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Mission Impossible-Im Continuing In My Series Of Mission

Impossible reviews leading up to Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. This July I’ve already covered the very first Mission Impossible film If you missed that that video is currently on my channel right now, but let’s talk about possibly the most divisive movie in the entire franchise and just as a warning just like the first film. This will contain spoilers about plot details, so if you haven’t seen Mission Impossible 2 yet go check it out first, then come back and watch the review but more than likely you have because it was like 15 years ago You should probably get on that. TOm Cruise has stated that he wanted a different director for each film in the franchise that’s a good idea for certain reasons for one each time a director comes on he’s fresh he’s new he’s excited. excited to direct a Mission Impossible movie.

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It Gives A Different Feel To

each one similar to the James Bond movies, but it’s also a bit of an issue, particularly with this film because they hadn’t yet figured out what worked about the franchise. They were still in a sort of experimental phase. So we have here a drastically different movie from the first one, which set a lot of people in a bad mood. The basic plot of Mi-2 is that a virus has been created called Chimera. It’s Ethan Hunt and his team’s job to find all traces of said virus and eliminated, but there’s also a rogue agent played by Dougray Scott, who is out to find this virus get rich off of it and spread it throughout humanity because he has the cure so if he gives everyone this virus.

This Cure Is Gonna Be Worth.

lot of money and these guys butt heads and they fight and there is a lot of slow-mo. But the main emotional punch of this movie is a romance between Ethan Hunt and Naya and when he discovers that she used to have a romance with Sean Ambrose, portrayed by Dougray Scott. She is forced to then go undercover pretending that she needs him to find out information about him. You can’t really watch Mission Impossible 2 expecting a Mission Impossible movie because what it really is is a big Hong Kong martial arts movie with mission impossible in the title now in all honesty.

This Is A Gorgeously Shot Movie.

It’s a very breathtaking film. There’s tons of great cinematography a lot of really good action and it’s all filmed and choreographed very well, but it gets to a point of silliness from time to time because it takes. way too seriously, but there were a lot of new ideas brought forth in this movie that just did not work at all for a Mission Impossible movie. This may have worked as a straight-up action film directed by John Woo, but not as a Mission Impossible movie if one of the biggest reasons as they change.

Ethan Hunts Character Way Too Much

in this film he’s really like a carefree playboy type. James Bond character in the first film he was a very efficient person. The mission was always first He knew exactly what he was doing. He was also a bit of a man on the run type character, so there was a lot of urgency there. In this film he is way more like James Bond.

He Meets This Girl.

He sleeps with her. He’s rock climbing in the beginning. It’s an iconic sequence, but why is. Really risking his life out there rock climbing what’s the point really of it Besides to get some really cool shots of Tom Cruise Rock climbing.

In Fact The Entire Car Chase

scene were Ethan Hunt and Nya are chasing each other along that stretch of road is right out of Goldeneye. This movie was trying to be like a Bond film and it just shouldn’t have been these aren’t James Bond movies. They’re a very different type of film and since Mi-2 they’ve begun to recognize that need but this film tried to make it too much like a double-oh-seven movie and also with the plot to try to get Nya into Sean Ambrose’s life again. It creates a love triangle between them to anything Hunt who needs a love triangle. In a Mission Impossible movie.

No One Now Its Great To See

Ving rhames back as Luther Stickell. of my favorite parts of the first film he was so funny. He was so likeable, yet he was also a computer nerd so it was such a cool character her Ving Rhames to play in this film they removed almost all of his humor. He’s just there any types things where the humor go he became such an uninteresting character in this movie. In fact the pilot of the helicopter in this movie adds absolutely nothing he’s just there to pilot a plane there’s nothing he adds nothing to this movie as a character in all honesty John Woo the director is the most prevalent character in this movie.

The Slo-Mo The Doves.

Of course he had to put all these doves into the movie. So we all knew we were watching a John Woo movie The crash zooms on people’s faces do you have any idea how many. on people’s faces are in this film Tons I could show the rest of this review. It’d be nothing but zooms on people’s faces and this review would be like an hour-long.

The First Film Moved It Was So

fast-paced. This film takes forever to get anywhere. The first act has nothing of interest. It’s just a whole bunch of discussions about some disease that’s been created and a whole bunch of forced awkward romantic scenes with Ambrose and Naya that are just weird and they give you goosebumps. It’s there’s nothing about this first act of the movie and even into the second act that’s really that entertaining it’s honestly an hour into this film before we get a real action scene up until then it’s just a bunch of strange goose-bumpy romantic encounters No one’s Hunt finally breaks into the bio site facility to destroy the remains of this virus.

Theres A Lot Of Really Fun Action Throughout

this scene. Even though it is overly stylized, but my biggest problem with this scene is that he takes so much time to destroy these viruses. He honestly does it slower than any Nicolas Winning reppin film you’ve ever seen and I’m a fan of roughen okay He’s. around the room like holding these guns going G G I’m like dude speed it up now once the bad guys Nya and Hunt all converge on this facility. There’s a lot of really good tension, leading up to her.

Eventually Injecting Herself With The Remains

of the virus. I was very into the scene it’s very well done it’s emotional Hans Zimmer score is great but then Ethan takes her blows up the bombs that he set and escapes why didn’t he just do that before she injected herself that would have made everything a lot easier wouldn’t it and I do love the sequence for Ethan Hunt jumps out of the hole in the wall with Hans Zimmer’s beautiful score in the background. Once we actually get to the big finale. It’s just nice to finally see some action happening in a mission impossible’ movie and there’s tons. of it it’s like John Woo was almost making up for the fact that there was barely none.

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Throughout The First Hour Of This

film. Tom Cruise typically performs virtually all of his stunts, and he does a magnificent job as usual. He’s basically giving the perfect Solid Snake audition here sneaking around through this facility taking out guards stealth it’s awesome it’s really well done and I do love the scene where he tricks ambrose by taking out Ambrose his right-hand man then putting the Ethan Hunt mask on him and forcing Ambrose to killed his own right-hand man assuming that’s hunt. It’s a really well executed scene and once we get to the big motorcycle chase scene. I mean watching it now it all looks great it doesn’t look fake it actually looks very realistic.

There Isnt A Single Shot Throughout That Scene

that looks like it didn’t. But it’s kind of stupid that as soon as this scene starts he’s laying on the ground and he’s like he reaches in his pocket. He puts on some sunglasses I was like wow the matrix clearly came out the year previous which it did and of course there’s the epic money shot through the fire on the motorbike. I mean just that’s beautiful it’s a beautiful moment in cinema Oh mission impossible too and I love how Ambrose and Hunt just drive their motorcycles towards each other than collide bodies in midair. It’s so hilarious and dumb it’s so stupid and idiotic, but you know they jumped off their bikes and collided in midair.

You See Thats The Problem With Mission

Impossible 2. You have those awesome moments where they’re like that’s amazing and then it’s so super serious with this virus you just can’t take it seriously that. Fight is pretty badass, though it’s well filmed it’s brutal. It looks like real pain is going on and the stunt with the knife Tom Cruise You insane person the stunt with a knife and the eye that’s real guys from all reports from the set that is real they rigged a knife with a cable to stop it at just the right second above Tom Cruise is I a real knife a real one now that’s right drop fly I would much rather climb on Burj Khalifa than have a knife stop 2 centimeter way before my eye. I mean that’s if it just slipped a second.

I Mean Dougray Scott Would Be A Murderer.

Tom Cruise wouldn’t have an eye anymore and probably be dead I mean what for me Mi tu is a mixed bag. Tom Cruise is great as Ethan Hunt in the fight scenes and in the stunt work, but he’s too much of a James Bond type playboy character in the script for this movie when there is action, it’s very exciting and well choreographed and well filmed, but it’s way too overly stylized and the serious romance and virus storyline. Just makes the whole film feel very way down in Chi depressing and I think John Woo was thinking. This movie looks so cool, everything is so cool, but it’s really just too cool for its own good.

This Movie Lost A Lot Of The Tone

of the first film that urgency that real spy like action the suspense the real human characters. This movie made those characters kind of cartoony and weighed way to stylized. But the biggest plus of this movie is that if this movie didn’t happen we. Would not have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? Why is that well? Dougray Scott was actually the first person cast as Wolverine, but had to drop out due to his involvement with Mi-2. So Hugh Jackman got the part and thank goodness for that I’m always trying to look on the positive Thanks am I-I appreciate that all in all I’m going to give Mission Impossible to a scene.

I Can Still Watch This Movie

for what it is like I can have it on. I can appreciate some of the action scenes, but the over serious tone is just not the right style or feel for a Mission Impossible movie and I think if this movie wasn’t called Mission Impossible-if it was called like slow-mo shots or something, then it would be perfect to be a great movie, but not a Mission Impossible movie guys thank. You so much as always for watching look forward to my Mi3 review, which is going to be coming up in the near future and as always if you guys like this, you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes. Oh!


The main emotional punch of this movie is a romance between Ethan Hunt and Naya and when he discovers that she used to have a romance with Sean Ambrose, portrayed by Dougray Scott . There is a lot of slow-mo. and these guys butt heads and they fight . This is a drastically different movie from the first one, which set a . lot of people in a bad mood. It gives a different feel to each one similar to the James Bond movies, but it’s also a bit of an issue, particularly with this film because they hadn’t yet figured out what worked about the franchise. They were still in a sort of experimental phase. It’s a good idea for certain reasons for one each time a director comes on he’s fresh he’s new he’s excited to direct a Mission Impossible movie, but that’s a different idea for one of these films. Each time a new director is fresh and excited. The movie is different to the . James Bond films like this film ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video