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Ive Noticed That With People Who Are Born Into

money, It’s almost like they peaked really early and now they’re just kind of discontent like that sucks. I actually wouldn’t wish that on my kids like I would I’d hope to get to the point where I could afford to pay the bills and could afford to keep them out of public schools. Those are basically my goals in life is to have the kids make sure they’re raised well and make sure that they never have to go to public school that’s all I want I don’t want them to have a yacht. I don’t want them to live in a 60 million mansion. I just want them to be saying normal stable people who are looking to make the world a better place and I I the kind of excess that comes with money.

Im Never Seeing People.

So discontent and like kind of angry with life as people who are born wealthy. I’m like wow, I’m actually really glad that didn’t happen to me Yeah like if you have all your best vacations as a child everything’s going to be a dis disappointment like right now looking back. I’m like because I’ll I’ll go on trips with like my boyfriend and his 10-year-old son and I’m like wow you go to bed like when I was your age. I was sleeping on the floor.

I Was Sleeping On A Car.

We were in Lake George. It was damp like the carpet was just always damp like. I think you know and I know there’s something to be said for like extremely low standards you know because you’re just like wow Yeah. I found that ever since I started working for Tim because I’m earning more.

Than I Ever Did Before Im

like everything is nice now and I appreciate all of it. I am so grateful. I’m grateful for my place. I’m grateful to be where I am. I’m grateful for Tim’s friendship and the fact that he’s taught me this stuff every part of my life.

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Im Just Like Immensely Just Full Of

gratitude because I can you know you know at any moment it could just go away and and that’s something worth keeping in mind. Knowing that you don’t really have not like this this backup plan because it’s always good to plan for whatever might happen, but knowing that you can’t necessarily turn maybe to your parents. I think is it an incredibly good thing. I think you I think that especially millennials need to be pushed out. We need to be made to do this stuff we need.

To Be Forced To Take Responsibility And

I feel like a lot of us weren’t Oh yeah, I I was at a point well. I’m not an example to follow, but like I was so close to getting into like Craigslist sex work because I didn’t want to ask my dad for money like when I it was. It was like a long time ago, but I was just sneezing yeah. I understand not wanting to ask for money and being like what am I gonna do if I can’t find a way to pay the bills this month, What am I supposed to do need to figure something out. I took a really unglamorous way like working in hospitals people used to like people used to literally wrinkle their nose at me.

When I Told Them What I Did

for a living and I’m like dude someone. has to do it and at that time I was like I’m not sure if I’m gonna have kids so the way I see it. I’m paying this forward so that God forbid. I ever need somebody to help me go to the bathroom. There will be someone there to help me because you know might not be my kids um and it’s like I don’t know it’s like you do things that are hard because you don’t have that safety net of your parents and you don’t have all this money behind you and I am really glad that you didn’t have to get into like that back door Craigslist Oh yeah me too I cried in the shower.

I Was Like This Is An Indication That

I’m not cut out for this life like this isn’t going well. I need a different plan and like I want to save my money for someone special yeah, You know how it is you don’t You don’t want to be that kind of person. I mean that changes you it changes your view of yourself and it’s like you kind of want to stay away from all that stuff Just I did. I did feel like my soul was like reaching out and being like no truly don’t do this like you’ll be a different person that’s true you have to maintain. I don’t think that modern people understand the importance of relationships like that especially for women.

We Think That We Can Just Hoe Around

like dudes do and we bleep can’t We are not the same um yeah. I don’t know what it is about women, but we need it to be like stable and I think it’s because I think it’s biological. I think that’s because when your body knows that you’re gonna have to invest like at least nine months into this undertaking you’re like I’m gonna be a little careful about this you know and it’s like I’m gonna be a little thoughtful and I’m not gonna make like these super crazy ideas that you know you’re not gonna make these super crazy choices like guys do because they can just like you know hand it out like whatever it’s going out of style but yeah like yeah, I’m just gonna. I’m gonna keep it on the down low for sure when I was in my like heavy hoe stage like it was after a very toxic breakup. I think I I think I banged.

Like 20 People In A Month Or Something

but I know this because I kept very close like a list like for me. It was very like conquery and it was the biggest distraction. I I didn’t I didn’t like make any headway career-wise like and I just I would go for just bad dudes that I knew I wouldn’t get attached to it was like. I was setting myself up for like really unhealthy patterns. I guess like does suck.

I Just Was Like Of Course And

then you would get attached and then they’d be like oh it was it was bad you had to I had basically formed. This like tough exoskeleton anyway well you have to be you have to be like this is nothing. I’m keeping this at arm’s length and I wonder if this is kind of how people get into being have you. watched my 600 pound life yes have you noticed that those people don’t Just I know it’s a really interesting show, but I noticed that these people aren’t just eating because they like food. They’re not just eating because food is great and addictive or whatever they’re eating because something else is going on and in most cases it’s because they have been abused to some extent and or they’re in a relationship with somebody who is still abusing them and or enabling them whether it’s parents or significant others and it’s like yeah when you’re when you’re having a tough tough go in life.

Youre Like Im Gonna Find Something To

fill this hole in my heart one way or the other and I actually wanted to ask you. I’ve kind of been floating this idea around to all of my guests and I want to and I want. to kind of develop this idea? But I think I have been pitching for a long time that there’s going to be this kind of correction. I’ve I’ve been calling it a correction. I think that culture is going to kind of bounce back to the way it was before and you and I have already talked a little bit about this like women wanting to stay at home and wanting to be moms and wives and do some of those traditional things and kind of like be able to have that single income household .

I Think Have You Noticed This That Religion

is starting to come back a little bit in weird ways in places you wouldn’t expect. I think so I have noticed it like well. I know it’s it’s like I’m becoming more interested in it like over the last like I think year. I’m just like I think I disregarded you know I was raised methodist and I just was like oh well. This is Church is something that my parents right.

My Mother Made Me Do Because

her mother like my grandmother very very religious owned like 100 Bibles and because she just was like obsessed with them. I had never really looked through one. You know every time I’d be there. She’d try to stick a new testament in my purse. I’d be like get that out of here.

I Dont Know What It Is But

now I’m like I think it’s through talking to more of my Christian friends like like Elijah Schaefer and it’s like everything that you’re looking for that I had been looking for and I’ve read so many like new agey self-help. I’m I love that I love like motivational talk and it’s like you get. From that stuff you also get it from like great thinkers like like of course Jordan Peterson like James and everybody you’ve had on your show basically like a book of mine yeah and and I think it’s it’s nice to have like okay your cool contemporary peers like your friends saying hey you can find what you’re looking for in Christianity like and then and then like He gave me this book and it’s like Oh every page I didn’t mean to bust this out, but it’s like Oh it’s like if my grandmother had given me what’s called Jesus get it away from me but like my friend Elijah gave it to me and like you open up to the day and it’s like and you’re like Oh wow like it’s motivational and i’m like oh it’s I guess it’s cool now so yeah it’s like that I. Like because it’s like short it’s like really to the point.

I Like That Its Applicable Somebody Gave

me one of those this one as well once and I was suitably impressed. I was like this is kind of neat. It’s kind of a really good idea because it’s just something you can do to center yourself. People talk about meditating or whatever every day it’s just like you sit down at this little book and you read it.

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It Gives You Like Five Minutes With Yourself

and gives you a second to think about your life and get yourself together. I think that’s great so maybe that’s what it is. Maybe we we really just kind of need the structure that religion offers. I was starting to think about um Judeo-christian principles because I look at the way the West works or has worked.

I Should Say Its.

Working so well now I look at the way it works and I’m like there has to be something true here if it’s built on these principles that made it work so well like these ideas that made families strong there’s something special there and kind of listening to Jordan Peterson. He he did like a Bible lecture and I was like I’m not gonna like that because you know I know.


I’ve noticed that with people who are born into money, It’s almost like they peaked really early and now they’re just kind of discontent like that sucks.& I actually wouldn’t wish that on my kids like I would. I’d hope to get to the point where I could afford to pay the bills and keep them out of public schools.& Those are basically my goals in life is to have the kids make sure they’re raised well and make sure that they never have to go to public school that’s all I want I don’t want them to have a yacht.& The singer says she’s grateful to be where she is and she’s full of gratitude for Tim’s friendship and the fact that he’s taught me this stuff every part of my life. I’m just like immensely just full of grateful because I can you know at any moment it could just go away and that’s something worth keeping in mind. I am so grateful. I can’t really have not lik lik…. Click here to read more and watch the full video