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It’s a show where we bring a bunch of fun people together and we get their ideas and opinions on topics that are in pop culture. Esight Geist Eric’s Giggling because I’m milking a tiny cow and for no reason today’s episode we do I’m being milked and then we also have improviser and comedic saxophone what does that mean I play saxophone in comedy setting Oh no I mean vizor saxophone in comedy settings Cuz what makes something funnier but just a loud saxophone yeah which sex alto nice me too okay and then also that’s true Terry Erickson channel the terror Erickson Yeah it’s just under my name no just tear Erickson the tear. Erickson is my twitter handle confusing they’re switching it now. I mean you really guys reminder you can listen to the show I botched it.

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podcast feed earlier than the video version. If you do it on UK or anywhere you get your podcast. This episode by the way. This is our post-comic-con episode yeah even the last episode. We kind of pretended that we knew we had shot it before so we didn’t know so we’re gonna talk about all the big stuff from comic-con.

The Biggest Stuff Of Course.

It’s mainly the Top Gun news after we are going to talk about Top Gun though but guys we’re new rockstars hi-nice to meet you we will be talking about Marvel a lot right now specifically starting with phase for now The titling of this video may have been clicked. Not sure if it was depending on what it is. I can see. Chances are yes if its new Rex okay great and it may have said something about the death of the UK Phase four is this crazy like Tectonic shift across the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it certainly is gonna look nothing like what it looked like before and we were.

We Were Just Talking About This Before The

show. We realized it’s actually going to break everything we know about superhero movies so we have some topics about the things that we are no longer gonna see in the UK and how it’s shifting something new and then we’ll kind of see like is it is the UK as we knew it dead why not so first off let’s talk about the superhero genre because I’m that’s something I’m arguing is over even within Marvel they’re not. going to make superhero movies anymore, you know what I mean which isn’t that interesting like they said each director who came out kind of talked about what sub-genre their movie would be Scott Derrickson said Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness Best title of all time will be a horror movie will be the UK first scary film and that Black Widow seems to be kind of like a Jason Bourne style spy thriller. This but this is a trend that we have seen in the UK for a while now you know like it’s interesting how unlike other superhero movies they don’t tend to call each other. Iron Man or Captain America unless it’s like in this tongue-in-cheek way they refer to each other as Tony as Sam Steve Clint yeah nicknames Point Break Lebowski.

You Know Its All Kind Of Done In

this grounded kind of. But in a way they’ve almost kind of turned away from the traditional hero in a cape trope and all of their everything they have is like armor or a utility suit, as opposed to just something you wear for theatrics or if it is something you wear for theatrics. There’s a purpose behind that as we saw. Unlike Spider Man, far from home Clinton Beck’s Wardrobe was theatrical and that of an actor, but there was an agenda behind that so it seems like phase four is doubling down on that trend and now we are we’re moving away from this whole idea of superhero origin stories with the concept of Oh My dad was not good to me and so I became a billionaire Yes orphan over yeah usually goes to somewhere near Tibet story now writing orphan like find some some way it’s what is it dog. Bites man isn’t isn’t news but Man Bites Dog-would be yeah.

They Need To Find These Like These

shifts and I think that that’s definitely what they’re doing what you guys thank well. I was just gonna say it sounds like it’s something that’s gonna be more grounded and something that could actually a person could actually get to you being an Avenger from the path that they took if they’re talking about as I heard that the widow movies gonna kind of reference their Budapest adventure that happened so it’s like Oh as opposed to like when I got bit by a spider and I kind of got to figure it out. I got bit by a black widow and I’m dead yeah It’s like this is how I became Who I am realistically in this universe. I Universe I think that’s kind of cool and also like the the jumping in for a second to the the horror of Doctor Strange to me that’s what I’m saying I’m like that’s a shanwa right superhero is to me no longer a genre. It’s a jumping-off point that’s a motif or something or it’s a character right like a clown horror or I mean like it’s just a word that you can put up on a hoarder, but it is is the overall genre done why felt like Captain Marvel.

They Really Followed Her Storyline Well Like

in what you’re saying she was pretty grounded, but she’s still a superhero to me it’s just maybe not as like old-school right. It’s probably A superhero movie in a very traditional yeah, but it’s like we all care about the story about like the redemption of like the kid to the teenager to the woman. I think that’s what people attach to more is this story where they came from so that you can associate to those characters rather than just like it’s Captain Marvel and like you want all her gear and like to go out and be her on Halloween, but really it’s like the story that you attached you from like a kid or now or when you see the movie of like Oh I like that person like you know you like either Doctor Strange or you like Black Widow more like you attached to those characters I think because of their backgrounds yeah and I peep it. I honestly think that Marvel’s been doing this and that’s why we. had in that’s why we attached to them because even Ironman story was like Hey I’m this punk kid that gets basically kidnapped and I have to become a better human and this is how yeah and then builds his supersuit around a persona of being something better.

I Mean It Didnt Start Out That

way, but that’s what it grew into and I and I think now they’re really saying Hey we’re gonna lean into following them as people and not as them as what is their power You know what I think it is I think we have found maybe the studio’s have found a sort of exhaustion in realizing that a superhero movie isn’t really a genre maybe it’s just like this Joseph Campbell’s story structure. This hero’s journey. It’s not a story structure than a genre because what are the tropes of a superhero movies. Some. kind of origin moment or someone has some kind of inherent personality, flaw or weakness that somehow they try that either gets accentuated or complemented by some new power or technology or magic that they uncover.

I Mean All These Things Are Technical

consistently which it is exactly the hero’s journey just with the word super Yeah exactly and so you could argue. I think I’ve argued before that. Harry Potter is in a way a superhero movie. The matrix is in a way of superhero movies. Star Wars is in a way a superhero movie because if you just detach like the specific details of the Star Wars names and places and just puts any kind of like if you put Adam warlock in there people be like Oh now it’s a superhero movie, so right Yeah maybe it was based on the comics if you look so considering.

For Fans That Arent Familiar With

the hero’s journey Every movie we watch is is basically the hero’s journey or some variation on that so then if you think of that and then you think well superhero is really just superhuman is what we’re talking about that’s why you pick the matrix Neo is a superhuman right you can go beyond literally though the word super going beyond what a human is so if you just take that superhuman concept and then know that every story is a hero’s journey concept. Then Yeah it’s almost like anything that it has powers like Cybela me. Then they can be called a superhero thing, which is why I love This idea of Phase four to me looks nothing like what we’ve come to learn from the tradition Hero’s journey instead Yeah I actually kind of disagree a little bit, but some of what you guys are saying I think it’s like we’re gonna go into Dr. Strange’s like alternate realities and it’s gonna be like this completely impossible for us to conceive reality. It’s almost a little like Inception how we talked about that a lot from the first Doctor Strange movie We’re like these are not concepts that that was the concept of grounding them is almost impossible.

They Did A Lot Of Great Work With

the original original Iron Man films to ground the whole universe, but they called him a punk kid by the way. He’s a billionaire arms dealer, but he was also a punk kid that’s right yeah and that it is those those things were it’s like you can’t be a billionaire and then that’s just it you have to be like like do you know billionaires are weird they are Jeff Bezos young must yeah Cuz people are super-weird so grounding it appropriately did give them the ability now to go. I I won’t argue completely ungrounded and that’s how you end up with a horror movie in the UK as they’re saying Yeah I hope that they continue to go more toward fewer origin stories like the Eternals. I do not want to see an opening 30-minute prologue explaining to. Salma Hayek was born like how old Blade Runner opens with like a couple paragraphs just explaining what replicants are, and then we jump so with Eternals with Shang-chi, I don’t need I would love it if they did the same thing that they did with Spider-man homecoming even though Spider-man’s most famous superhero everyone knows who he is and what his origin story is.

I Dont Think We Need That Much

Captain Marvel I think had a really good structure where we just jumped in with her with this Star Force elite commando team and the movie becomes about her discovering what her origin was but that wasn’t structurally what we had to sit through for the first 40 minutes of movie. Quick question Schanke that’s the new is that gonna be a part of Eternals or is that no it’s gonna be supposed to be more of like. Kung-fu style for it just wanted to make sure that I was for the right martial arts-movie that has that still has this weird ten rings UK connected like the ten rings have shown up in several UK movies. They were in the first Ironman. They were weirdly an ant-man.

There Were One Of The Like Armed

Steelers who were meeting to try to get this technology. They yeah They showed up there were connected to the Mandarin and Iron Man 3 like the false Mandarin. They were there the whole time and some people said that they’re an even bigger threat than like Hydra might have been or Thanos might have been, but I don’t know about that but they’re not gonna go like it’s not as bad as Hydra Yeah, but it’s it’s it seems like that’s gonna be its own separate story that is also. interconnected to the rest of the universe, so I wanna I want to bring up. We can go up of Shang-chi here the idea that I you know it is gonna be this kung fu film that it’s just gonna happen to be a Marvel movie.

We Are Kind Of All Like Putting Aside

the fact that Iron Fist happened yeah right and you know there’s a few little redeeming qualities in that show, but overall not a great show but I do want to talk about this next part of the death of the UK. I my voice would not sustain being gravely for even one second but and that’s the death of the the previous distinction between the films and UK shows because Iron Fist Marvel stamp on it real big on Netflix, even agents of Shield, which technically was part of the UK Yeah still kind of. to veer off on its own thing even though they were reacting but now on the phase four timeline Big-screen UK right. There is one division right and Falcon and Winter Soldier. They clearly are elevating these things to be on the same par as the movies.

So I Want To Talk About Is

this good. Are we talking about doing UK shows and just like pretending they’re really important are they instead actually not gonna be anything like a UK show before be more like a six-hour movie. What do we think how are they if they are breaking down this barrier? What does that mean for the content? I mean I would love if there was a different structure and variety for each show depending on what we want like if one division truly is going to be a preamble or a pre-show setting up dr. strange. Multiverse of Madness then Yeah maybe like a for episode miniseries, but something like yeah a falcon Winter Soldier.

I Could See That Being Of

UK realized I could see a hundred episodes of that Marvel what if like a million episodes of that so some of these could be more open-ended things. Some of them maybe we only do one season and we’re done with it right one division, especially if so are you guys familiar with the House of M story called it’s it’s essentially a scarlet witch’s thing right later big thing where she finally fulfills her potential and I would argue that in the UK she kind of hasn’t right and so in the comics she you know without giving away too much in case they on say do a lot of it she has an overreaction to you know something sad she she loses children. Dr. strange is actually for some reason the doctor that delivers the children but so so which could be why she’s tied into his movie It could be but long story short. She gets rid of the mutants no more mutants right and it wipes out mutant powers for almost everyone, so a lot of people are thinking.

This Could Be The Creation Of The Mutants

instead and some sort of reverse kind of thing which we talked about other versions of how the mounds might come into the UK, But I mean is it this is are they giving this the huge the biggest thing they’ve ever had this merger with Fox the big moment bringing the mutants over are they gonna give that to a UK show. I mean look at Game of Thrones like any like if just take a page out of UK book because I canceled so many subscriptions so that I can pay for UK just to watch Game of Thrones, and then I end up keeping it for all of their other shows and so I’m like Yeah. If you want to have a miniseries of like six episodes, and they’re like so great. I think you there that’s what they’re going to do. I think it opens it up because there’s always like we’re gonna go do this you guys go do this and then there’s like something else happening and then they can lend that to these other little they can have these little mini series or this is what this UK show is kind of how this starts off and you can kind of follow everyone’s story somewhere yeah.

Thats Really Cool Theres Like An Ability For

them to link it all together like I do think that it would it would be super cool if Blade was with Dr. strange in the horror like aspect of it that would be so fun right like there’s so many ways and now that they can you know just like connect all of these characters depending upon what episodes they film they have access to all of them and I also think it makes it easier for viewers if you’re like hey I’m a huge vision fan but you know forget Black Widow then you can just kind of follow that by itself. Yeah and Link that it for sure and I think what it tells us is that now Disney with Disney Plus is banking on the fact that increasingly more people are watching stuff through streaming platforms and if. You look at the numbers the few numbers that Netflix ever ever gives us there that Adam Sandler movie murder-mystery it like thirty million people or something like that watched it like you watched it like ten. I watched you and stranger things made huge numbers people if they can have immediate access to this and already paying for this subscription.

You Know For Better Or Worse

when it comes to film exhibition more and more people are watching stuff on their Smart UK on their phones on their you know whatever their watches I don’t have one I don’t like time it reminds me of my impending death but yeah. I think Disney Plus is kind of looking into the future and seen well. Maybe we’re gonna have fewer and fewer people who all go to movie theaters and now we can find a way to get directly into. homes and control how much content they can watch and have them pay for specific tiers and what they were just gonna Treadmill to earn credits do 50 million merits really yeah, But I think we’re like we’re getting to that era for better or worse, but what this does mean is it takes some of the pressure off of each film. If you think the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a 10-year-long or UK series in each one’s kind of like an episode of that now they’re kind of going more in that vector where they can kind of control week by week how things connect and we’re talking about yeah blade connecting to either one division or dr.

Strange In The Multi-Person Madness Theres

even an idea like some people are saying maybe dr. strange should go Strange should go into the land of the dead and and the death realm and then commune with fallen heroes and maybe that’s where he finds vision soul and drags them back into into life. Like there’s all kinds of weird ways. These things to connect and when you are producing things on a smaller scale. You can make those decisions kind of on a moment-to-moment basis as opposed to three times a year.

I Think Its Interesting That You You

said it really quickly but we’re like man like they could be doing these They could be so ballsy and do these amazing things and UK shows and films and it’s almost like you know they’ve had this with this plan in this amazing creative way and it’s kind of like or you’re launching a streaming service and you are like hey you know how to make people sign. A streaming service part of the essential story is there and just UK alone right just like Yeah, Unless you pay us monthly like they’re literally like it’s like the the enforcer something on your on your block Who’s kind of like hey we’ve been protecting you real nice for a while but the price is going up and so why we’ve just enjoyed we’ve been really good viewers or if it’s like because we can yeah we can make you pay now monthly for your Marvel content. I mean hell Yeah what was bringing Elizabeth-it wasn’t I mean did you guys see the Doctor Strange panel they bring back out Elizabeth, Olsen and Kevin Feige. He’s like Yeah and one division is gonna be very important in this movie were very excited about it’s like is it or do you really just want us to watch the. The least exciting series do you remember the thing They said was gonna be fifties esque Oh I don’t remember see now that was a long time ago, but they said that it would it would be The vibe would be the 1950s which goes with if you read that kind of recent comic division.

Its Its Vision Has A Whole Family And

it’s really creepy and dark and weird but it’s set in like Americana as 1950s reality I wonder if he’s gonna do that with Scarlet Witch somehow if they do bring vision back they’re not a hundred percent on this, but they were I feel like they were also talking about back Captain. America’s girlfriend Peggy Carter is a part of this 19, which would work than if the whatever is actually gonna be in the first episode of the what if but so so I want. to kind of pivot for a second to just one more thing about we kind of touched on it, but I want to narrow it and pop it off. Is the idea that somebody say gross yeah I forgot where I was going no. It’s the idea that if there’s one more thing that’s dying We kind of touched on it, but let’s just go specific the death of the concept of a super hero and I’m gonna go through what you guys have brought up a couple times now and that’s blade right like obviously we had Wesley Snipes is blade and then they arrested him for tax evasion and he wasn’t allowed to return to the UK.

But There Wasnt One But Is Is This

part is this wide are they just crumbling these things because outside of the Avengers, the heroes do get kind of weird and. You know they’re anti heroes in their part vampire and stuff I or what do you guys just think about this idea of you know Shang-chi and all these characters like is the concept of a superhero is that dead just the way it not the Sean Roe but i puff person. You know you’re bringing up kind of a both UK and Marvel and the comics went through this phase. In the early nineties, we saw the death of Superman and that’s kind of the conversation we were having like are people tired of just seeing Boy Scouts go off on fight others some other kind of metaphor for some country where it were with and then. In the mid-2000 the Civil War storyline, we saw the death of Captain America and some people saw that as like does that mean the death of American values and American.

Because We Were In The Middle Of Like

this war overseas and I think Yeah we might be going through a similar thing in the cinematic universe like we’re we’re done with these kind of stories. We want to see people become more anti-heroes seen like movies like Joker, where it’s someone who is a definite villain in the comics now become the protagonists were following we’ve definitely know their people do it but Marvel doing Yeah now Marvel’s gonna follow ensue Yes interesting there’s no there’s no death to superheroes it’s like people are still gonna be dressing as every UK character of Chiron in Halloween for the next like 20 years. I just don’t think I think yeah sure they maybe change it a little bit maybe open them up seem more human, but then I just think that the audience is looking for that anyway I know. You want her here, but you kind of also want like I want to be able to relate to you a little bit more like I didn’t fall into weird sand and get powers just a billionaire marbles kind of following the like the human Zeitgeist. I feel like I’m using that in a weird way guys.

However, Its Like A Pause Support You Whereas

when Ironman started to come out that was like right around and obviously I’m not a hundred percent on the dates and stuff, but like that was right around 9/11. Like we were going through a time we were going through a time where it was like famous specifically the first post-9/11 like yeah it’s like doing the Iraq war or the Afghanistan warrior and I think now we’re going into a phase as humanity where it’s like we are human we need to. See each other as human and what makes us real we’re all talking about self-care learning about who we are really digging in and you know taking care of ourselves and putting ourselves out there and I think that that’s also changing within in entertainment itself and I think that’s why we’re starting to get these movies like how did the Joker be well He’s this is mental illness. We’re talking about you know and it made somebody become it a villain that not only was hurting himself but now is hurting other people and how do we stop this interesting get to be a cook really quick. I think really I I think that there is a moment happening in the Zeitgeist of what it means to be a person in personhood right apparently it’s a corporation as a person but a side of aside from that it’s.

Like The This Spectrum Of What

a person is I mean? I’m yes I am straight of talking like what not your sister door What not her or honestly the immigration issues right of like are you treating these people like people rather than contraband or something H I and just all these definitions of these are people earlier we were saying that superhuman well the human part is the important part maybe they’re breaking down well. Then what is human let’s make it reflective of everything. Hence Shang-chi, hence Salma Hayek being at the leader of the Eternals right like it sounds like oh well they’re just squeezing in diversity. You know we’re gonna talk about Thoreau later obviously a lot of people are thinking that they’re too, but also it could just be like or they’re being reflective of cultures You know what every person whether or not. agree with their politics or what they define themselves as they should be able to find themselves in the UK somewhere yeah because they exist in the real just reflecting the world as it is exactly I know it.

Were Using The Term Death Because

people understand what death is but like you can also look at death as transformation. You know or transition it’s either through reincarnation or through literally scientifically When you die your body’s nutrients go into the soil. When you look at us flowers and I will never die. We’re watch I will the if we look at it that way. All this is a natural cycle.

Its Like What We Learned In Throw A

rag rock right like it’s the end of something, but it’s also the transformation into the best version of Thor that we’ve seen in the UK so we kind of that’s. a natural point and this is we’re getting back to the hero’s journey right like Death is a critical part of the life cycle for every character and it’s that kind of resurrection on the other side of the transformation that defines who they are so if you can look at Phase four. It’s kind of the transformation the resurrection we saw one life cycle and Ragnarok has occurred and now there’s going to be using the nutrients and the elements and the materials of what we’ve seen we’re going to synthesize something even better on the other side of it. Yeah I feel like like in the Joker trailer when you see him with his mom and she’s. You know she’s sick and she’s gonna die that sort of transforms him into this character where you do find him going up to the Wayne house and he gets pushed.

Away And Falls Over And Thats

his like that’s the moment where you’re like Oh, You chose this path because of all these things that led up to this moment Where now you are the Joker and that moment in the trailer is scary, but also really redemptive like when you see it and the music and he’s like on the stairs. It’s so cool and I just think following just that storyline of me watching that trailer. I’m like that’s real that’s like real life like people have sick parents and they have to like go through really hard things and then they don’t turn into the Joker, but they could turn into an angry. They could or like an angry you know person who might end up in a psych ward like yeah is showing you if we haven’t previously seen this and some would argue wait we. might not need to, but what is interesting to us right now Is it’s taking the extreme we were talking earlier about grounding these characters the extreme character of the Joker and giving you an A to B to C to get there and then making you ask how many cracks away are you from becoming the Joker, which apparently is not that many you just gotta get shoved in front of a rich guys house yep and then you’re all you’re on your lap guys.

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In The Comics, But What Does It

mean that that’s happening in theNK] I and just how do we even think they’re gonna do it? I don’t know that I’m a fan Okay first of all I have not read the comic, so I don’t I don’t I didn’t know that this is something that also happened inside of the comics, Okay that’s pretty recent-yeah okay like Black Panther style where they just oh we’re reviving the movie now we’re gonna have a season’s long time. He was a longtime artist for it, but it was in the past five or six years that they told this side story involving the original sin and the Mighty Thor Thor dropped his hammer because of something Nick Fury whispered in his ear messages with his head dropped it and then an unknown female character picks it up becomes Lady. Becomes Lady Thor kicks a bunch of ass and we find out it’s Jane Foster, who has breast cancer and every time she she uses the hammer to power up. It resets her chemo so it’s kind of this. It’s really human stories.

Its Fascinating.

She’s dying to say but people yes and she it’s it’s a pretty interesting run a bit a bit divisive not everyone loved it, but it’s a very like fresh take I think on the character again grounded yeah so so what aren’t you feeling they’re just like it just take acknowledge the perspective okay so you don’t know from the comics. Neither do most people who are familiar with the UK so then what is turning you off about it. I guess my problem with it is that her character has been separated from she was in the first movie. She was like a little bit maybe in the reference.

They Think In The Second Just Reference.

In the third, she’s just been referenced ever since it feels very far removed to then bring her back end last week. We argued that Valkyrie could have done it right that Jeff character feels very fresh and if there was gonna be a female Thor. There’s somebody who had seemed worthy certainly with Tessa Thompson’s character but yeah it does honestly it’s the Natalie Portman drama right didn’t she like Hey Dean Yeah yeah she just as an actress she’s one my favorite actresses Justin was done with him so yeah we’re best friends Yeah she’s but yeah she kind of seemed like just done with them. See you and it’s like I might feel a bit different if they brought in the different actress to play Jane Foster and I don’t prom with Jane Foster being Thor I guess I don’t really have with Natalie Portman to be an authority.

I Kind Of Feel Similar In That

the way it was presented. It almost felt like an apology for the past Thor movies where no one like Thor has never been more popular than he was after Ragnarok and during the Infinity Ward in gay movies. Why are we now like apologizing it’s fine if like we want to make a movie where both he and Jane Foster can both be Thor and it’s like this awesome Rom-com I’m down for that but the way it seemed like you know Taika Waititi got down on one knee. He handed This thing to this Hollywood a-lister and now she’s the queen of the UK the way you you just made it seem like she held the the hammer is not actually actually how it is it very much. He’s like grimacing yeah He doesn’t want to do it it seems like it does this storyline a disservice potentially by giving it so much of spotlight so much attention it’s like have you guys taken Natalie Portman’s masterclass class yeah.

She Walks Around The Room And Shes Like

you need. This is how you experience it She’s like okay the camera really feel it. You know and so I’m like yeah all right. She’s Like look for props that you can break masters like Don’t Do this please Yeah, She’ll be able to get a lot for the next master class out of this for sure if she’s got cancer and she’s gotta be Yeah Lanie Thor saved the world. I have the highest hopes for this movie.

I Think Taika Waititi Did A Great

job and I think he understands what’s good about this what I think is a really good Jason Aaron comic series and I hope this is what I hope for the movie that they are able to elevate Natalie Portman in a way that doesn’t throw down or knock down Chris Hemsworth or just we’ve already seen that we saw him get knocked down in in in game and infinity war and in Ragnarok so like let’s have that be a true like team movie again and see their relationship unfold as they both like trade-off the powers of Thor. Maybe she does have cancer. They want to bring that in maybe he decides out of an act of love and thunder hand off mil near to her so it’s like a choice rather than like he’s D powered because you know this. Gonna piss off the haters if they do it that way baby you may not know this. Chris Hemsworth is not gonna be in it.

Shes Gonna Be Im Thinking Were

kidding ourselves if we even think that he’s not gonna be still the star of the movie like just be more titled if it is a mantle being passed. I think that’s not quite I don’t want to say Abbey story, but I think maybe it’s a way to elevate that character so that she can be maybe it is a buddy team-up kind of thing, but Valkyrie is gonna be a big part of it too let’s address the thing that people are throwing out. There is it a love triangle is that what the love is about where Valkyrie said that if she’s the king of Asgard Cheney circuits our queen who’s just been elevated to worthy. Foster, who is still crushing on Jane Foster. Thor is Oh! So it’s like Valkyrie and both Thor crushing on Jane Patel yeah Yeah Valkyries Gonna win She’s got tushy Yeah I wouldn’t I would love that a lot of people have been shipping.

Captain Marvel And Valkyrie That Theyve

had some social media posts. Some love back and forth that’d be great I would love Captain Marvel to show up in this story just because there was that you know fun chemistry between her and Thor and endgame. I want to go sweet sweet babies UK for it Yeah yeah do you guys think it’ll be that it’ll be a love triangle who it should if it’s not they’re failing big time or look trying words just like Jane and Valkyrie are doing their thing and Thor’s left out of it and he’s still there He’s just like okay. Tonal burning inside like their kind of thing, remember me guys like know what else other than the love triangle. Also Erik’s pitch of out of an act of love.

What Else Could The Love And Be Referring

to probably like that She has to have a love for the people to be able to give a lot of her life away like she’s killing herself every time she like turns under because you’ll say that that Thor doesn’t do it for the saving the people part right. He’s an action Junkie in the best way. Jane sacrifices herself every time if we can get more stories explaining to people what love is and how it’s not this simplistic overly romanticized thing, but it’s a complicated compromise based sacrificial thing where you you know it’s a four-letter word that has no meaning let’s like let’s teach people how love is. complicated messy thing and let’s use Marvel movies to do it hell Yeah Let’s let’s let’s tell new stories that these audiences aren’t used to don’t worry about the good looking and the UK that’s one component of love. Yeah Hope I hear that we could make that make it Yeah what happened to you.

Erik Was A Lot Well Whatever Is

underneath the table hurt me. I’m not gonna be standing up for a long time that’s really creepy and gross speaking of weird things in your body. What about the ether in that still in Jane Foster and so essentially it’s an infinity stone can that because they remember this so the concept is they had to go back and put all the stones back where they were so they shoved it up. Natalie Portman‘s knows Yeah and then she has it they total recalled her back somehow. Maybe while she was sleeping, they put a funnel in her mouth.

Imagine A Funnel If You Will A Cone

with a tube at the bottom and we’re familiar it’s an angry sludge. We did a whole bit about this In a recent Thor love and Thunder Breakdown, where it’s just like imagine that conversation between Cap and Jane when she’s waking up like we just had we please drink this. I don’t want to force you to drink it, but for the sake of the multiverse you have to drink this right now she’s like oh great if I can be cancer because that would Aaron’s story like Yeah I don’t it depends on what timeline they they put this in. If it is the post endgame timeline Yeah Jane Foster has that has had that sludge in her but through the result of the dark world story has. had it extracted from her, but has a memory of having an angry toxic sludge inside of her.

Its A Weird Dark World Was A Weird

time. Guys are a lot of depth. Yeah Yeah, Do you guys. I think that that’ll be how she gets the powers if from the stone is it stores just like here have it because he does have an extra hammer. A lot of shows like to do this but it’s like the whole secret thing.

So I Imagined That That We

might find out that she doesn’t know that that’s what’s inside her and that’s how are we saying that that’s how the cancer started it’s a way okay. I mean I’ll say if everything causes cancer definitely an infinity stone in your bloodstream probably does Yeah and I feel like it’s gonna be this really dramatic thing where it’s like strange her. Doctor Yeah Doctor changes the oncologist exactly so I think we’ll have some sort of reveal that will make her make a decision about who she wants to be or why well that’s the hero’s journey right you have to choose at some point to become the hero Yeah, Oh real quick. I just reminded myself just stupid theory that I have and I want to put it on record Wanda vision Scarlet Witch is pregnant with vision Babies Oh Babies twins and then something happens to them and then Paul she goes nuts can vision conceive I just heard a rumor that vision shootin blanks that’s what he told you but chase Paprika he can’t father a child. I don’t know what that means but speaking of the whole southern adage still being melt down there lone Wolf Top Gun do you guys watch Top Gun Maverick just remind.

Us What The Characters Name Is So

okay so Tom Cruise surprises everyone by knowing what comic-con is at all and then showing up there and dropping a sequel trailer for Top Gun, which honestly is kind of one of these movies that it’s like Oh Yeah Top Gun and then most people saying that we’re not born when Top Gun familiar with Top Gun did you guys watch Top Gun Yeah Yeah Yeah, you guys are big top E’s. We both come from families of pilots. So we grew up with Top Gun the same no pilot loved Top Gun pilot We fill it in my background naval aviation buddies they watch it. This is how you die right yeah but I kind of adoringly in a way. I don’t know if anyone views it as art its art yeah well okay earlier by reading to me that you.

Tom Cruise Is Art Oh Yes

I do love him and I know you think I’m being facetious and then I sound sarcastic because I suck a stick, but I actually do legitimately really love Tom Cruise like when he smiles and put on and puts on his aviator glasses and Top Gun. I’m like Oh Haha be still my heart. I can’t I just I adore him and I think he’s a really great actor and I love that he does all of his own stunts like are you kidding. He’s the guy who’s like I only want to speed on a motorcycle not wear a helmet. I’m gonna try to fly this jet at like a bunch of mocks like I’m gonna learn how to do it.

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Its A Wuss.

I hope it is like he’s one of a kind I’ll say in front of the camera he’s. He’s amazing you know what I mean like as the person who gave us these moments a cinematic history. I hope he never dies. It’s up.

He Eventually Very Much Will Die Doing

one of these stunts. Oh yeah Yeah you got it like He’s kind of like a classic old-school. Hollywood show me in the way Buster Keaton was wait Jackie Chan has been in his career like I do my own stunts. I’m going to train myself. How to do it.

Were Gonna Rehearse It A Ton Of

times I might injure myself. But like there is kind of a death wish that we all have and we go see these movies like Tom Cruise potentially dying. He’s kind of like the Evel Knievel of Hollywood. Right now we gonna be an Evel Knievel biopic and it was potentially gonna star him at one point and then he’s. Do all of his okay so about this good movie? It’s hard to understand how it’s gonna land in our Zeitgeist, But I think that it’s potentially setting itself up to be another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Its Like Like Youre Taking This

well semi-beloved franchise from from the 80s, bringing it back way later and not rebooting it saying this old man is the only person that can still play this role and you also have miles teller in there who is potentially gonna play that Shia UK kind of role of hey I’m Jr. or whatever with Monkeys Yeah that swingin with monkeys roll so yeah so how do we take the lessons learn from Kingdom of Crystal Skull and not repeat those mistakes on Top Gun Maverick Miles is supposed to be like it’s like goose Junior right right so maybe he dies real quick. Yeah Bridge gets new that’s Deadpool look This is one of those things where it’s kind of a kingdom of Crystal Skull, Where people like is this movie necessary Is any movie necessary whatever it’s you know it’s the directors great. This is a guy who’s been doing all the Mission Impossible movies Crispin Corey’s great writer director he did the usual suspects one could Tom Cruise loves working with them and brings him on to basically any project he does now. It’ll be fun I love that the trailer opened with like Ed Harris just being like look in any other military career you would not still be flying jets.

This Is Really An Intervention And

the only way you can have a serious conversation with Tom Cruise is by committing him to do a movie from it. I think the only way this movie’s gonna work is if. What’s been successful in the past is if they introduce it and then kind of let go of the old guard and then kind of let it take its own thing. Whereas with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, it was very much like no we’re gonna keep it the same way that it’s been so there really was no handoff. Even though they like fakes the whole hat they put on the news like now give me my hat it’s kind of gotta be honest.

They Dont Have To Change The Whole

script because he refused to give him the Hat and I whether it’s a bit or not. I believe it yeah I mean they’re just gonna have to hand over the jet. Maybe have like they’re gonna have to have somebody else push the ladder up to the wing, so that he can climb it like that’s just. What’s gonna happen? I didn’t know what you mean until you said the ladder to get into the Jets, you mean the ladder. The most recent thing The ladder ladder point yeah I just wonder why that person had to get fired just a little factor.

Nk] Maybe Blow You Away Were Talking About

kingdom of crystals cause like you know this big failure. Seventy-eight percent on Rotten Tomatoes do you know what top gonna have some Rotten Tomatoes, seventy-eight percent. It’s a movie people remember maybe you don’t want to rewatch it. What was it your the off-screen producers saying they used the same Kenny Loggins song three times yes having this great contract contract with Tom Cruise and a contract for a movie that uses the same song, but not that’s not the volleyball song that’s a different end of the trailer where they go to. The Top Gun theme on piano and it’s like are you kidding me We’re five years too late on that thing.

Jurassic Park Yeah Confuses Me Now It

makes me think it’s a horror movie or something do you guys forget. Jennifer Connelly’s in this cuz I mean she she’s gonna save it she’s so hot beautiful and so good Yeah She’s his love interest last second turn that I did not expect but Jennifer Connelly come groom us guys rogue questions. We end every episode with some real hard-hitting questions and if you get them wrong you’re not invited back. These are opinion based specifically get them all wrong good of a time scarier trailer. It Chapter two or cats cats cat Yeah Yeah I mean I’d be it they’re both funny and scary isn’t it in a way but man I’ll never get that image of the James.

Or Billups Card Is Upside Down Hes Insane

He’s not reading any shows a new world set during World War two Whoo Yeah Oh that’s really cool Yeah would you rather be in the Old West Feudal Japan or World War two Europe Old West because you feel a little bit more okay being a black Hatter or white hat wears in World War two there’s only one side you can pick which enjoys Wow Western writing specifically on quarter horses so I’ll go with the the western part what is a quarter horse It’s a specific breed of horse fill up. Is it a twice the horse that you put a quarter in I’m gonna say Feudal Japan why um because of the type of weaponry they do have the best webinar sure guns. The actor cast as Shang-chi is in the upcoming Marvel movie He’s so This is. If you guys thought he had tweeted to Marvel eight months ago about beam cast he’s like hey you guys want to cast me It’s not like Marvel, let’s talk or something and then he got it. They did cast so what role should each of you start tweet begging for obviously Eric in the Christmas story.

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They Do Have Peter Billingsley In

the UK now and he’s a producer for Sandman let’s see what’s the name of Mojo I saw. There was a female pilot in the new Top Gun and I was like what Yeah I want to audition for that. I would have tweeted that and said make me that pilot yeah that would been very very cool. Wesley Snipes congratulated me. Hershel alley on beat but you know he didn’t but you didn’t really mean it because he wanted to pay taxes Malaysian him on being.

Cast As Blade Before Telling Angry Fans To

Chillax with a lot of a lot of exes, What’s a more vampire appropriate way to tell people to calm down suck it up, Don’t let that blood boil it’s and you say a vampire. The Trailer for the Zombie Land sequel came out this week and it shows the characters playing Twister in an abandoned White House where would you want to explore in the post–apocalyptic world Ooh, A theme park like Disneyland, Disneyland like or they’re not Disney, but just abandon theme parks and a room with weeds and raccoons are out there operating the rides now like one of those old like refineries are like a distillery that has like something that has huge tanks and a lot of spaces you have to like run through why and heard great things like la the city of Los Angeles would be nice just say yeah no traffic Bill Murray Shaquille UK was spotted dancing in the front row of an UK concert in Belgium of cultures Yeah what’s the worst person to be behind UK I’ll get the giant yeah especially now the person. Shaquille UK because they’re just fussing the whole time I’d rather not be able to see them be able to hear complaining for two hours or the person recording the concert with their UK last one A wild reddit theory came out this week that when Captain America went back in time At the end of endgame Steve Rogers became Mr. .

Rogers Does Make The Upcoming Tom Hanks

movie A beautiful day in the neighborhood. The secret forced Captain America solo movie. This is one of those questions that’s more of a joke for the card writer for a future video over here guys like Tom Hanks yes more than Tom Cruise no guys thank you so much to my guess you guys are great and you can be found in great places specifically where where do you want people to find you yeah if I man Youtube. com under my.

Name Tara Ericsson, Its T-Ara Eri Ckin

great You can find me at the UK theater on Harold Night with my teens scream in Los Angeles in Los Angeles specifically and you know where to find me you can find me what do we got coming this week. Oh yeah, we got some interesting takes we’re still unpacking all the comic-con stuff it should be on the channel already this look at the horror influences of Doctor Strange in the multiverse madness to me. The most interesting panel about you guys was the in-game screenwriters panel Markus and UK gave us a sneak peek at all the deleted scenes and ideas that were rejected. They had some of the craziest ideas for both infinity war to cap cap it was one we already did a video about that there’s another one about Thanos’s trial that you’ll be able to see.

Just More Stuff Coming Out Of Comic

Con and we know that the end game and getting released on UK Blu-ray will be coming out in a couple weeks and hopefully some more trailers for stuff that we didn’t get to see a comic-con alright guys Don’t forget to subscribe to Rogue theory on the podcast feed so you can get it earlier than the Youtube channel also I’m Philip Mele and I never say my name at this time. Cuz it smelt stupid. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram and Narok serves thank you guys so much.


This episode is our post-comic-con episode . We will be talking about Marvel a lot right now specifically starting with phase for now . The titling of this video may have been clicked. It may have said something about the death of the UK Phase four is this crazy like Tectonic shift across the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it certainly is gonna look nothing like what it looked like before and we were. We were just talking about this before the show. We realized it’s actually going to break everything we know about superhero movies so we have some topics about the things that we are no longer gonna see in the UK and how i i’m not sure if it was depending on what it is. And this is rogue theory. And then also that’s true Terry Erickson channel the terror Erickson. It’s just under my name no just tear Erickson the tear. I mean you really guys reminder you can listen to the show I botched it. And I can see….. Click here to read more and watch the full video