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Wanda With This Movie We Obviously See Her Introduced

and like big ingrained into the world of magic but in the comics she is obviously a massive part of the X-men as well and knowing that that is coming in the next few years. I’m curious if that is something on your radar and that you’re at all preparing for this guy You just got me excited because I keep I don’t really know what I do next. After this movie, I don’t really know I want to know what fans want and like what the ideas are but I don’t UK you know I just love how sweet Elizabeth Olsen is when it comes to like fan casting and fan opinions it would be so easy for any of the cast degree to just be like you know you thought it was this but we actually never talked about. Where she’s like no tell me what you want right like I I love that approach and like she obviously seems very mindful of the fans and like I love that about her and like it comes through in their performance in in the movie Well, Lizzie Olson. We can’t wait to see you again and thank you so much to cinemablend for asking the great questions and giving us a great interview clip welcome back to new rockstars.

We Have Now Crossed The Threshold

into an Mcu on the other side of Doctor Strange, The multiverse of Madness Spoiler warning, but that MCu has been officially codified now with the numerical designation of Earth Dimension 616. but what the what does this mean for the comics universe of 616, which comics have suggested exists separate within the multiverse alongside the universe of the films I swear to God we’re. Not just some nerds overthinking This the answer is extremely important to how we look at the issue going forward as X-men someday join the fray as Wanda returns to join that fray, but will she be even invited to this party because we gotta say after watching this movie the is going on what about JeezNK] you can get in there together too well give us your one of them come on Oh my God language with me. I can’t even believe you even said that I didn’t know I was allowed to swear on this show. I never know what I’m allowed to when I’m not the rules are different when we dream walk into our inside marvel variant selves the potty mouth.

Its Unleashed Thats The Rules Thats

how it works here let me try this out darn I feel bad already it’s inside marvel everyone. It’s New Rockstar’s weekly Marvel Reaction show We have now moved on from our moon night coverage to unpack your biggest questions after Doctor strange the multiverse of Madness I’m, Eric Boss and with me today are two of my favorite people Mt. What’s going on and Whitney Van Leningham Hi hello thank you for inviting me. I’m really excited you guys mm-hmm we’re happy to have you happy sweet yeah invitation this morning to come on the show and I was like yes. We invited her by Hogwarts Owl yes they did hogwarts out it showed up at my house.

I Was Like Brushing My Teeth And All

of a sudden a bunch of letters right in the face feathers everywhere we’re sorry about those talon scars you know they’ll heal up those usually heal up fast um luckily usually well. I wanted more hands on deck this week. To unpack this movie, we’re gonna have four weeks really before at least four before Miss Marvel hits us where we can really just figure out what just happened in multiverse of Madness and how the whole landscape has changed. I am still processing this movie I had a blast the three times. I saw it in theaters um but and one of my favorite audience reactions each of the three times I saw it was when 838 Christine Palmer says that they have designated dr strange’s home reality the universe of the MCu films as quote Universe 616.

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Without Fail That Line Always Got Either

a cheer or a cast or some kind of Murmur. I don’t know about you but our man Bruce Campbell clearly all these bros who screamed let’s go and toby McGuire no way home didn’t actually watch Sam Raimi Spider-man films because Bruce Campbell’s. huge part of all of those folks I got to just say there’s more to Rainy Spider-man than just your bully Maguire Memes, but either way we’re going to spend today. ‘s episode unpacking what exactly the 616 designation means and how it fits into the logic of the past Mcu films as well as the comics what it tells us now about where we’re headed um but be sure to check out newrockstarsmerch. com to see our latest latest obsession shirt called Shattered Madness.

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strange the multiverse of Madness and like all of our latest obsession shirts one is once it’s gone it’s gone for good so support the channel check out all of our new awesome merch options over at all right mt if you don’t mind I’m gonna let whitney ask the questions okay yes all right the question today. What does it mean for the MCu to be labeled Universe 616. What is that what’s that going to do to our multiverse? What’s that going to do to the others great question Whitney so a doctor strange in America Chavez traveled to Earth 838 and are taking the Baxter foundation where E3 Christine explains that she has designated this universe that they’re in currently is 838, but the universe where Stephen Strange came from the MCu at 616. now 616 of course is a numerical designation of the primary Marvel universe in the comics.

It Was Actually Devised In 1983 By Comics

writer David Thorpe. You should go read this interview it’s incredible. He he decided to do this for a Captain Britain reboot and you know back in the 80s these Marvel writers they’re like Yeah I’ll just do whatever they had no idea that it would turn. into this whole freaking thing where the axis of the cinematic universe is all based on this He’s just like I don’t know I just thought it’d be fun to do that, which is why I think we need to track all these comics writers down and pay them their money yeah stop just giving them special thanks and the credits in these movies give them a cut give them a little bit of your gazillion dollars disney come on without them. None of this would exist.

Theres Not Much Money They Should Just

be giving it away to these people seriously everything they write was word for hire. I get that now I get that it’s Marvel owns it all but still just you know kick him back a little bonus give him something give him Huey Dewey or Louie at least one of them. You have plenty of. them you have multiples but I love this quote because he said they wanted the Captain Britain core to be more of a multiversal organization in this reboot, and he said that the 616 universe was selected as quote the worst performing Earth that was holding the others back now? Why did he choose the number 616 well get this Thorpe said that he gave many people alternate answers over the years, but the truth is that he based it on 666 the number of the beast minus 50. he just shows a nice round number away from the most frightening yo honestly I was getting crazy vibes from 616.

So Its Really Funny That That

is actually the answer dude. I have no idea that makes me like it more yeah UK now ever since then. In the comics, 616 has been the number of the maine Marvel universe. The one with Peter Parker Spider-man the Universe where Bucky is Forever Dead that changed with the Ultimates Universe in the early 2000s where a lot of these things were changed. Of course, miles morales became Spider-man , but these numerical designations came up whenever multiversal stories were were the focus so like the Spider-verse comics, The Secret Wars Comics where we saw the incursion between 616 and 1610.

But Now The Fact That The Mcu Is

being called 616 you could totally just take that to mean that this is how Marvel Studios is now codifying the primary universe of the movies The movie universe being an adaptation of the comics universe, but it’s a bit more complicated than that because until now the Mcu film universe has been considered a distinct separate universe alongside the comics universe. Both of them part of a a trans media multiverse of. The comics universe has been 616. the MCu has been Earth 19999 that label came from Kevin Feige quotes where he was joking that he wanted the Marvel Studios films to last for 199 999 years. and there have been various Easter eggs that we talked about hinting that the film universe could have been connected to 616.

So Like In Avengers In Game Scott Lang

Storage Locker hit 616 written on the sign in Spider-man Far from home Mysterio Quentin Beck claimed to be from Earth Dimension 833. Whereas this universe was Earth Dimension 616 and we’ve talked about how weird that now is considering. Quentin Beck wasn’t from an alternate universe. He was just fabricating all of this, so he just happened to pull the right number out yeah that’s hilarious that work well. Gutermin was obviously a watcher or a TvA agent or something only way.

Makes Sense I Like To Think That Like

what if like the fantastic Four wrote that book that Gutermin was reading that’d be really fun. I don’t know Oh, maybe maybe you gotta look at the byline on that that was written by Mr. B Grimm. It’s all like written in like a new York accent like from the streets like nobody Oh Sorry continue but most critically of all these Easter eggs Loki. Episode one um an episode also conceived of by Michael Waldron, the screenwriter of a Madness the Tva film strip of Loki’s Mcu Life and Death is labeled 616.

Well Talk About That A Bit Later

but meanwhile, in Captain America, the first Avenger Kids in the 1940s of the MCu history were reading issues of Captain America Number one with the same exact comic cover of cat Punching Hitler implying 616 comics exist within the MCu and if you’re a cop if you’re an avid comic reader, you may just be struggling with the 616 designation because again. There is evidence that comics versions of Loki and the young Avengers have actually visited the universe of the MCu films within the pages of those comics, so that would imply both that the 616 universe and the MCu universe are separate, but the problem with that is after we watch this movie guys America Chavez in the comics America, Chavez identifies herself as the only version of her that exists across the multiverse but America Chavez in the movie. says the same exact thing that would imply at least from the point of view of Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige that they consider the movies to just be an adaptation of the comics universe not a separate universe that exists alongside it across a film and print media landscape that’s connected , but I think another clue to this being the case, even though it’s from another studio in another medium. Even 2018 Spider-man into the Spider-verse remember that movie also uses the Marvel comics numerical designations Peter Parker six and six Miles Morales 1610 now while that movie is of course animated and it does pretty closely follow Miles Morales origin in the comics like he takes over for Peter Parker after he dies in the 1610 reality it’s not exactly the same. They took some liberties with that movie so if we were to just assume.

In That Movie Is The Same As

the 1610 of the comics, we would really just negate everything Brian Michael Bendis did Sarah Shelly did to actually create those panels and the words of the comics pages in favor of just the animators of the movie and what they created. So I think the best way this is just me. I think the best way to look at this is there is a 1610 in the comics. There’s also a 1610 in the movies. I think you mean six minutes one more time two times Oh yeah well that’s technically true, but anyway they’re all true or whatever yeah so really this is just me, but the best way to look at This is there is a 616 in the comics and there’s a 616 in the movies and both are valid Both are true one isn’t more important than.

The Other But Thats Just My

take on it empty Whitney. I want to know what you make of this man All I know is this is about to make my research work at this company 10 million times harder because now when I Google stuff instead of doing MCu and 616 separately. I’m gonna be like okay wait but MCu-616 for this but comic 616 for this like so for the purposes of my job a little frustrated. However, in general very stoked I think it’s I think it’s a cool idea. I don’t see why there can’t be an adaptation for film.

So Many Book Mediums Do That Its The

same thing with like I mean let’s just look at the twilight saga shall we like that’s no I actually I’ve never actually read twilight. So I have no idea. I know it’s about vampires, but it’s about. much more than vampires there’s also werewolves in it There’s also Morbius guys we all know this It’s a Morbius prequel well good Goddamn Why didn’t you say that sooner now I have to get on it empty. I want to know your take on the 616.

Is It A Hard And Fast Rule

now that the MCu is is 616. are there other ways to look at this. I I honestly believe that the whole 616 designation is primarily like it sort of just means home in terms of what medium that you’re looking at it from so. For example, the MCu is considered 616 because it’s the main home universe that we’re all familiar with so like whatever the the home is of all these characters that we know that is going to be 616. so therefore like you know in um well in into the spider verse.

Its A Little Bit Different Because Like

you said Peter Parker, was from the 616 and then like miles Morales like in the comics is in 1610 so like because of that miles Morales story. It’s a little bit different there but in general like in in in the comics when we have 616 if they’re just basically saying this is the main universe in like all the other universes in the comics, like 1610 and like Earth 242, which is one of my personal favorites, which is an earth just completely on fire. It’s just all of fire it just doomed um it’s just the meme with the dog, but the whole universe yes it’s literally that but the entire planet Earth 242. this is fine planet so yeah those like it’s from the perspective of like that main universe, so like it makes sense to me. that the MCu is called 616 because from our perspective of these gods reading these comics like Earth 1999 is like that has to be the designation because there’s so many six one sixes for us.

Like We Have A Zillion 616,

so we need like a really ridiculous number to specifically designate the MCu. So I think it all really boils down to the perspective of who is is um in the universe and like if they’re the main characters of that universe. If that makes sense. I hope that makes sense I hear what you’re saying in mt that like within the universe of of the context. Like the way we should interpret the universe is that 616 is just like the template.

Its The Baseline.

I think we should point out that it was 838. Christine Palmer, who named it 616 in this context so to her. It’s not her home, but it’s it’s her. It’s her way of acknowledging to like us that like where we came from you.

The Viewer 616 Is Basically Zero.

It’s basically Yeah a ground zero of wherever the multiverse is Yeah essentially so like if if if the character is not part of like the main universe, then like they were going to call the main universe 616 because it’s the universe that like we are familiar with it’s the MCu so like they sort of have to go like the writers have to write it so like all right Christine Palmer from another universe is going to call the main MCu 616 because it has to be like organized for all the viewers at home to know that like this is just home home base and so yeah Yeah Yeah! I think the the the griping that we’re probably. Still gonna hear either in the comments or on social media? Are the comics readers who still firmly believe that the MCu is actually Earth 199. 9999 and we cannot trust 838 Christine Palmer that she’s just like that’s just what she names it, but that’s not what it is called objectively in the MCu but my counter-argument to that would be the TvA film strip. The TvA is a pretty solid authority that is not attached to any one reality or any one universe even and they labeled loki‘s MCu reality as 616.

I Think Thats A Pretty Solid.

I mean to me that’s a pretty solid compelling argument that like objectively in the MCu Marvel studios wants us to see the MCu is called 616. and I think if you could just like step back from what you read in the comics and just look at it objectively. Kevin Feige is trying to simplify this for everybody and and everybody who’s watching this movie, who maybe hasn’t read those specific young adventures or saw that Loki passport and said Oh well Loki visited the movies. I think it’s just his simple way of saying This universe is 616.

Thats Just What Were Calling It Now

yeah and you called it 19999 based off of a joke that I said but that’s never my abuse, but I think my question for you guys now is like is if if this is true. Then it was originally based on 666 is the implication of that that like there is a Marvel 666 and that is the mark of the beast that might be in the Emcee where we meet with pisto that I wouldn’t. I’m looking it up right now that would be banana there has to be. An Earth 666 at this point, but we’ve had so many designations Yeah They’re like they’re that’s right they’re totally after it’s 666. and that’s where I was born Babies There there is an Earth 666 in the comics also known as Earth 4680.

It Is The Realm Of A Brother Its

where brother Voodoo hid the orb of Necromancy put it deep in Schumacher’s ego maze. It is a hellish hellish dimension with all kinds of supernatural entities like bands, mummies, etc. So there could be a a dimension of that in the Mc In the live action Mcu now it’s totally possible Earth’s success is impossible My God like I do love me some brother tell universe of the MCu. I want to go live in the metal version of the multiverse Yeah. It’s good and who do I think that it’s quite possible that we could end.

Up Going There In Doctor Strange

three Considering that we do go to the dark dimension with Clea and like that is a dark realm. So maybe we’re gonna be hopping to different darker universes. I think that’d be really fun like Earth 666 All right. I have some more questions. I want to talk with you all about with multiverse of madness First.

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Movie Feel That It Is Pretty Disconnected With

the way they saw Wanda vision that wanted vision was a story of you know a mother and a wife overcoming her grief um and then by the end of that learning some critical lessons and then they feel like this movie does want his character dirty it might undo some of her character development from one division. It’s obviously a very complicated conversation to have but I I think we can have it respectively here as best as we can so I I want to ask everyone here do we feel like multiverse of madness undid Wanda’s character development from one division and even if it did how did that affect your viewing of this movie. I don’t think so at all. I, I do not get that criticism at all considering the ending of one division and how Wanda the last shot was Wanda reading the darkhold and the one thing that the dark hole does is exactly what happened in the multiverse of madness. I don’t understand why people weren’t expecting this to happen.

This Is Literally The One Thing

that everyone says that the dark hole does it corrupts you so like the character development of Wanda vision Yeah she did learn the lessons but that was before she read the darkhold and picked up all the lessons that she learned so like. I don’t understand what people are really surprised about personally because that’s just the dark holes and like that’s just what I think mt. This is this gets to a thing. I think a lot of folks view post-credits scenes different than other fans. I you.

I I Know When I Watch

a post–credits scene that’s how I walk out of a theater that’s like my last lasting image or like click off of a screening Yeah that mountain cabin was pretty big, but I think for a lot of people who watch one division and this is a completely valid interpretation that they really view the ending as her saying goodbye to her kids saying goodbye to vision letting the hecks die um learning the lesson of what is love what is grief if not love persevering to them. That is the emotional climax and ending and resolution of Wanda vision not this post–credits scene and I think a lot of them secretly didn’t like that post-credits scene but but Whitney I want to get you in on this conversation Yeah man I’m actually of the camp that it’s not that I didn’t like that. that it absolutely makes sense and the dark cold explanation absolutely makes sense, but I think that I was also one of the people who I really felt very strongly connected to the way that one division ended and I really like I also took away like oh like I love that like in their last conversation together. You know vision says, who knows what I’ll be next you know and that kind of to me was like the closer of that that was like okay. You might not have your family in this way ever again, but somewhere out there.

You Know That Thats Whats Going On And

so I that’s how I kind of interpreted the end of one division so I was a little bit surprised but I think that the reason why isn’t that I was surprised that this happened in multiverse of madness. I think. That because so much of that corruption happened off screen like we know that that’s what the dark hole does like we are very aware but we kind of didn’t get to see that like day by day decline into absolute madness like we see that cabin. You know that she’s in and the cabin looks fine and then all that and then we see the orchard and everything zooms out and the cabin’s all dilapidated and gross and it’s like whoa how’d We get there from the end of one division to now So I think that it does make sense and the darkhold thing does make sense and it makes a lot more sense too if you watch the collider interview with Elizabeth Olsen, where she explains that she felt like she was playing a version of Wanda in this movie where she might have been divorced from vision or they might not be together anymore, they might be separated. She might have moved on and the most important aspect to her was just finding her children so after I read that and knowing what the dark hole done gonna go and do.

To You I Do I Do Agree That

it was the right choice for the movie. I think that for me what would have really melded my love for the ending of Wanda Vision and the beginning of this is if we had just a little bit more of that on-screen corruption. I think would have helped me and maybe helped other viewers. But I didn’t hate it. I love this movie.

I Think Its Great Its So Much Fun.

It’s so spooky. I just I just cried so hard at the ending of Wanda vision. You guys I just loved it so much and it’s a good ending. It’s a really emotional ending.

I Really Loved It.

You make us so many good points Whitney I I think you’re 100 right that seeing that journey that descent off-screen or on screen would have helped so much even if. Was it didn’t need to be more of a post–credits scene. I mean, maybe it would have helped to see some of those trees around the cabin start to corrupt or get twisted or something like that. But I think we just needed more context around the dark hole in general, bringing in the dark hold earlier in one division now in fairness to marvel it seemed like they were producing a lot of the stuff concurrently out of order than what they expected.

You Know Im Not Sure It

seemed like Multiverse of Madness might like originally one division was just supposed to come out the spring of the same year. Multiverse Madness was kind of come out. We don’t know if it was gonna be before or after or what um but like yeah it seems like they weren’t totally clear what was gonna get introduced when yeah. Dark hole was gonna be introduced in multiverse of Madness and then that was gonna give us our context for the book and it seemed like maybe they would had to suddenly introduce it on wanna vision, but um you know our friends at our colleagues at the Ringer verse podcast Joanna Robertson Robinson, Mallory Rubin did an amazing amazing deep dive into multiverse of Madness and and talked about this so eloquently and one thing’s Joe pitched was if we had just seen another multiversal version of Wanda that showed her without needing her kids like we just saw a wanda without her kids and that Wanda was fine that might have done a lot to undo a lot of the the bad taste in people’s mouths because then we could have seen oh this this woman isn’t defined by whether or not she has kids you know right. She’s not in that line of like I’m not a monster I’m a mother just felt a little like like we don’t women aren’t defined solely and it would have been great if we could have just seen one other one other variant of Wanda just to like give us that you know just to show this one as just a unique mother.

A Unique One.

I want a new girl Wanda. I want that new girl variant to blonde that’s with Jade Johnson of the voice. It’s scarlet witch UK. I mean we already saw a bit of that in one division right.

I Want To Mention Episode Seven

or eight. One of them did kind of like the opening was a bit new girly Yeah. We should have straight up had a new girl. Episode of Bond Division Are you kidding me like that’s hilarious Oh man um. I I think what surprised me most about This is like how much like I love one of it to me.

Its Like One Of The Loki

day by day. It it changes which one is at the top of my Marvel Disney plus shows ranking um and I think what I love so much about it. It’s just how much of a love letter. It was to television history and how great Elizabeth Olsen was and Captain so good that they were and playing up those tropes the whole cast it’s just such a cool show unlike anything I’ve ever seen um and but to me like people coming down to multiverse of madness really viewing Wandavision as like sacred text that can be undone in any way. I’m like I walked out of that show.

Feeling Like Another Slightly Confusing Marvel

show Marvel title that broke the rules. to me this is the his? This is Marvel’s legacy every Mcu title undoes certain things about what led to it. I mean Thor Ragnarok was completely sacrilege to so much about Thor, Oh that’s what we like about it that’s why we like it though it’s fun yeah yeah All of these completely changed things. We thought about the characters. I definitely caught myself.

I Had To Have A Talk With Myself

where I was like Yeah, but I really miss what happened and who knows when I’ll be next and it makes me cry and then I was like Whitney you’re being one of those fans who’s so attached to something that they can’t like see outside of themselves in their own mirror and I was like it’s because I see myself so much in this show that I can’t like that I’m like that’s why it’s precious. to me because it’s me you know and so it’s like that I had to catch myself and be like when you dumbass just enjoy the God damn the movie just like you know like honestly. I feel like this helped I did. I just talked myself out of being a toxic like parasocial relationship with the scarlet witch. I don’t know how I did it but I didn’t think that’s toxic.

I Dont Think Yeah I Think

that this is like a huge testament towards like Marvel studios and the types of stories that they’re telling and the fact that they are able to grab a hold of you that hard like it really is like they just grab onto your Goddamn heart and squish it like it’s wanda ripping Ultron‘s oil machine out of his chest like that’s how they get you yeah um and and with yeah. I think your your reactions to that your your love of that line from vision. I I I don’t think about that line a lot, but you’re right that it was such a cool it’s my favorite line. I literally cry Eric every single time I’ve had to re-watch that scene like for work. I have started fully sobbing at my desk fully every single time.

I Like I Love It So Much.

It makes me so happy and sad at the same time. Yeah and in the same way that I’m seeing a lot of um like Marvel twitter, which is something that I normally fear very scary very scary. Indeed a lot of a lot of people are taking specific lines from this movie, which is you know people are like being really hard on the writing of this movie, but there are some beautiful lines. Some lines.

This Movie Where Just Out Of Context,

you could argue it’s out of context, but I think that people are completely respecting the context where Wanda says I’d blow a hole in my husband’s head and it meant nothing Yeah like or I love you in every universe like so many of these lines are connecting with people and I don’t want to take that away from anyone at all. I think ultimately, whatever you feel whatever you take away from a movie is completely fine. It’s true for you and that’s true in your heart. I think what becomes an issue is when people go online and try to deny each other each other yeah exactly yeah and I don’t think any of us want to do that um and honestly that’s what makes movies so much fun and stupid twitter forgets this but it’s like it’s okay that. All of us have a completely different experience and reaction to something because we’re all different people, and we have different stories ourselves.

So Of Course Were Going To Connect To

different things differently, so I would never say you can’t feel your dang feels your emotional truth while consuming a piece of content is not universally everyone’s emotional truth that they all UK well speaking of reactions and um people’s subjective reactions to things being totally okay. One of my favorite things about seeing a movie and as packed of a crowd as crowd of a movie theater as I can is just hearing the random weird stuff that people vocalize while they’re watching the movie. So I wanted to have in this episode with justice chatting about when we saw this movie in the theater in the past week. What were some of the most surprising and weirdest. reactions you heard either from yourself or from people around you.

While You Saw This Movie Okay

I for one the part that made me actively laugh out loud. I was the only person laughing and my boyfriend had to kick me and be like you stupid it’s not a funny scene was when Charles Xavier shows up in the in the Mindscape and he’s cosplaying steve jobs he’s just Steve jobs is Professor X All the introducing I still can’t stop laughing about it. Whitney. You just answered a huge question for me because when I saw it someone burst out laughing. When Patrick Stewart showed up in the turtleneck and I was like what is so funny about this.

You Were Hearing Me Laugh All

the UK does this person know what’s coming have they seen it already and they know what where this or is it just. Like that nervous laughing they’re like Oh, No he’s gonna die no. It was specifically Steve jobs, themed laughter Steve jobs, Xavier professor jobs um why not so I for for me like everyone cheered at Krasinski like obviously Oh yeah, but crickets to Bruce Campbell like did you guys. I got absolute crickets to Bruce Campbell. It was very weird and I was like that’s Bruce Campbell guys what’s wrong with you that’s Bruce that’s the joke.

I Saw It In A Pro Bruce

Campbell theater. We were we were hollering we were dragging each other to hell. It was great. We brought the bruce Campbell discord over to the theater. Pizza Papa Pizza Papa my favorite mcu character Pizza UK UK.

I Feel Like This Implies That

Pizza Papa is also a pimp it sounds like he always gets paid. I’m like Ah does that even what does. That mean I don’t know um anyway um but no I think though a weird reaction for me well. One of the funniest was was obviously when Princess Kranzinski came up because like I was sitting next to you a couple and like the girlfriend seemed like she wasn’t really into marvel movies and she was like Oh My God is that Jim and I just cracked up. I was like she was so excited for Jim I was like you know what worth the price of admission because like that’s that’s too awesome it was too old.

I Would Have Just Turned To Her

and I would have been like yes. In this multiverse he’s he actually was a paper salesman from Scranton believe it or not yeah. I know I love both minds when it comes to these things because on one hand. I am writing notes when. I go see these movies and it’s work for me which sucks and it’s work for me.

I Mean You Guys Are Also Now Now

that you work with new rock stars. You have to write some movies too um but like me and then there’s something with my phone baby. Oh no Oh no whitney. We need to we need to have a workshop on like how to just like keep your place and write shorthand so you don’t Oh dude. I tried that I tried the Eric method once you told me and it smeared my pen all over my page.

It Was Just A Whole Slur.

By the end of it. You gotta use you gotta use a pencil well. My thinking is like I just want to be able to hear the lines. What drives me nuts is like When I first saw this movie.

The First Screening I Did Not Hear

the Ron Wasserman. I didn’t catch that till the second screening thank God I saw it. You know the second time Yeah so like yeah like it bumps you out when you’re like you don’t you can go or you go Yeah you can start clapping but you do not need to scream let’s go for a six count. I was one of the let’s goers but like I wasn’t very loud, but when I did hear that um Franklin and Valeria existed. I was like yeah let’s go cause I love Valeria so much like she’s one of my favorite marvel characters, Valeria Richards so like I’m so happy so I get I did literally short short little bursts are fine in fact when I saw no way home.

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The Second Or Third Time I

saw no way home. There was a guy who’s sitting next to me, who like when Marvel_Comics_character)” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Matt Murdock showed up and people go yeah. He goes shut up shut up Jesus Christ shut up shut your Goddamn face you gotta you gotta let people do their do their thing relax man like I’m the one with the notepad and I’m not shushing people like come on bro wow their devil’s a religion for some people man they take them very seriously. I guess so I think the most surprise. There were two surprising one was like for me when I mean Sam Rainey.

I Know Sam Rainey.

I love Sam Raimi from the evil dead army of darkness drag me to hell. All of his non–spider-man stuff I love a good Sam remy jump scare and with Sam Raimi’s horror gets goofy I think. us to kind of giggle at some of his campy horror that’s part of the fun of it and there is a moment where like you know when it cut when when Doctor Strange is stream walking into the zombie defender strange. I know what you’re going to do.

Sam Raimi Hilariously Cuts Back To Dr

strange where benedict Cumberbatch patches just going and I giggle. I’m like that’s that’s freaking hilarious and I got a quarter turn someone in the row in front of me goes how dare you like they didn’t say it just give me that look is it why dude why I was like come on man if you’ve never seen a Sam Raimi everybody wants us to laugh at this are you kidding me that is a comedicly time take that’s funny it’s. I mean so I felt a little bad but I’m like man. People everyone’s cut from a different cloth that’s fine but to me my favorite was when Professor X goes just because someone stumbles and loses their way. Doesn’t mean they lost forever which I to me.

I Was Like Oh, I Think

that was in days of future past. There was one guy behind me who goes yeah UK one day’s a future past nerd who knew that script word for word recognized that line right away he converted it to me. Oh I guess it was from days of future honestly we make videos for that guy that’s right UK so we want to hear from all of you in the comments below only tell we don’t want to hear any of your other comments. Just tell us the other crazy reactions that you heard during your screening that’s my favorite thing about watching a movie in a crowded theater tweet us the the funniest thing you heard in the theater. I’m just gonna give you another example what I saw in game.

There Was A Son And His Dad.

This is like the third time I saw it on like the following Tuesday so the theater wasn’t fully packed fully, but the dad was sleeping through most of the movie and then his son kept having to explain to him who everyone was. I thought it was so so sweet. This guy was like in his 60s or something like that and just like clearly didn’t get anything that was happening and then and then at the very end of the movie, an old cap shows up he leans over to his son and. Goes Hey that’s a clintus wood yeah I know this one I got this one kids Richard’s reactions hit Youtube because like I I need to watch those like those give me Sarah Yeah, Oh, It’s so good so good.

I Love Movies And I Love You

guys thank you for joining us this week for inside Marvel and over the weeks ahead we’re gonna be talking more and more about other loose cues that you got about music hit us up on twitter, Why did you tell us your loose keys so gross Eric? Why did you save like use some starch tighten up those cues Hey Don’t forget to check out our great marvel merch options at if you’re over 18 check out the new rockstar’s discord server in the description enjoy that conversation where they’re weirdly critical of all of us and follow me at ea. Boss follow Mt at Mastertainment follow Whitney at Whitney Puppy yes Don’t forget to subscribe to inside Marvel wherever you get your podcast thank you for watching we’ll see you next week you.


Wanda with this movie we obviously see her introduced and like big ingrained into the world of magic but in the comics she is obviously a massive part of the X-men as well and knowing that that is coming in the next few years . After this movie, I don’t really know what I do next. I just love how sweet Elizabeth Olsen is when it comes to like fan casting and fan opinions it would be so easy for any of the cast degree to just be like you know you thought it was this but we actually never talked about. I I love that approach and like she obviously seems very mindful of the fans and like it comes through in their performance in in the movie Well, Lizzie Olson. We can’t wait to see you again and thank you so much to cinemablend for asking the great questions and giving us a great interview clip welcome back to new rockstars. This the answer is extremely important to how we look at the issue going forward as Wanda returns…. Click here to read more and watch the full video