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Welcome To Another Episode Of Never Have

I ever this is what never happened number 13, 12, 15, 14 14. God we’ve been doing this for a long long time. So excited for this stacked stacked lineup of performers Tonight. I’m gonna start introducing them one by one up in this corner and I know that this is backwards now in this corner um he has written for the Alec Baldwin Roasts. He’s the ultimate roast guy he in fact during a roast called me Garfield and a year later.

People Still Call Me Garfield Elan Altman In

the house. Hey Chrissy thanks for having me thanks for coming and here you’ve seen her or read about her or she’s done something for doctors. She’s also a comedian Amanda gayle hi Hey Chrissy hi good to see you good to see you and in the middle spot in the housekeeper. spot of the of this brady bunch right here um you’ve seen him on Siriusxm the Artie Lang show. He is the mistress of the whole Jersey Shore Ryan Maher.

He Is The Founder Of Man

up films Sweet Femdum Lance Heart Studios Playgirl Avian X-biz Gavin J J G gq Buzzfeed. He’s been everywhere lance art in the house yeah, the most impressive credits of anybody and then over on this side he he’s a New York City comedy icon. He’s been on crashing. He’s been featured in the New York Times. He’s the most famous barker.

Hes A Hes The Famous Barker

of McDougall street Mr. Pete Burdette coming to us live from I guess a makeshift comedy club I like it. I’m here for it and then we have the penny lane of comedy the triple threat Tokyo punch in our bottom corner. She brought her boobs. Is gonna be an excellent show and down in the middle you’ve seen her on pornhub.

I Think Youve Seen Her Possibly On The

wet spot Peyton Sinclair yeah Peyton Sinclair is coming to us live from a bar so we’re gonna make it work and last but not least his special 25 sets is on Amazon right now and he is one of the hosts of in hot water on compound media. Aaron Berg, I’m in my garage you’re in your garage. I love it. I love it um okay, so this is never have I ever we’re gonna learn about each other through stories um real quick the rules. It would be never have I ever blacked out.

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I Would Say That And Then If Any

of you guys have ever blacked out you take a drink and then we all share stories about how we blacked out. It doesn’t have to be sexual It doesn’t have to be It could be about anything so Don’t feel like pigeonholed into the sex genre, but if you do have fun sex stories by all means I want to hear them and also if you don’t drink that’s totally fine we don’t need anybody relapsing on this zoom. It happened once it’s not gonna happen again so drink your seltzer. You know have a vape whatever you need to do we’re just here to have fun guys We got it does that sound good yeah I love it it looks like Peyton’s about to be chased down an alley UK all right cool cool it’s okay please don’t get raped. I mean if you do um just put the camera on it.

I Guess Um Uk Dont Get Raped

unless you’re into that sort of thing, which means it’s not. Right okay guys um Okay I’ll start I’ll start um Never have I ever had sex in a Halloween costume wait. We drink we did drink have you done it. I think if you’ve done the thing Hmm yes guys Okay so for me the it was college. It was junior year and I was dressed as tinkerbell and um.

I Just You Know Classic College Hookup Slept

over at some some guy’s place and then woke up real early not early enough, but woke up early in the morning threw the tinkerbell costume back on and for some reason also put on like my headband and like the wings too Because I was like I’m really gonna just commit to this all the way. I really should have probably just held the wings but put everything back out and then like marched across the middle of the football field. Which I thought would be fine because it was early but no I walked right in the middle of a football practice and everybody was like bleep. It was great. It was like the ultimate walk of shame, but did you have sex in the costume.

Yes Yeah Okay.

I like slid it to this. You know I took the panties part off Yeah and yeah. We could say some wishes were granted that night, but you kept the wings on the whole time the wings stayed on. I mean one of the wings was broken the next morning, but oh wow just good old classic college fun.

You Know And I Had A Bleep

like a mosquito H yeah exactly a little mosquito bleep just stinging to stinging boys who was the guy wait hold on Chrissy step back to my Halloween costume, what ty go hold on real. Quick the guy was I think someone on the swim team. I name is not coming up for me right now I think Aaron wants to know what his costume was Yeah. He was a dude, which means he probably didn’t have a costume. He probably just had a headband.

You Know Yeah If He Had

a costume you’d probably remember it Yeah Yeah Halloween is for women it’s fine that ruins my story UK all right Peyton do you have a Halloween sex story Yeah, So I was at a club called Hemingway’s and I was dressed as a bumblebee and this guy was following me around all night and I told him that I wanted him to put his finger in me and I dragged him into the bathroom and I bleep in the bathroom at Hemingway wouldn’t it be great if it was a man wearing a. Flower costume and you’re like I want to pollinate you That place is closed now you mean the place in L. a Hemingway’s no in I dressed up as a cow one Halloween, a cow. I slip on cow costume and it had the udders and I was 19 and I had sex. I believe with Melinda Arsenault that night, and she was so tight.

I Could Barely Get My Pinky

inside of her and she was a redhead and then later she dumped me because she said I was a girl hopper and she went on to become a very successful lawyer which I could have used Wow Melinda with the that sounds like too tight. I mean if you can’t get a pinky in you’re not living what would I give for that now last night. I put my elbow in my wife and she goes more I like. It I like it getting turned on Aaron Oh man anybody else with a with a costume story. It wasn’t one of those full costumes.

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It Was Like Those Styrofoam Shirt Things, But

it was a breathalyzer, a styrofoam shirt costume. It’s like yeah. It was like a big styrofoam thing that you wore as a shirt and it was a breathalyzer that had like a tube that reached out and it said blow here so that was very popular and and it was great because I was able to have sex and leave it on because usually I like to have sex with a shirt on anyways. This is just better like a Halloween costume. It wasn’t as weird you know it’d be great and that could even translate to covid times.

I Feel Like You Could Convert That Costume

into like one of those like you know forehead. Thermometer gun things that’s like we’re just a full bio hazard Yeah Chrissy I literally just had somebody pull up to me and hold on that guy took a selfie with me. I can’t even bleep go have a drink like bleep off I’m busy telling you you’re doing a very important zoom right now I know I’m on the bleep what show right the way this is bleep tell them be like look this is my office the size it’s not the wet show. This is whatever have I ever take a picture with you. I’m sitting in the valley.

I Mean You Are Sitting In

an alley looking hot and delicious. I would be approaching bleep happened to me bleep well. It’s a tough life. It’s hard being hot. It’s a big responsibility yeah it’s so hot.

Its Like A Dripping Sweat Okay Lets Go

let’s fly okay. is that it for the costume sexy time stories I’m very jealous that Peyton gets to be like a porn star and gets to play with her hair all the time because she has hair and she gets to play with it all the time, so I’m very jealous of that and I’m jealous of the fact that she’s in this great looking alley with no cockroaches around and that’s very clearly not new York. It’s very clearly Jersey Oh so clean tell me more yeah Yeah. It’s good where in Jersey in Tom’s River Nice how’s that Nice yeah that’s nice Yeah. You have a house or an apartment have a townhouse that’s nice.

Hes Got Two Elbows One For Each Of

you perfect that would make her dead. If I go we’re going to Tom’s River to bleep paint in Saint Claire. She would go what a birthday. And she just got her hair Did Chrissy line this up. I will I will all make it happen.

Toms River Be A Tinkerbell.

I’ve introduced Yeah I’ve I’ve introduced a lot of porn stars into Aaron not a lot. We’ll just just Trinity Sinclair and now you now Peyton Peyton Sinclair, which is seemingly similar. Yeah are you related to Trinity Saint Claire. Those are the other points.

I Dont Even Know Who She

is maybe you’re distant cousins or something yeah it could be nah. She spells it differently. Everyone’s everyone’s on their own journey all right all right if we don’t have any more costume stories. We’re gonna move on a superhero gay porn site absolutely go to the Halloween shop dress. I got some custom bleep too but I mean generally so okay the first time before porn I was Robin and I bleep poison Ivy.

And We Both Had To Rip

our pantyhose open, which later became a thing in porn so that was like it’s such a thing even like thin sweatpants. I see like guys ripping open Yeah, and then the second time we’re both astronauts, which is cool without helmets so wouldn’t it that big astronauts you know I barely had anal before it is born, which is weird um but now it’s just like I don’t know twice a week. We that’s what we do for we dress up. I dress people up and come on or have them come on each other.

How Do You Get Come Out Of A

costume dry cleaning or just you just yeah you live with it or you you know yeah it’s it’s a good question. Yeah. I don’t shoot 4k so much so like you can’t really see the bleep stains so like. These jeans are like Oh man a bleep!


Never have I ever this is what never happened number 13, 12, 15, 14 14.& Aaron Berg, I’m in my garage you’re in your garage. Peyton Sinclair is coming to us live from a bar so we’re gonna make it work. Pete Burdette is a he’s the famous barker of McDougall street Mr. Mr. McDougalls street . Amanda gayle is also a comedian. She brought her boobs. Aaron Berg is one of the hosts of in hot water on compound media. He is a comedian who has written for the Alec Baldwin Roasts. He’s the ultimate roast guy he in fact during a roast called me Garfield and a year later.& People still call me Garfield Elan Altman in the house. I like it. I’m here for it and then we have the penny lane of comedy the triple threat Tokyo punch in our bottom corner.& Is gonna be an excellent show. It’s gonna be a great show….. Click here to read more and watch the full video