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and This is a breakdown of Moon Night episode 2 in which Moon Knight narrowly escapes a bunch of vegans by killing their dog. This episode was filled with Easter eggs subtle cinematic details and even deeper layers of mystery. So let’s break down this shot by shot for everything that you might have overlooked and a reminder that the best way you can support us is to get our new limited edition Moon Knight inspired shirt we’re selling these off faster than we thought it’s called Tomb of the Moon God. It looks awesome and when you get it. You’ll unlock the added option to write in a custom shout out for our after shows so get that at Newrockstarsmerge.

Com Okay Opening Shot Over Sand We

hear the sounds of Moon Knight’s beatdown on that Jackal that ended last episode here. It echoes like a nightmare, but we are awake as we hear this because we’re staring at the sand around his bed and the fact that that sand is intact means that someone returned home after that fight and reset the sand that someone being Mark if it’s now stephen awaking from it, thinking it was a dream. So Mark is complicit in keeping stephen in this solution that he’s just sleepwalking last episode. I pointed out how Steven’s inaugural step in that sand compared with Harrow’s first step on glass makes Steven more connected to the sands of Egypt and this episode ends with Mark back in the desert from sand. We begin and to sand we shall return, but Steven ain’t ready to take those steps.

He Springs Out Of Bed Slips On

the sand stumbles landing on his face just like he landed in the alps after. Mark had been in control it seems like Steven is going to repeatedly land on his face. Just like this also his foot harness tightens so that now it’s like he is being leashed to the bed. What was meant to be a harness for his sleepwalking alter ego is really confining himself now among the stack of books in front of him is one titled Adventures of the Soul Journeys through the physical and the spiritual dimensions. This is a real 2014 book by a medium named James Van Praag about the human soul and how it fits into this life and how it travels in the spiritual realm.

So Really Stephen Isnt Totally Unfamiliar

with a soul’s detachment from the physical body. Also I didn’t mention this last episode but among Steven’s textbooks are a book about asgard what’s old is new again and another one about Wakanda. Which we should note worships the Panther deity Bost which is derived from the Egyptian Feline deity of Bastet. Stephen opens his cabinet mirror to confront Mark yeah think so now it might just be the way the camera or the cabinet moves, but it does look like his reflection of his reflection on the far right does turn his head a little independently of how Steven turns his head. Then Stephen steps up to London‘s National Gallery while production was in Budapest and last week the museum was a Budapest museum.

This Is Actually Londons Trafalgar Square

that’s Nelson’s column to the left with the Lions. The double-decker bus that passes is an ad for made Chandeliers. The Verona light. Another shakespeare reference to Romeo and Juliet Verona, where in the most famous scene. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun his Verona light and begs her to kill the.

Moon In This Episode This Romeo Reunites

with his Juliet and hopes to end his toxic moon entity as he enters the museum. The camera tilts following him until we are upside down, reminding us my favorite shot last episode when we thought we were right side up looking at a puddle until a leaf proved that we were actually upside down all of it showing how Steven’s self-perception is actually illusory in JB’s security arena. Several cameras are pointed at the sarcophagus that Steven showed the girl last episode and beside that there is a QR code on the wall that actually links to a digital copy of Werewolf Finite Number 32, which was the first comic appearance of the Moon Knight character that same QR code actually shows up this episode on the number 43 locker at the storage facility except now Marvel updated the link so that. takes you to werewolf by night number 33 so I’m guessing we’re gonna see these QR codes in many episodes throughout the season and they’ll just update it with new issues each week, and I think I just put together that Steven’s fish’s name of gus might be short for Sarcophagus. They watch back the security footage, but there is no Jackal it’s just Steven reacting to nothing now Fight Club has been mentioned as an influence and this seems like a nod to the scene of Fight Club where Edward Norton’s character fights Tyler Durden, but later on security footage shows him hitting himself.

But If You Look Closely At

this footage as Steven runs past that column. There’s some digital noise on the screen and if you compare this last episode that was right when the Jackal hit that surface so while the Jackal is invisible to everyone. Else something caused that static Stephen says there was a dog chasing me like a big like a handle, Oh yeah Anna the Baskervilles was it yes referencing the hound of the Baskervilles. The third of the four Sherlock Holmes novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A mystery about a phantom dog plaguing an estate.

It Was Actually Really An Inheritance

scheme similar to the Hound that chases Steve in this episode if you think about it really boils down to inheritance scheme Arthur Harrow having issues with Konshu for choosing Mark Spector as an avatar and Mark Spector not wanting the beneficiary of these abilities to pass on to his wife and the footage ends with Mark confidently stepping out and staring directly at the camera as if knowing Steven. The next day would review this footage that’s not me the desk in the Hr office again gives us a clean reflection of Steven. The Hr manager offers therapy. This particular group of doctors has a long-standing relationship with us, but the fact that he doesn’t get the police involved, but then some cops who do get involved. These detectives end up being part of Harrow’s cult makes me wonder if this Hr rep is also part of that cult as well because he says you’re not alone yes it’s like part of the problem in it Yes you’re not alone is a special threat to stephen We’re always watching for the greater good if you look at this brochure.

It Shows A Woman Holding Hands

with the doctor, which could be a nod to hero’s emmett assessment, which does evoke the scientology auditing process. Mt also pointed out on. Marvel that the pamphlet is also covered with a logo of a green crescent moon shape, which just could be a sign that even Kanju and his possession could all be part of Steven’s mental health delusions. Steven is forced to give up his name Badge, a name that even Jb never committed to memory foreshadowing how this episode ends with Steven surrendering his steven identity to his mark specter identity his gold-painted friend Crawley again his homeless friend from the comics never moves a muscle until Stephen Hugs him and Crowley side eyes him just a little example of something tricky happening just outside of Steven’s perception now. In addition to the QR code detail the locker number 43 could be a nod to Moon Knight number 43, in which Moon Knight faces seth Falcon, a villain who drains a person’s life similar to the way Arthur Harrow does.

The Series, The Walls Of Marks Storage Unit

are reflective, but noticeably cloudier than the other reflective surfaces we’ve seen on the show maybe a safeguard put in place by Mark so that when he was in this room he wouldn’t accidentally see Steven’s eyes and accidentally surrender control back to him. Steven finds Mark’s pistol in stacks of foreign currency. The red 100 notes are Chinese Yuan making me wonder what reason Mark might have needed to go to China or interact with Chinese buyers maybe a deal with the 10 rings. Mark’s American passport lists his birthday as March 9 1987. Oscar Isaac‘s Real life birthday is March 9th for the year 1979 because Hollywood subtracts 8 years for men, but then adds 16 for women.

The Issue Date Is December 14Th 2018,

which means that Mark got his passport during the blip which started in may 2018. of the MCu timeline, confirming that Mark was not dusted during those five years. Stephen finds the golden scarab which hovers over his palm. I’d say your compass be no point in your nose Yeah. This compass would presumably point toward Egypt, which is southeast of the Uk worth noting that this would also be the general compass heading for Mecca which Muslims around the world pray in the direction of throughout the day.

In This Case, The Scarab Also

points directly at Mark’s reflection Stephen snaps at him no I don’t care how bloody handsome you are tell me what it is you are Yeah Gotta love the meta joke for Oscar Isaac there, but for Steven he sees handsomeness as a factor of confidence something he doesn’t have. Thus he’s unable to see his own good looks Mark explains I surf can’t you I’m his avatar which means. You are too sort of we protect the vulnerable and deliver conscious justice to those who hurt them. Mark pauses before using the word justice as if intentionally drawing a comparison between conscious justice after damage was done between that and on its judgment before any sins were committed a distinction that stephen later levies against Harrow Steven looks at the gun now give me the body. Let me finish this and you’ll never hear from me again Yikes Mark is in the reflective surface of the pistol too.

Its Very Dark To Imagine Someone Hearing These

kinds of voices When pondering picking up a gun like Steven could be imagining one way to silence Mark forever now earlier when they walked up to this locker the motion sensor lights of her head slammed on just setting up this awesome scare with Konchu now flashing in and out of the. lights with louder and louder slams so the lights alone represent the demon like the barrels and jaws representing the shark. This also works like an inverse of David F Sandberg’s amazing lights out short the ghost and the light instead of the ghost in the dark Stephen gazes up at Konshu’s form as the lamp overhead glows brighter and brighter and I just love how you can now see a big divot in the ridge of his beam. Like he’s been in some kind of battle in this ghostly form and then you can see up into his skull orifices, a ribbed texture interior for our pleasure because the inside of a lot of skulls are rarely smooth or sanded down. Just little details like this make him more lifelike.

Layla Pulls Up To Him Greeting Him Upside

down just like that shot of him entering the museum earlier. She says to him you really could have given me any sign that you were alive Yeah Throughout this conversation he sees her through the mirror the people he speaks to in mirror Reflections are just difficult for him to trust is legitimate in his flat when Leila looks at Gus in the tank. Mark’s reflection appears in the tank behind hers. Despite Steven being back at the door, showing how Mark is now in a kind of sunken place trapped in an Egyptian themed tank like Gus is way out of your depth brother you’re literally in the depths now on the shelf for some invisible titles. Joseph Pearl’s revealer of secrets, which is considered the first modern Hebrew novel written in 1819, a satirical collection of letters among Hasidic Rabbis.

Mark Spector Is Jewish Son Of

a Rabbi. Something this series will explore with the Jewish cultural consultant. listed in the credits Also The Man in the Ice, which is a book about the 1991 discovery of a 5 000-year-old neolithic corpse in the glacier in the Alps is actually not that far from the valley where Stephen woke up last episode and of course, man in the ice we definitely had another one of those in the Mcu but the book Layla Picks up is a collection from French poet Marceline Debora de Vamore le Fleur or the flowers from the year 1833. The two of them quote the opening verses from Les Separae or the separated Marceline Debord Valmer Centroid, which translates to do not write I am sad I would like to die out the beautiful summers without you are the night without a torch. These words reflect the separation between these two lovers.

Mark Ghosted Her Wanting To Die Out

in layla’s. Mind essentially telling her don’t contact me but really without each other. They have been lost in the darkness Earlier in this episode we got the allusion to this Romeo’s son making the moon envious and here’s another literary illusion comparing this star-crossed lover to a flame in the night and it’s sweet that layla’s favorite poet was Stephen’s favorite poet, despite him having no other memory of her and mark even trying to block her out like Mj still wearing Peter Parker’s broken necklace. Another example in the mcu of love persevering through memory now harder than wrapping your head around All these details can be wrapping our head around the environmental impact of the electronics. We use every day a new smartphone represents about 175 pounds of carbon emissions and 18 000 gallons of water usage so when that phone or that tablet or the laptop gets thrown.

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Com Thats Back Market Not.

finds a scarab and confirms it does point to Amit’s tomb on the table Besides Stephen, a little gator or a croc statue vomit ready to devour him. Then the detectives knock at the door DC Fitzgerald and DC Kennedy. Here it’s Gerald and Kennedy interesting names for detectives because it’s the middle name in the surname of the U. s president John Fitzgerald Kennedy because these are probably fake names recognizable to an American, but less so to a Brit actor.

Anne Akagerian Is Credited As Bobby

and David Gainley as Billy when they bring in Steven run Mark’s records. His file number begins with 1975. that was the year. Moon Knight first appeared in Marvel Comics and the assigned agent is Nick Pepin. The real life production manager on Moon Knight and several other Marvel titles love it when they work the crew names in there the photo here.

Shows At Least Four Bodies Shot In

the heads at an archaeological dig site in Egypt, which seems like this is all being taken from Moon Knight comics where Raul Bushman murders Marlene’s Archaeologist father before Mark becomes Moon Knight. Something that may be the case with Layla and her father. Oh The cops are drinking the Ahmed Kool-aid based on their tattoos. There’s a tattoo also on the kid with a soccer ball and her tattoo seems to even move a bit as she’s holding that ball. The soccer ball is unworthy.

Oh Soccer Ball.

It’s a shame you can’t be here to see the world we create arrow greets him. I hear you loud and clear Steven grant of the gift shop Oh God I’m sorry for the wait yeah. They mixed in sounds of broken glass and sandals on each of his steps Konshu begs stephen to. Harrow break his windpipe, but Steven ignores him and Kancho kicks the trash bin just a little thanks setting up all the invisible forces smashing stuff In the climax of this episode hero takes even on a tour of this cult commune and chats with Jamila in Mandarin Yeah again.

If You Listen To His Kick

there’s a bit of broken glass mixed in there as Konchu watches from the roof his crescent moon staff frames the street light above there’s no light of the moon yet showing how Kanchu is still powerless at this point in scene inside Bob Dylan’s every grain of sand plays once more just like it did. In the opening scene of the series there’s some cult members watching serene nature footage just classic clockwork orange style Indoctrination. There Hero recommends a lentil soup Victor’s recipe Gracias Victor he’s from the Yucatan Miss that is. Very funny Hmm Victor There is a Victor Mancha in the Marvel comics aka Victorious Cyborg, son of Mexican mother, Marionella Mancha and Ultron Tech, who’s part of the runaways Ties in with the age of Ultron storyline later kills Vision son. Then I don’t know if this is the same Victor.

I Just Love How Harrow Feeds Stephen

These lentils that were grown in their community garden while using a gardening metaphor to describe Ahmet’s judgment. She tears evil up from the root casting her judgment before any evil’s done that’s why we must resurrect her almost as if he’s saying you’re enjoying our garden trust the gardener, but Stephen rightfully counters if army judges people pre-evil like before the fact, then isn’t she judging an innocent person a thought can’t be evil can it. I think about killing my boss all the time, but I wouldn’t actually do. What about a child? Would she kill a child for something they might do in 30 years and Stephen doesn’t buy Harrow comparing kids to diseased limbs need an amputation, so Harrow has to whip out the big guns. This is Amit’s gift to her first avatar.

It Contains In A Tiny Sliver Of Her

power Yes another reference to Amit’s first Avatar who betrayed her who might have speculated could be Pharaoh Rahmatut aka Kkk. I know it sounds like I’m reaching just watch my video on that I swear I make a pretty good case for it. I like how throughout this as the cult members back away in fear that projected nature footage now shows a hummingbird flapping its wings and then mushrooms sprouting mirroring the tension of the scene. The chaotic heartbeat of a hummingbird, then exploding into a mushroom cloud Plume. Layla arrives to the scarab and they flee.

As Harrow Uses A Cane To Open

a purple crack in the ground through which another Jackal arises. Another example of glowing purple rifts through dimensions in the MCu after Spider-man No Way home perhaps the purple glow indicates the realm between universes what Wong called the dark border between known and unknown realities and it is from this realm where these hell beasts are summoned hero chants and honest staff those crocodile eyes of Amit Glow purple the Jackal knocks Stephen out the window. This is likely the moment he loses a scarab considering his jacket Billows up come on but Steven hits a superhero landing dressed as a dapper Mr. Knight look taken directly from war and else’s 2014 comics or as Mr. Knight in the comics.

Really A Clever Criminologist Detective Another Main Form

of Konchu in this series, it’s really just the form Stephen Grant takes when he tries to summon Konchu. The suit is a finely tailored three-piece suit with a form-fitting mask with stitching down the center of the face. Reflecting Steven’s fractured identity but I love his shoes loafers with these white wrappings just a little hint of that mummy linen aesthetic he and Mark argue she said I needed a suit Yeah the ceremonial armor from conscious temple not psycho Colonel Sanders. I don’t know how only this works yeah I just like how in response to that the mark reflection blinks his glowing eyes slowly and disappointment. Layla breaks the bottle over the Jackal’s head so that she could see it with the fluid that’s sticking to him, but then the Jackal lifts them both and slams him against the wall as it does so you can still see the last of those little droplets of fluid shaking off from the motion.

Steven Tries To Lure It Away.

Butterfly’s thinking like a bee. He’s quoting Mammad Ali not realizing that the second half of that line was his hands can’t hit what his eyes Don’t see ironic since he is trying to fight something invisible to everyone else. Also worth noting that Mark in the comics had a past as a boxer Steven instead says which is a fun nod to the fact. that the MCu already has another stephen with a ph stephen strange and then after he hits the Jackal.

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He Screams, Which Is Slaying Used In London

that came from immigrants from Caribbean countries. Basically meaning what’s up or what’s going on the double decker bus has an ad for the GrC reuniting you with your better half. The GrC of course is a global repatriation Council the agency introducing the falcon the winter soldier that resettles people after the blip also ironically. In this moment Steven is struggling to reconnect with his other half overhead. This bus is coated with WBn 0032.

Another Nod To Werewolf By Knight Number

32. Moon Knight’s first comic appearance also apparently the one comics references series is allowed to have Easter eggs for Steven has to surrender Control and Moon Knight Ceremonial suit takes over and I love it beneath those mummy wrappings. Gold armor slides out over his shoulders. This automated assembly. The stitching together of the suit is just so piecemeal and tactile.

You Can See Each Thread Snaking And Binding

him. Just reminds me of the pieces of iron man’s armor clinking together in that original 2008 film mark unsheathes his chest weapons, which she seems to have an unlimited supply. Like cards from a blackjack slot. Mark lures the Jackal up the building past the Crescent Moon, which now glimmers in the background as we saw last episode the Crescent Moon shines when Moon knight has the upper hand as he leaps from rooftop to rooftop. In this thrilling montage that Crescent Moon actually gets larger and larger in the frame.

Symbolizing His Growing Power.

He runs down the timbers reflected in the surface of the water and it ends as he impales the jackal on this outdoor altar. and retracts his chest piece in the light of the crescent moon the two shapes match in each other. This gorgeous shot composition here and showing how all of this power is coming from the moon Little detail. I spotted here in that courtyard.

There Is A Silhouette Of Someone Watching In

the shadows in the background might be an onlooker might be a crew person who got left in frame might be Kanchu Steven tries to reclaim the body. You’ve always managed to keep a wall between us, but something’s changed the one who controls the bodies becomes stronger the reflections help but most of the time it’ll take all your willpower just to be a fly on the wall. Yes so it sounds like to answer Harrow’s query from before Mark might have already had dissociative identity disorder. Now conscious possession is making whichever identity is in control. At any moment stronger at keeping the other identities suppressed Mark says we wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for conscience in my servitude is the price that I pay so yes.

It Sounds Like They Are Adapting Mark Spectres

origin from the comics that Mark was dying when he came across Conscious tomb and that’s when he got possessed. But stephen now bolder and angrier as one of the suppressed voices really gets under Mark’s skin shut up it gives you a moment yes the church bell tolls for Mark’s mental break like the bell of a boxing ring signaling the end of a round. Another nod to Mark’s boxing history like the church is saying hey break it up break it up back to your quota now odd detail here if you count the bell chimes to try to figure out the hour it rings at least 14. Maybe 15 times, which is crazy because church bell towers never ring more than 12 so they may have doubled up because as we cut in and out of Steven’s reflection they could have done that to show both identities. Hearing the first couple Chimes I love how conscious appears among the gargoyles of the roof, just blending in with the surroundings and the shot does not break from Mark’s perspective as we then look up to another rooftop where conscious suddenly appearing there mid-sentence and then the camera drifts right back down to mark, where Konchu is right behind him and I love how in the moonlight Now streaming through the tree.

You Can Clearly See How This

skull is actually floating over his body, but those errant hairs connected to his skull drape downward to make it seem like there is a connection like a marionette head defying. love this transition here as conscious steps across frame his wrappings dissolving into the falling curtain that Mark had draped over a broken mirror to hide his reflection. Since Mark is in a different spot of the room. The reflection is Steven covered in a bed sheet on the bed. His knuckles bloody.

This Means That Steven Must Have

tried to break out of the state violently and injured himself now looking a lot like Martin Sheen after he cut his hands on the broken mirror in Apocalypse now and in that cracked mirror you can see Steven is wearing the star of David necklace. Another nod to his Jewish heritage. Mark stumbles across the room opening the curtains to reveal the pyramids of Giza of Egypt and I just love that this whole sudden transition to Egypt took us here while we were in Mark’s perspective confirming that Konchu. Backseats his avatar Whoever is at the wheel Steven Ormark and that this avatar like us is really just along for the ride now Over the credits plays the Egyptian anthem El Maluke by Ahmed Saad featuring Inaba and double zuch Awesome Egyptian Jammer to end this episode and the final shot of the credits actually changes from last episode before it was an amazing shot of Moon Knight’s, footed ceremonial warrior attire Now it is Mr Knight again.


This is a breakdown of Moon Night episode 2 in which Moon Knight narrowly escapes a bunch of vegans by killing their dog . This episode was filled with Easter eggs subtle cinematic details and even deeper layers of mystery . The best way you can support us is to get our new limited edition Moon Knight inspired shirt we’re selling off faster than we thought it’s called Tomb of the Moon God . You’ll unlock the added option to write in a custom shout out for our after shows so get that at or . The episode ends with Mark back in the desert from sand and Steven ain’t ready to take those steps, but this episode will return to the sand we shall return, but Steven ain’t ready to return to sand . The last episode ended with Mark returning to the sands of Egypt and the last episode is the last of the alps. The last shot is the first of the desert. The opening shot over sand we hear the…. Click here to read more and watch the full video