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Kamala Theres Something Different In Your Genes Are

they levi’s like like a mutation. Let’s people are gonna have opinions about this. This is a pretty big retcon Bro the 90s cartoon. More of the 90s cartoon to the Mcu please more of that I love the music. I love using the music that’s what they got a sound board every time we hear the word mutant during the character you know Kevin Feige‘s back they’re like please play the music glitter hey it works it works for me.

I Love It Is That Not

normal what what just happened Oh. Oh wait did she turn into her or no. I don’t know no okay so that’s not Kamala she wouldn’t look around the room like yeah. What is that this I mean that is much better than I expected that is so cool it looks like they swapped places. But they didn’t meet.

I Think Thats Really Cool The Way They

did it. I mean what an what an interesting way to in the series, I I I’m so pleasantly surprised by this. I thought I was gonna be like okay. She’s recruiting her Now. This is like this poses so many more questions this way hell Yeah man of mine places what is their connection.

I Assume Itll Be Answered In The Marvel

where the hell did she go this series overall. I I think they stuck the landing but leaves us with so many questions as always welcome back to new rock stars Miss Marvel did it. They finally said the thing Yeah and Bigen right no not but they didn’t begin Captain Marvel’s cameo well very interesting, but I’m not referring to that either yes the big m word mutation Yup that’s it retcon Alert Kamala. Khan in the MCu is a mutant, the first character in the 616 MCu to be identified as such, but when it comes to that post-credits scene what is going on This is inside Marvel New Rockstar’s official after show for Ms Marvel We’re breaking down the finale Today I’m Eric Voss My Easter egg breakdown of this episode is gonna come Tomorrow but right now discussing this episode’s many questions with me is empty yes but my God dude I’m so freaking excited to see more mutant integration into the MCu. It’s about damn time let’s go yeah absolutely I mean I think they should have said mutant like years ago, but now that they finally have I think it’s.

I Think Its Great This Just

means many more great things are ahead but yeah many of us are having some whiplash like wait what does this mean for. Inhumans, What does this mean for Kamala Khan? What does this mean for the marvels? What does this mean for mutant kind in general, We’re going to talk about all that this episode, but let’s recap exactly what happened. The episode begins with Kamala confessing to her family that she is the light girl the night lights, but of course they already knew I I like this in the comics. I believe it goes down the same way like the family is already aware of it. I think that’s wonderful.

Moniba Gives Kamala Her New Suit That

incorporates the various elements from the different parts of her community. I thought it was a sweet moment. It’s in the milk toffees box that I thought was really nice like everything great from this family just comes from Sucks isn’t that sweet um I I makes me wonder like wait did Muniba. know that the blue part of the the textile comes from walid and she understands the significance of the red dagger Sash no time it’s just here she’s just a really good designer so Bruno and Camaron are fleeing the dodc and on this subway. At the beginning, Camaron’s like holding his stomach and we’re like wait what’s going on did he get shot in the stomach or something like that did bruto stab him What’s going on is he pregnant just kidding UK um, but we find out that he had like this this energy that was given to him by Najma.

Its Causing Him To Feel Like Hes Being

crumbled from the inside, which is just like such a horrifying thing for him to describe it’s so terrifying like leaves us with so many questions about what the nor light is and like but at least i. Like that it wasn’t just something that was immediate power up. It was more of a burden and a curse on him that that he needed to be able to understand before he could just immediately start blowing stuff up with without consequence. So they go first to the mosque where that chic gives them the classic mcu disguise of ball caps. I love that like here perfect you’re good to go.

They Have Half Of A Disguise Just

in the sunglasses. They’re good to go the kids all meet at the school where they get barricaded in by agent D versus Dodc forces and all the kids are there. We got Kamala, we got Bruno and Cameron and they’re joined by Nakia Zoe and Amir Zoe has this line. I’m like I was just the theater they have the best lighting like this is just what kind of theater. Stage lights is the best light for like for Tick Tock.

I Mean Those Are Pretty.

They must have a pretty well calibrated stage lighting to have it be perfectly balanced because I mean if I if I’m thinking Tick Tock, I’m thinking of a ring light that’s nice up and close look. This is just Youtuber talk right now I’m thinking like the stage lights I had in my high school theater were had to be like rented and brought in and strung up on tree lights and they were not there for our rehearsals. We only had them rented for like 48 hours of the show and they always like there’s some kid on the light board like I don’t know what I’m doing just like like intimidating sometimes yeah they spilled my o. j on it there’s a fire.

The Drama Teacher Is Just Like Matt What

are. You doing he’s like I don’t know I’m just trying to get tech hours so I can get my ib diploma Ah. This was me for one of the productions. I I I’m speaking favorably so many plays yep um anyway they they come up with this real scrappy plan of wearing matching hoodies and using fire extinguishers using really fun a completely unnecessary skeleton holding a knife that pops a balloon that causes chemistry lap. But I get like the chemistry lab foam and like a delay in it so that it would like you know pop or whatever but could you just like put it on like a pull string or something like that or a tripwire do they cause a string or you just like pour it in there and run like the fact that they had to have skeleton popped it’s more fun to see they.

Had A Lot Of Home Alone

time in that school right there was a lot of extra steps. We’ll just say that but hey it was fun to watch the regular kids get caught. Komron and Kamala are are stuck inside, but they’re fighting using their nor light and Cameron realizes that his mother died and turns violent. Oh we got a little thing. I don’t want to overlook this moment with Nakia and Zoe and Zoe says well just you know you could tell people on your own time and we don’t go further than that but I like that.

I I Wish That They Just Came

out and said what her romantic affections are for. Because in the comics they have like Zoey totally crushes on Nokia um but like here they just kind of like again just kind of like hinted at it, but like who knows. We’re gonna get a second season of Miss Marvel Like now Is the time to just say like hey can I get your digits girl like right go ahead and have her hit on her openly What’s wrong with that what is wrong with that we need to just like show people for who they are rather than have them like dance around it right. I mean I feel like it’s coming in time. I like I I do like because like they don’t really know each other that much so like it would be like.

I Feel Like It.

I want to see them grow as friends first before they like go into a relationship, but like fair enough. I do don’t know when we’re gonna see that though not exactly I do wish that there was something there because like I like that little hint but like it’s. not enough because I want to see more yeah, but Cameron realizes his mother died. He turns violent.

Kamala Has To Try To Restrain Him

and then outside Deever’s agents are firing on them. Kamala in big and she even says the word like willing herself to embiggen and I love that she uses the word and bigoted, but then she like stretches her body out. I was hoping she’d go full ant-man here. I was hoping like a nice like 25-foot tall Kamala that’s what I wanted instead. It was just kind of this weird thing where like Iman Valadi’s body was just kind of stretched out by like an extra foot on each of her limbs and we didn’t really get to see it that much like we saw a shot of her jumping.

We Saw A Shot Of Her Reflected In

the car window and then. had her showed for like maybe two seconds at a time and then we cut away. We never got this big hero moment of her actually stretching out like all we really saw was what we had seen before which are like her hands grabbing things which are all things that like we saw in trailer footage we saw elsewhere like ah it’s fine it’s fine like it didn’t blow my mind personally. I’m glad that they went there um I just hope that they do more of it it’s I I felt like the strain of the VFx budget. I’ll say that yeah at times during these disney plus shows you can definitely see like all right Oh.

I Thought I Was Watching A

Marvel movie, but like this is definitely still a Tv show like. They do have their restraints there. I mean I would have preferred had. You spent like maybe half of the amount of money they spent on showing Cameron’s Weird terror formation and just like if you could just shift all that budget into more embiggening shots a little bit more fun, but that’s I’m not really sure exactly what he’s doing it seems like just kind of like chaotic explosion He’s just mad did it seem like he was terraforming the earth with with nor light to turn it to the north dimension or was it just like I don’t know what I’m doing like the light board guy. I just feel like his powers are just going out of control personally and like yeah his like it’s this life energy that’s in him was just growing out of him like Vines and so it’s just like all right we’re just growing from the source of this like this tree if you will.

Like This This Human Living Being And

it’s like spreading out and so yeah I like that Kamala encased them both in this dome, which reminded me of the territory cocoon in a lot of right right and like I like how within that cocoon you see like his teal and gold covered more fading away and her purple color kind of overtaking it . What I want to know is she uses her bigger hand to just punch a hole in the concrete and he’s like okay bye. I’m like wait did he assume you punch a hole into the sewer. Does he know how to navigate the sewers in Jersey City to get to the shoreline. Does he know where he’s going did he punch a hole like how deep did that hole go Where did the earth go? I mean you know at the very least.

Tiamat On The Other Side Of

the earth felt a little pinched like what what’s going on logical pinch like what is going on? Why is no one talking about me. I’m here I’m here we got we went to Pakistan. We went we weren’t that far we were maybe a thousand miles away from me right we could the flight might have gone over me. We could have had Kamala peek out the window and see a giant me just kind of floating in the Indian ocean. No but no I don’t think the flight path would go over that way um right anyway.

I Would I Would Have Loved

to see a Tiamat like graffiti somewhere like Pakistan or something like it would have been great or just a a booth at Avenger con of people talking about this that would be amazing a ski resort on Tiamont. get your get your tickets here so um! The community surrounds Kamala and cleary calls off Diver. Yusuf tells Kamala that in Urdu Kamal means wonderful or Marvel making her their little miss Marvel and then a week later, Bruno The guy is headed to Caltech. He tells Kamala that he studied her gene profile and realized that there was something different about her genes compared to her family and uses the word mutation. We all lose our minds as we hear the 90s X-men theme, but Kamala shrugs it off with just another label good luck Kamala because people on Twitter have opinions about this and then we move on to a post–credit scene where Kamala’s Bengal glows a new color and her body suddenly scrambles into this ribbon and it makes her it seems like at first transform into Captain Marvel Captain Marvel was wearing an altered version.

And Carol Says Oh No No

and runs out of the room and the credits confirmed that Ms. Marvel will return in the Marvels the end of the season a bit of applause. I think overall, I really really like this show Yeah It it lost me a little bit in some moments but overall this ending just throws a lot at us and I’m happy that we went on this journey. I liked it yeah. I liked it better.

I Think Than Most Of The

Marvel disney plush shows does not does not overtake Loki” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>loki for me or want to visit me number one number two those are peak. I love them. I really love those but no this was really great like it’s. It’s a super nice like wholesome show about family like it’s all about family and um. I just really enjoyed meeting like Kamala’s friends and family and then Kamala herself.

Its Just Like That Corner Of The Universe.

Like feels like I feel like home a little bit because like this is like one of the first families that are together in the mcu are not broken. I don’t know this is like we’re seeing a real hero family so like I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss like my little thanksgiving Bob’s, Dad’s me or my big brother of the year. It’s gonna be gonna miss them agreed.

This Was So Wholesome And And

I hope we get to revisit this community at some point um because it was delightful just to explore Jersey City and the members of of Kamala’s community so many interesting characters it. Really did feel like a small town vibe and that’s how you know you have a good show is when you feel like you’re actually living in a neighborhood for six weeks or however, long it is now. We’re going to talk about Kamala’s mutant retcon this episode but we’re going to start with what just happened in this scene with Captain Marvel because yeah, I think that in some ways is more confusing and more interesting as we look ahead um but be sure to head on over to new rockstarsmerch. com so you don’t miss out on your chance to grab our ms Marvel latest obsession shirt Cosmic Daydream. They’re almost gone along with the ability to unlock a custom shout out to appear right here on inside Marvel.

So Frank Says Alp You Are The Beauty

in my pieces thank you my superhero that’s so sweet Frank that’s. So nice to say Alp you’re a lucky person. Jessica says we love Miss Marvel the history and authenticity agreed. Jessica we’re with you and then Caitlyn asks what if the blue arm with a Bengal is actually atlantean Maybe Namor has the other bangle Caitlyn I like where your mind is going that’d be very interesting um Yeah, especially since it seems like a lot of Atlanteans in the mcu are going to be going to be blue colored. They would just like who I guess the question is like does it make more sense for the ten rings to be connected to Atlantis or to the cree I can make arguments for either to be honest with you Yeah um there’s so much.

We Dont Know About The Atlanteans,

but I we’ll have to revisit that theory after Black panther, what kind of forever stuff comes out no. For sure like I I’ve I’ve definitely ever since we saw those pictures of atuma. I was like Oh We got another blue person that’s not greed. So yeah that’s definitely a possibility for sure good thinking Caitlyn good thing Caitlyn all right Mt. What’s our first question after the miss Marvel finale all right Homie first question of the day is did Kamala Khan transform into Carol Denver’s or did they just swap places yeah So Kamala appearing to transform into Carol Danvers.

I Think Was At Least On

the surface done to pay homage to the comics. When Kamala first leaves that terrigen cocoon her wish fulfillment causes her to initially take the form of Carol Danvers and it seems like they even paid tribute to that with Carol’s new look like rather than the red gauntlet length gloves. Her forearms are bare and she wears like these. darker, fingerless gloves, which looks more like the Kamala Khan version of Carol Danvers in the comment in the comics Who like Just looks like She’s growing out of her suit like she’s just like awkwardly fitting these clothes that just like Don’t really fit her that well and it’s meant to be kind of like an awkward intermediary step to a final form um but I I think we should look more at Carol’s specific Captain Marvel suit design here because unlike other it looks unlike any of her past ones. It’s actually closest to her look from the end of the 2019 Captain Marvel, which is set back in the 90s, but when Carol returned in that post-credits scene which is right after the snap in the modern era, she definitely had a new suit with more gold trimming on it.

The End Game Opening Sequence Also Was.

than the five years later when she returned via Holochat with the shorter haircut she had like a new look that was a look she had During the final battle of Endgame. All of these were very different suits than this one and those they were like blue on top and then red around the midsection around the legs, but now it’s more like just a bit of red at top and mostly blue like even blue boots a completely new look for Carol Danvers. It’s just interesting so I think Kamala did not turn into Carol Danvers like a doppelganger of Carol Danvers. If so I don’t think she’d be if it was still.

Kamalas Mind.

I don’t think she’d be as concerned with the posters around the room yeah um because that’s her posters I think she would have we would have got a shot of her looking. In the mirror at her new form and being like Oh my God, What happened to me um like I don’t think she’d be as confused about her surroundings . I think really what happened is Kamala and Carol swapped places now I don’t have a good explanation for why I’m gonna do my best. I think this is actually Carol Danvers here in this jersey city bedroom.

Thats Why Shes Not Like Surprised

by her body. She’s just kind of surprised by her surroundings. She’s weirded out that she’s suddenly in a kid’s bedroom, a kid that worships her and has posters of her. I think that freaks her out. that was probably her first experience with a super fan that’s right.

Shes Like Someone Actually Knows And Cares Who

I am I’m barely here like why do they have all these pictures of me. I can’t handle this and and before this we started rolling Mt You pointed out and I think it may be right that this scene even totally feels a little different. This might have been shot by the director of the Marvel’s. I believe it’s Nia Acosta like it just kind of feels like a completely different energy yeah it just it felt like it was filmed differently. I don’t know how to explain it like different cameras like it just had a whole different vibe like sort of how like when we had that a civil war post-credit scene at the end of Ant-man.

I Believe Where Um Like With When

Bucky had his thing in the when Bucky had his arm in that thing and like they were talking about seeing Ant-man. I just felt like it was just filmed differently so like I. That maybe that’s just me. I mean we see this a lot um like. I believe in Phase three a lot of directors for the next film would direct the post–credits scene right the movie that came before so and you know There was that vibe for the wanted mission post credit scene where people were saying like the camera movement reminding us of the sam Raimi camera movement.

I Dont Know If Sam Raimi Actually

shot it I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if a second unit directing team did it. But it seems like what they’re going for is the vibe of where we’re next going to see right and to me. What was most different about. This was the production design of the way this transference happened like it did not. It wasn’t like a glow of light the way it often is in the mcu like.

My Gripe With The Production Design Is

like Oh just another glow of light. Oh! This one’s a different color. What does this color mean like like I’m getting a little tired of that. I want to see something different happen like with Spiderman no way home. They use like sparkle portals, which made sense with like the doctor strangeness of it, but like there’s so many other ways to show how universes are collide and how teleportation happens other than just like the glow of a portal and so this one looked like a weird almost like teleportation to where her body was twisted in the ribbon right, and it just looked really cool like it was like this mysterious thing that had me asking so many more questions rather than making assumptions.

And I Think Thats What You

want to do when you, when you introduce new things. For sure so let’s ask why they swap places and how this happened if that is the assumption if that is the correct assumption well. The episode indicated to us that Kamala in the Mcu and the 616 Mcu is considered a mutant the Nor light was inherited from a great grandmother. Her great-grandmother Aisha clandestine from another dimension, but the reason the Bangle activated her apparently was that Kamala had a genetic anomaly. The mutant gene, which unlike other genetic features, like being an inhuman the the X-gene.

The Mutant Gene Springs Up Randomly In

certain individuals. It’s considered a dormant thing that’s just kind of randomly spread throughout the population and certain things can activate it. Most of the time it’s just puberty the natural maturation cycle, but sometimes it’s like other things that can activate it and it seems like in this case the Bangle might. activated it um, but that Bengal itself remains a mystery. Its origins are definitely connected to the tin rings and as of now.

I Still Believe It Is More

connected to Cree tech, especially since Carol Danvers now is connected to it. I think this is right . It might even be something empowered or linked to the space Stone, and I think that is the other part of this equation. Because we have to remember that Carol Danvers cosmic radiation came from the space Stone came from the Tesseract and the space Stone specifically allows for manipulation of space. The opening of wormholes.

This The Movement At The Speed

of light and teleportation right and we know that the Bengal for its part can open rifts through space time right. I think a lot of people are asking if this is the Cree. The Captain Marvel Mega bands which open open gates to the the negative zone. I don’t know if they’re ever going to call it that but I think it’s helpful to at least look at it as a as an analog to that right from the comics and the Mega bands are something that is linked to the creased supreme intelligence. It allows access to the to the negative zone and I think it’s interesting to remember that every time not every time, but often when characters teleport in the Marvel comics they’re not just like moving from place to place.

Theyre Actually Traveling Through Some Other Realm Or

dimension like even Nightcrawler. When Nightcrawler teleports he’s actually going through another dimension right to go from point to point within our dimension, and that may be what this technology is it may allow through teleportation by by crossing through. Some other dimension that other dimension might be the negative zone. I think that’s a new realm that I’m very excited to see especially as we go more into this cosmic direction with the cree and the fantastic four . I hope Dr Doom is coming into the Mcu soon and then they’ll start to codify these terms a bit more that’s just where my head is at right now.

Of Course, Its Gonna Explain Further In

the Marvels, but it seems like Kamala’s Cree Tech is what created some kind of spatial entanglement through this Cree cosmic-powered Captain Marvel and that link created a this humorously chaotic handcuff gag. I think that’s what I think they’re setting up what I think is gonna be a really fun thing in the marvels. Where these two are linked through this tech and they’re constantly chaotically switching places putting Kamala in a place that she does not want to be avoiding Carol in a place where she does not want to be at any given moment and um I at the end of the day. I still think the ten rings are summoning the Kree to earth. I think that they’re going to stay the 10 rings or cree tech as well and that the cree will be chasing down the other bangle now.

The Question Is Is Where Is

the other bangle right? I could say it’s with Dane Whitman that’s among the collections of his uncle Nathan in in the Uk. Maybe it’s in a museum somewhere. Maybe it’s with the cree currently Maybe Captain Marvel has the other one but she’s not wearing the other bangle when she zips into the the jersey city bedroom there um so it wouldn’t be just because she’s wearing the other bangle that’s why they swap places um. I just think like you know I could be wrong if they are turning Kamala into Carol. I just think it’d be weird to have the central gag of the Marvels be hey let’s take him on Valani off screen for as much as movie as possible, so that Brie Larson get double screen time.

I Dont Think Thats The Case I

think they’re swapping places I. Guess the question is if Carol is now here in Jersey City, where did Kamala go right what do you think empty? I I honestly think that you know there’s a good chance that Carol Danvers was handling the the second bangle and like she picked it up and then there’s a weird energetic reaction between her own um energetic singularities versus Kamalas and so that’s why she’s looking at her hand like yo, what’s going on and like they just switch swap spots and Kamala probably went to that second bengal. It’s like all right Carol had it. She touched it we just did a weird switcheroo just like the original Captain Marvel and Rick Jones like with the mega bands like that was their whole thing for a while the whole um like little gimmick. I wouldn’t say gimmick, but like the whole special thing is that they.

Would Switch Places Sometimes And Like

switch positions in like space so I really love that they’re going for this angle like a similar type of angle for the Marbles because like I do like like you said like I do like this I like a good handcuff situation it’s like now. I’m handcuffed with a super fan who loves me and this is gonna be really awkward and like I also have to team up with this little girl who resents me for leaving her and like it’s gonna be a really fun time like I really love it it’s gonna be fun. I yeah. I like that like unlike other post-credit stingers that just kind of like introduce characters to each other and give us a hint at production design. This actually gives us a sense of the plot of the marvels which right.

I I Really Really.

like it gives a sense of what their actual relationship is, and the the comedic tone of this movie, which is not what I expected at all I like that they did something really different with the the way that teleportation looks. I think that’s fun and I and I hope the MCu does more of that like gives us different makes different design choices for how characters power sets work and how they are awkward and uncomfortable and burdensome that’s what’s most fun about it If anything I would have loved like more of a goofy sound effect with that like no don’t listen to me that would have been I would love but um yeah. I think you brought up a notch awesome theory there empty that maybe Carol was trying to hunt down or track down like she was in some kind of like Indiana Jones. moment where she’s tracking down or trying to steal or heist the other one from some cree Deep storage like I hope that Kamala now wakes up and finds herself on some like I don’t know some cree space station somewhere or some cree deep vault in Holla, and she’s just like completely thrown the fact that she would be holding the other one that would mean like Carol is like really stuck there but Carol of course can just like you know use her she can travel around pretty quickly.

She Was Able To Save Tony Stark Within

like an hour. It seemed like so she can blast back to Holla and then but like she’s gonna be in the middle of some crisis, which I just I just love that idea right we don’t need to go through these steps of the characters meeting each other. Kamala already. Has this weird parasocial relationship with Carol? It we get to explore like this in a in a very interesting way . I think what I have more questions about are like look I don’t have a problem with with Milo being a mutant.

You Know Im Not Too Sacred About

that it just seems like there are a lot of things she is on this show like she’s also a clandestine like she’s also got cree tech like the fact that her i’m not exactly sure where her powers come from is. It’s obviously not all from the mutant gene because it must also come from the bengal . A lot of people were asking did she need the bengal at all. I think to be this version of the character she did um but it’s just like it leaves us a little fuzzy on what exactly her power. Set is right? I I think that like I mean me personally.

I Think That The Bengals Brought

out her inner power that she always had um, but like it’s gonna take like the X-gene or even the pterogen Mist to activate a specific mutation within her blood and like again like you know they did play the X-men music and like you know it’s very much implied that she is an X-men type of mutant, but like he said mutation and like mutation is mutation and and Professor Xavier is the like master of all mutations and I feel like that also includes the inhuman mutations like. I Don’t think that Kamala um being an inhuman is completely out of the running quite yet I think that now that Disney owns the rights to the Fox X-men. I think that now Now they have the opportunity to marry the concept of inhumans with the X–men. It’s like hey The humans are cousins to the X-men because the cree came down. They saw some really interesting X-genes in our blood that like promised that we were capable of more and they probably just locked down that X-gene specifically until there was a target missed what’s it called trigger for it to come in so like I feel like the cree saw the X-gene and they were like all right.

Lets Just Lets Make This Our

own let’s make this our own little fun thing and like we’re gonna find out in the marbles and moving forward that like it’s all the same thing. It’s just another label that’s I feel like that’s the significance of that line. It’s like Inhumans, Mutants, Tomato, Tomato, We all have superpowers. So I feel like that’s what’s coming yeah, I think that’s an interesting interpretation Mt. I think the the just another label line was just a little too cute by half because we don’t really have a context like if it is just another label.

They Then Why Say Mutation Include

the X-men music right like it seems like Marvel wants us to think of X-men in that moment. They want us to think of mutants. They want us to get hyped and excited that more mutants are coming right like I don’t think this erases inhumans existing in the Mcu at least. I hope not like we saw black Bolt and multiverse of Madness, and I hope that there is in humans in Black Bolt in 616 as well. I’m gonna be disappointed if there isn’t , but I think in this moment you just have to be.

Explaining What This Means I Hope

we get those answers at like comic con and D23 but um? I think this is like an example of Marvel saying Hey Don’t worry about the label, but if you’re telling us, Don’t worry about the label. Don’t say the word mutation because you know what fans are gonna do when you say the word mutant or mutation. let’s actually talk about this more because I think that is like the deeper question. A lot of fans are debating about but first we have some people we want to thank for helping us make this episode starting with our friends at Brooklyn and thank you to Brooklyn for sponsoring this episode of inside Marvel Summer is officially upon us and temperatures are rising luckily for us. Brooklyn is here to help you keep you cool and living in comfort at home.

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All Right Eric Is Kamala Khan

a mutant and what does this mean for mutants and in humans in the MCu my brother Yeah, I think the implication of this exchange is that the MCu is deciding to make Kamala Khan a mutant in the 616 reality not an inhuman like She is in the comics and yes this is a retcon. Kamala Khan is an inhuman. In the comics. She was enveloped by Terrigen Mist. She entered a terrigen cocoon.

There Was All This Missed A Result Of

a terrorist bomb that was detonated by black belt when he was fighting Thanos like and I will say this show seemed to be Terrigenophobic. They worked so hard to not say Terrigen and not say Inhuman like. They were like afraid to go down that path and I think that was weird at the end of the day like it would. have been simpler and I think they were afraid of like well people Aren’t gonna get the cocoon They’re not gonna get the mist I’m like. I think they’re gonna get that more than what you did.

Ultimately, Because They They Threw Like Everything

against the wall like from alien tech that they never explained to a clandestine dimension that they barely explained to now the most associated trigger word among Marvel fans now. I think it’s it’s gonna frustrate quite a few comics readers who are really attached to the idea of Kamala being in inhuman Let’s remind ourselves exactly of what the Inhumans comics history were um The Inhumans like many things Marvel comics originated during like the Stanley Jack Kirby era and the 60s comics but the coming out of that decade. The inhumans were not like hugely popular. I think they were known like. A silver surfer was identified as an inhuman slash mutant um, but it’s like They were just like another one of these things in the Marvel world, and they were around in the 60s or the 70s.

They Were Kind Of Back Burnered

in the 80s and 90s, but there was like a really good like I have not read it, but it did win some awards. An inhuman comic run at the end of the 90s and then they came back in the next decade with like Black Bolt being part of the the Illuminati and then in the decade that followed. I think this is when they really got the spotlight because the head of the other division of Marvel separate from Kevin Feige. This guy named Ike Pearl mother not the best human being in the world, but he kind of issued this weird edict that said. We will not do any more x-men or even any Fantastic four comics We’re just gonna focus on inhumans so that we will completely own this inhumans storyline and we’ll be able to adapt it into movies and Tv shows and we won’t have to do Hum.

We Wont Have To Do Mutant

story lines because of course Fox owned the mutants in the fantastic four so this was kind of like at least commercially from the business side seen as like a workaround and look a lot of fans dug dug digged enjoyed the inhuman stuff and inhumans came about on agents of Shield and in the AbC series and like I really love the character of Quake in agents of Shield I think a lot of readers, especially with Kamala Khan. Kamala Khan is an inhuman like elevated the profile of Inhumans and since then the fact that like Marvel Studios has been on the fence of how much they’re gonna fold in agents of Shield and and like address it and bring it back in. I think a lot of fans of those shows and of those comics feel like they’re being erased and I completely understand why you feel the way. I know why people are yelling at me on twitter right now and look I understand Twitter is a place for you to vent your frustrations so vent away be nice if if if you need to use me as a sounding board. I understand let’s just try to be civil out there seriously, but I think need to be mean.

I Love The Character Of Black Bolt.

He is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I. Think he’s a fascinating character. I love that we saw him and got strange in the multiverse madness.

I Was Heartbroken When They Killed Him To

me that was like the most heartbreaking kill of that movie and but at least his appearance on the Illuminati tells us the fact they use Anson Mount like that I think that is an indicator that in humans exist throughout the Marvel Multiverse and hopefully they also exist in 616. um they’re making Kamala Khan a mutant. I think ultimately as a kind of big picture retcon and restoration and a simplification because I think had Ike Pearl Mudder not issued that big order to not make any new X-men Comics who knows G Willow Wilson might have just established that Kamala comes in mutant that seemed to be the case throughout Marvel history. They’re like we want to introduce a new character. make him a mutant, but in this case, they were kind of forced into this awkward place that ended up leading to this beautiful comic storyline of Kamala Khan being an inhuman, but I think it made for like a Messier universe for some people at Marvel now.

I Think That Messier Universe Was To

their benefit ultimately, and I think this show would have been better off had they just called her an inhuman and introduced terrigen Mist. I think that would have been that would have been simpler. I think but I don’t mind making her a mutant because I think that ultimately opens more doors. I don’t think that my favorite parts of Kamala Khan are the fact that she’s an inhuman and I think hopefully this doesn’t cancel out any future in humans. I I was a little worried throughout the series that the show.

Was Pterogenophobic, But Im Hearing Rumors That Daisy

Ridley as Quake could return in an upcoming MCu title. I want to see Black Bolts show up again and hopefully. We can have inhumans and mutants coexisting. No one is getting erased and understand that for every fan of agents of Shield. Every fan of inhumans who are out there pissed off right now understand that there were a lot of of X-men fans who were reading comics from like 2010 through 2022 who felt like they were erased.

I Felt Like They Were Being Forgotten And

I know it’s hard for you to see that because well the X-men, what are you talking about the X-men got all these movies had some of the most famous comic runs why can’t you share the spotlight. I think that nothing happening right now is saying that we can’t share the spotlight um. I’m hopeful that we can get more inhumans because it is an interesting side of the world. You know you’re you’re yeah, so I love being humans a lot. I’m a huge inhumans fan like give me maximus the mag give me lockjaw like I’m all about that give me reader reader is my favorite inhuman.

Hes Such A Cool Dude So Like.

I I think that you know like there is like a bit of pterogenophobia here in the series, but like we did see that moment where um the contestants turned into that rock formation like that looked very much like pterogenesis and I feel like this is marvel studios way of sort of they’re hiding the inhuman side. I feel it’s like all right we’re going to show you the inhuman science and then we’re going to reveal it later on, but like here’s a different perspective. And like sort of like how like the pterogenesis stuff manifests in real life and in nature rather than being a synthetic product created by the Cree and so like you know while they set it up and like they get people excited for Kamala being a mutant because like they don’t really have faith in the human brand like it’s it’s people are really excited about inhumans in general like in human struggle and sales in general, so like they’re just like hey if we just make her a mutant and like get people excited about that and then like push the inhuman stuff later like it sort of gets people more excited about Kamala Khan versus like with as a mutant versus them in human because like people just don’t aren’t really as into humans than the mutants yeah. I think that’s the unfortunate reality about.

The Inhumans Throughout The Comics Is Like I

think there’s a lot of people right now who are acting like The Inhumans were like one of the biggest things in Marvel comics ever like my friends if they were huge deals in the 60s they would not have they would have been as big as the X-men were in the 80s like exactly they were kind of back-burnered for a reason now they did get some great stories later on. We have to acknowledge that but like like a lot of people are acting like They were there in the 60s reading these like like folks like no they were not that big of a deal and when I said that they weren’t a thing. I’m like Using the term it was a thing the way fetch was the thing like yes people said in humans decades ago, but like it wasn’t They didn’t have the spotlight They weren’t really getting great storylines until the modern era , But I think ultimately, I’m saying this as someone who like would have preferred Kamala Khan just being identified as an inhuman on the show and I think that at the very least like if you want to call her a mutant great but at least like say that mention terror genesis at one point mention intelligent missed mentioned mist at one point just to like give us a nod to that side of the world , but I agree I think they’re afraid calling her an inhuman and maybe empty maybe we’re all in the bubble right now and there’s someone at Marvel studios is like you cannot. Call this girl an inhuman There’s gonna be a lot of people just watch the show who don’t understand the comics lore and they’re gonna be like wait. She’s an inhuman, What are you saying about her and right you know they’re kind of prematurely worried about that reaction Who knows I don’t know like but that might just be the case and it’s.

They Did Use Illuminati And Multiverse Matters So

that clearly didn’t scare them illuminati as a thing. I just think ultimately it is a little confusing and I think you don’t want your audience to be confused. I would have preferred mutant coming in sooner, but I’m not. I’m obviously happy that Mutant is now being spoken out loud now because it means we get we get a storm mini series faster. I want an Aurora Monroe miniseries years ago please I’m kind of furious that we don’t have one every time a new Marvel title gets announced I’m like why is this announcement not for an Aurora 12 episode mini-series, but not a mini-series like eight episodes or eight seasons in a movie like it joins me not so we don’t already have this but it’s and I’m a little thrown that they chose ms Marvel as a place to introduce mutants.

I Think Just I Think They

they’re setting themselves up for a lot of confusion like they could have just established one of Max Muffin. One division as a mutant. They could have introduced a mutant in loki. There’s like all kinds of places like I think in some ways people are gonna yell at me for this but like you’d have less of a reaction if. You just said like America Chavez is a mutant right like or like you could have had Billy and Tommy coming out of multiverse and madness.

One Of Them Just Established To

be a mutant. You could have had a a character in a hawkeye In what if in any of these other disney plus titles, you could add a character in Moon knight just call them a mutant at some point you could have hinted at the existence of apocalypse any of the times we visited ancient Egypt in the in phase four and then that would have had the same kind of effect. I think that means exist, but I I think ultimately it’s fine like I’m more excited than I am confused and I but that’s just me. I guess I wanna talk about like who do you think the MCu is gonna identify as a mutant. Do you think they’re gonna pull this card again ? Or do you think after Professor X’s candy on multiverse madness? Do you think we’re gonna get the next mutant sighting is going to be like a famous new X-men.

You Know Who Gets Introduced To The

Mcu . I I think that the term mutant is going to be thrown around as more and more people get powers in the Mcu. I think that that’s going to be like the the the grand term for everything it’s like all right you’re not human you’re a mutant you’re doing weird you’re a mutant so like whenever regardless of like whether or not they’re inhuman or if they’re the fantastic four. I just feel like people like to just put general labels on things like that’s just how the world works so it’s like all right if you’re either human or. mutant you’re either human or like you’re inhuman like it’s just I think it’s gonna be like that catch-all word for everyone in the MCu and um and like that’s what’s gonna create like the the rift between humans and mutants.

Its Like All Right Youre Youre Not Us

or you’re other and so um. I think that you know going forward like a lot of people might just be labeled as a mutant like people that aren’t typically mutants in the comics like the like I said the fantastic four reed Richards I feel like um when they first pop on the pop-up on the scene people gonna be like you’re a mutant you’re weird like you your genes are mutated it’s like oh well. I guess but like we’re not like X-men mutants we’re just regular people, but I guess we’ll just I know I don’t know we’ll. term so I just feel like you know when with Kevin Feige when he introduced this next phase. He specifically said Mutants he didn’t say X-men.

He Said Mutants And I Feel Like

that was specific and purposeful because of what’s going on in this new phase where like we’re seeing more people being activated um and turning into like these energetic type of heroes, so yeah, I’m very excited to see what they’re gonna do with all that and how they handle it but yeah it’s just I’m just more excited than anything really I don’t. I don’t understand why people are complaining it’s fine just get over it it’s it’s it’s interesting. I understand why people are complaining I I understand they’re they’re griping for sure as soon as I heard Bruno say a mutation. I’m like people are not gonna like this. We speculated that they could make her a mutant in past episodes of inside Marvel and both you and I were like.

I Dont Think Marvel Would Do That And

that’s what they have done. So. I mean show’s a we know right, but I think that’s like. I think it just gives a sense of what their priorities are and like and and which era of the comics they are sacred to um like I yeah, but we’ll see I mean we’re gonna learn more about what their plans are at comic con I want to run through a quick a bunch of quick questions coming out of this episode first off Mt Statue of Liberty. It’s green again what the hell how does that connect to Spider-man no way home when that is so interesting.

I Wonder What Happened Um Yeah.

I wonder what happened these two different shows. Didn’t really care what the other one was working on? I have no explanation for this. I am assuming that it takes place in the same reality, assuming that even after the multiversal wipe and this memory spell at the end it was still bronze, so maybe they repainted it green again. I don’t know who knows who knows all right so Cameron joining Kareem and the Red Daggers does this mean that Cameron is a new member of the Red Daggers.

I Think So I Think That Theyre Setting

that up for for Cameron to be like a member of the Red Daggers and to you know sort of like find a new family because he has no family and so like this They’re his new family and so there’s there’s probably going to be some type of um like what do you call it tension between the two. Because like you said the red daggers were fighting the clandestines for decades, which is like a huge revelation because like how many other clandestines are there really like it. Kind of makes me feel like there’s more and there’s other half like half clandestine, Half human even people out there and so just makes me wonder like if like if Neymar is going to be one if like you know coming like moving forward like the reason why people are have these abilities to do all these amazing things is because like they’re just mating with clandestine so yeah no I’m I’m really interested to see if he’s going to be a full-on red dagger, but it seems like that that’s that’s the case yeah I mean to answer a question before I think Neymar is going to be the next character introduced as a mutant because Neymar is. in the Marvel comics, and he is literally considered the first mutant of the Marvel world, and I think like assuming that he does show up in Black Panther what kind of forever. Later this year, I think they’re going to call him a mutant as well um because he is in that case.

I Dont Think Anyones Going To Bat Nine

because he totally is right um okay another question that I had is Cameron cured does he have like a nice balance over his nor power and if so, what caused that cure was it just like a nice heart to heart with Kamala. I think it I mean like you know um it sounds cliche, but like I think it was the nice heart. -to-heart with Kamala because I think that his powers are very much tied to his emotions because like we see that um when he. Power Najma glows um like sort of like green and yellowish and I think that yellow like gold rather I think that gold is like the the emotion singularity. I think that when he um got that like talk like heart with Kamala.

He He Calmed Down And So

is his energy went away. so it’s in like you we see like when when they first meet up with Camaron in the Alley and Bruno and Kamala embrace. I feel like Cameron got a little jealous and so he started freaking out in the alley it’s like yo my emotions are getting out of out of whack so it’s sort of. I think it’s a very similar situation to America Chavez where like her powers were activated by fear and emotions and so I feel like we’re going to learn more and more about this you know this. Golden type of energy and its connection to emotions personally, but that’s just my weird yeah All right final thoughts mt about this series.

How Do You Feel Now That

we’re done with Miss Marvel, I’m gonna, Miss Kamala’s Dad a lot and Kamala’s mom and her whole family like I love that whole dynamic. I thought this show was like such a nice comfort show and like it gave me like the it scratched the the no way home. It’s that whole homecoming trilogy like that whole vibe like I missed that so like if that scratched that edge for me and like I just thought it was It’s really fun to like explore and learn about like your partition and like Pakistani culture and like I I want more shows like this where like we’re learning we learn as we like have fun like moon night. I learned a lot about D. i.

D And Like You Know Its Just Like Its

I and about Egyptian culture like I just want more of this like show the world of the Mcu like for real like I love it, What do you think how do you feel. I think the show stuck the landing emotionally and cathartically like. I love this series overall like the world of of Kamala Khan her as a character her her family her community. The the production design the use of color on this show it was such a like every frame, just seems super vibrant and just fun to live in every week. I look forward to these episodes every week.

It Was Just Like Great Vibes Like

the use of music like it was such a great jam of a show like Yo. That last episode had some bops bro yeah and it was absolutely wholesome now. I will say there was a bit of a logical disconnect for me in many parts of the show, and I think that’s fine that’s to be expected like a lot of these shows like you know episode by episode. I am kind of like probably obsessing about the logic and reading into things a bit too much and like saying well, how does this character know how to do that well? How does they know how to do that? I think it’s our job really the yeah The feeling you want is the feeling as you’re watching it if you’re suspended in enjoyment as you’re watching it that’s all we can really expect from these shows . I think that the the biggest shortcoming of this series is just how how ambitious it tries to get with the with the Mcu world building logic while trying to if they’re gonna make a miss Marvel show and then change the fact that she’s an inhuman.

I Think You Have To Make Sure Youre

taking care of the logic so that no one has any questions by the end of it and had they just established that it came from nor magic from another dimension that was tied in with the the partition history great fine. Then in that case, we don’t need the bangle and we don’t need the fact that she’s a mutant. I think those when you add those things on top of it that’s when we start to get confusing start to get confused um like if you want to say she’s not an inhuman. I don’t think anyone’s going to object that much some people might but I think you just need to clarify that it’s just this then not this plus this plus this right and I think that’s where we got a little lost. I think as a big time travel nerd.

In Episode Five, The Fact They

did the pre–destin loop. I would have loved just a bit more time spent on this show being more of a story about destiny right. I think the only way you can pull off those feelings super cathartic and satisfying is. Story has to be one about destiny and I don’t know if Ms Marvel is a story about destiny. I think that’s maybe like number eight or number nine of what the themes of this show are.

I Think The Show Is Much More

a story about identity and the relationship between the self-to the community and and the importance of family values and do you have to choose between your family values and your own personal interests and Kamala Khan. By the end was able to fuse the two was it able to find a path that her family and and you know what’s great about the show is The answers were there for Kamala right at the beginning her her parents are huge avengers nerds the fact that Moniva spent all this time making two whole costumes and her dad put paint on face for Kamala in. that moment because I and our his think we all knew instinctively Kamala the answers are right there right your family is the answer just find a way to geek out with your family and that’s why I think it was so beautiful that the family already knew at the end, um so for me as someone who who had honestly buried a lot of my high school experience and had forgotten a lot of what it meant to be a kid. The show was just kind of a fun reminder of how well first how anxious being a kid can feel but yeah how fun it can be just to like goof around with your friends backstage in the theater in your high school or to like figure out what college you’re going to or how awkward It is to talk to a guidance counselor and to try to plan out your whole future. Yeah I think ultimately, this series was a lot of fun and totally really great and i agree with umt.

This I Want To See More Of

this kind of thing in the MCu. I appreciate the big swings that happened on the show. I just think the the Marvel studios mechanations of what exactly Kamala Khan is just got a little too overstuffed with explanation and would have benefited from just a simplified one and one answer to that question as opposed to three right like for sure I agree but we thank everyone who worked on the show for taking us to this part of the world. This was a blast covering this show. It like Moon night.

I Really Love One Of These Shows

that educates me on whether it is things like a Pakistani culture, whether it’s things like Pakistani, American culture and Jersey City. Whether it’s things like how alternate dimensions work as opposed to alternate realms or universes or with things like Loki telling us about like history of things like Pompeii and and D. b Cooper or things like Moon Knight telling us about Egyptian mythology and d. i. d.

Thats What I Love These Shows To

do is to help us walk away from the show and I think my biggest the thing. I’m most grateful for is just this amazing um sufi mystic of rumi telling us what you seek is seeking you something that blew my mind last week. When I finally was able to just realize what it means and I think it’s to me. It’s up there with what is grief if not love persevering, but the fact that they quoted a poet from hundreds of years ago and we’re able to make that matter now I think is brilliant. It was truly brilliant.

I Loved It And Mt.

I loved diving in this episode with you every week. This was a highlight of every Wednesday morning just being able to connect with you and and theorize take some big thematic some big theory swings. with you and just roll with it when our theories were disproven or when we were confused I loved being able to unpack this with you every week same year. Man I love doing inside marvel with you every time we get a new show every time you get a new thing.

I Just Love Talking About With You

man he’s smart smart dude. You are a smart man as well every time you you say some theory that’s just like you know what I didn’t think about that at all but it makes a lot of sense. It makes a lot of sense sorry but before we go I just want to applaud Amman Vilani. This is like a first roll right their first role in like in a major thing so like this sounds amazing so like great job. the mom finale you crushed it and we I cannot wait.

I Believe Im Going To Be Doing

an interview with him on we’re going to try to work out the timing of it. We’re going to try to we’re going to try to schedule it. We’re going to get it on the schedule because I have so many questions for her and I love how much of a marvel nerd she really is. We’re not going to do the simple press stuff where we just kind of talked about so what’s it like to be on a marvel set no.

I Dont Care About That I Want

to hear her her take on why 616 is not 616. I want to go and dive into the deep end. So um UK I’m just saying iman if you don’t want to act in Marvel superhero movies if you just want. To be a new Rockstars host the invitation is open, Come on you can just be here.

You Can Work With Us Anyway

well thank you all for joining us Don’t forget to check out our merch options at New follow Mt Mastertainment lots of great thoughts happening on empty twitter feed. It’s always a delight and you can follow me at Eavos subscribe to inside Marvel wherever your podcast follow us on Youtube thank you so much for watching bye everybody you.

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This is inside Marvel New Rockstar’s official after show for Ms Marvel . Eric Voss: “This is a pretty big retcon Bro the 90s cartoon to the Mcu. Kamala there’s something different in your genes Are they levi’s like like like a mutation. I love it is that not normal what what what just happened Oh. Oh wait did she turn into her or no. I don’t know no okay so that’s not Kamala she wouldn’t look around the room like yeah. I mean that is much better than I expected that is so cool it looks like they swapped places. But they didn’t meet. I assume it’ll be answered in the marvel where the hell did she go this series overall. I I think they stuck the landing but leaves us with so many questions as always welcome back to new rock stars Miss Marvel did it. I’m so pleasantly surprised by this. I think that’s really cool the way they did it’s really cool…. Click here to read more and watch the full video