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Are There Everyone Matteo Salvini And The

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If There Were Any Question Where

Italy stands politically this week put an indelible end to that question. The month of February is turned out to be an astonishing month for the political dominance of the Italian League led by the one the only Prime Minister Matteo Savini In the last week. There were two regional elections one in Abruzzo, which is a region just east of Rome and the other in Sardinia. The island just off the coast of the Italian Peninsula. It’s the second largest island in the Mediterranean.

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Now The Important Thing To Note Here Is

that both regions both Abruzzo and Sardinia are what are considered swing regions like the swing districts that are here in the United States. They. to shift in accordance with the political winds and are therefore considered bellwethers for changing national trends throughout Italy and up to this point they both been governed by the Center-left, which up until last March was in power at the national level. Now of course, all eyes were on how the current you know governing post-globalist coalition over Italy the coalition between the nationalist right Italian League on the one hand and the populist five star on the other. They wanted to see how they were doing in popularity and now the results are in in both Abruzzo and Sardinia.

The Nashes Populist Italian League Swept In To

victory, defeating the Center-left governments to install now their own presidents over the regions in a brood so the league actually doubled its support. It went from from thirteen point eight percent of the vote to now nearly thirty percent of the vote, which reflects the national average. The Nationalist Right Italian League is polling consistently in the low to mid-30s in terms of their percentage of support. Again Remember in Italian politics is among several parties, thirty percent support his dominance in Italian politics so they got a 30% share of the vote in Abruzzo, which mirrors their national average of support and in so doing they crushed the reigning center-left coalition they’re once again. The league has just conquered another Italian region regional elections over the last year have been nothing short of a complete dominance by the Italian League and it happened again this week in Sardinia.

Christians Solely Nos Of The Italian

League won his election as president. You know a president of the region along with members of a right-wing coalition. Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia we have to understand what makes this victory astonishing even more astonishing is that these elections, particularly in Sardinia are considered southern region elections and the nationalist right. League was originally a political party that sought more autonomy for northern Italy that’s why they were they were called original. They were called Lega Nord or at the Northern League and in the late 1990s they actually even campaigned for the independence of the north.

They Were More Or Less At That Period

of secessionist movement so keep in mind. I don’t think they even had candidates in Sardinia ‘he’s last election but under the leadership of the one in Le Matteo Savini. The league has gone from being a peripheral political party. A so-called far-right radical right party to becoming now the dominant political force throughout the entire nation North and South and these. just completely solidified that now as far as the populist five star goes unfortunately for them it looks like they’re collapsing remember now just a year ago at the general election in March, they got just over 30% of the vote by far the biggest share of votes of any party in that election.

By Contrast, The Italian League Got Only 17%

they of course now since doubled their support but it appears that five stars going the other direction they saw there’s their support in Abruzzo cut in half and in Sardinia they basically collapse. They went from 43% of the vote in 2018 to an utterly embarrassing 11% of the vote. I mean ouch they actually even fell behind the center-left coalition so that’s even possible. Today remember the center-left has been collapsing throughout Europe, especially in Italy and so to fall behind a collapsing political paradigm well. That’s saying something so what’s going on here? Why is the nationalist right Italian League dominating and the populist five-star fading again.

I Think This Is A Great Lesson

on the politics of the sure that both parties have tapped into but the nationalist Italian league far more so we talked about this with regard to the candidacy of Bernie Sanders here in the states you may remember the back. In 2016. A number of pundits said that if Bernie Sanders won the nomination instead of Hillary Clinton, he would have won the 2016 election. He would have beat Trump and my argument was that my argument to that was that was complete and absolute nonsense. He would not have beaten Trump and he will not be Trump where he to get the nomination in 2020 and here’s why it’s precisely the same problem that the populist five star is.

It All Comes Down To What

is technically known as post–security politics, which is fast becoming the new dominant political paradigm of the 21st century. If you want to know what the politics of the 21st century is gonna be all right write this down, you need to look no further than what’s called post-security politics. It basically explains everything that’s going on in the world. Today post-security politics is driven by three major forms of insecurity that have arisen over the last few decades as a result of the anti-traditional anti-national dynamics inherent in globalization and in many respects. These three insecurities intertwine with one another.

The Nation-State Historically Offered Its Citizens Three

forms of security, by which they could live out a safe and meaningful life. And these three securities were border security where we felt safe from invasion economic security where we were. economy for maximum material benefits and conditions and cultural security where our religion, our language, our customs, our traditions, our distinctive ways of life were protected and celebrated to ensure a meaningful life. Transnational globalization destroys all three forms of security by its very nature. Because globalism is transnational.

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It Renders Borders Irrelevant Both In Terms Of

electronic money as well as unprecedented immigration rates. Globalism destroys economic security by virtue of what’s called a mobile division of labor. We’re manufacturing in industry our relocated to third world nations all the while finances reallocate around first world urban centers, leaving rural areas with extremely high levels of unemployment and finally, globalism is perhaps most infamous for killing off distinctive cultures and customs with a consumer-based culture that pushes progressive lifestyle values at the expense of traditional culture and customs. All the while the culture is being eradicated by massive immigration. So you could see that post-security politics forms a self–contained loop where each in security feeds back into the other and so These three insecurities have in ordinate LEe contributed to a massive worldwide backlash against globalization and its secular aristocracy and so that’s why we’re seeing the collapse of the political Center, which is the aristocracy that acts as the custodian of globalization Now what’s so key here is that this post-security politics explains very well why we’ve seen such an extraordinary rise than the nationalist populist right throughout Europe and the United States.

The Nationalist Populist Right Is Responding Effectively

to each and every one of these three insecurities. They want stringent border enforcement and migration overhaul. They want to institute some form of economic nationalism and they want to protect the key identity markers of nation culture custom tradition language religion for their respective populations. Why the Italian League has been so successful throughout the entire nation. This is why President Trump here in the States could get 24/7 negative coverage from the entire corporate globalist media and still get on average a higher approval rating than Barack Obama got during his tenure.

And This Is Why The Nationals

populist and traditionalist write promises to be even more successful in the foreseeable future. The three major insecurities provoked by globalization is reshaping and refashioning the nationalist Paco’s traditionalist right into political dominance for the foreseeable future. However, and again. This is key political parties dedicated to solving only economic and securities.

Like Five-Star, The Socialist Bernie Sanders.

These parties not only leave unaddressed two of the three insecurities border and culture and security, but when the economy takes a turn for the worse you’re right their only rationale for existence or political rule is greatly. Salvini in the leak and whether an economic downturn they diversified because at least they’re keeping the border secure and they’re celebrating and promoting the nation’s culture, customs and traditions that make up its unique civilization. But if you’re dedicated solely to taxing the rich or reining in corporations or instituting some kind of new economic policy and that’s more or less it and then the economy takes a nosedive like what’s happening in Italy Right now you’re toast your political toast and I think that’s exactly what’s happening to the populist five-star that’s focused primarily on economic issues as well as to its credit addressing the whole problem of corruption in the Italian government.

So What Does All This Mean It

means nothing less than we can expect to see the Italian League under the leadership of Matteo Savini continue to dominate Italian politics for the foreseeable future we. Seeing the emergence of the new leadership of nationalist populist Italy as always please like comment and subscribe make sure to download and get you a free copy of my new book. The Return of Christendom, either as an e-book or a Kindle.


New book The return of Christendom Demography politics in the coming Christian majority is free for a limited time for Kindle readers . Matteo Salvini and the nationalist right League absolutely dominate Italian politics that’s we’ll be talking about underneath video, but first I want to start off with a little gift just for you. The book is going to inspire you and give you the hope you need to look at the world in a whole new light. It is a book that’s going to cut through all of the frustration All of the depression. The Western civilization is indeed coming back and is already transforming into a much more nationalist, populist and traditionalist world so click on that. Your copy either is an e-book or a Kindle book download absolutely free. Click here for a Kindle download . The video will be shown below to watch the full episode of this week’s full interview with John Defterios, John Sutter and the full transcript of this article. Back to Mail Online home ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video