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what Stephen crowder has been getting up to recently? You know I I’m I’ve been friends with Stephen for years and whenever he texts me. I sort of think like what have you done now? What did he do now? What did he do this time What’s he in trouble for and yes. I mean they are gunning for him. I think in a special way because they can go after him on the jokes and they can say the jokes were too far and because he’s so mainstream. I think he may be the most mainstream conservative that big tech has really gone after what do you think we’ve got to learn from his situation at the moment well.

I I Love I Mean The Man Has

cajones of steel. I he he may be a complete lunatic he’s so he’s. got such brass culions? You know um I mean we have seen this guy be waterboarded for a very long time he is. He’s done all sorts of crazy things that most people would not do and he stood up to big tech and he and he will not bow down and I think the point that he and I were discussing this the other day you go after Alex Jones oh well Alex Jones. He’s just a kooky far right Guy turns out He actually appears to have been right about everything.

We Learn About The Gay Frogs And Yeah.

I mean but you know well. Alex Jones He’s a fringe figure. Okay you go after him you go after Gavin Mcginnis, Gavin Mcinnes founded the Proud boy. He’s very funny comedian, but no he his jokes they went too far okay.

You Got To Get Rid Of

Gavin. McGinnis now you’re going after Steven crowd, I mean Stephen Crowder. I think he has the largest online following of any Conservative basically certainly in the top three. If you go after and you take him out they can take out any one of us and I think that’s really what this is about um and I give them a lot of credit. You know.

I Sometimes Think If The If The Big

tech Oligarchs have not gone after you at all it means you’re doing something wrong it means that you know you’re when I think of the really squishy conservative types. You know the ones who write for the Atlantic and the Washington post and go on MsNBc or whatever I I realize they’re actually worse than the left because the left is being honestly dishonest right the left is telling you what it what it believes and. All the ghastly things it wants to do, but these guys exist to legitimize the the leftist the liberal establishment. Their their role is to act as a court jester in the kingdom of liberalism and so whenever you have an actual conservative raising actual questions that might seriously threaten the left well. They can’t tolerate that you’re not going to get your CnN invitation and more likely they’re going to try to boot you off like they’re doing to crowder the interesting thing with talking about Gavin McGuinness and Alex Jones is that although those guys had huge especially Alex right like a terrifyingly big audience, and he’s still holding on to it.

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You Know Hes Broadcasting Every Day For Ridiculous

numbers of hours even more than you guys it. It certainly does feel like once someone is pulled out of the delivery mechanism of normal social media. The Youtubes the twitters so on and so forth like Milo Yiannopoulos where the bleep he you know like what’s Milot I saw him throw a half a million pound ring into the coast of Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and I was like Milo you’ve been drinking like that was but I haven’t seen him for ages I’m oh he’s still got he’s still got a Youtube account like wow and he’s. Then he’s going through all of this other sort of stuff. But he would have thought traditionally if Milo had gone through something as big as that it would have been everywhere, but you really can ex communicado you can take.

Someone Out Of The Public Zeitgeist Very

easily with this and even if you know let’s say that Steven’s got all of every single one of his four million or whatever it is how many subs he’s got on Youtube huge amount of subs. Let’s say all of those are part of his private sites. The mug club thing that’s now siloed that’s it yes shy of a very well incentive, incentivized referral scheme that your audience and you think okay is this it now. I get to affect these people and that’s it as everybody knows the way that the delivery mechanisms on Youtube work. It’s not just the subscribers that see the content.

Even If You Dont Think About

the people that view it. It’s 10 or 20x the impressions and even just seeing the content or seeing the tweet even if you don’t decide to engage with. It counts for something in terms of moving so I think some political commentators specifically on the right because I think those guys tend to try and silo themselves or create these um fallback plans a little bit more as you guys. You guys have it as well right. You know just in case big Tech decides to come for you.

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I I Think The The Idea Is

fantastic and it’s obviously the only one that you have but I don’t really think it’s an acceptable or a successful. I don’t think anyone should see being cancelled and still being able to exist and make a good living as a success because you are now taken out of the people that already subscribe to your stuff. They know and mostly agree with the talking points that you’ve got anyway. Yes they need to be educated and entertained, but it I don’t think that should be classed as a victory if people get cancelled like that this is something so few people understand. The utility of Youtube is not primarily as a broadcast device.

Its A Fine Broadcast System And

you know there are lots of broadcast systems and that the utility of Youtube is the ability of discovery right the fact that new people then are going to find your stuff so if you get booted out and let’s say you take your million person audience with you or your two million person audience with you okay two million people out and who knows how many of those will remain active that’s it that’s all you’ve got and it will not grow and it will actually shrink over time as people die and get interested in other things and. go away and and so yes that’s not a victory at all and the censorship and and the ostracism is real. I mean Milo Yiannopoulos got truly canceled truly unpersoned and and now he’s out of the public discourse. So this again ties into the trap Conservatives are reacting to cancel culture. One of two ways either they’ll say you know Alex Jones really did say some things that are not good and that’s okay.

I Think Was Fine As Long

as it’s just alex and it’s totally fine right so those the squishes go along with it and then the other way is we should never cancel anybody but there is a third option here which is we should cancel other people and I just think that this middle idea we should never cancel anybody is has never existed anywhere. All societies have standards all societies have taboos also. When you transgress those they will ostracize you and this has been true in the furthest animals of history All the way up until the present. The question is what is the taboo who is going to be ostracized. In the 1940s and 50s, we prosecuted and ostracized Many communists.

This Was Colloquially Known As Mccarthyism, But

it wasn’t just Mccarthy. I mean he was one anti-communist senator, but there was the House Committee on on American activities. There was the Hollywood blacklist. These were largely distinct institutions and what it meant was if you were advocating the overthrow of the United States government. The way of life.

If You Were Actively Supporting The Communist Party,

which is a front for the Soviet Union, then you were out, you were canceled and I think that’s a great thing. The difference is that in the 1950s you were cancelled if you. a communist and today you are cancelled? If you are not a communist and it’s you know if if conservatives understand this and we say you know ostracizing people who are contrary to our understanding of the world in our way of life. You know that’s a fine thing. What the what the left will tell us and the squishes will tell us is well.

Now Youre No Different Than The Left But

we are. It actually is a different thing to cancel communists as it is to cancel anti-communists and it’s a different thing to wave the the hammer and sickle than it is to wave the American flag and I just think that yes politics involves form it involves certain you know broad abstractions, but it also involves substance in particulars what are you being cancelled for that’s not a very scalable solution is it it means that. individual broad range each region of cancellations needs to be looked at upon its own merits that’s going to be much more effortful that’s going to be a challenge well. It requires some kind of conservative unity. So right now you know with the with the current cancel culture which is exclusively leftist.

We Know The Criteria Its If

you say anything that can in any way be disingenuously twisted and misinterpreted to to be racist sexist, homophobic transphobic phobic phobic whatever you know whatever the list goes on and on if you in any way contradict the leftist Orthodoxies you can be canceled and and if they just don’t like the cut of your jib and you say any like I think of my my daily wire colleague Gina Carano, who, who tweeted out something that was anti–nazi and the left interpret it it completely flipped it on its. said it was pro-nazi or something that therefore, you know you could you could get rid of her. It’s just because they didn’t like her because she was conservative so yes the left is unified and the right is not you know the Paul Ryan, former speaker of the House, who seems like a perfectly amiable fellow is. He’s very much an economics-focused conservative, and he really doesn’t seem to care very much about cultural issues and he just gave a speech the other day and he said You know we got to stop talking about how they’re trying to trans the kids and we got to stop talking about these cultural things which are just distractions.

Weve Got To Talk About The

only important conservative issue namely cutting taxes a little bit more once again and I thought you know pal you you obviously don’t know what. It is here but that we have to deal with that problem. The only thing that has united the right since the fall of the Berlin wall has been cutting taxes okay.


Stephen Crowder may be the most mainstream conservative that big tech has really gone after . He has the largest online following of any Conservative basically certainly in the top three. He has cajones of steel. He’s done all sorts of crazy things that most people would not do and he stood up to big tech and he will not bow down. If you go after and you take him out they can take out any one of us and I think that’s really what this is about um and I give them a lot of credit. I sometimes think if the if the big tech Oligarchs have not gone after you at all it means you’re doing something wrong. It means that you’re not doing something right it means that the real people are. You know you’re when I think of the real conservatives. I think they can’t take out anyone else who has been taken out of this is what it’s about. It’s not just a few of us. We’re not going after….. Click here to read more and watch the full video