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Ncaa College Basketball Is Now Changing Their Definition Of

quote fully vaccinated to include those that have caught and recovered from the cove. Now You may see this as some sort of victory for those that Don’t want to get the doses, but it’s really not because like many things that are going on right now It’s just about money because if you look at the release from NCaA. org where they talk about the updated guidance for winter sports. You notice that they say that if you cotton recovered from it. You’re vaccinated for 90 days in their opinion and also.

This Announcement Came Out On January

6 well. What happens almost 90 days to the dot from January 6. It’s actually the March Madness finals where the final four ends on April 2nd and 4th. Meaning to say that just magically right now we’re having the largest spike out. of We’ve ever had in the world right now and the idea that now suddenly just to get them through the hump of their busiest time.

Theyre Going To Be Quote Fully

vaccinated and then right after that they’re going to be expected to get the doses anywhere. It’s madness because if you look at this article from NCaa. org and they say that the NCaA Medical advisory group has developed a definition of quote fully vaccinated. Those considered fully vaccinated included people within two months of having J and J, which well let’s say two months of having J and J five months of having pfizer or six months of having Moderna where just maybe a year ago when we talked about having boosters was gonna be a thing. People said that was a tinfoil hat theory and now here it is in writing also the idea of having vaccine.

Passports Was A Tin Foil Hat

theory and now we have it in several cities and states across the country and also having chips or microchips implanted in your skin. That was also a tin foil hat theory and I thought that was a typical hat 32 but now we’re seeing that pop up in different countries. So they say also those who have received a booster two months after J J or five or six months between Fizer and modern respectively. So and they also say a person who has documented infection last 90 days is considered the equivalent of fully vaccinated and they say that the updated guidance also extends to close contacts. Those who are not fully vaccinated should quarantine at home for five days with no participation at athletic activities.

Meaning To Say That It Wasnt Just The

idea if you caught it they cho they treated you differently If you just were exposed to somebody which what we know now is that the doses weren’t making it so you didn’t get it they just made it so your symptoms were a lot lesser. So the idea that if you were exposed to somebody you caught it and they weren’t going to quarantine you but you were more likely to be asymptomatic that was the exact opposite of what we should be doing and the other crazy thing to me is just the idea that yes it seems to be just about money. They want all the star players playing through the through the the playoffs, which means it’s more about making money than it is for sorry. It’s more about making money than it is for actual health and safety of the players and the people in attendance. I saw this article from Fee.

Org Talking About You Know The New Changes

from the NCaA and here’s a crazy part about this. They say in many parts in the world, including United States Vaccine passports are required for travel. These passports are morally morally dubious for several reasons, but they seem particularly unjust for people that have already caught it since they’ve already been exposed to the virus and have natural immunity. Some evidence such as medical study out of Israel published in October suggests people with natural immunity actually may have more protection now. This is their words not mine but this is crazy right.

Here They Say.

Dr Anthony Fauci was recently asked on CnN about the Israeli study. He declined to give an answer though. She says I don’t really have a firm answer for you on that that’s something we’re going to have to discuss regarding the durability of the response. Meaning to say that they want to know the long-term effects of what the natural immunity could be.

But They Didnt Have The Data Of The

durable The durable response of all the different Jabs, meaning to say that sorry the idea that two months of Jnj five months of like we so either they knew ahead of time that J and J was only going to give them two months and they knew that modern and Fisa were gonna have the five and six months respectively. They knew that and they didn’t tell you that they encouraged you to go out there and get it because they knew it was just going to be temporary, and they’re trying to trickle this out. You meaning to say like 15 days to slow the spread They know they’re not you’re not going to sign up for three years, but 15 days Is not a bad ass and I thought the same thing too and so either they knew that this was just two five and six months of durability or they didn’t know it was two five months into two five and six months of durability. So now They didn’t know long-term durability and yet now they’re saying well what’s happening in Israel. We need to know the long-term durability it’s like pick a lane right now is it about health and safety which I really wanted to be about health and safety or is it about money because we’ve seen this now with college basketball no college basketball we’ve seen him with the NBa where Kyrie Irving wasn’t allowed to play basketball for.

Time And Now All Of A Sudden When

they couldn’t even fill the team with enough players anymore. They had to bring him back despite the fact that he didn’t get the doses that were supposed to protect him and also a tennis over there with Novak Djokovic where he went over there to my understanding is he went over there with a visa that was approved by the government and then locally where he went they said we’re gonna rescind that and what I wasn’t aware when I covered that in the other video is he was actually like in a way imprisoned where he was locked down and people couldn’t see him and it’s a thing of now. He actually can go out there and play in the Australian Open. But I really think that it had something to do with the idea that if you don’t allow. DJokovic to play in the Australian Open You forever Sully the like it’s no longer valid like the Australian Open isn’t about the best player in the world.

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Its Just About Who We Choose To Be

allowed over here because they have such strict guidelines and I think that would be a. It would just be a killer for their actual professional sports world or just their tourism overall it’s just it’s gonna be bad for them so if you like my coverage of this type of stuff when I bring the light something like this where I think on the surface when I saw this originally saying NCaA is going to recognize other things. I thought it’s been good. I think we’re actually getting you know some headroom with the idea that people are starting to listen to the data look at what’s happening across the world and starting. to apply that locally, but then when I saw the calendar for what March Madness is it’s like Oh yeah.

It Wasnt Really About That It Just Seems

to be. They want the best players to be available available to play because a lot of them are refusing to get those doses and now we’re in that same world that I just I have a hard time accepting that this is about my safety right now like I mean obviously you can tell I’m very sick right now. But I think a lot of people are very sick and it’s just a situation of we want to be on board with making this everybody acro passes. We want everything to be cleaned up right now and yet we keep on doing stuff like this like his statement about what happened in Israel. I don’t like anything about that so if.

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NCAA College Basketball is now changing their definition of quote fully vaccinated to include those that have caught and recovered from the cove . NCAA college basketball is changing its definition of fully vaccinated . The announcement came out on January 6 well.& What happens almost 90 days to the dot from January 6. It’s actually the March Madness finals where the final four ends on April 2nd and 4th. The idea that suddenly suddenly suddenly just to get them through the hump of their busiest time. They’re going to be quote . fully vaccinated and then right after that they’re going . to be expected to get the doses anywhere.& It’s madness because if you look at this article from NCaa.&org and they say that if . you cotton recovered from it.& You’re vaccinated for 90 days in their opinion and also. You’re vaccinated for 90 Days in their . opinion and you’re vaccinated, you’re vaccinating for 90 years in your opinion and it’s not a good thing ….. Click here to read more and watch the full video