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The Establishment And The Mainstream Media Are

coming for me and coming for this channel saying I’m a conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut and an anti-vaxxer. If you don’t think that I’m those things and I don’t think that I’m those things could there be any other reason why the mainstream media an establishment want to shut down open this course and descent Hmm Hello there you 5. 2 million Awakening wonders Glory unto thee that’s stay awake. Let’s stay focused they stay conscious let’s stay in the conversation obviously today. I’m talking to you about something personal.

Theres Been A Spate Of Articles About Me

saying I’m right wing I’m a conspiracy theorist. I’m the new Joe Rogan quite like that one Joe Rogan triumphant voice in a difficult space. I love Joe Rogan I won’t deny that so what could be the reason behind it The initial articles have. By a video, we did about Justin Trudeau, saying that he’s invocation of the Emergency act and refusal to rescind it entirely in case of certain Financial components against peaceful trucker protests smacks of the kind of authoritarianism that might diminish his right to overtly condemn anti-democratic actions elsewhere that’s what we said is that a problem to you that I said that does that seem reasonable. I don’t know you know we’ll work it out.

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the video because there’s a lot of complexity earlier in the history of this channel, We’ve been accused of being anti-vaxx simply for saying I’m vaccinated people might have rights you know that’s been another thing. We talked about the WAn lab League Theory well that seems to be an evolving situation too we’re going to get into it in depth. We’re going to look at some of. and the Publications that have made those accusations to make sure that they’re um squeaky clean, but before that I want to let you know that I’m on tour and I want you to come see me live across the UK I’m in Newcastle on April the 4th Carlisle on April the 5th Stockton on tease April The 6th. You can also come see me in Glasgow Plymouth Bristol Blackpool.

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if you want to come I’d love to see you there now let’s get into this story, though we’re sort of calling they’re coming for me as you know the point of this channel is to have an open conversation and much of what we do is about. Critiquing news analyzing the type of of content you’re getting the mainstream Media or the corporate Media, or however, you refer to it looking at whether or not there’s an agenda at play the diminishing of complexity. There’s lots of things we look at so that’s what the point of this channel is. We don’t claim to be a news channel. We’re not sending out journalists and going oh my God.

Whats Happening Over There Thats What Were Doing

we’re looking at news and analyzing news that’s what we’re doing just to be close We’re not claiming to be a news channel so like the idea of misinformation. This is opinion this is obviously my opinion we check our sources. We never say anything that can’t be backed up and you’ll be interested to know that in the many articles of criticism of this Channel and what we do here. No one is able to say this thing. For example, let’s just say the anti-vaxx thing you know like Russell Brand is antivax.

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Ive Never Said That Im Anti-Vaxx, What

I’ve said is is that perhaps people that are reluctant to become vaccinated Shouldn’t be treated as criminals condemned and treated as social parias. One reason being that there seems to be an enormous Crossover with people are poor people that are from non–majority populations in the country UK people from ethnic minorities. There seem to be a large number of unvaccinated people that have reason to be mistrustful of the government and big corporations like Big Pharma. There seem to be a number of reasons to be cynical. In fact, a recent study published in some of the very Publications that of level criticism at me recently revealed that Johnson Johnson did a study that showed that natural immunity.

They Originally Suggested Could Be More

effective than the number of vaccines. They originally suggested and remember This is an ongoing situation so who knows what permutations may come elsewhere. And one of the main things we’re criticizing is this attitude of certainty and condemnation that’s continually applied to situations that are clearly changing and shifting. I’m not in the business of telling you stuff that ain’t true you’ve got enough people doing that without me joining in I’m trying my best as a flawed and fallible person to be engaged with you in an open discourse. So we can learn together that’s why it’s important you stay with me.

To The End Its Important That

you subscribe to this channel so that we can keep this conversation going together. Now let’s have a deeper look at this story. One of the newspapers you probably haven’t heard of it it’s. A British newspaper called ironically the independent, the newspaper that calls itself the independent is possibly up to 50 percent funded by the Saudi Arabian State, a newspaper that calls itself The independent is criticizing this Channel and its content for being somehow duplicitous and conspiratorial well. I’m not sure that they’re in a great position to make those kind of remarks and to make those kind of observations.

If Youre Called The Independent And Youre

funded by the Saudi Arabian State. You ain’t even got past the title without lying so it’s just a few facts just to make sure I’m not making this stuff up. Sultan Mammad Abu Jadail owned a stake of between 25 and 50 in independent digital news and media. The holding company of the independent. According to filings at companies House former Culture secretary Jeremy Wright warned that the ultimate investor may have strong.

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Links To The Saudi Arabian State

raising fears that a foreign government may have gained influence over the news direction of two major British Publications. Around 60 of the independence revenue is derived from advertising 15 encompasses new product development and digital services, including ad sales data and Technology support you know because we’ve done it before that the mainstream media channels in the United States make a significant amount of their money from tracking your data bundling your data and selling your data that’s not contested that’s how the media operates that’s aside from their conventional funding through advertising models. So I think it’s important isn’t it that you understand where this information comes from major media corporations increasingly rely on a vast ecosystem of privacy violations, even as the public relies on them to report it news sites. User tracking has only gotten more extreme. In 2020, a study published by Ghostery, a company that provides tools to block third-party data collection found that news websites contain the most trackers globally more than business banking entertainment or even porn, so you’re more likely to be tracked by looking at Legacy media sites than you are if you looked at a porn site or an entertainment site so how are you going to get honest independent reporting from those guys, and it sort of makes sense doesn’t it that they would be threatened by any other source of information.

Particularly If That Source Of Information Is Open

open about our own fallibility, willing to be mutable and to change the conversation as new information comes available. No ties at all to Giant business corporations. Although I recognize we’re on a big Tech platform and we have an ad. Revenue. So that we can pay staff and run a business and then exist in the real world.

That Is Something That We Do

we’re clear about that we want to be part of an open conversation with you. We want to provide alternative narratives and not only provide the narratives invite you to create the narratives with us Because do you know one thing? I know? I don’t know what’s best I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve been wrong many times, but I’m beginning to think I’m right about this. The mainstream media is not your friend. The culture is not your friend the government is not your friend big business is not your friend.

They Are Operating Collegiately In Unison

to create a set of systems that are beneficial to them and disadvantage you. The biggest threat to their power comes from unionization and mobilization of large groups. of people they’re so nervous about it they’re so aggressive about it. They’re so protective about it. It makes me think that they’ve got an agenda.

The Video Thats Got Them All

heated up and cross is when we made about Justin Trudeau and Justin Trudeau‘s introduction of emergency powers to shut down trucker protests which were largely peaceful which I said We said on this channel that if you shut down peaceful protest what you’re essentially doing is trying to control descent now look at the next level. If someone points that out you try to shut down that person you’ve got to stamp it out like Whack-a-mole like the old woman that swallowed a fly you’ve got to swallow a frog and an awesome a cat and a cow to just prevent the truth from getting out that these people are not what they claim to be they’re. Fair liberal democracies. They use the aesthetic of fair liberal democracies. They look presentable and they say nice things about being respectful and loving to people from a variety of communities as we absolutely must be if we’re ever to build a decent and better world, but when you have a centralized State centralized corporate control centralized Dominator culture media if we don’t have the opportunity to build these communities all we pointed out is that Trudeau’s introduction of emergency measures.

The Shutdown Largely Peaceful Protests In Ottawa Was

at odds with the kind of democratic principles. He was espousing when Critiquing Russia’s horrific actions in Ukraine Let’s note, for example, as Christian Freeland pointed now the the aspect of the emergency measures that allows the Canadian government to freeze Financial assets remains in place still an advance on this argument is that in Canada” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Canadian Parliament they are now themselves. Investigating the introduction of those measures and whether or not it was anti-democratic on Monday, a joint committee of Canada’s Parliament officially launched an inquiry into the Trudeau government’s actions against the freedom Convoy civil liberties protesters. The unprecedented inquiry will look into allegations that the Trudeau government violated protesters. Charters rights when they arrested and detained them without charge as well as the extreme actions of freezing bank accounts of protesters now some of you might say well that is good because that’s an indication that there is democracy in Canada because they are investigating those actions and I would agree that is a good sign isn’t it because it’s pretty bad that it happened, but at least there’s been an investigation but remember then we have to look at Does the investigation lead to what a revocation of those his powers someone being fined a meaningful change in.

Or Does It Become Something Thats A

fatic exercise that’s ultimately theatrical don’t change anything we don’t know that yet I’ve got my suspicions. The committee is made up of several Liberal Party and can serve if party a point is as well as a point e selected by the new Democrats. Much of the investigation will look at Trudeau’s attempt at justification for invoking the emergencies act now of course you’ll be.


The Establishment and the mainstream media are coming for me and coming for this channel saying I’m a conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut and an anti-vaxxer. I want you to come see me live across the UK I’m in Newcastle on April 4th Carlisle on April the 5th St . We’re going to look at some of the publications that have made those accusations to make sure that they’re squeaky clean, but before that I want to let you know that I’m on tour and I’m going to get into it in depth.& Comments below stay tuned end of the video because there’s a lot of complexity earlier in the history of this channel, We’ve been accused of being anti-Vaxx simply for saying I’m vaccinated people might have rights you know . The WAn lab League Theory well that seems to be an evolving situation too we’re going into it too we’ll get into It in depth . We talked about the WAn…. Click here to read more and watch the full video