Men need to have a backbone because this is just embarrassing


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Guys Welcome To Better Bachelor My Name Is Joker

and I I hope I think I have resolved my wind issue. I’ve got a new microphone on my chest. It is a gopro with a big windsock and I’ve done some wireless stuff and I found the cables I needed to make it all happen. Let me adjust my brightness up here for you a little bit. So I’m hoping my sound quality is going to be better for you guys.

It May Sound A Little Bit

compressed, but I’ve also had to change the volume aspects of the microphone. Because there’s a lot of traffic and there’s a lot of wind today and there’s a lot of people banging things and dogs barking and everything like that so. I hope my sound is better for you guys today. What we’re going to talk about is this why does Tv. Insist on shaming men.

Ive Talked Many Times Before About Commercials Crapping

on men that the husband is the bumbling idiot, but the wife is the smart clever one that knows to call a certain service or buy a certain product to fix something the man has screwed up. I’ve also talked about how um not only commercials but Tv shows you look at family guy or you look at the simpsons or you look at I don’t I could call out a hundred of them. The husband is the bumbling stupid fool. The woman is the clever one or the woman is the one doing all the infidelity or the woman is the one that’s always behaving. You know the smart wise one and it’s always the man that’s causing all the problems for the family let me be clear about something I do not watch the bachelorette I.

Dont Even Watch Tv I Dont

own a Tv I haven’t for probably a decade I’m not into it I I mostly stream content creators and and people that I like or maybe catch something on a free service. put on the old pirate hat and hit the high seas with the VPN to get anything that I want to see . But this is you know the bachelorette is watched by tons of women it’s nationwide here in the United States. Some probably millions of people view it and they’ve decided to start shaming men again and last season and I’ll talk more here in just a second but on on what they did this season, but last season they decided to have all the men stripped down to just very skimpy underwear and perform volleyball for her amusement. The Queen’s amusement out of I.

Think 12 Or 16 Or 14

contestants, only one guy spoke out about it well. They’ve decided to return right to something that’s embarrassing for men and and again we’re going to talk about if they flip the script? Why does this keep happening? Because men keep refusing to stand up for themselves to set boundaries to set rules to set borders and to let it be known that you can’t treat us poorly or or treat us like clowns so here’s the main story, Katie Thurston forbids Bachelorette contestants from self-pleasuring themselves from self–gratification from masturbating um she says Kate they say Katie Thurston has challenged bachelorette contestants to keep their hands out of their pants as she searches for the one. In a sneak preview of Monday’s episode shared by people 30-year-old Thurston is seen approaching co-hosts, Taisha Adams and Caitlin Bristow with a proposal. Over their heads, I kind of she says I kind of have this idea. I thought would be fun where the guys in the house all have to agree to withhold their self-care as long as possible.

If You Know What I Mean She Told

the confused duo so like not do their skin care routine Bristow asks with Adam’s adding like no shaving um she says We’re go we’re going a little deeper than that Katie replied a little friendly handshake with themselves is off limits. Once the ladies figured out that Thurston wants the men to stop masturbating all three erupt in laughter. It’s because they don’t respect you as men you other contestant idiots as always let’s flip the script and decide if this is okay Bob the bachelor went to ray and Jim the producers or hosts or whatever and said hey I’ve decided we should. fun take all the toys away from the ladies and tell them they can’t self-satisfy themselves. They would not only would this not get aired.

He Would Be Called A Perv.

He would be called some sort of a weirdo, and they would basically probably remove him from the show, but if the producers and everybody came up with it and they aired it The backlash would be monumental it would be catastrophic for the show people would be getting fired. Whatever whatever channel or whatever network broadcast this they would have to write a public apoc, but what happens when the women do it nothing it’s just funny it’s funny they’re gonna laugh at you man. This is how little respect men get nowadays and if you don’t think it’s real or you don’t think it’s a problem look at how society is treating men she continues on um. See I cannot I cannot wait to see the boys and give them a look a little look make it a little hard on them make it very hard on them.

The Brunette Beauty Told Cameras Before Bristow

informed the contestants. I’m going to fill you in on a little juicy secret it’s called Operation Wow Wow or Whoa whoa week off whack off. She told the group Katie wants to see which one of you can hold out contestant Connor B then admitted during confessional that this sucks it’s an and a lot is going to change very quickly. Thurston could be testing the remaining contestants due to former competitor Thomas Jacob, who she believed used her as an opportunity to seek fame. He didn’t use you to seek fame.

He Used The Tv Show To Seek Fame.

You told me things I wanted to hear Blah Blah Blah. Don’t care all right let’s pause for a second Let’s talk about how much the of a simp. These dudes are now you being nice to a woman. Doesn’t make you a simp you thirsting and chasing after women and looking for gratification for a woman makes you a simp.

Youve Got These Bachelors Going On

national Tv and number one. They’re competing for a 30-year-old woman now I’ve seen I’ve I have seen clips and things of other shows. These guys are not unattractive. They’re usually tall they’re handsome. I don’t know what their jobs are but I’m sure if they’re not top of the line jobs.

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They Never Make It To The End

and she gets to choose from the tallest and the nicest the most handsome and all these other things. These guys are competing for a 30-year-old woman. You are a loser. Simp right off right off the get-go Number two. You’re competing for her attention that makes you a loser sin number three you’re doing this on national television loser.

Sim Number Four.

You’re putting up with her little demands and her little games for you and it makes you look like a loser and and the fact that you haven’t told them off which she will never respect you if you go through this no woman should ever respect any man that will jump through hoops for them to prove it and you know what makes me think if you if you think about just powerful men even if it’s on Tv whether it’s an actor like Brad Pitt or Charleston, Heston or um Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry. They’re Clint Eastwood you take any of these guys put them on a show like this in their prime or in. youth and tell them to jump through these hoops for any woman or any amount of prize they would tell you straight look you in the eye and tell you to bleep off men should not be doing this period, but the fact that they’re they’re letting them get away with these little funny whatevers that they’re doing is just embarrassing to these guys now here’s the the best part about all this they could they could nip it in the bud they could be done with it. They could fix it all with one thing if all 8 or 10 or 12 or 14.

However, Many Contestants Are Left Left If

every one of them said you know what this show’s not for me. You’re clowning us you’re acting like we’re jokes you’re acting like we’re goofs i’m out and every contestant. Every male contestant walked off the show. Because guess what happens if you do that you don’t have a show anymore, and if the producers whoever came running to you say no okay. We won’t even air it on Tv we’ll We’ll make sure to drop it out completely.

If The Men Said The Fact

that you even brought this up to try to do this to me. I’m still out I don’t want to be a part of this anymore. I’m done guess what the bachelorette the season’s over big controversy. The men would probably get caught losers and and they’d be called losers and whatever else that because they want to try to shame them and if the men said you know what this is disrespectful f all of you guys forget it screw it right. Maybe they’d learn something maybe people, young, men or women or whoever’s watching that what might say hey you.

Know What Maybe We Shouldnt Goof On Men

and treat them like a-holes or or disrespect them like this, But nope these guys are going to just keep going on and participating in this like a bunch of chumps that they are um, But you notice This is on Tv and it’s almost like Hey let’s broadcast this to everybody because we love shaming men until men stand up for themselves forget it. It is over and the same thing goes through when when we’re talking about dating. When we’re talking about relationships you have to establish borders in your life. I quit my job because they wanted to push me beyond a border.

It Was A Six-Figure Network Engineering Job.

I I loved what I did I didn’t like what they started asking me to do and how the company was going so what did I do I quit. I have a hard a hard life after it. I mean did things not go so well yeah Yeah! I didn’t have any income for several months, but I also had saved up enough that I could tell them to do that because I I like to be able to to keep my freedom and that includes not having to be forced to do a job that I don’t want to do.

I Told Them Off The Thing Is

if you do the same thing in the dating world where you say look here’s my boundaries you’re pushing them and I don’t appreciate it and I will not participate in this then if the girl you’re dating still does it you leave you just say you know what I told you once I don’t like this you continue to do it to me. I’m out period end of statement and that’s that but unfortunately today women will have their standards. They will say don’t do this and you better be this and.


Joker: Why does Tv. Insist on shaming men? “I’ve talked many times before about commercials crapping on men that the husband is the bumbling idiot, but the wife is the smart clever one that knows to call a certain service or buy a certain product to fix something the man has screwed up.& I’ve also had to change the volume aspects of the microphone. I do not watch the bachelorette I. Don’t own a Tv I haven’t for probably a decade I’m not into it. I I mostly stream content creators and and people that I like or maybe catch something on a free service. But this is you know the . bachelorete is watched by tons of women it’s nationwide here in the United States.& Some probably millions of people view it and they’ve decided to . decided to s . decide to s decided to decide to to s The Bachelorettes. It’s a good idea to s…. Click here to read more and watch the full video