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This is the big question the show that gives you too much information on why Karoon was the best character added to the MCu all year. No conscience like I don’t understand why there is no Karoon for blade movement going on right now because I need to see this man strike fear into the cold vampire hearts of the Mcu Heck yeah He almost killed an eternal. They almost killed him in his sleep Yo he went straight for Kingo He’s like yo. You look like a vampire.

Im Gonna Take You Out For The Good

of humanity that’s a good man he could probably lift thor’s hammer anyway. I don’t say it he definitely he is a man of honor it’s true he is worthy for sure my name is mt and i’m here today of course with my favorite person off-screen producer. What’s going on Hello Brenda Oh so happy to be here to close out 2021 with you and the big question. Already the end of the year I can’t even I can’t wrap my head around that it doesn’t make any sense. I think someone’s been messing with the time stream.

You Know We Bro It Feels

like one division was a zillion years ago. I know but like it was just wow this year was so long, but it was so good because we had so many good just so much good marvel content Yeah as opposed to 2020 where we had no content. We had so much to share and boy were we grateful for it so grateful so grateful for well with that hit me with that big question brandon well yeah. I mean you guys could probably already guess you know 2021 is almost over it’s. been a great year for nerd Dumb content You know not just the MCu.

We Had Some Dc Stuff, Some Star

wars stuff. You know we got to see a lot of incredible things this year mostly from our streaming devices, but we did get back in the theaters that was fun h hey you never know what could happen in a movie theater. Now you know side story. I got to see like tenant on an imax screening and no one was there. We were in an empty theater.

Were The Only People There Wow

and it was just like we were so happy to be back at a movie theater. Even if it was tennis. I really wanted to see tenet, but like Eric spoiled it for me during an episode of something and I was like well. I have to wait till I forget I’ve watched Eric’s. Tenant breakdown 10 times and I still don’t understand the movie So there you go okay um good well yeah we’re we’re talking the end of 2021, so that leads us to this week’s Big question who won the year who had the best year and all of the Nerd dumb, which characters came out on top which came out on bottom.

Lets Figure It Out Well The Answer

to this the the clear answer um is Haley Steinfeld. This that woman is on a roll I’m shocked she is on like she’s like the next Donald Glover like I don’t unders like she’s everywhere but in all seriousness as we bring this here to her clothes. It’s time to honor the heroes and villains that we love so dearly and try to suss out which ones had the best year. So let’s begin with what matters most when it. comes to being a super-powered individual your costume, So Brandon, who had the best glow up and we’re not talking about powers here.

This Is Strictly A Cosmetic Alteration.

You know because we’re you know we’re very fashionable men. We got I got the rockstars with men of fashion men of class and we saw some excellent new fits this year, but who should come out on top and some of the nominees that we got to consider are of course Chongqi and his awesome dragon scale armor courtesy of Mama knew exactly his proportions yeah what a smart woman what a smart woman fits great normal outfit No Nano tech. You know he had to put it on like any any good boy should I do appreciate. I mean the man got to fight in his jordans.

I I Mean Thats A Pretty Good Yo

you don’t see a lot of Jordan fighting that was pretty sick. I love that yeah not since miles Morales was swinging around in his Jordan, So we get to see like a superhero take him out with some some great kicks on some really good kicks Yo imagine like Steve Rogers rocking some Jordans while fighting Ultron and she’s like you know I was crossing the back. I guarantee you Steve Rogers, He’s a he’s a converse all-stars guy. I mean you know oh my god that’s perfect he’s working 100 yeah he likes the flat foot. He likes 1 000 with the star and everything perfect Yeah then we also have of course, Sam Wilson’s Captain America’s wing suit at the end of Falcon the winter soldier, which was a pretty big blow-up Yeah I mean that was it that’s pretty.

Know You Know He He Never Got His

feathers which makes sense We don’t want to see the feathers ever, but as far as like a globe goes. I mean that sue is pretty good very comic accurate like really good. That that was a good one did we talk about the thing with the neck and like how it like it’s like Cg or something like that oh the cow Yeah because they had to see the cg the cow right. I think we did talk about that they were so obsessed with getting it right that they just made a CG cow I love it. I love it let’s let’s do that I finally look so badass in the comments Yeah finally got some sleeves on my man Sam Wilson you’d love to see it.

Youd Love To See It.

I mean he’s got to pull him up. To intimidate the bad guys, you know he’s got to have some sleeves yeah you know oh I bet they detach so he can like roll him up to be like all right. Let’s go time to fight you justin hammer. I’m coming from the sky.

Im Watching You From Above.

I think you know the actual biggest physical like physically glowing glow up of the year has got to be scar the witch’s Final four because that was quite right when she transformed that’s that’s a real glow she was literally glowing up. I mean very much one of it just gave us a few looks. We got to see her like comic. You know her 60s comic accurate when she was getting ready for halloween.

I Know But Like Seeing The Seeing

the scarlet witch actually and like the outfit was like really cool with the crown and everything so cool, so rewarding. I mean she did a great job over the years fighting her her cable knit sweaters and stuff, but it’s good to see her in an actual nice comic book style outfit for sure I think that um scarlet witch’s best outfit was um her modern family just going crazy sweatpants Yeah Yeah. I think that was a distressed hair. You know yeah that was a good tear top tier. I just like a good relaxed woman.

I Like A Woman That That Feels

good in their own clothes. You know I’m saying this is really comfy it’s just having a nice relaxed time so comfy Wanda is my favorite wheel. It comes anyway of course we also have loki’s bureaucratic office. Attire because he’s no longer in his you know Avengers one Robes of Asgard Oh look at me no. He got those erased by a robot with a smile.

You Got A Suit Like The Rest Of

us like a blue collar job. Yeah, it was nice to see yeah Yeah. I mean he looked great. I mean very slick looking love the variant jacket Yeah the kind of like 60s style. You know you said it like bureaucratic outfit it was it was very cool.

I Liked It.

I liked it you know I love his flashy Rocket Asgard Robes but something like I said imagine if like this is just how Loki dresses in the future like he just he just ditches the entire like the Guardian vibe. Just like I’m just in a suit now whatever I’m making money. I like suits. I don’t need to wear.

The The Hordes Anymore Suits Work

on him it’s Tom Ilson. He’s a very handsome man but also another handsome person that we got on the scene is Red the Guardian and his vintage armor. I think I think it’s fair to say that anyone who’s cast in a Marvel movie is probably a very beautiful hand. Is there a handsome person yes I really love that armor in black widow it still fits and it still fits it’s still still fits yeah black widow had that look it had we got to see black widow and her like all white. You know snow cycling attire which was like she could blend in with the snow or like if that avalanche hit no one would be able to never be able to rescue her if you’re out there skiing this holiday season please wear bright colors in case you get.

Covered In An Avalanche You Dont Want

to blend in but you know you know Kingpin’s Gotta like that all way attire. He loves that Oh yeah he’s he’s probably jealous. He was very jealous. Oh get up Vanessa make me an all-white uniform UK lastly we got any of Spider-man’s new clothes in the new movie. This dude is wardrobe changing like a mother dang in this movie.

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I Dont Know Whats Going On.

We still haven’t seen the full movie sign out yet but it will include it in 2021 because it’s it’s coming but yeah he’s got a lot of new we covered in the last big question. He’s got all these new suits and they look great you’ll love to see new suits on Spider-man so which of these are your personal favorites who got the biggest glow up of the year. Brandon. These are tough.

You Know I Was Really

so happy to see the scarlet witch finally be in like a scarlet witch appropriate outfit, but man that that Captain America wing suit it hit hit hard. It was good. I was very excited to see that I would pick that as like the best costume glow glow-up. I think especially from where Sam Wilson was to where he ended beautiful it’s great stuff so so beautiful like I feel like in that episode where we’re seeing that suit for the first time was like the first time in Mcu history where like seeing a suit actually emotionally affected me to someone. I mean I wasn’t bawling my eyes out right right but I was like oh my God.

This Suit Is Beautiful And We Have

a black Captain America. This is huge so like no other costume has ever had that effect. me in the Mcu so i’ve gotta say Sam Wilson’s Captain America for me as well. We’re in agreement next category because you know while we’re all here for the incredible storytelling and mind bending five sequences. We cannot forget about these adorable sidekicks that we all fall in love with and this year we got some pretty good ones.

Ive Got To Say Because Were Talking Alligator

loki the most adorable little chompy alligator. He’ll chomp your hand right off and then we also have morris from Chongqi the faceless turkey thing makes noises in his best friends with Ben Kingsley yeah. He was surprisingly very cute so so cute. I I think that he’s probably gonna be in the mcu a lot more just like popping up. I hope he’s the new Stan Lee might be hilarious he might get his own spin-off series We don’t know we.

Know Oh My God Please Pet Avengers

if you’re doing a pet Avengers put him on there. We also have sparky from Wanda, who was very cute for a very it wasn’t a lot. It wasn’t around very long, but he was pretty cute. He was pretty cute left a mark on me um I think about sparky every day when I wake up I do it for sparky Sparky wasn’t alive for very long, but there was also senor scratchy. He was pretty cute.

I Mean Maybe A Demon A Deleted Scene.

He was a demon. We definitely saw him eat a baby keep that fly. He ate a moth fly bug thing but he was pretty senior. I mean your scratchy was pretty cute.

I Mean I Dont Know Things

that could be demons. I’m just like ah like you lose the cuteness factor for me that’s true. you got to be why I don’t like toddlers got them toddlers, but I think um for me These last two are the cutest for me. It’s gonna be choosing between these two. For me we have pizza dog of course from Hawkeye the cutest winky boy that is my son.

If Anything Happens To Him.

I will blue Skadoo into the screen and fight all of the the the tracksuit draculas myself honestly. He’s too good for this world and also King Shark from the suicide squad wholesome and gruesome at the same time, which is why I love him yeah If you’re gonna hate on senior scratchy for eating a demon. What about King shark for eating whole people whole innocent people hey those people were mean people no he ate a freedom fighter. Oh he did eat the yeah he did eat them well.

It Was Just Sometimes You Eat

a freedom fighter by accident. It happens it happens when you’re hungry, you’re not you when you’re hungry, you’re the snickers Not a freedom fighter King shark was very cute empty you’re right but I mean for me. I’m going to pick my favorite most adorable sidekick This year. I mean it’s got to be alligator Loki that was my favorite. Oh he’s so adorable that’s a good gators that’s a good one alligator low-key ah so adorable like literally every time I see alligator or Loki Gangplank Galleon from the Donkey Kong soundtrack in my mind um because of the the alligators in that game of Crocodiles.

One Of Those Two I Dont

know the difference. I think I’m gonna have to choose pizza dog. He’s just too cute. I can’t. He’s a winky boy that’s my son, I’m so happy to be able to to see him and Haley Steinfeld well when he gets revealed to be a skrull mt you’re gonna eat those words I guarantee you.

I Will Cry My Eyes Out.

I will cry only out of one eye out of respect for for Pizza dog, the real one that was replaced by a skrull Goddam that’ll be so upset Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t put that into the world brandon enough with the cuteness We gotta get to the action because that’s what we’re all here for because there are so many awesome action sequences this year from you know Natasha bringing down the entire red room literally via gravity like if she brought she brought it down brought it down bringing oh sorry what’d you say I said bring it down the house but. It doesn’t really make sense because it’s not a house. I guess someone lives there. I mean it was a home for the all those girls home for all those trafficked young girls.

Jeez Okay It A Prison Is Technically A

home. It’s just a bad home that you don’t want to be all these trafficked young women who were forced into hysterectomies. I mean get me out of this movie seriously. We have Natasha bringing down the red room to the suicide squad fighting star which was incredible some guy and you know to Loki and Sylvie fighting it out while the multiverse breaks down around them too many to even count and name so let’s talk about some of our favorites. Some fight scenes to consider are Sam Wilson‘s Captain America debut because that was I mean that was she was amazing so cool through that throne.

The Helicopter Of Course, We Have Scarlet Witch

versus Agatha, which was you know I mean two energy beings shooting it out dueling it out in the sky and then we have Shung chi versus Wenmu and the dweller in darkness, which was oh kind of a baller day for chongqi. He took down his dad and the dweller in darkness well technically his dad took himself down but hey you know his sister thinks that he killed his their dad so that’s all that matters that’s whatever Sis thinks that’s all that matters and we have the suicide squad versus Starra which I’m going to let you know right now. This is my personality hands down good fight like the the the gun reveal when blood sports gun came out like during that sequence and I was like Oh my god, it was he just keeps like adding to. it that entire sequence in the suicide squad versus Stara was phenomenal um then. We also have vision versus white vision in the library, which is more of a philosophical conversation had some good punches, some heavy hits, some throwing around some phasing you love to see it.

I Mean Paul Bettany Really Hyped Us

up for that fight sequence. Someone who’s been dying to work with so maybe a little over hyped but I think it was still a good fight. It was a good reveal I liked it. I just loved the whole identity metaphysics conversation because that’s a supervision was he’s a very compassionate person. He would rather talk things through than use violence.

It Was Like A Star Trek Next

generation episode just beating him with logic and I really liked it. It was cool. We also have the the recent hawkeye Car Chase, which is. Yeah very baller seeing all those trick arrows was so great Finally seeing a bunch of trick arrows get used. I mean the one shot through with the car and then on the bridge so good so good Bro.

I Need To See One Arrow

with a level punching glove on like a little box box just like in the green arrow. In the the DC animated series When I was a kid like I just love a good boxing glove arrow UK then we also have you know black widow taking down the red worm, which is pretty cool. It was a really cool fight Yeah falling for a half hour and still fighting for the long long fall falling for 30 minutes. I’ve been falling for 30 minutes for 30 minutes. Someone should edit Loki falling during that scenario.

Nk] And Then We Also Have Sylvie Versus

loki. Loki during the you know a couple times that they did fight a couple times. They came to blows a couple of times but that last one in front of Kang was like pretty heavy, pretty emotionally charged was all about it. He was like Oh Yeah King was all of us. He was like what’s going on here.

Then We Also Have Watcher Versus Ultravision

which was sound good that was one of the coolest fight sequences. You was ever done. I know it was animated but like more of that energy please. That was some dragon ball z dope ass and I love that on a creative level. Let’s just bring that to live action.

I Know Its A Huge Ass But Like

we could do it Yeah. It was dope that was dope like the watcher was so cool so cool. One of the coolest black superheroes. ever yeah! I mean I was excited for the what if series, but it really blew me away. It was really good.

I Really Liked It.

I wish. I mean the episodes were kind of short. I wish they were a little longer because I could take more, but it was great. I thought they did a good job and I’m very excited to see what the next season of it is going to bring and how they’re going to bring some of it into the you know live-action Mcu I think we’re going to see some stuff so very interesting very interesting.

Finally We Cannot Have This List Without Talking

about one of the greatest pieces of action sequences this year from Invincible Invincible versus omni man that was insanity. I mean um I’m changing my answer it’s it’s Invincible period Invincible was the greatest superhero project of the. For me go watch invincible What do you think is yours favorite action sequence of the year Man We’ve named a lot of good ones for me. I think my favorite battle sequence of the year and you know I might take your old original favorite and take like the suicide squad versus star that was very cool. I had a lot of fun with that very well put together a really good battle sequence and it was good to see the the suicide squad.

You Know Get A Little Get A Little

justice. You know what I mean get a little fairness, a little good representation on on the celluloid. You know what now that we’re talking about the suicide squad. I’m remembering a cute sidekick that Sebastian we forgot to talk about Sebastian. Oh yeah Sebastian I’m changing my answer to Sebastian.

I Love Him.

I’ll never forget. about you Sebastian I’m waving at you too, But now it is time to talk about our favorite baddies of the year. I’m not talking about baddies in the way that you tick-tock generation talk about baddies. Oh, I’m okay No I’m talking about evil people all right villains The best part of any series or movie is the villain but who really dominated the dark side this year well.

Lets Go Through Some Of Our Favorites.

Starting with Starro Starra was right. I’mma keep it real with you guys. I know that you know murdering people is not right, but a bunch of Americans went to space while he was chilling and took him down and did experiments on him. I would be pissed too if I broke out of prison.

Im Id Be Like All Of You

guys. I’m going to destroy all Y’all because you all hurt. For several decades Yeah! A lot of that was fun. A lot of themes of the villains were right this year in a lot of them. Yeah We watched a lot of villains had a lot of points.

I Mean You Could Argue You Know

Agatha harkness on the best villain certainly for this year, but she kind of had a point too you know you have this crazy lady running around who’s prophesized to like destroy everything. I mean I got that kind of point like give me that power. I’ll take it. I’ll take care of it just give it to me give it to me give me your power come on give me it give me it give me it come on give me it I’m sorry please. I’ve been around for a few years.

Let Me Figure This So True

Yeah that is such a good. point because Wanda had no idea what she was doing. She didn’t even know she had done hurting other people Yeah exactly so Agatha’s like just stop just give me the powers go live your life of being sad and I’m just going to take these powers because I know how to what to do with it. We also got to talk about one of the other best villains of the year. Our boys email Oh man coming in hard things great dance iconic you already know Zemo’s still alive thank God, but you know he’s gonna bust out a person again and he he was doing good.

This Year He Turned Himself In Zemos Just

doing Z-mobile. He’s doing Z He’s got a point two. He’s got a point two okay. This is true he’s you don’t want too much super powered people you gotta kill the ball don’t. That Don’t kill anyone the death is wrong and also we have val um Elaine herself in the MCu I’m so excited to see what they’re doing.

I Mean Definitely A Villain.

She’s we’re gonna call her a villain Oh 100, but then we also have when whoo one of the best villains of the year. I felt so bad for this person because like everyone knows the pain of loss to some degree and like if there’s hope for your loved one to be alive. I don’t know about you but like I would probably do the same if I was in one situation I would do the exact same because I’m I’m a dumbass. I feel for you wenwell for sure and we also have the biggest.

I Yeah The Honestly The Biggest Deal.

The biggest villain in the MCu um right now it is Mr. Kang the. Conqueror himself slash he who remains we haven’t seen him do too much yet but what an entrance what an entrance from our guy Jonathan Majors. I think he deserves some type of emmy recognition um for this because he just he knocked out the park in one scene.

I Mean Its Got The Number

one thing you need as a villain and that’s monologuing baby and he’s got it down right. He’s got it down right bro if you don’t know how to monologue quit your villain job go to Baskin Robbins because that’s all you’re good for bro another one since we’re talking about he who remains. I mean the divorce is final so we can talk about this miss minutes. I mean she’s a villain a villain. She’s a villain.

We Were Gonna Put Her In The

cutest sidekicks category, but she’s definitely a villain then we. also have the power broker Sharon Carter herself yeah very surprising we didn’t all see it coming we’ll see what what’s in store for the power broker. She hasn’t done too much, but I mean the fact that she was you know remaking powers or the super soldier Serum pretty impressive, pretty impressive stuff. I like a strong independent woman and um hey it’s a girl boss power. They also have um cletus cassidy carnage from Venom two.

He Was A Very Um Hungry Mean Man

and thank God that he’s dead yeah It was good. It was good to finally see carnage represented on the screen did they get everything out of carnage that they could have. I don’t know. I don’t want to say but it was good to see it and then we also of course have all the freaking villains from spider-man no way home you. Your sandman, you got your electro You got your lizard Yeah you got your maybe mysterio I mean he’s got to be around here somewhere because if we’re talking about like people that were killed fighting Peter Parker that’s the only one that Tom Holland’s got but yeah who’s your favorite villain of the year My friend um you know I really wanna I wanna say I got the harkness just because she was so great and what a what a reveal Catherine hunt killing.

It Was So Shocking But Im Also

torn. I mean again. We haven’t seen Spider-man yet but I’m so excited to see Doc back Doc and Green goblin together again for the first time. I’m gonna pull I’m gonna go Doc on this I love you Agatha you’re great you’re gonna get your own series We’ll get tons more of you, but this is probably. last final look at Doc, The Alfred Molina version at least so I’m very excited to have that what about umt what are you saying I’m gonna say Wanda like Wanda was definitely a villain this year Okay Juana didn’t mean to hurt all those people, but that’s just how her grief manifested.

So Shes A Very Tragic Villain.

I’ll never forget watching the the mom from that 70s show just being like just let us die. This is no you you stay alive Mrs foreman what a shocking reveal and speaking of shocking reveals mt you know as we’re talking about villains here maybe a subcategory we should do who had the most shocking villain reveal who was like the biggest surprise for you you know we had like val showing up that was like a big surprise. We didn’t know that was coming maybe Kingpin I think we’re. Gonna see Kingpin in Hong Kong Yeah that was definitely shocking arms pretty shocking gotta be kidding me if it’s not we had kang right.

I Mean Eric Saw It Coming Three Years

ago, but William King showing up it was it was that was pretty surprising white vision The power broker. I mean Sharon Carter being revealed as the the power broker was so shocking yeah that was a very big surprise. We had ralph boner that was a big surprise. Oh my God. It was boner time at the beginning of the year.

The Most Shocking Villain Ever And Then In

the post credits for Shanghai, we got Xiling maybe turning out to be a villain that was a pretty interesting little twist to rudy right there so what do you say empty. I think that the biggest shocking villain reveal for me is gonna have to be. Ralph Boner um because that was that was your big shock Whoa everyone thought it was gonna be quicksilver from the Fox X-men films and he was just um Boner Alert Yeah Ralph Boner for me. I think the most shocking reveal is probably King Pin I didn’t think they’d ever do it, especially if it’s my boy Vinnie D now the caveat to this answer because we haven’t finished hawkeye yet is if it turns out to not be Kingpin. Kevin Feige you’re the most shocked it’s the aerospace engineer in the suit Yeah Yeah Kevin Feige will be the most shocking villain Yo if it was Kevin Feige I would be 100 okay with that.

I Mean If He If It Is On

the show that’s fine if I ran the mcu I’d put myself in the show too, but if you’re making us think it’s Kingpin and it’s not kingpin you’re the villain Kevin you’re the villain We’ve seen a lot of new characters get introduced across the nerd sphere this year. So who were some of your favorite new characters. We got Chungchi obviously very new on the scene. A lot of people learned about him this year. Agatha Harkness of course hitting all these categories because she is a boss woman.

We Also Ive Got Xi Ling From Suggy

. Then we also have Kate Bishop Kate Bishop I bet you guys know who I’m gonna pick and then we also have carnage who is very new. This was the first live-action carnage that we’ve ever seen ever We also have Polka. Man which was R. i.

P R.

i. p thank you for your service thank you never forget our veterans peacemaker. I heard that when Rick Flack died, He said peacemaker was a super cool dude so um peacemaker. We have yelena whoa that woman knew how to kick but the star of black widow period Red Guardian as well our favorite man representing Russia he loves the the Motherland.

Then We Have Sylvie Um The

new loki on the scene. She kicked a lot of ass and like then that reveal was pretty great I loved him like oh here. I am Lady Loki, I’m you and I’m here. I am you I’m you but better and we also have wenwoo from a very tragic villain, t’challa as star-lord, which was a very interesting new character. I Really wish that we could have seen more of that like but obviously with Chadwick Boseman’s passing that cannot happen but it was very cool to see and hear his voice Yeah that was great for one last time, and we also have Karoon obviously mentioned him up top the man from Eternals.

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Hes Literally I Hope That A

croon ends up becoming Eternity at the end of all this okay he just becomes Eternity. then we have eros from the end of Eternals. Harry styles handsome boy and any of the eternals. All of them very new characters very cool Makari got Cersei. We got you know druid all very cool characters, but also we gotta add you know of course I’m a big fan of invincible.

We Gotta Add Pretty Much Everybody

from invincible Yeah that entire any any character like it’s so. They’re all unique and they’re so cool Adam Eve especially shout out to Adam Eve very cool freaking Damien dark blood so many cool characters in invincible if you haven’t watched invincible Yet what are you doing if you know nothing about it just go in blind go watch it. Oh all those girls yeah, who is your favorite new character of the year. You know I didn’t go for her in the villains category, But I think I mean I got the harkness was like my favorite new introduction into the Mcu This year. I mean so good so great can’t wait to see more of her and I I think the fact that like the people’s love for her has made Marvel be like no no we’re gonna make a whole series with her don’t worry about it she’s coming don’t you don’t go away so yeah She’s.

Shes My Favorite New Character For

sure love it what about t do I even need to ask you you don’t need to ask because everybody knows that I am a Hayley Steinfeld Stanfeld. I am a big Kate bishops like I I I just love Kate Bishop before you know all of this. I just love the character of Kate Bishop, so the fact that Haley Steinfeld is Kate Bishop. This is just the greatest moment of my life so Kate Bishop for sure hands down no contest great. There is a hawkeye themed latest obsession shirt over at newrockstarsmerch.

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building your wealth visit bigquestion that’s wealthfront. com big question but yes these have all been some great categories, but we’re here to figure out just who won the year completely so let’s talk about power rankings and just who have the biggest moves and these moves can be up or down and these will be characters who already existed in their respective universe. Not newly introduced characters okay let’s start with the scarlet witch did she go up or down. I don’t know way up way up.

I Mean Im A Huge All The Way

up. All the way up, I’m a big scarlet witch fan from the comics so happy to see her finally unleashing some of this power that she has deep down inside of her yeah way up. She went way out super upset. I mean she made kids she was pregnant for like a minute. It was crazy crazy stuff.

You Know How Many Women Who Would

love to be pregnant for just a day just like that just bang this out today that would be great well if we mentioned her empty we got to about vision do you think he went up or down. I mean he went from dead to alive so yeah, but you know he’s kind of down again. I think if the original vision is gone if scarlet vision is gone for now again and now there’s just white vision flowing around yeah, He’s out there. But he’s like a dumber version of who he was right he’s a blank slate so I think vision Maybe went a little down this year. Maybe a little down Hmm.

I Think Then You Have What

if you have ultravision going way up. Oh oh way way way up the highest you can really go really vision definitely got a um a step down a little step this year Yeah but hey with his memories back. Maybe he’s on his way up yeah. Maybe yes maybe then we have darcy who when we last saw her in thor two she was what just an interest just an intern. I mean she went up definitely full on doctor full-on doctor definitely went up.

We Had Monica Rambo, Who Was A Child

the last time we saw her now so she literally went grew up. You know she got she got. away and then blipped back and then got a little super powered so definitely up for her A little bit definitely up in the rankings and then we’ve. Of course got Sam Wilson, Captain America, who gotta say definitely got some upgrades for sure way up, especially after getting those wings ripped off he’s gonna need that upgrade anyway. He definitely might have so way way way up for Sam Wilson, Captain America.

Yeah Bucky, What Do You Think About

bucky he had the save army had from infinity war Yeah Yeah Bucky is now is fully clean of his programming as far as we know he’s like fully clean now he’s he’s got self–confidence again. He believes in himself he’s on the dating scene. So i think he’s up a little bit do. I think he’s as powerful as maybe he can be no because you know when he’s. He’s a mindless robot and you’re like go kill He can go kill but now that he’s got thoughts and feelings he’s a nicer guy.

Hes Gonna Be A Little More Scared About

his own mortality. So maybe he’s he’s a better person but maybe not as powerful that’s that’s my argument there. You know what that’s actually a really good answer because you’re right because he’s. I feel like bucky’s going through all these struggles right with you know trying to be a human being and he doesn’t know how to do that and so you know that’s his like that’s what de-powers him and he’s just like all right. I don’t want to be a a killer machine.

I Think Right Now Hes Like Captain

America at the beginning of avengers where he’s just like hitting punching bads and feeling bad for himself. He’s going to therapy You’ll. to see it Hey therapy’s great better person, weaker, weaker hero that’s all i’m going to say come at me come at me Bucky Stan I feel like this is all part of his character growth like. I feel like this is all just natural character progression. He will he will be way up in the end, Don’t worry folks way up in for sure for sure it’s gonna it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen you’ll get a new arm.

Its Gonna Be Great Gonna Be Great Um.

We also have zemo um which is you know he definitely went up. He went out. He just definitely went out. You’re from prison yeah another prison technically but he had a fun time in between prisons.

Hes Made Some Friends Which A Lot Of

prisoners don’t get to do. He’s made friends with heroes and he’s he’s going off he’s going. up a little bit what about also from Falcon Winter Soldier I mean we talked about earlier Sharon Carter way up right Sharon Carter. Definitely she went way up as Batroc left down to on the ground all right backtrack. How could you all right rock the leaper in the arms fat track A sleeper is more like it dead got him bad truck the dirt sleeper well staying in the Carter family.

We Should Talk About Peggy Carter H Yeah.

I think that she definitely had a glow up this year and super Soldier Serum tends to do that. Definitely went up in the rankings and it seems like she’s maybe gonna be one of the live-action pullovers from the what if universe we’ll see We’ll see who knows I mean it would be weird if they didn’t at this point, so I mean speaking of crossing universes what. Our boy, the man in your head, Venom Eddie Venom Eddie Eddie did he go upward. This is a good question because like depending on like um symbiote physiology because we he did have that kid He had a kid.

He Had A Kid This Year A Big

year for Venom had another kid, so does he get weaker when he has children. I don’t. I don’t think he’s to be honest empty. I don’t think he’s any weaker, but I don’t think he’s any stronger right now you know the bond is good. I guess they’re getting along.

This Is True Their Bond Is Stronger Than

it’s ever been until he meets his little spidey friend and learns how to shoot his own webs. I you know Venom didn’t go up at all he’s. He’s maintained he’s plateau plateauing right now we need to get him some new powers. and abilities well, I know I’m gonna say Venom went up because now he has two chicken friends so that’s true and we also have Natasha Romano from the what if series because she’s dead yeah the main mcu. She definitely got a well.

She Went Down For A Little Bit After

Ultron took over everyone will take a dip after that. But then she shot her right back up played a new universe um that she’s probably gonna get arrested for being there because she’s not supposed to she’s definitely violating the rules of time and space. But I think she went up a little bit what about our boy Wong H we’ve seen a lot of Wong long gets to show up at everything he wants to be in Bro. I only know one other person that has taken down Emil Blonsky to be abomination and he’s a. Giant Gamma-powered monster Wong did that Yeah quite easily quite so Wong definitely yeah, But we also have Harley Quinn.

This Is A Really Interesting One Because Harley

Quinn in suicide squad had a fantastic character development right. All of Harley Quinn‘s journey from birds of prey and all those movies culminated into this movie and like I feel like she grew so much as a character so she’s definitely up for she’s definitely yeah all right now. This is a. This is an interesting one mt what about Loki. How do you feel about Loki is he up or down in the power rankings well which loki are we talking about we’re going to talk about the the loki that escaped 2012 and is now living out life in a a new TvA branch.

He Doesnt Know Where He Is

how do we feel about this level big down. B down and it’s so it’s I love watching um Avengers one now um Oh no in particular Avengers end game because like knowing the loki from Avengers 1 and then seeing him just like pick up that Tesseract. I’m like you just picked up your ticket to hell and you deserve this for everything you did at Avengers 1. you took out that guy’s eye Bro no. This is exactly what he deserved for me anyway so like seeing him go through that character development while you know basically in hell has been quite enjoyable for me.

I I Agree With Umt.

I think loki’s a little down in the power rankings mainly because his perspective has changed so much. You know he was a very powerful person where he was and what he knew of like time and space. But now that’s all changed and he’s just you. know he’s working for the man now He’s working for the TvA sort of he helped break apart the the multiverse which you can argue is a very powerful thing to do I don’t I in my opinion, he’s not more powerful now.

I Think If Anything What He Has To

like visualize and encapsulate. Now is so insane that he’s less powerful. I think it’s kind of de-powered him a little bit that’s just my opinion him and now sylvia did have that moment where he’s like I think we’re more powerful than we think right, but they’re only powerful together you gotta have them together to make all this is true it takes you gotta have a loki boo. We also have doctor strange this year because you know we’ve seen doctors rage like we’ve never seen him before as a demon man I I honestly feel like. Setting up Doctor Strange to be mephisto in the Mcu because maybe he has he literally has a demon inside of him.

Hes Just Hes Really Struggling With

his darkness. Despite this darkness, he’s still a crazy powerful being one of the most powerful beings that we’ve ever seen in the Mcu so far definitely an up for a doctor strange variant. I agree like again we haven’t seen Spider-man yet we don’t know what’s happening in that movie, but he’s. He’s just getting more and more powerful and what if definitely showed us that like he’s got a lot of power and he is using it No this is an interesting one Hawkeye because you know we were in Hawkeye season Now it is hawkeye. It’s the Hawkeye holidays yes yeah happy Hayley days in the hawkeye universe, but no Hawkeye Clinton Barton himself because we we do.

That He Over The You Know

all of his time as an avenger. He’s gotten deaf and so you know I’m sure that has affected his ability to you know do his job and to do things in general, But we do see him at his most badass that we’ve ever seen him before so I’m just like I think his deafness is just a non-factor here he’s just like I just got booted up in terms of my skill. I feel yeah I think he’s still really good and he hasn’t missed a step and if anything this this show is making us like him even more so I’ll give him a little up. He’s a little up right now He’s definitely doing up if he doesn’t make it home for Christmas and he betrays his children. I Don’t know I’ll dump him down.

Ill Dump Him Down.

He just gets a new family at the end of this like I don’t need these people. I don’t need this no imagine. Eleanor Eleanor convinces he starts dating Hawkeye Oh if he marries Eleanor that that’ll be my favorite thing to happen on the show, but who had the best year from your perspective brandon you know I’m ta when I boil it all down. I think about it how this year has ended how it’s ending.

I Gotta Think Of How It Began

this year. I think should go to the scarlet witch. I think she had the best year overall. I mean a lot has happened this year. We’ve seen a lot but man what a powerful year for her really powered up maybe becoming a villain who knows but I think she had the the best.

Year That That Would Be My

vote what about umt but for me? I think we’re gonna have to go with Harley Quinn because I really love what they did with her in the suicide squad and I just love that you know she ended up killing that guy because she was just like you’re killing kids and you’re just a bad dude and like I’m crazy but I know the red flags of a really bad dude and like I just love that you know her whole entire arc was sort of like this whole story about overcoming abuse and like I just feel like that is something that people need to see um in general powerful stuff Yeah. I’m gonna give it to you Harley Quinn there. James Gunn knows how to write broken people you heard it here first. This is that’s a shocking a shocking answer. I’m shocked mt I love it I love it thank you no Jason just knows how to write like you know nebula gamora all those types like broken um people Yeah.

I Feel He Did A Great Job.

Now it is time for my favorite part of the show. It is time for a box of scraps with a box of squares scraps now Brandon yes Rob boxer scraps question of the day What series or film are you most looking forward to to 2022 because we are wrapping up the year. We gotta look forward Yeah We gotta look forward Oh that’s tough. I mean there’s so many good things coming out next year so excited we’re gonna get so many more Star wars series some more marvel series some more films got the DC’s the batman.

I Mean That Looks So Good, Oh My

God. Yo I’m very excited for moon night. I think that’s gonna be an awesome series Oscar Yeah yeah. I think the thing I’m most excited for might be Thor four four. Eleven thousand thought Yeah, I’m very excited to see you know Taika Watigi come back make another thor movie loved Ragnarok.

Im Im Super Pumped To See What

this story is going to tell us and like you know Thor is one of our last final avengers left to see like okay what’s next for this guy. I’m I’m very excited to see what’s going to happen there what about you what what are you most looking forward to. In 2022 well. I am looking forward to thor 4. A lot that’s for sure um but all right.

Im Gonna Give Two Answers Here Um

in terms of film I’m. Gonna have to give it to Ant-man the wasp Quantomania feel like we’re going to learn a lot about the Mcu-um as a whole. I mean and we’re gonna learn a lot of Mcu science in that film. So I just I’m a sucker for that So I’m gonna say quantum mania and also we’re getting you know kang you got a rumored Modoc. I don’t know what’s going on there and apparently Jim Carrey is rumored as Modoc.

I Dont Know Whats Going On There.

But if Jim carries Mohawk. I will scream the the project and series that I’m most looking forward to is invincible Season two honestly Yeah. I think that’s coming out next year if it’s not. I will be very upset but like invisible Season two is like invincible Season one ended so well and it’s the biggest cliffhanger ever and I just.

Much Care About Whats Going To Happen To

Adam Eve because this is her show not Mark Grayson’s kidding now um I’m just I just love that universe so much the writing on that show is amazing and I again. I think this is the best show in Project superhero project of the entire year to me personally so yeah I’m gonna say invisible season two come on let’s get it amazon let’s get it. I’m excited for everything let’s do it can’t wait to talk more in 2022. dude this year has been amazing for me like getting to meet you and like everybody at the new Rockstars team has been like phenomenal so like yeah. I like I like going back and reflecting yeah we’re all happy to be here yeah, and we you know this will be our last big question of 2021, but we will be.

Back In 2022.

can’t wait to see you guys again and it’s been it’s been a blast doing these with you Mt. What a year what a year it’s Yeah It’s been quite the year and I love every second of it talking nerdy with you. Brandon off screen never been on screen in your life never ever be on screen guaranteed and that is it for this episode of big question of course big thank yous to Brandon the man that makes it all happen for joining me on this episode please follow him at grid and barrack. He’s an amazing man.

You Can Follow Me At Mastertainment If You

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