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This Is Andre Today Joined By Rope

from the Robo Bleep Youtube channel thanks Andre Great to be here. There has been a whole slew of news regarding the Netflix Marvel series lately so in this video, We’ll cover Daredevil season 2 news including the release date and recent comments about Electra and the punisher. Then We’ll discuss chances of stand-alone Punisher series, the Jessica Jones season 2 announcement and the announcement of Iron Fist season 1 and Iron Fist showrunner marketing for season 2 of Daredevil has slowly been ramping up with release of official pictures and some other minor tidbits and comets from the cast. Over the last few weeks the 2016 preview issue of Entertainment Weekly first revealed that it will be released in March. The Entertainment weekly article did not however specify any release date, but since Batman V Superman is scheduled to open on March.

Some Speculated That Dirt Album Would

be released that day to others again took that speculation as fact and ran wild with the notion that Marvel used Daredevil to get back at Warner Brothers over Captain America I’m here a history lesson of why a conspiracy theory postulating that Marvel would use Daredevil to get revenge and Warner might form in the first place is in order it all started back. On June of 2013 when Marvel announced then still untitled. Captain America 3 4 released on May 6 2016 three-quarters of a year later in March of 2014 Warner may be fed up with Marvel hogging all the coveted early May release dates announced Batman vs. Superman for release on that very same day and carefully suggested that it didn’t make sense for both movies to open the same time, implying that Marvel should yield marble weren’t moving if. wanted to open their movie at the same time.

Then So Be It Marvel Might Not

have had anything to win on the two movies open against each other, but it was Warner that were the ones with everything to lose. So right around the same time Guardians of the galaxy proved to be a smash hit beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. Warner blinked and moved Batman V Superman to his current spots, which of course benefited everyone so Rob what do you think about the notch 18th release date for Daredevil season 2 well it’s really typical that Netflix releases a series at the end of March or beginning of April last release date for Daredevil was April 10. You want to get the most exposure you can the biggest bang for your buck. So it kind of makes sense that you would want a week that isn’t occupied by.

Anything Else And Youre Gonna Have All

the spotlight on your product alone. It’s business but it’s also smoked business. You have to Juggernauts coming out in early summer. The first one is Batman V Superman and the next one is Captain America Civil War and those two are both going to be monsters and if Daredevil Season 2 was released between any of the two. I think that it would kind of like drown out in the hype between them, so it really had to move before either of them to stand the chance and get media attention this way by moving one week before Batman V Superman exactly the perfect spot because then they can capitalize on the Batman V Superman marketing because there are so many we’re going to be so psyched about Batman V Superman, and they want to see it right now done Daredevil vs.

The Punisher Coming Out One Week Before Might

be pretty tempting and bringing some people that otherwise might not have seen. It also just a pose. Just suppose that their little season two absolutely nails it and is brilliant in every way and further suppose that Batman V Superman slightly disappoints or receive some mixture. The Twittersphere is going to be full of reactions like daredevil Season two was better. I would be hilarious and quite the marketing crew Yeah I think Marvel is anticipating some of that happening it would be a nice spillover for them.

If It Did.

Of course, we all know we’re going to see both anyway moving on to Elektra. We have only now stopped at one more about her on her character. What do you think of what we’ve seen of her so far. I really like the actress that they’ve cast were Elektra.

Elodie Yung Who Was Innk] Joe

retaliation as Jinkx. I really think it couldn’t get more perfect if you tried. She’s Asian descent slightly. I’m not sure I’m not entirely sure either, but I remember when I first saw pictures off her. I was like thinking well.

She Looks More Asian Than She

does greet, but she makes it work in cost. You I am from what we’ve seen of her in pictures and in the trailers she looks Greek to me. Elektra was always one of my favorite characters. There is a certain sexiness to the character and I really think she exudes that that’s the one character I really am looking forward to I’m what we’re seeing the Punisher, but I really am curious how well they’re gonna betray Electra and I really think they’re on the right track with it Yeah now we know a little. Little bit more about her because we already know from season one where she was referenced that she and not used to date back in college and courtesy of Slash film.

We Have Now Learned A Little

bit more about her character. Jeff Bloke the Kevin foggy of Marvel onNK] said I think one of the things that’s dynamic about UK performance is that you never quite know if the lectures telling the truth. Matt who has this sort of ability to be a human lie detector because he’s emotionally attached to her excused his ability to be able to whether or not know she’s telling the truth or if he’s being manipulated or is she actually not manipulating him. She challenges Matt’s quest for justice. Loeb said who are you doing this for why are you doing this what’s the end goal you’re trying to achieve because she.

She Has A Very Clear Agenda In Terms

of what she’s trying to achieve and is very self–motivated that’s something that should continually push in the audience. The audience should continually be going. No she’s right No he’s right No she’s right No he’s right. If we can do that then we really achieved something to me that sounds really good if they’re able to make the audience sympathies shift like that when it’s intentional even dating back to the cottages. A lot of lecturers goals were often ambiguous.

She Was A Paid Assassin.

She was actually hired to kill foggy. At one point she realized who he was and he realized who she was and she couldn’t go through with it, which ultimately led to her being killed in the comics Spoiler Alert again. It’s always that dynamic they have of ambiguity, but not ambiguity for ambiguities sake and. That’s one of the great aspect of the series.

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Even The First Season, You Didnt See

the Kingpin as being completely evil. It sounds like they’re really gonna explore that in a lot more damage here Yeah it seems like it’s going to be a challenging season for poor old mats and he’s not only being challenged by Elektra. There is also the Punisher. In an interview with Empire Charlie Cog says what makes their conflicts so complicated is that both vigilantes are on the same mission to clean up the streets. However, the Punisher is more than content with murdering criminals, while daredevil would rather bring evildoers alive to face justice.

Its Really Complicated Says Cox It Feels Like

they’re sworn enemies, but at times it feels like they could be best friends and brothers in order to find common ground and compromise has to be made what do. You make these comments? Audrey I love them. It sounds pretty perfect because Daredevil and the Punisher have never been best up grunts, but when you see the end of Daredevil Season one, he’s a pretty brutal guy and the showrunner of season one even said that he was just one bad day away from becoming the Punisher. So I kind of take it that the two of them stopped in a very similar place but the Punisher being her of course is far more extreme than Daredevil. Never was never will be and maybe his more extremely violent actions will make daredevil question himself and maybe rain himself in a little bit.

And This Way Put Him On

the path to be holier than thou preachy personally sometimes can’t come across us in the comics one bad day away from being the Punisher. I mean that fits the character. Pretty well, Daredevil has been willing to cross those lines occasionally in the comics, but there’s always been someone to bring him back whether it was Karen page where there was Elektra whether it was actually there was one of his other previous quarter. We haven’t seen yet Heather Blend was actually a big grounding influence for Matt Murdock, but they’re really does have to be something to push there now and hopefully it’s it’s this dynamic the two posing forces that we’re going to see more of. In the same article The Punisher is described as a cop turned vigilante.

Can This Be True God Ray I

seriously hope not I think and hope that that must be a mistake by the author of that article because it’s been contradicted so many other places, but we won’t really know for certain until the the series comes out but to. me the only circumstance under which I will accept the Punisher as a cop turned Vigilante is if he was a Special Forces soldier before who then became a cop who then turned a vigilante Oh Yeah well the set up for that could very well be that a lot of soldiers are coming back, especially Special Forces and they’re going into police work. They’re coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. A lot of them are going into police work. If it is true.

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It Sounds Like Theyre Taking A Page From

the headlines. We’re just got to wait and see about that though fingers crossed he’s just going to go straight from Special Forces to Vigilante Entertainment Weekly also interviews the New Daredevil showrunners Doug Petry and Mark Ramirez taking over from Stephen s Tonight on The Punisher. They say that viewers watching the show will be rooting for. This guy with a gun or we’re also going to force people the way we force mad The second guess themselves taking legal this into your own hands. In America in 2015 is tricky Bleep.

We Have Not Shied Away From

the rich complicated reality of now. If you’ve got a gun and you’re not the police you’re going to incite strong feelings. We’re stirring the pot and we’re aware of the headlines where we live and we’re trying to get people to think Ramirez adds the team talked a lot about taxi driver famous malkit at Travis Pickle when shaping their vision of the character. He has a different moral code.

He Says Frank Has A Hammurabi Code.

It’s like letting a great white shark into the water. I have a few thoughts on these comments the bad first Travis Bickle again seriously people adapting the punisher needs to. get over Travis Bickle other than Max.

This Is All Good.

I really like what they say about him being like in great one the Sharks let into the water that’s pretty cool. I’m also excited about what they say that they’re aware of.


The 2016 preview issue of Entertainment Weekly first revealed that Daredevil season 2 will be released in March . Some speculated that Dirt album would be released that day to others again took that speculation as fact and ran wild with the notion that Marvel used Daredevil to get back at Warner Brothers over Captain America . This is Andre today joined by Rope from the Robo Bleep Youtube channel thanks Andre Great to be here . We’ll discuss chances of stand-alone Punisher series, the Jessica Jones season 2 announcement and the announcement of Iron Fist season 1 and Iron Fist showrunner marketing for season 2 of Daredevil has slowly been ramping up with release of official pictures and some other minor tidbits and comets from the cast . We also discuss the possibility of a stand-off Iron Fist series with the showrunner saying it will be a possible series of episodes of the Iron Fist and Electra and the Punisher. We’ll also discuss Jessica Jones and Jessica Jones seasons 2 and the upcoming Iron Fist episodes. We will also discuss…. Click here to read more and watch the full video