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Welcome Back To New Rockstars, Im, Eric Voss

and Marvel Studios just wrapped their panel at D23 and I was there to see it. I just teleported like Nightcrawler back here to the Blue Dungeon to break down all the big announcements since Nightcrawler really goes through the brimstone dimension when he teleports. I actually saw some pretty horrific things that I don’t ever want to talk about so let’s break down the news so The Marvel section of the panel began with an amazing performance of the cast of Rogerson musical from Hawkeye performing the Captain America theme song I can do this all day and the performance was electric. It was such a great way to begin the panel, but let’s move on and talk about the new exclusive footage that was shown to the attendees of D23 of Black Panther Wakanda forever This footage actually showed Queen. Ramonda talking to the U.

N We Saw Some Of This In

trailer footage, But this time we see some of the delegates of the Union, including Richard Ship Toby Ziegler from the West Wing, playing the American delegate who was snapping at Queen Raimondo about like the security dilemma that they’re now in and then there was a French delegate who was complaining about the use of vibranium and weapons of mass destruction, specifically the fact that vibranium cannot be picked up by metal detectors which is very interesting. I feel like that’s going to be like an important plot point either in this movie or in the future of the Mcu. But Ramonda snapped back at all them saying look I understand where you’re all coming from that Wakanda was the thing you were always trying to get at. She said yes my king is dead and now you. think here’s your chance to come at us Now! This cross cuts with that footage from the raid scene that we saw in the trailer of those American.

We Think Soldiers That Were Raiding What Kind

of outreach center This is in Mali and it seems like they’re trying to steal their vibranium, but then we realized that some of the scientists and Outreach center are actually dormalate in disguise and then they just wreck these Americans and it’s awesome because this U.n conference ends with Raimondo signalling Durham Alasha to bring in these soldiers and basically she is saying to the whole world anyone who wants to come out. Wakanda the best of luck and then we also see a bunch of sizzle reel footage that it’s just a bunch of new shots including there was definitely a new shot of atuma rising up out of the water. There. was footage of Neymar swiping away some blasts.

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This Movie Just Looks Incredible Not Just For

the action and for the production design, but just the way Ryan Coogler is editing this film. Now Ryan Coogler stayed on stage afterwards to introduce Ironheart and we actually saw some exclusive footage of the Ironheart series on Disney plus, which they are currently in the middle production of this includes Jim Rash returning as that Mit Guy from Civil War who’s trying to pitch his ideas to Tony Stark. He’s basically yelling at rigory Williams for some of her mit engineering projects like going way over budget. He’s like you know you’re not the only student at Mit and then something in her experiment just kind of blows up in the lab. We learned for sure that Anthony Ramos is definitely playing Parker Robins, aka The Hood and a big theme of this part of the panel is the fact that the Hood practices dark magic and to Kevin Feige that was an interesting theme.

An Interesting Distinction Because Its Going

to be a conflict between magic and technology and we see some shots of Riggery Williams new armored suits just the whole look of the show and the way the lighting works. It just looks distinctly different from so much of what we’ve seen on Disney plus okay on to a very very important part of the panel Ant-man the watch Quantum mania now there’s just a lot of like riffing and goofing around for like the first several minutes, but they showed us some new footage. Now. Most of this new footage is pretty much what we saw at comic. I made another video breaking down a description of that footage but the big difference here is that the final shot of the trailer goes further so we get more of this back and forth between Kang and Ant-man, and after Kang asks you’re an avenger H didn’t I kill you before they keep going and Kang says well all the avengers die eventually and then he tells Scott Lang that something was stolen from him and that only Ant-man can help steal it back so now we learn exactly why Ant-man needs to be part of this Kang story.

Its That Ant-Man Is Basically The

Mcu’s cleverest thief it’s gonna be another heist plot. It brings up this question of what was stolen from Kang maybe we should be asking who was stolen from Kang. My theory is that the thing that was stolen from him is Ravono Renslayer. his love and seemed to be someone kept under the specific variant of he who remains domain in the TvA Maybe Kang needs Ant-man to help him steal back Ramona Rinslayer. It’s really a kidnapping plot okay.

One Of The Most Exciting Parts

of the panel was the announcements for Werewolf by Night. This is directed by composer Michael G aquino. You can see the trailer for this online. It looks incredible it’s going to be a one-off Halloween special streaming on Disney plus on October 7th. It’s cut together like this Cheesy Halloween special in the style of the director Ed Wood or Vincent Price’s Halloween specials where a bunch of people are locked in like an old haunted house and one of them is revealed to be a werewolf and they have to suss out which of them is werewolf which is really great.

Its Like Andrew Garfields.

Werewolf but of course, Kyle Garcia Bernard is playing Jacob Russell or Jack Russell, the one who is the werewolf. The whole look of the show with it’s like Glitchy editing with its black and white imagery. It’s just gonna be an amazing thing that I can’t wait to break down Laura Donnelly from the Nevers is also gonna play a role in this story. Okay.

Then They Brought Out Don Cheadle To

talk about secret invasion and you can also see a trailer for secret invasion online right now. That trailer that’s on Youtube is basically what was shown at comic-con, but the footage that we saw in D23 included this whole opening scene between Roadie and Fury. They’re sitting in a restaurant together and Brodie has the security detail that fury’s like how well do you know your security detail and roadie’s like hey now’s not a time. be playing games with like titles you I’m the only friend. You have left fury and then fury says we are under an invasion right now and Brody’s like Oh, I know he said 15 years ago.

The Pentagon Brought Me In On A

secret project because they had been aware of the scroll invasion. This whole time so fueling some fire to our theories that fury might actually have been a scroll this whole time In the MCu there might actually be a meta angle. There that’s why you know there was a recast between Terence, Howard and Don Cheadle, but yeah. This trailer footage looks incredible Ben Mendelsohn in this situation where a bunch of like look-alikes all kind of surround him. We see Olivia Coleman’s character.

We Think Its Going To Be

a modern version of Union Jack who might be union Jack’s like granddaughter or great-granddaughter. First Captain America film have like a British version of Nick_Fury” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Nick Fury We didn’t get a release date for a secret innovation, yet it’s gonna be sometime spring 2023. okay. We also got some exciting announcements for Loki Season two, including that the cast is going to include newcomer Kehue Kwan aka Short Round from Temple of Doom, dated from Goonies and just recently Blew all of our minds and everything everywhere all at once. This show is currently in production.

Quan Is Going To Be Playing It

looks like a an archivist or a record keeper for the TvA. The trailer footage opens with like Loki in a creepy empty TvA headquarters and he’s kind of like glitching around as if someone is screwing with him with like one of those three set devices. At one point he chiseled away a wall mural of the timekeepers and behind it. Are three giant gold faces of Jonathan Majors as either the variant he remains or one of the Kang variants. I cannot wait for the second season.

I Think Its Gonna Be So

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Captain America Statue Of Liberty Halloween Costume I

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This All Looks Beautiful The Big Reveal

though is of course that Wilson Fisk is still alive. We see him in the trailer with his eye bandaged over. We also see Maya Lopez battling with the other track suits Now kind of a brief and slightly disappointing announcement. Kevin Feige did confirm that Matt Shackman is directing the Fantastic four movie which is great news. Unfortunately, he didn’t make any announcements about who is playing the members of the Fantastic Four or give us any other details about that which is kind of like dude come on but anyway Vincent D’onofrio stayed on stage after the echo panel because he’s like Aren’t you gonna talk about my show and then we hear the voice of Charlie Cox saying Don’t you mean my show so yeah we’re talking about daredevil born again now and they didn’t have any footage to show because they haven’t begun production yet they’re gonna do that next year, but Charlie Cox did talk Kevin Feige and just showing a clip of Daredevil in an upcoming episode of she hold probably a few weeks from now and this scene is awesome and it is super.

Horny, So Jen Walters In Under Human Form

is beside daredevil with his like Golden mask. They’re on a rooftop listening in on some goons or is it Henchmen because they have this little funny debate about what’s the difference between a henchman and a goon and Daredevil, who clearly is an experienced daredevil in this world of superhero Dumb Vigilantism says that a Henchman does what he does because he really believes in the cause, whereas a goon just does what he does for the paycheck and then Marvel_Comics_character)” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Matt Murdock listens to all the heartbeats. He’s able to count how many goons are downstairs and Jen is like how are you able to do that and he’s like I’m counting their heartbeats and then she’s skeptical. So he listens to her heartbeat and it gets really really sexy and they almost kiss, but then she like shakes herself out. of it and then he flips down below and says Let me handle this so Yeah Super excited for that episode of Shield Okay next we got the cast of Captain America, New World Order that includes of course Anthony Mackie playing Sam Wilson, Captain America, Danny Ramirez coming back as Joaquin Torres is soon gonna be the new Falcon.

Carl Lundley Is Coming Back As Isaiah

Bradley and though she wasn’t on the panel Shira Haas is gonna be playing Israeli superheroine Sabra, but the big headline here is that Tim Blake Nelson is coming back as Samuel Stern’s the leader. They’re bringing back everyone from that 2008 Hulk film. Apparently we last saw him when that serum was dripping into the open wound in his forehead and his head started to grow so yeah. It’s looking more confirmed that the intelligentsia is going to play a very important. role in Captain America New World Order and it will probably be set up in She-hulk.

By The End Of It.

I think they’re the ones who are behind the wrecking crew. I don’t know if Tim Blake Nelson himself will cameo in She-hulk, but the fact that they announced now seems like that was something that was done ahead of the finale of Shield Now What will the plot be of new world order well New World Order Again was the title the first episode of the fact in the Winter Soldier, and that episode dealt with the whole idea of like conspiracy theories. Remember walking tourists thought that cap was living on the moon. There’s a lot of fake news out there and that’s going to be the new political fight that Captain America has to fight in the modern age is a fight against misinformation okay then.

Learn The Lineup Of The Thunderbolts Gonna

include Julia Louis Dreyfus, coming back as Val, David Harper, coming back as Red Guardian, Alexis Schuster, Hannah, John Cayman as ghost from Ant-man The wasp why Russell as John Walker from the fact of the winter Soldier Olgaenko is going back as task master from Black widow Florence Pugh is playing Elena Bulova and Sebastian Stan is leading the group as James Buchanan Barnes Bucky so basically many of our theories have proven cracked minus abomination and the marvel section of the D23 panel ends with the marbles The full cast the marbles out here and I gotta say this trailer for the Marvels with Nina Costa’s direction was my favorite piece of marvel footage that I saw all weekend. I was completely surprised and blown away because I just didn’t really know what to expect about this movie and it just. Incredible it’s cut to the Beastie boys Intergalactic perfect song choice. We learn exactly where Kamala Khan went when she traded places with Carol Danvers. It turns out she didn’t swap places with Carol Danvers.

All Three Of Them Are Swapping Places.

So the trailer opens with Monica Rambo as an astronaut floating outside the Saber Space station with Nick fury on it that’s probably where he’s been in space. Maybe that’s the scroll space station. It kind of looks like a version of the peak to be honest Monica inner space suit floats toward this glowing blue energy field and the moment she touches it. That is when she swaps places and now it’s.

Kamala Khan Freaking Out Inside The Space

dude. She taps on the window and waves at Nick fury and asks if she can be part of the avengers Super Funny. We learned where Monica went. Monica swapped places with wherever Carol was? It looks like Monica crashes on this moon with a bunch of cree warriors and of course, we know where Carol went. She went into the bedroom of the Khan family and we see Monica Rambo and Carol Danvers meeting the cons.

Its All Very Adorable And The

way the three of these women work together. It’s just so cool to see how they work together. We see a bit of stretchy action coming from Kamala. One point Kamala meets the flirkin goose as goose devours someone and Kamala freaks out scared zomway. Ashton is playing a mysterious villain who carries a hammer-headed staff.

I Have So Many Questions About This

and I just can’t wait till everyone can see the trailer so that we can break it down properly, but other than that a bit of a bummer. No announcements about the fantastic forecasting about the X-men. They didn’t really fill in those titles that were left blank on the phase six calendar, which just leaves us more time for speculation. Oh


Eric Voss and Marvel Studios just wrapped their panel at D23 and I was there to see it. I just teleported like Nightcrawler back here to the Blue Dungeon to break down all the big announcements . The Marvel section of the panel began with an amazing performance of the cast of the musical from Hawkeye performing the Captain America theme song . The footage actually showed Queen.& Ramonda talking to the U.S. delegates of the Union, including Richard Ship Toby Ziegler from the West Wing, playing the American delegate who was snapping at Queen Raimondo about like the security dilemma that they’re now in and then there was a French delegate who complained about the use of vibranium and weapons of mass destruction, specifically the fact that vibranial cannot be picked up by metal detectors which is very interesting. I feel like that’s going to be like an important plot point either in this movie or in the future of the Mcu. The performance was electric.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video