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my mom’s room my God I missed it. It was so freeing to be a big boy in my own apartment, but I said no no no. The prodigal son must return home to his mother. This is the big question The big question might be when are you gonna start living like an adult Tommy and the big answer is never. This is the show that gives you too much information about 2 000 foot tall space step Parents covered with armor and ready to destroy the whole planet.

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room true story. My mom asked me to keep my room a little tidier this morning, so I’m Tommy Bech told that I’m here today with my friend, my fellow member of the Big Head Gang the peaches to my cream the cream to my peaches Mr. Mt. What’s up baby Hey what’s going on Thomas. I am here and I’m ready to get into some celestial action.

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This is a belt for for a large man as the release date of the Eternals Looms on the horizon. We are starting to ask more questions about the cosmic elements of Marvel comics as they expand into the mcu. One particular element we’ve only heard mentioned in passing so far are the Celestials and what little we’ve seen up until this point Hasn’t been very nice so that got us thinking about this week’s big question are the celestials in the Mcu actually evil It’s a great question because the Celestials are a very mysterious race of people I mean like ever since they were introduced like they’ve pretty much been surrounded in mysteries so let’s get into this so The Celestials are a cosmically ancient 2000 foot tall beings covered in armor and their true origin is unknown, but many of the theories related to their creation are based on ancient myths and legends from different species across the universe and the celestials of course have played a part in the evolution of life throughout time. In the universe.

However, Their Methods Dont Always Have A Gentle

touch. They’ve been known to wipe out an entire planet here and there but are their intentions inherently evil well or are they more like the gods of Myth here on Earth or even the Old Testament Capital G God God, taking a firm and judgmental approach on humans and their choices in order to make us better. So we’ll examine what we know about the celestials from the comics, but first let us look at what we know about the celestials so far In the Mcu within the MCu. The celestials are an ancient race of incredibly powerful beings who are able to manipulate matter and energy and as we’ve said they are some of the oldest beings in the galaxy like even older than the Asgardians, and they were the original wielders of the infinity Stones because in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 as the collector is explaining.

The History Of The Infinity Stones We

do see Essen the searcher using the Power Stone to wipe out an entire planet of robed people who are just trying to chill not very chill zero percent cool like if I was you know at a party and some dude was like hey got the power Stone gonna destroy everybody on this planet and be like Yo. This is not a very cool party Oh not that kind of party Bro and in gardens of the galaxy Vol 2. We are of course introduced to Peter Quill‘s father ego of the living planet in the Mcu. He’s a celestial, though that’s not the same in the comics. He’s not a celestial in the comics, but he is in the Mcu.

An Ego Is Bored With Immortality And

thinks the universe is full of lame inferior life forms which you know there. Are a lot of lame inferior life forms out there but that’s not very accurate ego. There’s a lot of cool people that’s right you go to pockets of Los feliz. It’d be hard to argue with them. You know there’s a lot of landing inferior like I think you just took a trip there was like you know what I got to expand.

I Got To Go Bigger.

I got to go to Venice and he had a plan to reshape the universe by making every planet an extension of himself. Like he plants seeds on every planet. He encounters and leaves a lot of lonely kids waiting on the Dorp step for pops to come pick them up and when he does he promptly murders them because you know that’s what nice dads do that’s not true at all. He’s a terrible father Don’t be like ego or.

Omni Man, Either Of Those Those

are perfect examples of bad Dads. So remember that I can always start again make another kid. So our first full-on counter with a celestial in the MCu. Not looking so nice, but another destructive force we see in the MCu is of course the destroyer armor from the first four movie It’s meant to guard Odin‘s vault, but thanks to Loki gets unleashed on the bustling downtown of Puente Antigua New Mexico. Like we don’t know the full history of the Destroyer armor within the MCu.

However, The Destroyer Armor Has A

history in the comics that ties directly to the Celestials. Like Odin actually created the armor to protect Earth from destruction by the Celestial should they deem humanity a failure which is pretty hardcore stuff and I really hope that we get to see the destroyer again in eternals because. that would be fire to see destroyer fighting Celestials that’s huge massive and there’s also the possibility that Thanos could have been unleashed on the universe by the celestials. Like the Mad. Titan was driven solely by his quest to create balance in the universe.

The Desire For Balance Came From

his experiences as a young purple dude on Titan. Yes he saw his home planet crumble under the weight of overpopulation and dilution of resources, but he could have also been indoctrinated to fulfill the will of his father Alars and of course Red Skull confirmed the existence of Thanos Father during his trip to the Soul Storm on Vormir in Avengers Infinity War, You Gotta Remember We saw Ego give his son Peter Quill a new cosmic perspective in Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol 2. . and Peter is overwhelmed by this new celestial point of view and was.

Instantly On Board With Egos Plan So Could

a similar event have happened to a young Thanos in the past. Like Ego is a celestial in the MCu, and there’s a possibility that Alars could be won as well. He was at least an eternal in the comic books and even if Alars isn’t made a celestial in the MCu. He could still be an eternal devoted to the celestial’s Mission who passed this ideology on to his son Now let’s take a look at all the celestials that we’ve seen so far in the MCu and it’s not a whole lot so like you know Don’t need to buckle in because the only one that we’ve really seen is Essen the searcher from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1.

His Ability To Wield The Power Stone Indicates

his incredible durability and strength like you need to have some really. Good juice in your in your blood to be able to wield a big old purple rock rock paper rock purple rock Final answer but that’s really the only celestial that we’ve seen at this point Other than of course we go the living planet that we see in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. . he doesn’t look like the traditional celestials that we know of in the comics like those big robot looking people um it’s funny how like they look like robots they sort of talk like robots, but they’re not robots no just gods that we do not comprehend Ego.

In Volume 2 Is Presented As A

brain surrounded by planet and he was called the celestial in the Mcu, but he’s not in the comics. Of course we also have nowhere the head the floating celestial that for some reason the collector decided to turn. Into capitalism central yeah um it’s just like Hey this head is just floating around here just not doing anything let’s just let’s just move in like what do you call like snails Yeah like a hermit Crab like hermit Crabs Crabs that’s exactly the thing I was looking for um just Herbert Crab living in celestial’s bodies he’s waiting for the next one to float around he’s like come on celestial body. I need a new piece of real estate. It’s free real estate.

Hermit Crabs Are Just Snails That Worked Out

a little bit. You know they’re just exactly just ripped snails. I I failed out of my marine biology degree yeah yeah I tried I tried my best you’re a marine biologist in my eyes, Mt. I tried so we have of course essen ego nowhere and obviously lastly we have your quill people tend to forget. that Peter Quill is still very much part celestial like just because his dad is dead.

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Doesnt Mean That Peter Quill Just

suddenly suddenly stops having that celestial blood in his body. So like Peter Quill, could have those same powers that we see in Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 2 again he just needs a power source. He needs that connection to the light so Don’t forget like we’re probably going to see something like that pop up in thor 4. but anyway that’s just me on a weird, tangent and some eternals concept art has presented some more celestials that we could see in the upcoming film.

The First Of These Is Arishim,

the Judge and in the comics Irishman the Judge’s Celestial who is tasked with judging whether or not a civilization on a planet would live or die, and he’s the leader of all four celestial. Hosts on Earth which is great he’s been there for all four. He doesn’t miss it so that’s nice yeah and he was there for the flooding of Earth during the Great Cataclysm because he was one of the people that triggered it after the deviants were stupid and decided to fire on the celestials. Why would you do that deviants Why they’re very big they’re quite bigger than you sorry. I don’t need to hate on Deviance and be deviant racist , but that was a very stupid thing Deviants very devious and this event caused Atlantis to be submerged into the seas 20 000 years ago.

So This Is Very Significant To The Marvel

cinematic universe because Namor is probably most likely on the way. So this second host of the Celestials. will probably get a shout out in eternals, and we might even get a.

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This is the show that gives you too much information about 2,000 foot tall space step Parents covered with armor and ready to destroy the whole planet . The prodigal son must return home to his mother. The big question might be when are you gonna start living like an adult Tommy and the big answer is never. Welcome back to new Rock stars Welcome Back to my mom’s room my God I missed it. It was so freeing to be a big boy in my own apartment, but I said no no no. no. Tommy Bech said he wanted to be in his own apartment again. It’s free real estate.& I don’t normally solicit sponsors but. If there was ever a company that needed to sponsor a big question mammoth.& If you’re listening right reach out to him come on give us some hats. I’m ready to get into some celestial action.& Celestial Action is my favorite subcategory on the hub Mt. Tom Bech. Tom is ready to talk…. Click here to read more and watch the full video