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Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Guys Weve Made It

through my Mission Impossible series leading up to Rogue nation coming out very soon and this just might be the best one Now. I went out and bought this on blu-ray back in the day and since I’m, a huge collector I also bought the steelbook from Target that was like an exclusive and I’ve never opened it it’s still in its packaging and I don’t I’ll never open it probably because I’m a weird collector guy Don’t judge me and my three helped revitalize the franchise again because two is pretty bad, but there was still a very long break in between three and Ghost. Protocol and some people were wondering if this movie is even necessary. Maybe Tom Cruise is too old to continue doing this. My gosh did everyone involve with Ghost Protocol prove all the naysayers wrong In this film, the entire UK has been disavowed.

The President Has Invoked Ghost Protocol In

classic spy movie style. A terrorist has gotten his hands on nuclear codes and Ethan Hunt and his small team are the only people who can stop him as similar to my previous mission impossible’ reviews if you have not seen this film yet. This review is gonna contain spoilers guys so if you haven’t seen the film I suggest checking it out first and then coming back and watching my review. You’ve been warned let’s talk about this thing. One of the best Pixar directors there ever was was Brad Bird.

He Made Movies Like Ratatouille And The Incredibles.

The guy really understood how to make a great animated film. This. was his first live-action movie and he knocked out of the park. This is an extremely crisp almost electric looking movie there’s a sleekness to the entire film, a polished look that most action films nowadays do not have a cinematography is gorgeous.

The Hand-To-Hand Combat Was Filmed Beautifully Stunning Wide

shots of incredible stunt work gorgeous looking stuff. This movie brought back the minor character of Benjy, played by Simon Pegg and Mi3 and fleshed out his role to have a huge part in this movie. He’s now in the field. He’s an operative he has his computer. He knows what he’s doing and he added so much to this movie so much humor and he was just great with crews They had amazing chemistry I’m so glad they’re bringing him back for five.

They Also Added Paula Patton And

for a very good backstory as well as a Badass character and Jeremy Renner Hawkeye himself in the film. He also has an interesting backstory, a character who’s harboring secrets that had direct connections to Ethan Hunt and right off the bat from the opening scene of this movie where they’re breaking hunt out of this strange prison. It’s very suspenseful, which is a great call back to the original Mission Impossible movie and something that I think Ii completely forgot about and even three because three I wouldn’t call a suspenseful movie. It was basically a non–stop action thrill ride. Mi4 was a great call back to that first film.

There Was A Lot More About Tension And

as I already mentioned with Simon Pegg’s character. There is a great sense of humor in Mission Impossible for something that was lacking from the other two and my three had a few chuckling moments. Mi2 had virtually nothing. But this movie is by far the funniest in the entire franchise. Something else about ghost Protocol that I love every time.

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I Watch It Is The Fact That

it’s the first one in the entire franchise where their spy gadgets Don’t always work. It was such a great idea because up until then the mission was always impossible because it was really hard, but their tech pretty much always worked. In this film. It’s not just a really difficult mission. Their tech keeps breaking as well, which makes it even more impossible.

Er Thats Not A Word From Early On

in the movie when he gets his famous. This message will self-destruct in five seconds from this old telephone it. work he’s got to hit it really hard for the message to self-destruct the mask maker that’s making their disguises that thing breaks and they have to go on without masks. When he’s using his gloves and the famous Burj Khalifa scene, they start malfunctioning the laser cutter malfunctions every bit of their tech malfunctions and that was such a great idea because it made you feel like they were actual people and less like these amazing invincible superhero spies that have everything perfect all the time another thing that Brad burden the writers did so well in this movie was maintain a constant sense of urgency. Every scene feels important.

There Always Is This Sense Of We

have to get going. We got to go something’s bad about to happen. We need to get this going and it was always this intense level of adrenaline throughout every scene and. was something that was really important but this film understood how to make it flow better because the problem I had with three. Even though I really enjoy it is that yes it’s intense it’s urgent.

Theres Always Something Happening, But There

was rarely ever those character-building moments and it was sort of way too fast and too much happening at once. That was my only real issue with three With this film they maintained that thrill level but they stretched it out. They fleshed out the characters as best they could so you could actually care more when this crazy stuff was happening, but by far my biggest issue with this movie is definitely the villain. This is something I’ve talked about in my previous three reviews. The Mission Impossible series has a hard time with compelling villains.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Probably The Best

one we’ve had so. In the first film spoilers for him I won Jim Phelps, who was eventually revealed as the villain. He’s not really the villain until the end. I mean you know he find okay he’s been a villain the whole time, but it wasn’t really till last couple scenes that you realize that Jon Voight was great in that movie. But in this film I think it might actually be the weakest villain of the entire franchise because even at Mi-2 at least the villain was there constantly and they actually cut back to him a lot.

He Was A Bit Of A Cartoon

character, but he was a villain. The one at Mi4 might actually be the worst of the entire franchise Is portrayed by a great actor Miquel Nyqvist. Sorry. If I said that incorrectly he’s fantastic. He just didn’t really have anything to do in this movie Originally.

Was A Deleted Scene.

The very opening scene was going to be him. This big scene that kind of flushed him out a little bit more, but they cut it in favor of a more intense opening which I understand, but his character is really just an evil guy who wants to blow stuff up and he has a strange reason for doing it. It just was not a good villain. It was a very boring character and by far the worst part of this movie.

Theyre Real Antagonists.

I like to think is the situation. The heroes are constantly in a terrible situation. As I said the sense of urgency something’s always going wrong something’s always breaking. They always are just a little bit too late to whatever they’re trying to get to to me that’s really the antagonist of this movie because the actual antagonist is so boring.

Lets Talk About My Favorite Sequence.

In the entire movie The Dubai sequence I’m not just talking about the amazing building scene, but the chase through the sandstorm. All of that is action movie Gold. It’s perfectly directed stuff I love it my issue with it despite the fact that it is perfectly directed in my opinion is its placement. In the film.

Theres A Sense That The Film Peaks

early with a Dubai stuff and then what happens after that where they have to infiltrate this party and Paula Patton has to seduce this rich man. The film sort of stalls and then it picks back up again quickly with this fantastic hand-to-hand combat scene in this advanced parking deck and all that finale stuff is really fun, but it just screeches to a halt with this party scene. I just feel that they could have switched those two. A way have the rich guy party scene more towards the middle and then the big action UK stuff towards the end, but it’s a sort of strange complaint. To have to say that the film is so freakin great and then not as great but still really good.

Its Such A Nitpicky Little Thing But

as a critic I look at things like that but that Burj Kalifa scene is one of the best action scenes in movie history. Tom Cruise doing all of his own stunts. Tim actually out there filming it his no-shit joke is perfect every time I loved it when I showed that scene to my sister, who has a fear of heights. She could barely watch and that is perfect because you can really tell when you’re watching that scene that’s real you can see Cruz’s legs kind of dangling and you can just. This guy’s really out there all of these things that could not have been accomplished inside a set or with green-screen were accomplished with that scene, and it’s one of the best in-action movie history, and this movie really understood the team dynamic of what Mission Impossible is.

Its Not Just Ethan Hunt Show

it is a Tom Cruise movie, but he has a team that supports him that needs to function properly and in the final scene. In the film that’s what he says he says nothing on our mission worked everything broke except this team. This team functioned incredibly and that is what Mission Impossible is. It’s a team and so great so great to see Ving rhames in that one final scene as Luther stickell who’s by I keep saying this in every review. He’s like my favorite character and the whole franchise I love that.

And He Was So Funny And Just The

brief time he had now throughout the entire movie. There was this storyline that Ethan Hunt and his wife had gotten a divorce, and then you find out that Jeremy Renner’s character was actually there when she was killed in an Ethan Hunt killed her murderers and ended up in prison. It gave a really good sense of tension between those two characters throughout the film. But at the end, they decided to reshoot it to have his wife still be alive, but she’s kind of in hiding because he wants to keep her safe and the and Brad Bird said he did. This was because he didn’t want the film to have the alien 3 syndrome or from the beginning of this film.

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All Of A Sudden Characters From The

last film. You cared about are just dead so I liked. the fact that he respected the previous film and honored it in that way, Although it does feel kind of like a tacked on Edition that doesn’t a hundred percent work all in all Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is quite possibly the best film in the franchise. It’s only competition in my mind is the very first one.

I Think Its A Great Action Film.

It’s funny. It’s extremely thrilling and immensely well shot I’m gonna give Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and a well guys. I have now officially covered every classic Mission Impossible film leading up to rogue nation.

Im Very Excited To See That Film

I’m hoping it’s just as good as four if not better. I’m looking forward to reviewing that for you guys if you want to see all my previous reviews they are on my channel right now and linked in this description if you. want to check them out guys thank you so much as always for watching I really do appreciate it and if you like this, you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes.


Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is an extremely crisp almost electric looking movie there’s a sleekness to the entire film, a polished look that most action films nowadays do not have a cinematography is gorgeous . The hand-to-hand combat was filmed beautifully stunning wide shots of incredible stunt work gorgeous looking stuff . This movie brought back the minor character of Benjy, played by Simon Pegg and Mi3 an ex-Pixar Pixar director . This review is gonna contain spoilers guys so if you haven’t seen the film I suggest checking it out first and then coming back and watching my review of this film . The film is a classic spy movie style. The president has invoked Ghost Protocol in classic spy movies style. A terrorist has gotten his hands on nuclear codes and Ethan Hunt and his small team are the only people who can stop him. The film was shot in the UK has been disavowed. The movie is an excellent example of Tom Cruise and it is a great example of the film…. Click here to read more and watch the full video