couple of videos ago. I was wondering why the Marvel creatives haven’t taken this opportunity to be a little self-reflective to maybe take a personal laboratory to maybe look back across their career and look back at some of their behavior towards the paying customer. It was just three short weeks ago. The Dan Slott felt comfortable enough and his job that he could insult potentially half of the paying customers of his employer Disney Marvel and comic shops those same comic shops that are closing or have already closed across America three of them permanently and we will talk about that in a moment but now the Marvel creators find themselves in the same boat as the comic shop retailers The UK fear and uncertainty and now that they’re in this boat together.

We Finally See That The Marvel Creatives

recognize that there’s comic shops and they’re actually concerned for these small businesses. and they have solutions begging Hollywood for help I’m here to tell you right now Hollywood will not save you comic-book industry and unfortunately it won’t be able to save the comic book shops not that this is the worst idea in the world and it is very entertaining to see all of the blue checkmarks on Twitter, telling other people how to spend their money. I would say Donnie Cates probably has enough money himself to help a comic shop and maybe he has and hasn’t made it public, but instead of suggesting somebody else help Donnie why don’t you put your money where your mouth is now. I don’t make the money. Donnie Cates does but I have a little something to offer to comic shops.

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Later In The Video Lets Start Out

at Newsarama Marvel Comics pausing work and release of one third of its May and June titles. Unfortunately, this does not count X-men, children of the Atom or Daniel Kevin Smith’s new Warriors, which is currently sitting at 197 thousand down votes. I know we can get it to 200,000. By the end of the week. Folks Marvel Entertainment is immediately pausing work and the release of approximately one-third of its May and June comic book issues and it will be very interesting to see what titles they ended up cutting and if they will cut them permanently a spokesperson confirmed for Newsarama Marvel’s representatives said 15 to 20 percent of its solicited titles would be affected as some of them are twice monthly in May and June.

The Decision To Pause Work On The

affected titles. According to the spokesperson is to help. amount of publishing product over the coming weeks and months so they don’t dump everything at once on the comic shops now. I think this is a good move, but I don’t think it’s enough. I think they should pause completely asked when the publisher intends to resume the publishing issues not affected by the pause.

The Barbel Spokesperson Said As Soon As More

information is available. We will outline our longer-term plans and this is where the reality sets in for the creatives at Marvel Marvel began telling creators involved with the suspended titles of this decision. Friday and the company spokesperson reassured Newsarama that all talent will be paid for their work to date and if you don’t like my politics. Don’t Buy my book problem solved the universe tends to unfold as it should and now it is solving the problem Miss pseudo-Conic and those of you who are not deeply involved in the comic books. Fear might not have heard a statement like that before I might find it shocking, but it’s a regularity.

She Is Not The First To

say it, nor will she be the last. It’s brilliant customer service like that that has put us in the predicament were in severely weakening an industry that was artificially propped up anyway and now the consequences are being felt by the creatives and now they’re panicking. It was just a couple of short weeks ago, where the Disney Marvel employee and comic book writer Donny Cate stated comic books were not cancelled. They’ll always make comic books everything’s gonna be fine we might have to move on past. shops but I’ll still have a job now Donny I agree with you.

There Will Always Be Comics.

They will always be produced, but they might not always be able to pay your bills and currently there are a couple of thousand comic shops who can’t pay their bills either but Johnny Cates has a solution doing what a lot of blue checkmarks have been doing of late telling other people how to spend their money from the removed UK article which we will get into Donnie Cates calls on Hollywood to help the comics industry Marvel Comics Writer Donnie Cates called on actors who have gotten big playing comic book characters to help out the comics industry amid the thing that shall not be named again. This article was removed from UK but I would like to thank Sundar Katz ho for passing it my way Marvel Comics writer. Donnie Cates called on Hollywood to lend a helping hand to the comic book world amid the struggles the industry is facing as a result of the thing that shall not be named now There might be two reasons. This was pulled.

It Was A Four Paragraph Article That

they couldn’t manage to fix the grammar in and Hey I’ve been kicked out of three high schools. I am UK one to judge but seriously you’re writing it would be pretty amazing if one of the actors who became a mole time multi-millionaires. Donnie you’re a writer for comic books. Multi. Multi millionaires would give a little something back to help the shops and creators who enable them to have their lives hashtag just saying well.

Donnie Last Time I Checked Youre

a top-tier writer at Marvel you make hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’m guessing I’m hoping comic book. Hammer chimed in with his own addition to Kate’s proposal referencing Marvel andNK] films specifically like if any of the main actors and/or directors of the Big two comic movies adopted a comics retailer and paid their rent for six months to a year that would be cool. He said adding hell even three months would help. Hollywood has had plenty of opportunities to help the comic shops over the years and they haven’t lifted a finger.

They Havent Even Put The Comic Shop Locator

at the end of the credits of one of their films. The call for the film and television industry to help the comic-book sphere in this trying time is not surprising after all comics have served as source material for movies and television shows for decades, with the more recent offerings helping to Rocket Marvel and UK characters into the mainstream and I hope. You all realize now in that comic sphere that Hollywood doesn’t give two shits about you wait I sit corrected this just in we have a response to Donnie Cates from Hollywood. This is exclusive video folks and it goes like this imagine all the people can to hope that response was good enough for you, but the news gets worse Folks Diamond to pay 25% of what they owe publishers take pay cut and if this wasn’t such a serious situation I would be laughing my ass off right now. Steve Jeppy is the founder chairman and UK of UK family enterprises.

He Is Also The Owner Of

Diamond Comics distributors, which is a monopoly because nobody has the desire to compete against them. Nobody has the desire to distribute comic books that tells you the state of the industry. Diamond topples the industry topples two weeks ago Diamond. closed its doors to new comics as part of the current global situation. They also made redundancies.

Last Week.

Dimon told publishers that they would cease payment for products received. This happened while Dimon simultaneously demanded payments from the comic shops from the retailer’s that’s so diamond. Many of whom have also closed bleeding cool hears about publishers that may have to close down entirely as a result. Now I want you to imagine calling your mortgage company or the credit card company that you owe money to or your landlord and saying something like this today.

Nk] Reached Out To The Publishers To Promise

a schedule of payment. He writes working with what we know today below is the outline of vendor payments from Diamond comic book distributors and diamond book distributors. Beginning this week. The week of April 6th You’ll receive 25% of the weekly amount due under. under your contract term each subsequent week, you’ll receive a 25-% payment of the week’s balance due this reduced payment schedule will continue for six weeks.

Sheer Blumin Hubris With The Remaining 75% Do

in each of those weeks being deferred. Following that six-week period, we will begin payment of the deferred balance and equal payments over a 13-week period. In other words, this is the way it’s going to be like it or not because we are monopolies we control this industry. We’re gonna hold your books hostage you’re screwed and let’s talk about some of those books Shall we it’s not like the entire industry is taking this time to change their ways. We’re gonna get the same crap that they were producing two or three short months ago, and I know we can hope that they would change their ways and find some humility.

These Times Were In Right Now, But

hope is not a strategy and we know it doesn’t matter how long this thing goes on. They will go back to their ways they will come back vindictive. They will still release the new warriors and children of the atom and there will be more to follow and that will kill the comic shops that they’re not dead already charming to the last does that sound like somebody who writes funny books light entertainment that is meant to be enjoyed over the period of 15 minutes to a half an hour. Some estimates are that we’re gonna lose 20 to 25% of the comic book shops. Just during this shutdown period.

Im Guessing Were Gonna Lose Another

20% when they return because they have to sell that crap so I started to try and think of what I as an intersectional white. Feminist comic book writer was qualified to teach and this is what I came up with UK because I know when you and I sit down to enjoy a little escapism. We want to feel uncomfortable. We want to be taught lessons by a lifetime academic with no real-world experience. So after we have diamond sending up red flags that at the very least it’s not going to return to business as usual and maybe it won’t return at all after years of Marvel and UK creatives deconstructing our favorite characters and antagonizing and disrespecting the paying customer once again.

The Comic Shops Have To Pay The Ultimate

consequences of all the games that all the publishers, all the distributors and all the creatives have been playing, and we can add two more to the list. Sho’nuff comics of Alabama” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Tuscaloosa Alabama. They posted the following on Facebook last week. This. Something that we never thought we would have to be writing after March 31st Sho’nuff comics will no longer be in business through the month of April.

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We Will Have Sporadic Hours, But

we will keep them updated on Facebook due to the many different factors and the current crisis. It’s all but done us in and another California comic shop goes down Purple Turtle comics in Vallejo California Bleeding Cool has confirmed that this store has permanently closed after opening only a year ago. A popular store running signings with well-known comic book creators The diamond shutdown was just too much. It seems and if you don’t like politics or music to every comic shop owners Ears I am sure and I’d like to say that statement hasn’t aged very well, but it wasn’t good to begin with now some people have stepped up.

Writer Amy Chu Has Offered.

stores if you get stuck with any of my comics because the customer didn’t or couldn’t pay I will happily buy back any at your cost so you don’t lose money back issues to thanks for supporting my writing career. Now it’s nice to see some gratitude from the creatives in the comic industry something we don’t see a lot of and something we need to see a lot more of Jim Lee is auctioning sketches on UK to help shopsNK] has donated 250-thousand dollars to help shops, but if you divide that amongst the 1900 comic stores it’s only 131 dollars per I wish. It was more than that but it’s more than what Marvel has offered, which has been absolutely nothing now I would like to make an offer and match what your boy Zack did at comics matter.

Im Gonna Offer A Comic Shop One Thousand.

dollars No strings attached All you have to do is email me at Gary at Nerd Rata calm title the email comic shop help and provide a verifiable business license prove that you’re still in business and I will UK you one thousand dollars again No strings attached. I know it’s not a lot, but at least it can help you pay a couple of bills. I will announce the winner April 8 and if nobody emails me.

Ill Just Pick A Shop To Give

$1000 to and that is me showing my gratitude towards this industry if you like what you heard please like share and subscribe if you didn’t like what you heard. I thank you for listening this long please support your local comic book shop if you can and most importantly of all please be safe. I’ll see you in the next video Durr Burana Calm. Please subscribe?


Things haven’t gotten better for the comic book shops or the complic industry since my last video . I was wondering why the Marvel creatives haven’t taken this opportunity to be a little self-reflective to maybe look back across their career and look back at some of their behavior towards the paying customer . Marvel creators find themselves in the same boat as the comic shop retailers The UK fear and uncertainty and now that they’re in this boat together . Hollywood will not save you comic-book industry and unfortunately it won’t be able to save the comic books . I would say Donnie Cates probably has enough money himself to help a comic shop. He probably has and maybe he has and hasn’t made it public, but instead of suggesting somebody else to help . If you don’t like my politics. I thank you for your continued support if you don’t like to like me, please check out the video below this week’s The Camba Creatives. Don’t buy my book…. Click here to read more and watch the full video