More BLM Murals Getting DEFACED and DESTROYED as Americans REBEL Against the Far Left


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Black Lives Matter Murals Continue To Get Defaced And

destroyed all across the nation as Americans are increasingly rebelling against the far left. In this video we’re going to take a look at the latest incidents of BlM Murals getting trashed and see how opinion polls are turning decisively against this far left Marxist organization. You are not going to want to miss this greetings Everyone patriots all across the globe. Dr steve here with you great to be with you as always if this is your first time with us and you’re looking for some daily encouragement and optimism as well as analysis to help you make sense of these crazy times. We’re living in you’ve found your oasis.

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It Never Ceases To Astonish Me How

a movement that came to the fore by destroying and tearing down monuments could be so incensed that others would do the same. to their monuments, it’s the epitome of leftist arrogance and condescension that what they impose on others others cannot impose on them, but regardless that’s precisely what is happening regardless of their willful blindness let’s start in Orlando now for the second time since it was painted in downtown Orlando. A blm mural was defaced with tire tracks. The first time it was painted over with statements like abolish Blm and the like and of course when it comes to selective outrage. No one provided a better master class of that than one mayor of Orlando, who actually said and again.

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He Thinks People Actually Take Him

seriously When he talks like this. He actually said we’re deeply saddened that a symbol of our commitment to ending racial inequality created together with our community was vandalized. We find this type of behavior disturbing. It is no place in our city. And this will not deter our efforts to bring about real change in action Now Where was the expression of this deep sadness when the symbols of our national heritage were being ripped down by these very same protesters and demonstrators who are now champions of racial justice? Where was this denunciation of disturbing behavior.

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Then Its Just Its So Cringe-Worthy At

this point that’s this asymmetry it’s just politically correct banter that no one takes seriously let’s go to Indianapolis A blM mural there was defaced just one week after it was painted. The mural was covered with splatters of white and gray paint with every letter of the slogan marked with splashes of pain of course, symbolic of the disapproval of this turning of turning public streets into a political message board Let’s go to Washington” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Spokane Washington, 140 foot mural on the side of the building in downtown. was to face with red white and blue paint and you know Frank we could go on and on and on in New York in downtown Manhattan. The far left mill of mayor Bill de Blasio, his attempt at provoking President Trump with his painting blm on the street across from Trump Tower well that was assaulted again. The New York Times is absolutely livid over the fact that the mural has been vandalized for the fifth time in just days every single week.

This Is This Is The New

York Times here right they’re angry they’re so upset at this every single week. This glorious monument to social justice that of course was painted just to antagonize and smirk at President Trump being painted directly in front of Trump Tower, but the left-wing activists disguised as journalists in the New York times they’re they’re absolutely incensed they’re livid that. Majestic mural has been utterly defaced and vandalized. In fact, things are so bad when it comes to protecting and preserving this mural that the ultra left New York mayor Bill de Blasio is paying overtime to dozens of police officers to guard the mural, and of course the irony is such a move by the self–anointed Blm mayor it couldn’t be more stark remember not only did de Blasio propose to cut a billion dollars from the nypd budget, devastating the morale of police officers throughout the city in its five boroughs. Not only did he do that but shootings have surged by more than 300-358 percent during the summer.

When Compared To The Same Time Last Year

that’s an almost 400 percent increase in shootings throughout New York city, so there’s a double irony here. Not only do you have de Blasio, redefining law and order by. priority to a stupid mural painted to provoke President Trump, while the city experiences an unprecedented crime wave, But then when it comes to protecting and enforcing that redefined law and order De Blasio turns to the very nyPD that he’s intentionally trying to it’s pathetic, but alas no matter how many police officers they put on detail to guard this mural it just i mean it just keeps getting vandalized and we can see why Americans are indeed turning against the Blm Marxist in droves. We feature the website civics in our other videos. They track opinion trends over the course of weeks and months and what we’re finding is that opposition against BlM has surged by 10 points over the last several weeks to 37 percent and support has dropped from a high 53 percent down to the current 49 and look at this This is a graph.

Of White Support And Opposition Towards Blm

and you could clearly see that a plurality of whites oppose black lives matter 46 has steadily been going up and if you factor in those who don’t care those who don’t give a rip about BlM. That number actually surges to 60-60 of whites either oppose or they Don’t give a crap about Blm. It’s an astonishing number but then check this out if we break it down further to white males 53 percent oppose Blm. Nearly 70 of white males either oppose Blm or they don’t give a crap about it only 33 of white males actually support this Marxist movement. We have to remember again.

This Is Something You Know Frankly Youre

never going to hear from the mainstream Marxist media, but we’ve got to remember that the Democrats lost the white vote okay they have not had a. majority of whites voting for them since 1964. now think it through if political correctness is there to protect all things leftist liberal and if whites, particularly white males Haven’t voted for the leftist Liberal party in over 40 years Is it a coincidence that we keep hearing that the single greatest force for evil on the planet is the white male is that any surprise that white supremacy and male patriarchy blame for every sin under the sun. It’s the epitome of fake news. It’s left-wing globalist propaganda designed to discredit and disparage the major political demographic that rejects and opposes and stands in the the way of leftist liberals exercising total power over our nation so we’re clearly seeing a game being played out in front of us via the Democrats and their their minions.

In The Mainstream Media, The Vast Majority

of whites, particularly white men reject. As nonsense and so they need to be discredited. They need to be disgraced and dismissed that’s the media’s job but make no mistake such disparaging. Dismissiveness is only increasing white animosity towards leftist Liberals remember Hillary Clinton lost the white vote so badly in 2016. here’s the key that even if she had received Obama’s turnout among blacks she still would have lost.

This Is Why Bidens Attempt At Reconfiguring The

Obama coalition right by picking Kamala Harris is so futile trump won among whites by such a huge margin that even if Hillary were able to get Obama’s turn among blacks, she still would have lost and you’ve got to ask yourself. How well do you think the Democrats have endeared themselves to white male voters since the 2016 election well here we have the proof we’ve got the answer the vast majority of white males reject the Democrats embracing a blm and the new moral conscience of their party and so what do you think we could expect to see. In November we’re going to see white voters particularly white men vote for Trump by margins that could very well exceed the overwhelming margins that we saw in 2016. and it’s not just whites.

Im Sure Many Of You Are Familiar.

with a black woman by the name of Bevelin Beatty, who was arrested for dumping paint on the Blm Street mural outside of Trump Tower. In fact, she live streamed herself doing the very same thing. The similar Blm murals in Harlem and in Brooklyn and instead of defund the police her slogan I love it is refund the police which by the way is the sentiment of the vast majority of black Americans.

Most Black Americans Oppose Vehemently Defunding

the police by an overwhelming margin. Perhaps the single most unpopular proposal in our national politics is being shoved down our throats by the Marxist media and the reason that Bevelin is doing this is because she recognizes that Blm is an anti–christian Marxist movement. She said so herself and so she likes to post video of her defacing these murals with the hashtag Jesus matters so she’s not buying. Nonsense for a second so I think what we’re seeing here in the defacing of the BlM monuments really is nothing less than a massive backlash against the far left that’s mobilizing both whites and blacks who aren’t buying the far less attempt at destroying our law enforcement and our cultural monuments.

Theyre Just Not Buying It.

We have to remember that the only ones who are buying this radical destruction are those on the far left and the cultural marxists in our mainstream media, and that’s because we’re living in a time when our political class our ruling elite our political educational media entertainment elite actually believe that the violation of politically correct norms justifies violent behavior right. We’ve talked about this in a number.


Black lives matter Murals continue to get defaced and destroyed all across the nation as Americans are increasingly rebelling against the far left . In this video we’re going to take a look at the latest incidents of BlM Murals getting trashed and see how opinion polls are turning decisively against this far left Marxist organization . We’re living in you’ve found your oasis. In this channel we post two videos a day analyze the current events that have some super awesome conservative trends so you can live in the present in light of . Even better things to come so if you haven’t already done so you know what to do make sure to smack that Bell and subscribe to the subscribe button. Click here for the latest video of Dr. steve’s new solar water heater at the bottom of the page. You are not going to want to miss this greetings everyone patriots all over the globe. You’ll get 15 percent off at the end of the video. The best part is if you click…. Click here to read more and watch the full video