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React To The Fact That We Leave Afghanistan With

hundreds at least of American people still there what’s interesting is I’ve never seen a military operation done to where the timeline you know dictates the mission right it’s usually you know the mission dictates the timeline. So if you’ve got a timeline but the mission calls for something else you adjust the timeline now I know that they negotiated with the terrorists the Taliban um and supposedly that’s what you know they they said that they were going to allow us to do what we needed to do to evacuate, but if it was past the August 31st deadline. Then you know they would I don’t know if they would start attacking or what but my response would be who cares you know at that point and they’re being so willy-nilly with the numbers so we go back to you. Saki, saying that they don’t know how many Americans are there Then for you know like an official count of 10 to 15 000, which that was an actual quote ten to fifteen thousand, so there’s telling us there was five thousand that you’re just kind of not sure about that are in the country . Then they go and say that they’ve evacuated like 5100 Americans okay so that doesn’t let’s go to the low ball number of your 10 15.

Thats Not 10 Or 15.

. So are there 5 000 still out because they’re saying that there’s around 200 or so Americans that are still stranded in Afghanistan, but is 200 greater than zero i’m missing this our our whole point here is we were told by the president when he told George Stephanopoulos. They will have this this deadline means nothing if Americans are still there right. And what meant nothing what were his words right yeah it’s it’s it’s absolutely ridiculous I’ve i’ve I don’t This has got to be a first that the military and even said I think the military the military actually said I can’t remember which figure had said it but um said that yeah we didn’t get everybody but we did the best we could.

That Is Unacceptable Unacceptable, So Lets Go

through some of the left arguments here as it applies to this. I think you can consistently say this was a complete and utter catastrophe, but also given the circumstances that they had they did airlift a lot of people out in a short amount of time under a lot of stress. I give the military credit for that though not not not the president no no politics has driven everything on this absolutely everything and let’s let’s. Go back to the election, you know they reoriented the entire establishment from the Doj Department of Homeland Security, the intelligence community and the military. They completely reoriented, reoriented them to look interior to look inside and find out all these crazy white supremacists that were just falling out of the rafters.

I Mean Theres Everywhere Apparently So Many Of

them um the Secretary of Defense stood the military down to look for them. The intelligence community and the Department of Homeland Security said that white supremacists were the number one threat to the country, which is just an absolutely ridiculous statement, but that’s what they were looking at that’s where the people that are not supposed to be politicized so they’re not supposed to be politicized, but the by administration. The Democrats wanted to ride the coattails January 6 riot and seize that moment and redirect everyone looking for. These crazy right-wing extremists that was their focus politicized from the very beginning and yes, I do think that went into us being you know not as prepared as we should have. Then you fast forward to negotiations with the Taliban, which is hilarious to me negotiation negotiating with terrorists.

Theyre Negotiating With With The Terrorists And

the terrorists say if you this is outlined in a devastating article. I think it was in the Washington post. I believe but the terrorists said look you guys can have kabul up until the deadline, which was August 31st. Today, You guys can have kabul secure it whatever just get the heck out of our country basically, or we’ll take charge of it and you just take the airport well. They took the airport now a lot of people are meaning the American people yeah the the Joe biden selected.

Rather Have Just The Airport Than The

whole city right now now there’s no reason for us to there’s no strategic reason to do that it’s just if we might need more troops right to potentially um secure the entire city and biden didn’t want to commit anybody and that’s where the politics come in for this as well. He just did not want to be. He didn’t want the headline saying Biden is putting in five thousand more troops to secure kabul or even not even a skirt kabul just to secure like a corridor from where the Americans and the our allies were along the that main route to get to the airport, which I when I came on here last time, we showed that little corridor that’s what they needed to secure right there and yes it probably would have taken five six thousand soldiers, but guess. What he had to do that anyway and an oh crap Button when he hit it to secure the airport None the entire debacle all of that chaos was because they chose the political move of not wanting to have those headlines that that that that’s it so politics has driven this ever since January ever since January and just for the mere fact that he didn’t want a bad headline that’s why the chaos happened and so and to your point here we covered this earlier this week. Bagram Air Force Air base where this would have been the type of situation would be really helpful to have that obviously in this situation and the excuse was we couldn’t secure Bagram and the airport we had to choose one of the other one or the other now first of all it’s the United States of America that’s ridiculous but.

When You Read The Actual Statement From

the military, what they say is? We couldn’t secure them both with only six or seven hundred troops, and that was what we were required to have so the decision is made again. Politics driving the mission on the mission driving the politics. They decided to say we’re going to have the 600 on this day. No matter what is going on and that wound up burning us in a massive way right and the amount of troops obviously was not a sticking point for the Taliban because they knew as well that we’d have to pull in more troops to secure the greater Kabul area so that was not the sticking point yep, so it was fine with the Taliban. It was fine with the terrorists for us to you know do that mission, but it wasn’t fine for for Biden and his lackeys that apparently I I’m just I’m amazed that the institutions that you know are supposed to protect us.

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Theyre Not Supposed To Be Political But

the by administration has politicized the hell out of them and I mean there’s just no other way to look at it right now I cannot believe if you’re the chairman of joint chiefs if you’re milli if you’re secretary of Defense Austin. I don’t know how you look at yourself in the mirror without resigning you know general Mattis right so agree with him. Don’t agree with him. He quit after he resigned himself after the Syria pull out he was not happy with that I served under Mattis and I love him for his his battlefield experience and and for his command of my unit specifically when we were in Afghanistan Yeah . Some people criticized him for leaving the trump administration.

The Way He Did, But At Least Give

him the credit of knowing when to step down right right like he did not agree with the president. He was going to be vocal about it. He didn’t agree with it. He stepped down what’s the excuse of Lloyd Austin and General Milly. What is their excuse right.

I Mean I Cant Theres No Way.

I’m gonna I’m gonna try not to cuss anymore. There’s no way in heck that they said yes Mr. President we should abandon Bagram air base there is no way. No way there is no way.

There Is No Way That They

didn’t hint at the coming chaos that would happen of not securing the Kabul Air city as a whole , bringing in all those additional troops instead of hitting the Oh crap button and then bringing the troops in anyway. There’s no way no so they’re either incompetent or I don’t know what but they need to resign they need to step down yeah. I don’t know whether I mean frankly I have a real trouble trusting Millie in particular because of some of the comments he’s made recently, but like all the reporting is and this is likely fueled by million Austins behind the scenes you know leaking to reporters but all the reporting is they were all over bite and saying like here’s other options let’s not do this this way and biden ignored him because. He he wanted to pull out and there’s you know there’s a column today in the New York Times by their conservative columnist , one of their two conservative columnists, , who says look this is you know yes This this went really badly at the end, but the bottom line is the people who had this thing going for 20 years are now arguing we should have been in there for longer and you can’t trust them and it you know you got to rip the band-aid off and this is just the price you pay well that’s maybe I don’t I don’t think he i don’t think he’d be uncomfortable with that summary, but you know you could read the police yourself. If You think that’s overly summarizing his point it’s it’s It’s ridiculous to compare.

You Know The The Need For

us to pull out of a 20-year war and the way that they pulled out of a 20-year war right. It was also the trump administration’s goal to pull out of Afghanistan. They’re the ones that negotiated it to begin with talk to any libertarian or you know most conservatives they would say yes we need to end this war and get out that is not really an argument. There are some people that said we should have kept two thousand soldiers there almost indefinitely until we knew for sure when’s that gonna be they probably won’t they wouldn’t be able to tell you yeah um but again two thousand troops if they’re not in harm’s way we have 50 000 troops in South Korea right now with 35 000 troops.

Do We Count That Is Germany Our Longest

war like I don’t look at it that way the point is are people out there in the middle of conflicts are they are we trying to break up civil wars. I understand Afghanistan and Germany are much different but that’s the way to look at whether you have an ongoing war or not and the the idea that if we have bagram or air base and the and a perimeter around it secured to be able to respond to something that might happen in that area that’s not an ongoing war. It’s an ongoing presence and some people like libertarians really don’t like.


Saki: I’ve never seen a military operation done to where the timeline dictates the mission dictates the timeline . Saki says that they negotiated with the terrorists the Taliban and supposedly that’s what you know they they said that they were going to allow us to do what we needed to do to evacuate, but if it was past the August 31st deadline they would start attacking or what but my response would be who cares at that point and they’re being so willy-nilly with the numbers so we go back to you. react to the fact that we leave Afghanistan with hundreds at least of American people still there what’s interesting is interesting is that they say they don’t know how many Americans are still there . The military even said I think the military the military actually said that yeah we didn’t get everybody but we did the best we could. That is unacceptable unacceptable, so let’s go to the base.& Saki.& that’s not 10 or 15.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video