Massive AntiWoke BACKLASH as Critical Race Theory Getting CRUSHED All Over the Nation


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There Is As We Speak A Massive Anti-Woke Backlash

that is absolutely crushing critical race theory all over the nation. In this video, We’re going to take a look at another election in Texas a school board election where critical race theory went through a humiliating defeat. We’re going to take a look at what critical race theory actually tries to teach our school kids and how state after state are rising up and banning critical race theory from their borders like never before you’re not gonna want to miss this greetings everyone dr steve here with you great to be with you as always we are your anti-woke a fake news antidote that analyzes current events in light of larger conservative trends in these crazy and turbulent times. So if you haven’t done so you know what to do make sure to smack that bell and subscribe button before. In here, let’s give a huge shout out to the sponsor this video and that’s our good friends over at Virtual Shield Gang.

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Texas Had A Big Weekend This Weekend Not

only did they have the special congressional election in Dallas. It was a congressional district that ended up shutting out the Democratic candidate. We just did a video on the significance of that election you will definitely want to check it out. We also contrasted it with Romney getting mercilessly booed at the Republican Convention Utah, but not only do we have the election where the candidate endorsed by Trump ran away with and Democrats fell apart. We also had a Texas school board election that scored an overwhelming victory to stop critical race theory from being forced into Texas classrooms.

The Elections In South Lake On

Saturday were highly contested. There was a lot of publicity around them right even the so-called pop star Demi Lovato came out saying it’s horrifying to see. Some of the parents are literally fighting to uphold white supremacy and are resisting the anti-racism work that’s so needed well dummy. Not only are you clueless on the nature of the thoroughly marxist nature of critical race theory which we’ll get into in a minute but you’re assertion that only some of the parents were against I mean upholders of white supremacism. Your assertion was blown apart.

This Weekend Look At This Headline

from the daily mail in the Uk anti-work candidates opposed to critical race theory being taught in Dallas school win control of affluent district board with nearly 70 percent. About 70 percent of voters rose up and told the woke left and Sjw‘s like Demi lovato to get the hell out of our schools that was the message plain and simple over the weekend right that’s what came out of South Lake Texas get the flying. of our schools needless to say this election In this very upscale Dallas Fort Worth Suburb is making waves throughout the media better more accurately it’s making its way through the conservative media. The left-wing outlets are doing their best to ignore that the vote even took place. Critical racer got crushed so badly in the South Lake election that the Marxist media seemed the most embarrassed to talk about it was such a humiliating defeat now to their credit as at the making of this video NBc to its credit did report on the election.

Although They Couldnt Help Themselves.

They had to point out that the big winners were quote opponents of anti–racism education. You know it must be so wonderful to be a far leftist cultural Marxist today to see your worldview so faithfully championed by the mainstream Marxist media. I mean if you want to get. Just how ridiculous our media is our mainstream media when it comes to reporting on what critical race theory actually is right and calling it anti-racism stuff and all that so, if you want to see how absurd the kind of caricature of ctr critical race theory is you’ll definitely want to check out my video on how the nation of France is actually calling for a full ban on critical race theory coming out of the United States.

They Dont Want To Have Critical

race they’re coming anywhere near their shores. They see the racial divisions that are getting fomented here and you definitely want to check the video out because I think it’s a real eye-opener in terms of what this stuff really is but just to make sure we’re clear if you’re not aware of what critical race theory your Ctr as it’s often referred to is. Is said and done what our kids are getting taught right? They’re getting taught that our nation is inherently unjust and that’s because our nation has two groups of people. CTr is effective because it’s so pathetically easy. A kindergartner can get this okay.

Our Society Has Two Groups Of People.

One group oppresses and hurts and treats unfairly the other group. Now that group the group that gets oppressed and is constantly treated unfairly. That group is always good. While the first group the group that oppresses and persecutes the other group.

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The Good Group That Group Is Always

bad. So CTr is a theory of good and evil or better a good versus evil. In its narrative so our society is a bad society. It’s unjust because it has two groups of people where one group the evil group is always always always oppressing and persecuting the other. group which is always good now you may be wondering and of course, we know that our kindergartners would be wondering quite out loud.

So How Do We Tell These

two groups apart. How do I know who’s in the bad group and who’s in the good group and what’s the answer to it. You know it? What is the answer that critical race theory curriculum teaches to these students the answer itself is also very simple. You can tell them apart the two groups by their race their race is what gives them away in terms of who belongs to which group. This is what the mainstream media is calling anti-racism curriculum.

Its An Absolute Travesty Of Any Semblance

of a sense of reality to even think about referring to Ctrs merely anti-racism. CTr is a shockingly pernicious and appallingly racist doctrine and that’s exactly how the citizens of South Lake Texas understood it. They rightly understood that CTr is a horrific and vicious form of reverse racism. One that’s getting thoroughly implemented on our laws well that is until now what happened in South Lake really is just the beginning of what is nothing less than a massive anti-woke wave that’s flooding the nation. The state of Texas itself is in the process of banning CTr.

Critical Race Theory From All Texas Public

schools. The Texas Senate has just passed a ban on CTr and it’s expected to become the law of the state in the weeks ahead. I’m sure many of you already know about Florida Governor Ron Desantis. He recently announced that critical race theory would no longer be permitted in Florida. Florida’s public schools calling critical race theory curriculum divisive racist.

Anti-American And Thats Precisely What It Is

In this formal announcement. Governor Desantis said quote there’s no room in our classrooms for things like critical race theory teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money in the state of Idaho. The governor recently signed a bill that banned CTr from their public schools in Oklahoma Gop lawmakers have sent a bill to their governor effectively banning CTr from their classrooms. The Iowa House has just passed similar legislation that actually extends the ban to the issue of gender as well. It’s all part of what is called Marxist Critical theory.

So They Apply This Good Group Versus Bad

group dichotomy to race and gender and sexuality and iowa‘s banning CTr’s application to gender concepts. Tennessee lawmakers are pushing through bills that are doing the same everywhere we look. Red states across the nation everywhere we look we’re beginning to see massive anti-woke backlashes absolutely crushing critical race theory all throughout our nation now before you go I don’t want you to miss the coverage of our the other election in Texas over the week in the special house seat election in the Dallas district. The Gop absolutely dominated that election and many pundits believe it’s a bellwether for the Democrat Bloodbath in 2022.

Also We Got A Video Of Mitt Romney

actually getting mercilessly booed at a utah gop convention. You’re not going to want to miss our analysis of how these two events are related. So make sure to click on the link and I will see you over there God bless.


There is as we speak a massive anti-woke backlash that is crushing critical race theory all over the nation . We’re going to take a look at another election in Texas a school board election where critical race theories went through a humiliating defeat . State after state are rising up and banning critical race theorists from their borders like never before . Virtual Shield Gang is offering our audience 50 off all VPN plans and all premium add-ons so don’t wait. Click on that link in the description below and sign up for a free 30–day trial to Virtual Shield VPN . It is a limited time offer so click on the link in that description below . Click here to read the full transcript for the latest episode of this week’s edition of The Anti-Woke Gang. Back to the page you came from The Daily Mail Online – Monday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, October 1, 2014, November 1, 2015, October 2, 2015. Please email us at www.dailymailonline…. Click here to read more and watch the full video