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Welcome To Never Have I Ever Number 24 Whoa

I’m so excited for this crowd here This crew I have tonight I’m not lying is the best crew I’ve ever had in all of these shows. I’m going to start introducing everybody because the zooms are backwards starting over here. She is the host of the gape Tv podcast comedian Amy Jans. I I love you’re like already in new year’s mode you’re like let me get this bleep year old. Exactly I’m in 2021 mode Yeah you’re ready for it 2023 because it’s gonna take rebuilding and all that yeah we could skip a few ahead.

I Im With You On That And

on this side he’s the host of the where’s the grief podcast and you might have seen him in the Marvelous Miss Maisel pilot it’s Jordan Ferber Oh Boy right and you’re somewhere in the middle. of an 80s well listen you know I feel like you know I’ve been trying to live in the now and that was just not happening really well So I feel like this looks like the future, but it’s actually Tron, so it’s you know. I don’t know where I am but it’s when I am but yeah you know I brought I brought bourbon you’re somewhere in the simulation. I love it and in the middle. He’s the host of the gutting the sacred Cow podcast.

Its Kevin Israel Yay And On The Other

side she’s a comedian. I’ve worked with her a bunch of times She’s funny as hell it’s Kendra Dawson. I need to start a I need to get a clapping sound. I say it okay and on the other side you’ve seen her all over. She is the host of the tres bleep podcast not.

Tres Leches Three Bleep Trey Alper

cheers cheers Oh and last but not least oh My God I’ve known her for years. Another hilarious comedian, We performed together all the time she was like my right hand lady at the comedy at Stonewall show. It’s Veronica Garza good to see you guys so quickly How this goes everybody get a drink everybody watching at home you’re home. It’s a saturday pour a big one get your stories ready. We’re getting our stories ready you’re gonna everyone’s gonna get to know each other a lot better in the next hour so how it will go is.

Ill Say Never Have I Ever

played piano and I’m saying that because I’ve done it so I’m gonna drink and if anybody else has played the piano, you would all drink and then tell the story of how you played the piano that’s a. terrible example, and it sounds boring, but each of us will go with whatever our story is so I’m going gonna start because I was thinking. I was thinking a long time about this and okay so never have. I ever faked an orgasm. I could drink easily the whole bottle for just this answer, Oh yeah yep I just feel like I must have.

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I Cant Remember A Specific Time

but I’m like probably full drink and it’s like it’s so much easier to do it with just a random hookup once you start like seeing the same person for a while it’s like it gets harder and harder to fake because you have to fake it in the same way. You have to remember you’re like did I moan first or or roll my eyes back first. You know sometimes listen sometimes you sometimes you can’t come. I mean that’s its own thing so you know you know you want to make the girl feel like she’s. You know has has pleased you, but you know also got that she hasn’t right on her back like it doesn’t work.

Its Hard To Figure Out How

to how to fake it and not and not make it feel like you’re disingenuous as well. I was once with a girl and like Chrissy said it was a a one-night stand situation and I was very drunk and she just kept saying I just want you to come and I was like. I was it’s not going to happen like it’s just not it’s not even in the cards for tonight probably not tomorrow either and she and finally you know I don’t even remember what exactly we were. doing but finally at some point I just rolled over and spasmed a few times and then fell asleep. Oh my God like I had some old milk next to me that I threw onto the bed.

Oh My God.

I’ve actually never heard of a man really faking an orgasm mostly we fake the relationship yeah you fake the love part yeah wow wait so kevin let’s see your spasm could you re-enact it no that’s many years behind her. I don’t even remember what a real orgasm feels like at this point that seems easy sorry. She did she did make a comment. I think the next morning something about like there wasn’t a mess or something like that and I was like yeah, I’m clean like that I had a vasectomy.

I Shoot Blanks Was She Look Looking

for a mess that’s weird maybe this has happened. her before she’s been with people who have baked it on her. I’m sure she I’m sure she probably wasn’t the the highest class it’s all good Veronica you’re coming back yeah I got cut. I didn’t even hear the question all I heard was come stories and I’m already like what I did. Oh is it.

It Was Have You Ever Faked An Orgasm.

I just think you were here the whole time and listening. I thought I was straight for like 10 years. I faked it all 10 years and then I slept with women and I was like this is an orgasm ah oh man what sorry I was trying to brag you’re. I think you’re in in two places.

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So I Was Like If I Remove

you. I’m gonna remove you in the other place, but I don’t want to remove the real you okay okay. Okay well, whatever she’s already coming twice This zoom sucks so bad yeah Yeah It’s hard. Do you know that like when they shoot porn They will make extra calm just to throw on you first not you but like just throw on the people in the scenes like if the guy you know I mean like they’re not machines for Christ’s sake so it’s like it’s always and then I made some once um from our sketch and it was just like um yeah It’s like sour cream flour egg white it’s like some combination of that and salt to taste is what the ingredient says Salt tastes hilarious. I guess based on how hydrated your man is.

I Dont Know So Jordan Next Time

we have to fake an orgasm. We know the exact composition of what we have to make well you know? I mean listen I sleep with so many Jewish women They’re like it’s not even salty. I like it. I love it it should be chewier okay that was gross well okay okay, amy all right do I give a never have I ever yes okay, but it’s true for me true for you yeah because here’s what’s happened in the past like people have done ones that aren’t true for them and they also haven’t been true for anyone else. So then that we have an awkward zoom moment where nobody drinks.

Oh Okay All Right All Right Never Have

I ever Oh my God um let me think I’m putting you on the spot All right never have I ever bought a dress sorry to go nothing I know you are here. I think. I know where you’re going never have I ever bought an outfit wore it and then returned it. Oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve done that I never did that Oh you must kendra You must you drink if you didn’t do it also right drink if you have done it. Oh no I never did Yeah.

The Problem Is Is When The You

get like sweaty. It’s a sweaty night out and then the price tag is like yellow and you’re like I can’t the price tag gets wet and you’re like Oh god. Then you have to go home and dry the price tag you’re like blotting it hit it with a blow dryer and you’re like. This is a lot of effort for when I was a teen. I would have fishing wire and I would just sew it.

I Had It Down Pat How To Reinstall.

the tag, but also they tried to felt bad they probably were like yeah We’ll we’ll give you the corporate credit yeah You would you would like take the tag out and then you would sort of like finagle it back in doctored up like you have a way of slipping it out and then some you could slip it back in but some interesting like you had a rip. So I just sewed back on delicately with fish or wire wow. I’ve made some purchases that I you know that I probably shouldn’t have that you know in retrospect. I didn’t wear with frequency um or again but um are you talking about Atlas chaps Jordan.

I I Once I I Dont

know I was once real. I don’t know how I managed to get myself roped into this but I managed to buy myself a pair of leather. Pants that’s that that actually zipped up the back yes. I’m sure the cashier was like we know we’re gonna be doing all these no no I I it’s good for you buddy. I bought them from a like a private designer like you know it was just I was we were hanging out it’s it’s a long it was a late night.

You Know She Had Some Left You

know if they fit sounds fun I can’t. I I would think that every single pair of leather pants that zips up the back would have to be final sale only do you know what I mean we all know what’s happening in those pants yeah well. I’m just saying like in retrospect that sour cream mixture is ending up right there you know somebody somebody pointed out to me that you know that because they zip up the back. That chances are you know not they don’t present them in the men’s section of this store and I was like well that’s probably oh they present them in the men’s section I was like listen you can’t tell me that the that Mick Jagger doesn’t own numerous pairs of pants that zip in the back like this Yeah. These are some rock star pants.

You Know We All Need Some Rock

star bleep See this is another way toxic masculinity is affecting men’s choices. All men deserve pants that zip up the back right like you deserve someone in your life that will unzip the pants sorry. I have a feeling if they if they zip that down the front in the same way, it would it would be even more awkward. It was a pretty big zipper yeah I’ve seen women struggle with that zipper in the back.

And I Dont Want Anything To

do with it. It’s hard. It sometimes takes multiple people to get dressed, and I don’t think these designers like I guess they assume that like we don’t a lot of us don’t live alone and that we’ve got like you know handlers or men in our lives to help.


I love you’re already in new year’s mode you’re in 2021 mode . I feel like this looks like the future, but it’s actually Tron, so it’s Tron . I love it and in the middle. I don’t know where I am. It’s when I am but yeah you know I bring I brought I brought bourbon you’re somewhere in the simulation.& I I love the bourbon. I brought everybody get a drink everybody watch at home you’re home.& It’s a saturday pour a big one. Get your stories ready. We’re getting our stories ready you’re gonna everyone’s gonna get to everyone’s got to get to the next episode of the show. I’m not lying is the best crew I’ve ever had in all of these shows. We’ll be back in the studio again. We won’t be back to the studio. We will be back at the studio next week. We don’t want to get back at home. We…. Click here to read more and watch the full video