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Boss and Marvel’s Moon Knight follows Stephen Grant, a guy suffering from dissociative identity disorder without even realizing it, chalking it up to sleepwalking in a real complicated method of flirting. I’m at the restaurant The steak is take time Nice game Bro she gets her stake time and then you get your mistake time What day is it today. It’s Sunday Sir no see really. The first episode confirms that Steven’s dreams are not fantasies but really his alternate identity. Mark Spector taking control of his body and taking him to strange dangerous situations.

Yet All Of It Real But

how real is it because Moon Knight both the source material and the series it looks like is carefully designed to leave us in a state of uncertainty over basic reality that everything presented Through The Eyes of this unreliable narrator not. Just the more obvious ghosts and Visions, but even simple words printed on paper might be an illusion. I’m gonna break down all the weird little glitches. You might have missed to explain how I don’t think we can really trust anything we’re seeing right now by the way the best way to support our channel is to get our new Moonlight inspired Tomb of the Moon God shirt part of our limited edition latest Obsession line which gives you the added option to write an accustomed shout out for our moon night after shows get that over at New Rockstarsmerch. com so while promoting this series Layla actress May Calamari pitched it as everyone is like Fight Club meets Indiana Jones well the Indiana Jones parallels with the mysterious golden relics pointing the way to the ancient world are clear but fight.

Club Is Famously A Story Of An

unreliable. narrator, unaware that his best friend Tyler Durden is actually himself a Twist hinted at throughout the movie by subtle visual clues that didn’t Venture hid in the imagery. Similarly, I think if you re-watch Moon Knight episode 1 closely so much of Steven Grant’s Journey even when you discount the obvious fantastic old leaps and lapses. The episode calls attention to so many little things that you overlook and take for granted. Grant these things do not add up or make logical sense it’s actually possible that much of if not all of this man’s Waking Life as Steven Grant is a waking fantasy actually in a recent press conference Ethan Hawke even confirmed this saying the director Mammad was really embracing Steven’s mental illness as a way to create an unreliable narrator and once you’ve broken the prism of reality everything that the audience has seen is from.

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Skewed Point Of View And Thats Really Interesting

for the villain in because Am I even being seen as I am and by the way thanks to Marvel for inviting us to listen in on that Junket. So every morning Steven talks to his mother on the phone a mother who probably doesn’t exist. He thanks her for sending him postcards leaving us wondering who is sending these postcards. Perhaps it’s the mark identity sending the postcards to keep Steven in the cycle either way. Steven is used to living an incomplete delusional life.

He Teaches A Little Girl In The

museum about the Egyptian burial rituals and only the worthiest would be allowed to pass through the field to read and did it suck for you getting rejected from the fields of reeds well that Don’t make sense because I’m not dead. Emma Stevie yeah that second little am. I which Oscar Isaac discreetly slips in tells us that even Steven is questioning his reality not sure whether he is alive or dead. That even this simple moment in the museum could be the fantasy of a dying man or a deceased Soul trapped in an underworld. Now.

Steven Repeatedly Points Out Historical Inaccuracies With

the merch they sell in the gift shop Don’t even know how this has to do with Egypt really so they didn’t have that back then did they no They’re like figs and dates and then later while doing inventory with Donna the any UK you know like the super group of Egyptian gods. You know you got Horus Osiris Tefl nut shoes. But there’s been a major blunder because they’ve got seven gods here and the union has nine now as they put it out in the breakdown. Stephen is correct that The. Iliad of Egyptian mythology has nine members.

They Are The Sun God, Atom Deities Of

air and moisture, Gab and nut gods of the Earth and the Sky and their children Osiris Isis set and Nephthus that is nine then not often, but in some interpretations some historians will include in the Indiana 10th member, the son of Osiris Horus, but Horus would make it 10. However, Steven mentions Horus first in his listing, which is just odd like anyone who was fact checking someone on the nine members of the Iniad would not mention Horus first also this poster clearly shows the name of the Egyptian deity Hawthorne, who is not part of the idiot. Now. Hathaway is a very important deity to mythology. The consort to Horus.

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The Sun God Ra Representation Of Femininity,

but it’s just not considered part of the Indian per se now. Throughout the episode, various shots of Stephen show him through reflected surfaces mirrors puddles on the ground, but there’s one shot in the park at night time after leaving his street performer buddy where we see Stephen thinking we’re seeing him in real life, but when a leaf lands on the puddle, it reveals what we thought was real to be an illusion a reflection of real life perhaps gluing us into everything we think being real is actually fake. Later on. We see a textbook on screen in close-up showing what we think is the lineage of the Gods of the Iniad, but the listed order is just all mixed up. Osiris is listed at the top.

Then His Son Horus Is Listed Beneath

him and then beneath Horus is. which would definitely not be the case and then also again. Hawthorne is listed there on the Indian page, despite not being a member of the idiot Now Maybe this lineage is not depicting the exact members of the Indian and maybe. This is a historical interpretation of Egyptian mythology that I’m not aware of but overall. Steven’s um actually strikes me as the kind of thing that in our society, especially on social media.

Nowadays A Lot Of Self–Described Buffs On

various subjects like I will admit I have done this in the past during various casual trivia nights Some folks might know a bit about a subject. Maybe they took a college class in it or they watched a UK video on the subject and then afterwards they will go around confidently correcting others as if they are an expert with a degree in the subject. Despite when you actually look it up they are objectively wrong on the facts, so are we looking at production design mistakes made by the prop designers perhaps and in my experience doing these kind of breakdowns these kind of inconsistencies when they come up are best attributed to incompetence rather than conspiracy, but we also know that this series was carefully researched and the special thanks they credit Egyptology consultant Rami Romani, a documentarian, an expert in Egyptian history with a ton of credits to his name. This is the guy so if these are mistakes. I think they’re intentional.

I Think Theyre Berenstain Glitches In The Eyes

of an unreliable narrator. Who in his self-perception fantasy is an underappreciated expert in Egyptology, but in reality, like most average folks, he’s got some of his facts mixed up so later when Steven returns from the Alps, he begins to catch on to the glitches in his life his goldfish. Gus now has regrown his spin mysteriously obviously replaced in past few days that Steve’s been out and he realized that time has leapt forward a few days and of course he starts perceiving his alter ego Mark and the Ghostly Deity of Konshu, but then we get this crazy scene in the elevator obviously seen ghosts. Mark’s perception is very much being distorted by the haunted nature of the scene, but specifically the way the elevator moves makes no sense. Steven hits the button for the ground floor repeatedly.

We See That And Then The Lift

descends stopping on the third floor. No one summoning it okay, but then it goes down to the second floor, where presumably it was summoned by that old woman whom Stevens saw as Konshu, but if that woman was at the far end of the hallway, she could not have summoned the elevator and then at this point the elevator should have still been headed down to the ground. The way if you’re at the top floor of the building hit the button for the ground floor and if people join you on other floors on the way down. It still goes all the way down even if someone accidentally gets on who’s trying to go up, but instead this elevator for no reason goes back up to the fifth floor. Now sure Steven and this woman do comment that this building has some faulty wiring, but either way.

This Is A Magic Elevator That

follows. the rules of Steven’s nightmare not the rules of reality So then After this concert jump scare. Steven wakes up on a city bus. He exits this bus, but then he turns around to see Arthur Harrow back on that bus right near where Stephen was previously standing. So what was going on on this bus before Steven woke up if Harrow was stalking Steven why didn’t he approach him when they were both a few feet away from each other on that bus and then At the end of the episode.

When The Jackal Chases Steven Through The

museum as the Jackal touches the Museum‘s surfaces that are seen in the main hall. It leaves no visible scratches or marks at all. Now sure in the back room, slendy stuff gets knocked around it kicks the door open. It unhinges some of the light panels when the thing actually. Tears open the bathroom door We don’t see it happen.

We Only Hear It From Stevens Perspective As

he transitions into moonlight. Obviously, we know this jackal’s a UK character who’s it really interacting with the space Anyway and I pointed out in the breakdown how in the profile shot of Steven’s transformation The Mummy Wrappings are not reflected covering his neck and shoulders in the mirror his clothes blow back, but we don’t see the wrappings themselves in that mirror shot until we cut to the wide shot. I have to say that there is enough in this episode to suggest a lot of this could be in Steven’s mind and I present all of its evidence to you to make up your own mind. As you watch this series and as you watch do so with a skeptical eye Because. By the end of this we may all.

Be Kicking Ourselves, Saying That The Whole

time Biggie was right. It was all a dream. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter atNK] Boss follow me Rockstar subscribe to Inner Rockstar some more analysis and everything you love thanks for watching bye thank you.


Marvel’s Moon Knight follows Stephen Grant, a guy suffering from dissociative identity disorder without even realizing it, chalking it up to sleepwalking in a real complicated method of flirting . The first episode confirms that Steven’s dreams are not fantasies but really his alternate identity . The best way to support our channel is to get our new Moonlight inspired Tomb of the Moon God shirt part of our limited edition latest Obsession line which gives you the added option to write an accustomed shout out for our moon night after shows get that over at New . Follow us on Twitter @EricBoss and for all the latest updates on the latest episode of the new series. Back to the page you came from . the latest from New and iReport the next episode of this week’s episode of our new episode of The New, iReport this week’s new…. Click here to read more and watch the full video