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Emergency Gun Meme Review, What Is Up You

sexy Youtube, mother lovers and welcome back to your favorite firearm news show disguised as a meme review. I’m your host Brandon Herrera and what was this emergency that just happened well a few hours ago. The Supreme Court of the United States of America just ruled on what could possibly be the biggest gun rights case of our generation. It was the New York State Pistol and Rifle association V bruin a case that you may not even have known about it was a case challenging a law that’s actually been on the books in New York for quite some time. The law basically said that citizens do not have a right to carry a firearm unless they can prove that they have a proper cause to do so and according to this law, self-defense was not a proper cause you.

To Demonstrate A Special Need For

self–protection more so than the general community which if you speak corruption means you had to be a politician, celebrity or a rich guy, but to paraphrase the court and this new ruling shall not be infringed. Means shall not be infringed bleep yes it was justice Thomas who penned possibly the spiciest Supreme Court opinion since Dcb Heller the absolute mad lad did it and on his birthday no less when it’s your birthday, but you gave 335 million other people a gift. I’m just a civil servant. I know that’s right because they took this all the way to the Supreme Court. This is not just a New York thing.

This Is A Ruling From The Supreme Court,

which means it affects gun rights federally. This is expected to spur a ton of other lawsuits which might force California New Jersey Maryland. Hawaii to all change their laws all of those states I just mentioned together by the way account for about a quarter of all Americans So if you’re a gun rights component. This is a huge win and the anti–gunners are pissed, but somehow not quite as pissed as some other ruling we’re expecting soon release opinion on concealed carry before Roe v wade riots Oh I did not even think about that kyle where’d you go buddy we might need you back soon to provide much needed medical attention at these riots What did you think I meant now I know there’s some mixed opinions when it comes to the leaked Roe v weight verdict but aside from that let’s just all agree as a gun community to celebrate our rare wins when we can get them because they are rare so to my understanding of the law in. Court DCV Heller was the ruling back in the day that basically guaranteed the individual citizen the right under the second amendment to keep in to bear arms.

Basically, The Individual Citizen Has The Right To

keep and own guns. This ruling specifically expands that outside of the home. Meaning you have a constitutional right to carry a gun. It’s almost like the constitution specifically outlined the individual right to keep and to bear arms to keep and to bear almost like those are synonyms to to own and to carry this of course, all coming in the wake of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying that you have no individual right to use a firearm for self–defense. You can’t use a gun for self–protection in Canada that’s not a right that you have either the constitution or anywhere else.

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If You Try And Buy A Gun

and say it’s. Don’t get that the gentlemanly Clarence Thomas versus Justin Trudeau Let’s get an F in the chat for our Canadian friends Pov you’ve done 10 times more for gun rights in 15 years than the NrA has done in 150 yeah Clarence Thomas and Antonin. Scalia name a more iconic duo. I really think that like the edgy teenagers who say like oh, They’re both two sides of the same coin like really sleep on the Supreme Court. If it weren’t for folks like Thomas and Scalia.

They Could Have Interpreted The Second Amendment To

only apply to muskets years ago, and if you’re excited to see what happens next for gun rights go ahead and subscribe. Aside from our range content and other videos. We use these emergency gunmen reviews as a way to keep you up to date without having to turn on Fox News or CnN but. If you want to see more updates like this in the future be sure to subscribe we’ll write it out together me after carrying a blank for like years before the Supreme Court made their decision. I’m the real hero.

I Mean Thats Really Bad Legal Advice, But

free men don’t ask permission. Also the new season of the boys is bleep dope but I’m seriously happy for all you New Yorkers out there hopefully your state government doesn’t bleep this up. It’s a great day for us New Yorkers It sure is so you can stop moving here right right gotta love the amount of new Yorkers that talk bleep about Florida until it’s time to pay their taxes speaking of Florida. I know a lot of you guys really don’t like it when I get political like this to a certain degree. I kind of have to guns.

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Are Inherently Political, But I Also Know

a lot of you guys really like it, but if you want a chance to come see me in person and talk about more political stuff Like this then come on down to Revolution 2022. It is the biggest liberty event of the year taking place in Florida by the Yal or the Young Americans for Liberty. I had a fantastic time speaking there and meeting you guys last year plus this year. They have great speakers like Ron Paul, Rand, Paul, Tulsi, Gabbard, Dave Smith and for whatever reason yours truly but I think it’s going to be a great time so if you want to come hang out. The dates are August 4th through 6th down in Orlando Florida.

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and in the pinned comment I guess I’ll see you there justice Thomas once again. Suffers severe burns while writing absolutely fire opinion. This is true especially if you take into account the very specific language that he used in writing this opinion. It’s like the girls with a time machine meme. I’m your granddaughter omg what boys with the time machine write The second amendment as if you were talking to a six-year-old.

I Know It Seems Redundant Itll

come in handy later. Oh look how cute they have taken away our rights to have reasonable restrictions. New York Governor Kathy Hoechel said Thursday after the decision came down I’m sorry this dark day has come Oh no it’s yeah the left is not happy with this one. In fact this supreme court decision is causing a lot of people on the left to show their true colors. This includes of course the aforementioned governor of New York who said this today and i.

To Point Out To The Supreme Court Justices

that the only weapons at the time were muskets. I’m prepared to go back to muskets well. I would like to point out to the Governor of New York that when the second amendment was written. There was no restriction on any kind of firearm and was perfectly acceptable for civilians to own things like cannons and warships, and I would love to buy more cannons, but when she says she wants to go back to muskets that’s a perfect representation of what guys like me have been talking about for a long time. It shows that when anti-gunners say that people on their side only want reasonable things like background checks like you know licensing like magazine restrictions you know reasonable things they are bleep lying.

They Only Just Want Whatever Theyre Pushing

until they pass that it clearly doesn’t work. We told them it wouldn’t work and then they want something else they want to push farther. It doesn’t stop and any compromise that’s made doesn’t help us at all. It just gets them two steps closer to what they actually want Oh bleep. This is why women live longer than men, but all that aside let’s not detract from the fact that today was a major legal victory for anybody who truly believes in the second amendment.

This Is A Huge Surge Of Legal Reinforcements

so to speak that are gonna help gun cases for decades to come but with that in mind with that in mind. Let’s remember that the fight isn’t over while I was recording this video. The Us Senate just passed what the Nagr is calling the worst gun control bill in 30 years, and it passed with the help of 15 Republican Turncoats who. I will list here Two of them. I’m embarrassed to say come from my home state of North Carolina Breaking Senate announces bipartisan framework for gun control package.

I Expect Nothing And Im Still

let down when you get publicly called out by the president who allowed the turn code NrA to talk him into a bump stock ban. You know you probably bleep up for those of you who don’t know the new Senate bill is full of a bunch of small compromises including red flag laws, red flag laws, of course being a direct violation of the much less talked about fourth amendment of the constitution basically outlining the right of the people to be secure in their possessions against unreasonable search and seizures. In layman’s terms you and the bleep that you own are safe from being searched or taken by the government without a warrant signed. by a judge for a reasonable purpose, depending on the way they’re written A lot of red flag laws allow for other people to just call the police on you anonymously and say that you’re a threat and then the cops come and take your guns because the left loves the idea of defunding the police unless it’s to do the bleep that they want them to do the justice and criminal court systems are absolutely broken.

How Will Red Flag Courts Be

any different the truth of the matter is they won’t be and if anything they’ll just be worse so i guess the purpose of this emergency gun Meme review would be to as the evangelicals say tell you about the good news. We had a win this week that doesn’t happen very often so while it’s important to celebrate Rws and praise The people responsible for these. Victories it’s also important to stay vigilant. In the words of the warrior poet Ice Cube today was a good day but speaking to typically, I guess gen z.

We Have To Apply Political Pressure To Boomers

who don’t understand that the second amendment applies to things beyond a double barrel shotgun that way you too can grow old in a truly free nation because after all would you date a girl without arms the answer is bleep No. The second amendment is a constitutional right you bleep commie okay that last bit might have been exaggerated, but you get the point so I guess the question is what do you think the implications of this ruling are going to be do you think this is going to lead to a wave of new lawsuits that change gun laws across the country or is it just going to be more. of the same and the real fight is yet to come let me know down in.


The Supreme Court of the United States of America just ruled on what could possibly be the biggest gun rights case of our generation . The law basically said that citizens do not have a right to carry a firearm unless they can prove that they have a proper cause to do so . This is expected to spur a ton of other lawsuits which might force California New Jersey New Jersey Maryland Maryland& Hawaii to all change their laws . The anti–gunners are pissed, but somehow not quite as pissed as some other ruling we’re expecting soon release opinion on concealed carry before Roe v wade riots . Oh I’m just a civil servant. The anti-gunner are pissed. Oh I am not just a New York thing. This is a ruling from the Supreme Court, which means it affects gun rights federally. So if you’re a gun rights component. It is a huge win and the Anti–gunner is pissed. I’m not quite quite as angry as some of the anti–Gunners are…. Click here to read more and watch the full video