Marvel Gets HORRIBLE News With Wakanda Forever Box Office Nearly HALF Of The MCU Audience IS GONE


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Foreign Into Its Second Weekend Of Release, All Eyes

are on Black Panther Wakanda forever’s box office looking for that second weekend drop and what it’s going to mean for the rest of its release schedule, but as people do sit back and reflect on what it did opening weekend, 181 million dollars domestically fella 120 million dollars short of the global Doctor Strange 2 launch a lot of people didn’t want to talk about that they just wanted to talk about how incredible This release was even though before it came out, people were predicting over 200 million dollars at the domestic box office. People were predicting for it to break Black Panther 2018’s domestic release. It certainly did not do that 202 million dollars Wakanda forever sitting there at 181 certainly nothing to Scoff at but when you invest 250 million dollars when you don’t exactly have the best Outlook. These things are very very important and especially when we now dig into these numbers. There’s some very bad news for Marvel because you can look at the the Dollar’s all you want but when you look at the audience what if I were to tell you that 40 percent fewer people went to go see Wakanda forever.

Then They Went To See Black Panther

opening weekend that’d be pretty bad news for Marvel wouldn’t it that’d be a pretty good indication that people are losing interest in your product well. It’s exactly the situation that they find themselves in Black Panther Wakanda forever conquers November box office opening record with 181 million dollars and again thanks to deadline. We do have some numbers here and I want to show you. I don’t know where they went here. Perfect intelligence shows us the average ticket price for Wakanda forever was 13.

71 Across The Board For The United States.

So we’re looking at domestic that’s the average ticket price well if we bring up our calculator here we can actually use that to figure something out 181 million right 181. 000 181 million divided by 13. 71. What do we have that brings us to just over 13 million 13.

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2 Million People Went To Go See Wakanda

forever in the United States. This weekend that might sound like a massive massive number think about this should we try should we try so 13. 2 will. remember that number let’s try Black Panther remember what I said for Black Panther 202 million dollars well. We have the numbers here for that too average price of a movie ticket Rises to 19.

11 In 2018.

and the year before it was at 8. 94 right around there so Black Panther released the very beginning of the year. Let’s let’s just make it easy. We’ll say about nine dollars okay that’s what we can say a ticket The average ticket for Black Panther was so what do we do here? Let’s find it out 202 million million dollars divided by nine.

What Do We Have 22 Million, 22.

4 million people went to see Black Panther that certainly is an interesting number compared to 13. 2 isn’t it let’s do this math here remember that number 13. 2 million, right 13 million two hundred thousand let’s just let’s make it easy let’s.

Make It Easy And Just Do What

22 million four hundred thousand that’s about what that was right? What is that number Oh that’s right 58 so not only is it more than a third. It’s nearly 40 percent 40 percent fewer people went to Wakanda Forever then went to go see Black Panther that certainly puts it in perspective doesn’t it so when everybody is trying to be so super positive about this movie. There’s some things you need to factor in including the ticket price including inflation including all this stuff that is a massive difference. 40 percent fewer people came out to see Wakanda forever imagine trying to take that back to your bosses and being happy with that now could this ever have gotten to the point where a black Panther was.

I Dont Think So Personally But A Nearly

50 fall off a 40 percent. fall off that is a disaster for Marvel in terms of the interest for this product in terms of how people feel about the UK going forward and I haven’t seen really too many people talking about that that’s why when I saw that number I had to do the math for myself because I had to bring that up that is a massive drop off a 40 drop off in attendance between Black Panther and the sequel that’s bad news for anybody and especially it’s bad news for Marvel at the end of phase four when so many people have lost interest in this garbage. Let me know what you think about this and what the future is going to hold for the box office? What’s this second weekend drop off gonna look like all of that smash a like button subscribe to the channel Ring the bell for notification share this video out there and I’ll talk to you later thanks for watching everyone and a huge shout out to my patrons. I appreciate you guys so much want to follow me on Twitter.

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Black Panther Wakanda forever’s box office opening weekend was 181 million dollars domestically fella 120 million dollars short of the global Doctor Strange 2 launch . The film is currently in its second weekend of release . The movie is set for a second weekend drop and what it’s going to mean for the rest of its release schedule . The average ticket price for the film was 13.&71 across the board for the United States for the U.S. and abroad for the same price as the average ticket prices for the movie . The new film is set to be released on November 14th at the box office in the US and has been in theaters since January 1, 2018 . The latest installment of the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller “Black Panther” is scheduled for release on December 14th . The last installment of this series of films is expected to be in theaters on December 17th. The film has been released on December on December 28th….. Click here to read more and watch the full video