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Got My Vodka Whoa Welcome To Another

never have I ever. This is number 17 and I’m really excited about these cute cool cats and kittens that I have ready for this round. Whoa I’m just gonna start right into it introducing people whoo to my over here um. He is the host of the Panic attacking podcast and you’ve seen him on late night with stephen Colbert Steve Rogers, Hello Thank you also in his spare time he fights crime in this corner check out her only fans and you can find her on sex Panther Jillian Jansen Bye Guys Oh Jillian from waves Happy January Cbn now we’re best buds and below me. She also has an only fans and you’ll probably see her in Vegas Slash La sometime next month in September Sophia West Hello, Hello Hello and holding it up on the bottom row he’s the.

Host Of The American Loser Podcast His Lighting

is not that great KP Burke I’m just dragging this entire road down. I’m sorry about that guys. I like it. Your lighting is very much like someone is going to start jerking off Soon, I’m into it all right and bottom right. He’s an independent film producer Hollywood Hotshot John Paul Rice hello, how are you doing all right never have I ever it’s.

Its Kind Of A Drinking Game But

again if you don’t drink that’s okay. We had one person relapse on this zoom. It doesn’t need to have to happen again. You know it was fun it might have been the best episode but this tonight. You know it’s all a trade-off so never have I ever rules are you saying never have I ever fallen down a flight of stairs, whatever it is if you’ve done it.

Take A Drink And Then You Tell The

story of how you fell down the stairs and so on and so forth And we learn about each other sharing is caring it could be sexual. It could not be. You know no presh so okay. I will start with one. okay.

Never Have I Ever Waxed My Pubes And

this is for. I guess me what I’ve waxed them myself. I’ve also paid to have strangers wax them, but I have also waxed it myself really what this plucking count, but I do want to hear about that jillian plucking holy cow and unnecessary um yeah. I tried to wax it myself. I had a take-home kit it was this was yeah this was years and years ago.

I Was Like I Can Just Call

the candle. I should a window. It wasn’t a candle It was like an. Whatever five dollar wax round cooch set and it was so painful. I literally only did half so I like looked down and I was like.

I Could Do No More And

I looked very much like a black and white cookie.NK] it just was. I mean the last black and white cookie at the bakery. It’s getting stale. It’s in the background that was what I was dealing with so and also I scared away John Paul Rice with that one that’s good all right KP yeah you got me.

Im Former Military And We Have

a lot of down time when we’re deployed overseas. So we thought it would be hilarious if I waxed my pubes and um. I also tapped about halfway through so oh my God, what did you do it with um well. Well it started with one of the wax strips and one of the our buddies had it sent over to him and then when I tapped out and completely wimped out embarrassingly enough we might have finishing it with like one of those micro touch things what’s a micro touch um it’s like halfway between a razor and like a buzzer kind of a thing so it was pretty much my pubes looked like sinead, O’connor’s head the tanks and all no I wimped out. I don’t have the i don’t have the tolerance for it Oh goodness and then they started singing nothing compares to pubes.

If Only I Thought Of It You Can

still do it. I guess um yeah you know pubes are a tricky thing it’s like you can’t live them you can’t live without them but plenty of people do as as seen by all. my trips to the locker back. I hope we’re gonna try this again. I don’t know we just internet issues tonight.

Oh No.

I hope it wasn’t. I was like for sure the the mention of my pubes I knew is what scared you away but anyway of course um okay John do you want to do one before your internet cuts out. Oh sure what what do I have to admit again anything anything let’s say never have I ever and his internet’s gone. Oh no wow plus all right sophia you back zoom leg so I guess I’ll go let me think of something hmm.

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I Think Im Freezing Again Damn

it UK never have I ever enjoyed something I have done or haven’t done usually have okay all right let me think of something good never have I ever been caught doing a bleep in public. I don’t think so I should have been yeah you got lucky then so you better what about you Jillian were you caught No We were actually in Jamaica hedonism so it’s where you’re allowed to be naked and do whatever you want pretty much so I remember giving a bleep. I was even videoing it for my only fans, so I guess I can check on them spot so much as other people saw you percy. I’m sorry. I do not have a navy story for this one well that’s okay you know all right sophia where were you when that happened.

I Was Actually In The Bathroom

stall of a restaurant restroom in a restaurant and I thought that we were alone and no we weren’t. Somebody came in to wash their hands and we were asked to leave the restaurant afterwards. Wow are you in a bathroom. store you’re just in the bathroom like in the bathroom stall Dorsia We’re being discreet yeah Yeah, I’m sorry is it a long John Silvers No no no no no no I wouldn’t go in that bathroom for anything at a starbucks Yeah it’s not enough time. It was in between dessert and waiting for dessert to come and we just we got a little amorous and had to do there’s like a palette cleanser pack Yeah.

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I Like That Just Say That

you were making your homemade whipped cream you know a protein shake who caught you the bathroom attendant No. It was another patron of the restaurant that went and complained wow no like the person who’s complaining about somebody else’s blow job in a bathroom like that’s a good that’s a sad person right there that’s that’s just junky It really is it really is I I really should have invited her and given her the orgasm of her life. That is what the handicapped stalls are for you know okay They got the rails to grip that’s right wow Oh man that sucks well. I hope you can get back into a KFc sometime soon, Oh we could only hope fingers crossed we’re like dying to know what your restaurant was that guy must have gave a gate like a great review of their bathroom now. Oh you know it you know it looks clean that’s the thing is like.

I Think If You Do If

that happens. next time and you get caught like someone could have started making like throwing up noises because if you see two sets of feet in one stall and one is facing the other. You could someone just start going and then you can always say like Oh, I was in there with my sick friend, Yeah that it’s true that it’s true he should just ram just bleep down my throat and made me gag UK that’s the only time someone’s throwing up and somebody yells more UK Oh my God like really cram it down there yeah I’ve I’ve hooked up in bathrooms like I think I there was a I was. I did a comedy show at a hostel and I ended up like banging this one dude on the floor of the of the bathroom and the hostel, But it was so clean. I couldn’t get over.

There I Was Like Down There And

I was like looking around like wow like they really take care of this place Yeah. I mean he had a really nice accent that’s kind of all it takes isn’t it true nice arms and yeah. I I went and left a review on that hostile yelp like I didn’t stay here but damn it was clean. You know I had so yeah those are good times all right all right all right Steve do you have one yeah sure never have I ever been sent to the hospital for a panic attack Hey all right. I did not want to be alone on that one.

I Dont.

I don’t know if it was necessarily a well. I think anyone would panic after their whole like right side of their face swells up from the tooth infection. Oh my. God it really looks like someone had like beat this out of me like completely underneath my eye was swollen um my whole like I couldn’t see and I couldn’t breathe out of my nose, and it was it went down after like two weeks, but my face was still numb for like a whole month after that, but I went in and I freaked out because I didn’t.

I Thought I Was Gonna Die.

I and I did like a Ct scan and they ended up telling me pretty much the same thing that you know They sent me home with like antibiotics and then when I went back because I freaked out again because I kind of went to the hospital by myself and I was kind of not. I should and then I called my my best friend to fly and I was like I’m freaking out. I’m in the hospital, I’ve never been in the hospital.

I Dont Go To The Hospital.

I never I just stick this bleep out like I don’t know what to do and so I came in and flew and it was like still in the hospital but I went home for like just a tiny bit because they told me to go get my meds and then I went back to the hospital like you don’t you don’t want to wait too long, but they weren’t too they weren’t panicked about it. So I wasn’t panicked about it. So they’re just like you know come in a few hours from now.

Just You Know Go Get Your Bags

take a little nap. If you want they’re really really not so long about it actually and then I went to the hospital. They kind of freaked me out and said my. White blood cell was high.

Count Was High And I Just Kind

of googled. It was like why why would my white blood cell come behind like you’re setting off an infection and so they I just kind of doctored myself and I said you know I don’t have insurance. I’m getting out of this bleep yeah my my bill was expensive.


This is number 17 and I’m really excited about these cute cool cats and kittens that I have ready for this round . Never have I ever fallen down a flight of stairs, whatever it is if you’ve done it.& Take a drink and then you tell the story of how you fell down the stairs and so on and so forth. And we learn about each other sharing is caring it could be sexual.& We had one person relapse on this zoom.& It doesn’t need to have to happen again.& You know it was fun it might have been the best episode but this tonight.& I will start with one. Never have ever waxed my pubes. I’ve also paid to have strangers waxed them myself, but I have also waxed it myself really what this p could not be.& There are no presh so okay, so okay. It’s all a trade-off. We’re all over the internet. We don’t want to get back in touch….. Click here to read more and watch the full video