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Hello Folks Welcome To The 11Th Its January

11th Usually I’d have this video out earlier in the month in the year, but I’ll be honest. I wasn’t even going to do this video that was like half the movies are going to be roll over from last year. Also I was like what are the odds the movies. I’m looking forward to in this video actually do come out in 2021 Who just say they’re not gonna be delayed but like the great Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury himself said until which time the world ends we will proceed until which time the world ends will will proceed as though it intends to spin on or something like that I’m really misquoting him. I know point is it ain’t over till it’s over that’s an easier one so we’ll go with that and yeah I’m gonna be honest with.

You There Are Two Movies From Last Years

anticipated movies of 2020 video that roll over into this one, but it’s as simple as this not having them on this list. It just felt wrong so I’m going to have them on here. I went back and forth with my head like well wait a minute well do I want to is it redundant. Then I realize the whole thing is just hypothetical. This is a hypothetical video.

Its As Hypothetical As It Gets Its

a list of movies that may or may not be good in a year in which they may or may not even come out so as the great Lincoln Park once said in the end it doesn’t even matter it’s supposed to be a fun list so let’s just have some fun. I’m rolling with it all right so no need for the great countdown. of nine eight seven six Whatever starting at the list with the two rolling over from last year because we’ll just get those out of the way first of which is a quiet place too was looking forward to it last year looking forward to it. This year the first one’s great The second one really wanted to see maybe that’s why he’s on the list because it hurts a bit more because it was the next screening I was going to go to you know it was the next movie I was supposed to see then screenings just went away. We were this close to greatness.

Its Like Whether You Miss It By

an inch or a mile you still miss it but missing it by an inch just hurts worse than if you miss it by a mile. I almost got to see it it stings but a year later still really looking forward to a quiet place Too also Dune had to put it on because I was looking forward to it last year and then later on in the year of 2020. The trailer came out when we all thought we were gonna get it a couple months after that point is I was looking forward to it before we had a trailer. Then I saw the trailer and hype level just went through the roof. Great cast great crew great tone it just looks like the Dune movie.

Ive Wanted To See For Quite Some

time which I guess is Dune Chapter one Technically. I guess they took the first book and they’re dividing it into two movies kind of like it how it is it chapter one, but it’s just it was called it. When it came out so it’s essentially the same thing as it only without the mass murdering Bogger Clown, but you get it pointy is still looking forward to Dune. It was one of my top anticipated last year. Now top anticipated this year all right we’re gonna get this one out of the way sure this is my list.

Mortal Kombat Dont Judge Its A

new mortal Kombat movie. I’m a lifelong mortal kombat fan well I guess not lifelong because I’ve been a lot can’t talk today I’ve been alive longer than mortal kombat’s been around, but for as long as Mortal Kombat has been around. I’ve just been a fan. This is actually the movie on this list. I’m actually expecting it to suck what can I say I’m just I’m not expecting it to be good or great, but it’s a new mortal kombat movie.


Baffled that there’s no trailer for this movie comes out in a couple months. It’s like no trailer. It’s just that’s how you’re gonna play it weird. I’m pretty sure we’d all love to see a glimpse of this thing.

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This Again Probably Not Gonna Be Good Oh

God anyhow flawless victory let’s move on mission impossible. Seven I’m actually expecting this one to be good. It’s like mission impossible’s the American James Bond movies essentially but whereas Bond movies are kind of intermittent with what’s good what sucks like they’re good bond movies bad bond movies you know whatever mission impossible has been on an upward trend. It’s like this weird case where the sixth movie in the franchise was arguably my favorite one of my favorites. It’s my favorite movie the year came out I just loved it six in the franchise the best that never happens hey.

Theres The Comment Section In Which

people are telling me all the instances where that has in fact happened. I know you now this goes but Tom cruise is still got it. He’s still a bona fide action star like when I’m his age. I will feel lucky if I get my tapioca pudding next to me while I’m participating in bingo night, How does he do it and those mission impossible movies are still great most importantly they’re still fun there’s always they’re always a fun time at the movies am I looking forward to it more than mortal kombat Yeah. I am all right next up.

Halloween Kills Because We Live In

an age now where it’s like we have sequels, reboots and remake Wolves and we’ve seen it all but Halloween, which was now like you know they wiped out all the Halloween sequels so this is. The first Halloween sequel titled Halloween that’s a sequel to Halloween, So we got Halloween and Halloween. It was the rare case in which that was actually a really sweet return to form. I love that John Carpenter came back on board. The musical score was a great rendition of that theme again.

John Carpenter Had His Hand In That

the new Halloween movie was solid looking forward to the sequel. I hope they don’t overdo it. I hope they don’t just overplay to where I get bored with the whole thing again but safari I like where it’s going so sticking with the horror theme We have Candyman, which is the sequel to Candyman so Halloween Halloween Candyman Candyman right point is last. October I revisited Candyman for the first time in a very long time and I was blown away. It’s one of those movies I was like.

Oh, Yeah! I Remember It Being

good but then you watch it you’re like no. This is actually great. So there is that so with this new candyman sequel. I feel like they’re taking it seriously. They want to make a great candyman movie and I hope they stay in line with what I liked about the original candyman.

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It Was A Compelling Investigative Urban Legend Story

and then you had those horror elements in it just it all worked with the original Candyman and high hopes for the sequel. Also side note in terms of observation. I find it interesting that in the original candy man they said Candy man had an affinity for art and this guy in the new one he’s an artist Don’t know what it means but it’s fascinating. I’m very interested in it next up the matrix 4 fingers crossed. I hope it’s good.

Again With The World Of Sequels And

reboots and remake wills I mean it’s the Matrix 4. it looks like it’s a sequel. Don’t know how but there are people who are alive who shouldn’t be, but maybe it’s their consciousness in the code of the matrix as we all very well might be like. The first matrix is a masterpiece. The Matrix sequels are flawed sequels with cool stuff in it can’t Deny the Meryl Vinjian is pretty awesome like I mean I like him anyway but yeah The sequel’s never lived up to the original.

I Dont Imagine The Fourth Ones

gonna live up to the original either but worst case scenario it completely sucks in which case the first matrix is still a sci-fi masterpiece. What’s the over under what do you think is going to suck worse or be better Mortal Kombat or Matrix four Matrix. is probably gonna be better all right next up We have Venom let there be carnage because 90s Spider-man fan which means Venom fan The two go hand-in-hand often and that is the case with me. I mean the original Venom movie. I mean the Venom Eddie Brock thing I thought that was amazing it’s like it’s like the Warcraft movie kind of where it’s like half that movie is actually pretty great and the other half not so much like with warcraft.

Its Like Oh Yeah, All The Orcs Are

amazing the humans so that’s how Venom was it was like Oh Venom and Eddie Brock dynamic that’s actually pretty great and then you know the generic super evil organization with the generic bad guys no but now hopefully that takes a back seat and we have Venom vs. Carnage which I’ve wanted for quite some time can’t help. to that next up Spider-man 3 with some form of word play that has to do with the word home because it will Spider-man Homesick, Spider-man many homes, Spider-man Homie D clown, whatever they’re gonna call it I mean let’s be real with the marvel. Spider-man movies like Marvel‘s Spider-man movies at their best is not as good as Raymie’s. Spider-man movies at their best so it’s like their solution was like all right well let’s just bring the Raimi Spider-man stuff into the Spider-man world for marvel that there you go I mean legitimately.

Its Like They Were Sitting Around Going All

right what Spider–man do people like well. Spider-man do they love and they really love that Spider–verse animation all right well. Let’s just bring in Spider-man 2 elements because we’re going to do a live action Spider versus movies like they’re taking elements of beloved Spider–man movies. movie I hope it’s a good Spider-man movie. I hope it’s not just fan servation throw a bunch of fan service and hopefully that just keeps it afloat, hopefully that’s enough.

Theres A Time In My Life That

would have been enough absolutely but it’s just I’m not there anymore. I would like a good Spider-man movie. I am concerned with it feeling bogged down because where we left off in the last movie. Spider-man’s essentially you know he’s wanted that’s that’s that’s a cliffhanger. You would think the next movie would pick up on that but it’s like are they going with that element and the spider-verse thing that could feel crowded.

They Could Pull It Off.

But it has my curiosity and it has my attention and that brings us to the last one on the list last but certainly not lazy Pinocchio dude have you heard about. Is co-directing which right there you’re like all right well Guillermo del Toro, the one who gave us that is co-directing a movie involving horrific imagery and situations like that which I’m not gonna like Pinocchio’s always been terrifying. If you just watch the disney animation You look at it you’re like this is not for kids. This is actually pretty terrifying When I heard Guillermo del Toro and Pinocchio I was like match made in heaven.

Also Here You Go Cherry On Top Gonna

be stop motion animation. It’s like stop motion animation is unsettling enter exhibit a the bumble Don’t judge Don’t you know it don’t even laugh. I’m hoping at least one of you is like Oh yeah, he creeped me out as a kid too otherwise what can I say I’m strange, but if I’m really objectively looking at it. I’m sure the stop-motion animation with the bumble’s half of what creeped me out about him anyhow. I I’m down for some Guarama del toro co-directed Pinocchio stop-motion horror I’m not even saying it’s gonna be horror.

Im Sad It Might Not Be Maybe Its

like dude It’s Kid-friendly calm down. I’m just saying man there are a lot of elements there that work together and it might just be the pinocchio movie. I’ve wanted to see ever since I was a kid. I was like hey, Mom and dad. This is pretty up stuff thanks for showing me though and that’s my list those are the movies I’m looking forward to in 2021 hopefully they come out.

I Feel Like A Lot Of Them Will

at this point because I feel like studios are figuring out how to roll with this this this what will this year bring how will it unfold. Will say though it’s it’s not like you know time’s a construct right so that splice between 2020 and 2021 doesn’t really exist It exists for us, but it’s still just the same path. We were on like we’re on the same path now that we generally were on at the end of December. Like you know on the yearly basis anyway this there’s no real hard splash like okay shit’s different now because January 1st. It makes for fun jokes about surviving 2020 absolutely, but in the end it’s 2021 is probably gonna have a lot of the that which made 2020 2020.

But In The End If You

go back like 2016 was like the cursed year of 2016. so they had that you know oh me at the beginning of 2016 Me at the end of 2016. like that was a thing people threw up on Twitter. same thing with 2017, 18, 19 and 20. I mean 2020 definitely felt like a unique animal in which there were things in 2020 that I hadn’t seen in my life prior, but still the fact that it’s been a running joke of hating the end of the year for a few years prior to 2020.

Its Something I Think About So As

we go forth through this year. Knowing it’s going to have a lot of those 20 20 hardships still going on let’s just keep things in perspective as to what matters all right a lot of that heavy stuff out of the way after the fun video of 10 anticipated movies but your top 10 anticipated movies for 2021. What are they whatever you think comment below let me know and as always if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more click. Right here to see more you?


There are two movies from last year’s anticipated movies of 2020 video that roll over into this one, but it’s as simple as this not having them on this list felt wrong so I’m going to have them on here . This is a hypothetical video. It’s as hypothetical as it gets it’s a list of movies that may or may not be good in a year in which they may not even come out . The first one’s great. The second one really wanted to see maybe that’s why he’s on the list because it hurts a bit more because it was the next screening I was going to go to you know the next movie I was supposed to see then screenings just went a little bit less than planned . Of nine eight seven six movies. The first of which is a quiet place too was looking forward to it last year. The last of which was the first one’s great. This year the second one is a little less than expected to see Maybe that’s ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video