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What Does This Mean For The 2020

race me you have Joe Biden out there with a Washington Post op-ed, but he hasn’t sat and really answered questions to clear the air on this is it gonna hurt him yes it’s going to hurt him. It’s hurting him already fairly or not you know we should start any discussion of this by saying there’s no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegal or anything improper that said on this show. We saw a commercial paid for by the Trump campaign making the case against Biden. We had a UK Today obsessed pulled this week that showed that by two to one by 42 to 21 percent Americans say it would be legitimate. There are valid reasons to investigate Biden’s behavior when it came to Ukraine.

You Know The Behavior Was Not Illegal.

It’s not unusual for family members to try. cash in on famous or powerful relatives. It is once something that Americans do not like it is unseemly and that is a question that Joe Biden is going to have to answer alright there everyone we are in the midst of the massive media fail As President Trump hits his highest approval rating of the year. All the while an overwhelming majority of Americans want Biden investigated for corruption not to be talking about on today’s video you know it’s almost entirely elementary I mean this it’s really it’s not that hard well the media is scratching their heads over this they don’t understand they have no idea how Donald Trump could be posting poll numbers like this all right greetings to all you make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button strap yourselves in for another exciting week in the rise of a new conservative age it.

Is True The Media Elite Are Neo-Marxist Media

elite are literally besides themselves today and we’re gonna see why we’re gonna look at precisely why we’re not only seeing Trump’s highest poll numbers the highest of 2019, but also why Americans want Biden investigated by a two-to-one margin but first we of course speak repeatedly on this program about what a healthy form of nationalism can do for a country. One that embraces of people’s customs, traditions and values so what if your investments could be positioned such a way so as to help those customs traditions and values thrive well. That is precisely what our good friends over at American values. Investments are all about American values. Investments is specifically designed to help American investors help their country and they do this by providing opportunities to invest in stocks of companies that they believe best in body America’s Foundation.

Like Integrity, Caring And Courage Investor Support

for these companies can encourage the right values advance freedom and ultimately help build a better and brighter America. Of course, there’s plenty of risk in the stock market. Our ad does not constitute an endorsement, but if you want to learn about more about their patriotic investment strategies check them out at American values calm or click on the link below and you will be glad that you did alright here’s what the cultural Marxist media thought our world would be like today as we speak at least two weeks ago. This is what they thought right two weeks ago when Nancy Pelosi so valiantly and bravely got up and announced that she was going to begin this kangaroo court impeachment circus when the with the media’s full backing of course here’s what they immediately believed the world would look like two. weeks from that period okay, as of today, Donald Trump’s approval rating would have tanked somewhere around 20 percent.

He Be Loathed By 70 To

80 percent of the population. Even Republicans would start talking about how good pence looks right now support for impeachment would be upwards of say 60% maybe even 70% as we all learned how crooked Trump really is as well as we all learned about how he pressured the Ukrainian president find dirt on Joe Biden that poor sweet old man that dear family man who’s devoted his life to public service. Biden’s approval would be up as he fought back valiantly against all the Trump attacks those of you desperate flailing meltdowns at UK so enjoyed concocting I mean I’m Sorry reporting and 2020 would be a shoo-in for the Democrats 2020 would be shaping up to be a disaster for the Republicans Mitt. would be leading the charge among a growing number of Republicans to remove the president and Mitch UK would have no choice but to cut his losses and follow through a vote that may be disastrous for the Republican Party in 2020, but it’s the only way to save the party from Total Annihilation in 2024. That’s the October 7th at the cultural Marxist media envisioned two weeks ago so what do we got going on today H well to put it bluntly we’re waking up to a world where the neo-marxist media simply can’t comprehend we’re waking up to a world where Donald Trump that horrible evil Donald Trump is enjoying his highest approval ratings of the year.

The Latest Harris Hill Poll, Which Is

by by the way no fan of Trump. They came out with their latest polling since the impeachment Fiasco and they found that Trump. Currently enjoying the highest job approval of 2009 t. His approval is 49%, which is actually up two points from the same poll conducted a month ago, so his approval is actually going up since the impeachment Fiasco same with Rasmussen President’s pulling upwards around 48 49 percent approval again Trump is actually polling right now four points higher than Obama did at the exact same week of his presidency, not only that but to add insult to injury. We have a poll that just came out from UK Today that shows that Americans want quid pro quo.

Biden Investigated By A Two-To-One Margin

even 25 percent of Democrats want him investigated and a new poll from investor’s Business Daily shows that nearly 60 percent want Biden investigate 57 percent of respondents believe Biden should be investigated so this is this is how you have to understand the mainstream media’s. Events going on today Trump is whether this media onslaught relatively unscathed. He’s even gained a couple of points according to Harris Hill poll, four points above Obama at this point in their respective presidencies and to make things even worse people want the Democratic frontrunner investigated by a two–to-one margin and this old while his point pulls her tanking I mean Elizabeth Warren is now the new frontrunner right you’ve got Bernie out there with a heart attack he’s done and yeah Biden Cratering and Warren surging. This wasn’t supposed to have this was not the scenario that was supposed to play itself out in the court of public opinion. Public opinion is supposed to move in the direction that the leftist globalist manipulators disguised as journalists want it to move, but it’s not doing that anymore.

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It Didnt Do That In 2016 On By

the way on either. Atlantic right remember that for the brexit vote passed even after months of 90% PRo remain media coverage We’re simply not buying the media’s fabricated version of reality anymore and for good reason write this down right just on this I believe explains precisely why the media is failing on this one you ready for this only in WashingtonNK] can a president’s call to investigate corruption be considered worse than the corruption itself. I’ll say that again only in WashingtonNK] can a president’s call to investigate corruption be considered worse than the corruption itself the rest of the world just doesn’t think this way and Don’t buy the media spin on the rising poll numbers supporting impeachment right right you’re all seeing those polls a majority now support impeaching the president have you seen that yeah if you’re the media right again those headlines remember could have been. have been written two weeks ago? Okay that’s the way the preconceived narrative was fabricated to play itself out, but isn’t It interesting that these polls that are flashed before Scalia Felice celebrated by radical leftist activists disguised as journalists Is it interesting that these polls Don’t mention the level of support for impeachment in swing districts Isn’t that interesting I wonder I wonder how the support for impeachment is doing in swing districts What what do you know Politico by the way they buried this information of course, but Politico did follow through. They followed a Democratic congressman to six meetings throughout his district in the Chicago suburbs and what do you know most everyone in the countered at these meetings These are hard core voters now right most everyone he encountered those meetings did not want Trump impeach the emphatically did not support this impeachment circus and they.

Wanted It Stopped So What Do You

do right? You see the media always selects what it reports The media always selects would’ve read it’s a it’s a process. Scholars call selectivity media scholars and isn’t. It’s a very interesting that they select polls that express the sentiments of highly collectivise urbanized populations, which is what you get When you have these wide swath polls, but they completely ignore the battleground polls. The swing district polls, all of which show impeachment to be extremely unpopular. You’ll notice that the media doesn’t ask the question of whether Trump should be impeached to ask that question.

Voters In Ohio Or In Florida

or in Pennsylvania or in Minnesota that’s turning red by the way watch Minnesota 2020. Trump lost Minnesota by only a few thousand votes stunning they’re just pulling they’re highly urbanised demographics that lean way to the left in order. to make you think that the nation as a whole is turning against Trump, But then you have the approval ratings coming out and sorry they both can’t be true. Trump’s approval ratings right now are just too high consistently for any kind of massive surge and support for impeachment and again that’s because most everyone understands that it’s simply insane to say that just because a former vice president who’s up to his armpits and corruption just because he’s running for president. The sitting president isn’t allowed to call for his investigation.

Isnt That Interesting That Every Single

Democratic presidential candidate is calling for their eventual opponent to be investigated. Right down Trump that’s not a problem is it well or some will say yeah, but Trump Trump tried to get a foreign a foreign government to do the investigating so lesson learned if you don’t want to be. investigated for your obvious corrupt business practices make sure you those business practices are overseas and then make sure to run for president and you’re safe you see only in Washington UK can a president’s called an investigate corruption be considered more corrupt than the corruption itself. So this is why you’re getting the coverage that you’re getting this cognitive dissonance from the media. Trump is my favorite too is from UK the clown news network Trump’s presidency is in peril He’s on the brink you have hashtag.

Trump Meltdown Is The Number One On

Twitter Mitt Romney’s leading the way to have Trump and Peach in the Senate Blah Blah Blah right that’s but then you have the cognitive dissonance set in right. You have the neo–marxist media’s concocted fabricated version reality, which is nothing more than Kabuki theater and a bad one at that and then you have. Have real reality you have truth More people prove President Trump, then did President Obama the same time in their presidencies. Trump’s approval rating is currently the highest it’s been throughout 2019.


President Trump’s approval rating is the highest of 2019 . The media elite are literally besides themselves today and we’re gonna look at why we’re seeing Trump’s highest poll numbers . Americans want Joe Biden investigated for corruption by a two-to-one margin by two to one by 42 to 21 percent Americans say it would be legitimate. The media is scratching their heads over this they don’t understand they have no idea how Donald Trump could be posting poll numbers like this all right greetings to all you make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe button strap yourselves in for another exciting week in the rise of a new conservative age it. Is true it’s true the media elite is neo-marxist media elite and is truly beyond themselves today. It’s really it’s not that hard to be talking about on today’s video you know it’s almost entirely elementary I mean this it’s very hard to understand why we don’t want to talk about it. We’re gonna see why we want Biden investigated….. Click here to read more and watch the full video