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In The Summer Of 2015, Marvel Ended

phase 2 with the release of their twelfth film Ant-man. Unlike most previous Marvel movies up till then not a lot of casual fans were looking forward to Ant-man worse yet quite a few of the hardcore fans were actually dreading it and many believed Ant-man was destined to become Marvel Studios first film to flop as it turned out. Ant-man was met with positive reviews, and it did financially well enough to justify its 2018 sequel, Ant-man and Wasp where the original Ant-man movie really stands out compared to the movies that came both before and after was a troubled production which saw the movie delayed time and again for the better part of a decade, as well as the departure of its original director Edgar Wright. In this video, we will look back at the origins of Ant-man, the characters trouble. Original director Edgar Wright had to go Tales to Astonish was an anthology comic that initially ran from 101 issues between 1959 and 1968.

For The Most Part It Was A Series

that was simply a showcase for artists and writers to hone their craft. Comic legends such as Steve Ditko, Don, Heck, Chris Rule and Paul Rineman. All worked on stories in it at one point or another by and large tales to Astonish was a fairly unremarkable title up until January 1962 s issue 27 titled The Man in the Anthill. It was written by the then 40-year old editor-in-chief Stanley Martin Lieber, who was known by the more familiar pseudonym Stanley. He was assisted by his brother Larry, as well as comic book legend Jack Kirby, inspired by the 1957 film The Incredible Shrinking Man.

The Story Itself Is Rather Simplistic

a scientist named Hank Pym discovers. Shrink a human being accidentally shrinks himself and has to escape from an Anthill. He was never written to be a recurring character. In fact, issue 28 moved on to introducing another obscure character in Gorilla Man. However, audience is connected with Hank Pym and made his issue one of the best-selling issues of tales to astonish.

The Strong Sales Figures Of The Issue

made Stanley consider bringing Hank back as a full-time superhero in issue 35. Hank Pym returned this time with a red superhero outfit and other later hallmarks of the character like controlling Ants. A year later, the world will be introduced to Ant man’s eventual girlfriend Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp the popular character in her own right. Most noteworthy the pair will be among the original founders of the Avengers in the landmark Avengers issue number one or the following years The Ant-man stories. to include further allies as well as villains like Yellow Jacket and alter egos like Giant Man and Goliath and down the line other Ant-man in Scott Lang and Erik UK.

The Attempts To Create An Ant-Man Feature

film can be traced all the way back to the late 1980s when Stan Lee he pitched the idea of an Ant-man movie to them Marvel Comics owner New World Pictures. The film made it into pre-production, but it died a quiet death due to rival film company Disney_Pictures” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Walt Disney Pictures developing the 1989 film Honey I Shrunk the Kids, which new world deemed too similar in concept. Incidentally Honey I Shrunk. The Kids was held by Joe Johnson, who years later would go on to direct Captain America. The First Avenger for Marvel Studios as for Ant-man.

There Would Be No Further Attempts At Bringing

the character to the screen until the turn of the century. In the year 2000 radio personality and self–proclaimed King of all media Howard Stern fresh off the success of his film private parts, why that’s greatly expand his feature film career reportedly a huge ant-man fan. He attempted to purchase the film rights from Marvel, but they were not able to reach an agreement in May. In the same year, then president andNK] of Marvel Avi. Arad made a deal with artisan entertainment to co-produce and distribute a total of fifteen superhero projects, which in addition to Ant-man also included a Captain America film and a Thor UK series.

By 2003.

However, very little progress had had been made on any of these projects that’s when a young filmmaker named Edgar Wright and his good friend Joe Cornish approached Artisan and wrote a treatment for the film. Edgar Wright‘s, who at the time was best known for creating the cult classic British television series. Spaced was fairly unknown in the United States, but he was becoming quite popular in his native England. His treatment was to focus on Scott Lang, the second Ant-man due to right wanting the story to invoke the style of writer Elmore Leonard Wright claims that his treatment never made it to Marvel because artisan wanted to be more of a family thing.

He Briefly Gave Up On The Project

and shifted his focus to his plan to next film. Shaun of the Dead, a satirical horror comedy which would go on to earn him great critical acclaim and recognition. Following his success with Shaun of the Dead. Wright pitched the idea of an Ant-man film again, this time to the head of the newly formed Marvel Studios. Kevin Feige writes pitch must have impressed Feige as at the 2006 San Diego comic-con during the Marvel Studios first-ever panel they announced a slate of films which included an Edgar Wright directed Ant-man.

During The Panel.

Wright explained that this film would not be a spoof of superhero films, but a legitimate action adventure. The film would feature both Ant Men Hank Pym and Scott Lang, though mostly Lang. As of February 2007. Wright explained that the film is in a holding pattern while the script was being revised and that he was studying nanotechnology to make sure that the science was.

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He Also Directed The Comedy Hot

Fuzz, which much like Shaun of the Dead was a hit both critically and financially 2008 So right hand in his first draft of Ant-man and commenced writing his second draft. That same year, Marvel released its first feature film Jon Favreau’s Iron Man, which would kickstart what would become the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe The Incredible Hulk with Ant-man. Though progress was slow in May of 2010 Stan Lee tweeted that Marvel were prepping the film and that he had already met with Wright and discussed writing the characters. Despite right at this time still working on Scott Pilgrim vs. .

The World.

Wright later noted that there wasn’t a schedule yet for the film. He stated because that character isn’t one of their biggest properties. It’s not like a tentpole deadline. It’s more.

And Kevin Saying Lets Make A Really Good

script. We’ve always agreed on that let’s make a good script that works that’s all about a great genre film and that isn’t necessarily relying on anything else. At the 2010 San Diego comic-con Edgar Wright made quite a surprising announcement at the Marvel panel. He told the world that Ant-man would not be a part of the upcoming Avengers movie. Despite the character having always been a key member.

He Said It Didnt Work With The Kind

of angle that we were going to do with the origin that I’d written at this point in time right still had yet to complete a second draft of the script and he would spend the rest of the year completing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which was released in August of 2010. While the film is a hit with fans and critics. It. the box office after its release, Wright returned to making Ant-man a film he had been developing on and off for the better part of five years, with very little to show for it this time.

However, There Were No Other Projects Competing For

his attention right finally finished the second draft of his Ant-man script in April 2011 and turned in a third draft just before Comic Con in early May of 2012. Wright tweeted a pictogram of the titular hero and claimed the movie was the closest it had ever been to being filmed in almost a decade audiences. However, weren’t all that interested in the adventures of Ant-man just then for that very month The Avengers was released. The film was a smash hit with fans and critics alike and an absolute juggernaut at the box office against this backdrop. Audiences quickly forgot that Ant-man was supposed.

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Member Of The Group, Nonetheless, Wright Continued

to work on the project, and by June, he had shot a reel of footage that was intended to showcase the look and tone of the film. This footage was screened at the Marvel panel at Comic Con. All the while Wright continued to assure the audience that Ant-man was still getting made. The test. Footage was very well received, with many in attendance, noting that it shared a tone similar to Wright’s Hot Fuzz.

Marvel Were Apparently Impressed As Well As

in October. Disney finally gave Ant-man a release date. It was scheduled to arrive in theaters November 6th 2015, a date that was shared with the James Bond film Spectre. In January of 2013, Kevin Feige stated that Ant-man would be the first film in phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe In spring of 2013. Word got out that Kevin.

The Script Be Slightly Revised In Order

to better fit the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie had been conceived and written as a Phase 1 film, but by then the movie was intended to kick-start Phase 3, so a rewrite was needed to bring the story up to speed in July of that year. Right in Joe Cornish turned in their final draft of the script and then proceeded to ask Kevin Feige to delay production for a few more months. Right wanted the additional time to finish another pet project that had come his way. The World’s End as producer on it completing it was a matter of some urgency and Wright’s.

Personal Friend Producer Eric Felner Was Succumbing To

cancer. Feige agreed and The World’s End would prove to be yet another box-office hit for right, but the price was pushing back Ant-man even further. In August of 2013. Director Joss Whedon explained that there would be no references to Ant-man in the upcoming film Avengers Age of Ultron. This was another massive change as Ant-man was Ultron’s creator in the comics, but there was little in the way of outcry pre-production on Ant-man finally began in October of 2013, while Disney pushed the movie’s release date back to July of 2015, where it would now conclude Phase 2 instead of kicking off Phase 3.

By October Of 2013.

Rumors were swirling about who would play Scott Lang and it seemed to come down to two candidates. Paul Rudd of the 40-year-old Virgin Fame and Joseph Gordon. -levitt of Inception Rudd rapidly became the frontrunner and was eventually cast as Scott Lang. Add details about the film, such as the film being largely a heist movie and that too Ant-man were going to be featured in January 2014.

They Had Found Their Hank Pym In The

form of Michael Douglas and the rest of the cast quickly followed in the coming months. This included Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson, Corey, Stoll Matt Gerald and Michael Pena from the outside everything seemed to be progressing nicely behind the scenes. However, tensions were rising by MArch of 2014. Rumors started to spread that not all was well on the set of Ant-man Kevin Feige.


In the summer of 2015, Marvel ended phase 2 with the release of their twelfth film Ant-man . Unlike most previous Marvel movies up till then not a lot of casual fans were looking forward to the movie . Many believed the movie was destined to become Marvel Studios first film to flop as it turned out . In this video, we will look back at the origins of the character, the characters trouble and the struggles of the production of the movie that came before and after was a troubled production which saw the movie delayed time and again for the better part of a decade, as well as the departure of its original director Edgar Wright . The film was met with positive reviews, and it did financially well enough to justify its 2018 sequel, Ant-Man and Wasp . The movie is set to be released in theaters on June 28, 2018 . The first Ant-woman is scheduled for release on Blu-Ray and Blu-ray on July 28, 2015. The movie was released on July 29,…. Click here to read more and watch the full video