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with our K outpost and I was going to let this story just go. It really started maybe like five or six days ago. From this, she-hulk writer Dana Schwartz, who said something that I thought was kind of dumb kind of stupid opinion, but whatever it’s the Internet everybody has opinions, but then she decided to respond and play the victim and so many people like to do these days, especially if you’re writing for Marvel. It seems so check out this bounded into comics article and I do need to give a shout out to John F Trent and bounded into comics make sure to check out the site make sure to subscribe to bounding a comics UK channel I will go ahead. I’ll put them in the end card so you guys can subscribe and do just that but here.

Is Marvel Studios She-Hulk Rider Dana

Schwartz responds to South Park criticism is there something that women are allowed to have an opinion on and yes the answer is everything you can have an opinion on everything and you can even share it on the Internet the thing is when you share your opinions just like when I put my videos out there people comments on them sometimes people agree sometimes they don’t that’s what dialogue is that’s what putting your opinion out there is so if you get feedback I would suggest take it might change your opinion it might not Dana the day doesn’t really matter what’s what matters the fact that you’re able to speak it but we’ll get into it. Marvel Studios Yelp writer Dana Schwartz responded to her critics by Clinton by claiming she’s getting death threats in question if women are allowed to have. Earlier this month, Schwartz took to Twitter to state It seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park and here is that tweet that is being talked about now. This was on February 13th So da Almost a week ago she put this out and got a lot of attention in retrospect. It seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park.

The Show That Portrayed Earnestness As The Only

sin and taught that mockery is the ultimate inoculation against criticism and then she would go on to continue to attack man and trade the creators of Park that they are rich white guys well That is about the worst thing. You can possibly call someone to be fair so that shots fired right there. This is the internet its current year. You can’t be rich. You can’t be white and you can’t be a guy trifecta right there and they convince the generation of scared vulnerable young men that irony will never hurt them So these are this is what she put out and she got roasted.

She Got Roasted And I Think Rightfully

so really stupid thing to put out there. South Park. I think it’s a hilarious show. I don’t watch it as much anymore. I used to watch.

It A Ton But The Best Part

about that show is the fact that they go over everyone about everything it’s not about party. It’s not about right or left. It’s not about any of that everyone is fair game and they make fun of everything which is what makes it so funny. So that’s what she put out. She did get a lot of backlash for that she got a lot of people that disagreed with her on the Internet Cuz that’s what happens following intense criticism over attack on South Park.

Schwartz Is Now Claiming Shes Receiving

death threats and that she is the victim in this matter. Despite being the one to initially attack South Park in their fans and their creators and rich white men and all the young men that watch it all those things she did attack and here’s what she wrote and this. was yesterday evening. I tweeted a pretty mild opinion about a UK show on my own personal Twitter account like a week ago and have been getting multiple death threats every day since like Lol is there something that women are allowed to have an opinion on and of course, she says it’s mild opinion said it’s impossible to overstate the cultural damaged on my South Park you’re saying this South Park is ruin the culture. I wouldn’t say that’s a mild criticism.

I Would Just Say Its Criticism It Doesnt

have to be mild or a mild opinion. It’s just your opinion and that’s fine and then she goes on This is there something at women are allowed have an opinion. Yet you tweeted that you can have your opinion. People just think you’re wrong and that’s okay. She continued like listen now how she writes this the person’s.

Going To Write For She-Hulk On

Disney PLus gonna write for the She-hulk series. This is how she speaks like guys and I cut. I cannot tell you how crazy it’s been crazy almost constant emails full like 15 minute UK videos about how ugly I am articles about me trying to get UK show cancelled Nope wasn’t trying to cancel anything just tweeted a thought about it wild yeah, so listen I’m look I’ve been looking for these death threats. A lot of people have been looking for these death threats kind of tough to find she was asked to show hey tell us these death threats. We really want to have sympathy for t we want to call those people out for being wrong can’t seem to find any very strange right.

Wed Hear These Things Over And Over Again

from these people that like to go on. Then claim victimhood we see it all the time especially at places like Marvel strangely enough and no Marvel, especially the MarvelNK] shows are not new to their writers being should we say a little bit controversial online maybe if you do remember back months and months and months ago. Recently announced Miss Marvel showrunner beitia K Ali deletes 5,000 tweets in private social media accounts prior to the announcement of her as a writer and when you go down and actually do some digging. It seems like all the replies to those had a lot to do with bashing men I wonder why Disney didn’t want her to have those I wonder why Disney wanted her to delete those before she made that announcement, and there’s tons of stuff in here again another bounty. In a comics article, she accuses critics of Star Trek discovery being angry racist.

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Racist Massages Who Are Upset That

Star Trek discoveries too many women of color. She said Can we do Internet conscription for men you gotta enlist buddy up with one troll each then keep them vile threats to themselves and then another one. I believe women can burn to the ground and rebuild it for the anti-capitalist utopia of science and art and compassion. I think we’re all striving for again a bunch of things attacking men, so they’re no stranger to hiring these types of people and I do think it’s fair to say that Dana Schwartz is that type of person because we’re about to see some tweets that she’s had in the past. I’m sure they will be deleted sooner rather than later, but I’m sure they’re all archived aren’t they Dana and here we go this is the John F transferred.

This Is An Outright Lie.

Didn’t just tweet have thought about South Park. She said it was impossible to overstate the cultural damage. She attacked South Park fans calling them a generation of scared vulnerable young men Yeah She used some pretty. I would say some fairly strong language.

I Dont Think It Was Necessarily Unprofessional.

Language is strong language, a strong opinion and she got strong opinions back but here we go look at all the other things that she’s tweeted about let’s see what her true feelings about men are if that was a mild opinion. Dana Schwartz. On September 28 2008. Teen a man at work gave me a chocolate croissant this morning and that’s the only interaction with men.

I Will Allow From Now On

okay. She also said this about killing Western canon we need to kill Western canon and described as literary canon as it exists is racist and. Patriarchal and it keeps reinforcing itself because again they’re counting the number of women involved in things they’re counting the number of persons of color and I heard Gary from your otic use the phrase P ot today person of talent. I think we need to start that when you start using that more because at the end of the day. That is what should matter how many people of talent you have working not people of color Because the end of the day we want talented people we don’t care what your skin color is what kind of body parts you have who you decide to have who you decide to sleep with none of that really matters we just want talented people working there let’s see what else did she say.

Then She Just Went Out Like This

you know what screw it no novels by white men. in high schools for the next 20 years, Yeah go for it just go all out and then again she or she is playing the victim again Last night. I’m, a professional entertainment journalist, author of multiple books, writer for UK and comic books and apparently I can’t use my personal Twitter to share a thought about a UK show without dozens of people emailing me that I am a racial slur who needs to be our word and murdered listen show them if you show those I guarantee you have a ton of support if you put those names out there of those people that did it you will have a ton of support from us that is wrong. We will call that out as being wrong, but guess what you’re not showing are you we’ve seen it too many times with these type of people that want to play victim constantly, and we’re just not gonna believe it. If you’re not gonna show us evidence.

I Guess Finding A New Target For Charlie

makes them feel United gives them some meaning to their day. Maybe maybe you just put in a pin out there and they want to rebuttal to that they want to say no. This is why you’re wrong but I ask you who’s the triggered one the one who tweeted a personal thought or the ones who went back through years of someone’s Instagram to find unflattering pictures to make fully edited videos about how she’s ruining their lives. She keeps talking she’s really upset that people are talking about her appearance. I can tell.

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You That I Havent Said I

haven’t mentioned it once because it’s not important. The vast majority of people are critiquing you for a bleep take about South Park that bleep take is yours to have and it’s our rights to then respond if you don’t like it mute them block them whatever run away on Twitter if that’s what you want to do if you want a hug box if you don’t want anyone else challenged in your opinion, but if you’re gonna sit here and say that you’re getting death threats that all of these things are happening to you and you want us to feel bad for you for some reason you poor. A woman who put you to doubt that who’s writing for a Marvel show if you want us to feel bad for you show us the proof we will support you we will stand. With you Dana Schwartz.


Marvel Studios she-hulk writer Dana Schwartz responded to her critics by claiming she’s getting death threats in question if women are allowed to have an opinion on everything . Earlier this month, Schwartz took to Twitter to state It seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by South Park . The show that inspired Schwartz to tweet that is being talked about now. The writer responded to the critics by saying she’s gotten death threats and that she’s not allowed to speak her opinion out of her mouth . The writer has been accused of playing the victim in the wake of the South Park controversy. She says she is not afraid to speak out her opinion. She is proud to say that she is proud of her opinions. It is just that she has a right to speak it out of the mouth. It’s just that it is that it’s the right to say it’s that she can speak out. The right to have opinions. The wrong thing is that women should speak out of their mouths….. Click here to read more and watch the full video