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How Damaged Oh Never Have I Ever So Excited

to have this group Today This is gonna be airing on Friday night We’re kicking off the Friday night right with this bunch here I’m so excited to have this group every every week. It’s a different group some assortment of all my favorite porn stars, comedians, superfans so here we go come in from Long Island. We have the super fan of the wet spot the king of porn the the reigning title porn King Mr. Michael Gavin Ollie yeah everybody presenting the least well-lit square on the whole thing love it. Comedian White Plains resident Joe I live also podcaster right Wrong Podcaster Just started another podcast last night called Total Male Introspective Yes UK that’s my podcast okay amazing and then we have lots a whole mess of comedians.

Westchesters Favorite Former Uk Police Officer Now Full-Time

comic. Cannon Yeah! I have a podcast Yes and your podcast is called off police off the cuff Yes Amazing amazing I’m, a retired porn store, and then we have a good friend of mine comedian. She just recently moved to Cod. I can’t even keep track and that way to be on the bottom thank you very much yes she was most recently she was on the wet spot a couple weeks back we love her. She’s back Randy James in the middle square holding it down and then we have newbies but so excited to see them.

Lauren Phillips Hey Girl Theyre Coming

from UK on a newbie for a very long time. Oh good yes. It’s a new cherry pop and Jessica Starling in the corner I love your makeup all right guys it’s exciting that some of you have never played before this is like my favorite. game it’s basically. I played this throughout like high school in college and it’s like you’ll say never have I ever blacked out and if you blacked out You have to take a drink and then we all see who else has done it and if you have a fun story.

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You Should Tell It Because Thats How

we learn by sharing all right. I’ll start out with like a safe one so okay never have I ever been bitten by an animal does it have to be a wild animal Humans are animals too oh wow sounds like you’re having the yes well. I’ll tell about the most recent time I was bitten by a animal which was this week. I have a squirrel which comes to my apartment window to my fire escape and and I was just like so now. I have a it was eating the birdseed out of my bird feeder, which is stuck to the window because I don’t mean yard but I want to have like a nature presence.

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So This Squirrel Was Like Just

in the thing eating the birdseed and I just tried to hand him like a handful of peanuts and it like jumped up and like bit my hand and like scratched at it and I screamed yeah, But I don’t have you until you die have rabies crazy. I’m a yeah. I may or may not have squirrel rabies that’s a team story and then we have Brian UK coming in party. Hasn’t saw a hair cut in a minute that’s okay I know right I’m happy UK positive. Gay sex chat room, Oh that’s the wrong room Hey what’s up Brian I was trying to figure out which Beatle is here all right Brian Do you know how to play this game never have I ever all right Okay it boggles my mind that know that so many people have been played.

Maybe Its An East Coast Thing Hey

is that the new haircut haircut since like February so I’m going to see my team of Filipinos on Friday thank you honey will you get the door baby My daughter has told me that soon because I’m so old I love you princess honey Okay all right Brian Don’t be weird don’t weird everybody out right away. Okay did you do let’s hear one from brandy okay all right let’s see never have I ever went three days without showering Oh absolutely I’m gonna run out of beer. This is like a liar Not you drink if you have gone three or more days without showering. I’ll just play wine nipples that’s okay you know it’s like I never tried to be gross. You never tried to not shower it’s just like you know you shower and then the next day.

You Still Youre Like You Have A Full

clean day. You know it’s a low-impact day and then it’s the next day and you’re like well. I I guess I didn’t run or go to the gym a couple days there. Oh you’re still feeling pretty clean and then before you know it you’re on three days without a shower. It happens like that yes Gracie like there’s three in one oil in it.

I Dont Smell For Three Days Like

I do not smell bad if I don’t bleep shower for two days. I smell like my father not weird You know what your father smells like like cigarettes and booze like I’m not even kidding like I can yeah. I have like this smell come through my pores. I have to shower I’d be like a Silkwood shower. I like watch me dance watch me dance I feel like I really tested the durability of my clothing throughout quarantine because there I would just lose track after a while in the middle of that really heavy New York quarantine like I just tell you my wife and I was like did we shower like this week.

It Was Just If You Dont

smell your armpits and if you’re not like you know and if you haven’t showered and if you smell your armpits you’re fine so you could always take a whole bed. I grew one of those giant Corona beards. It was. Like literally I shaved it like two weeks ago and I’ve never had a beard before and it was huge and I bought beard oil on Amazon. Just cuz.

I Was Like Bleep With It

and I put too much beard oil in and I smelled like a Renaissance. Faire did you smell like armpits like turkey leg and me. This is like it was iodide. I finally shaved it with my ball shaver like my trimmer. I to get in there anyway whatever to go on now no don’t stop Don’t believe you you have to grow it for me to see it.

Ill Can Send You A Picture.

It was it was three it was wild it was like I don’t believe it well. Yeah it’s weird it’s so weird in the core you’re just like it can go so easily without you’re like what’s the point some. Days I wake up and I’m like what is what am I even doing today You know I got my back waxed today in Bay Ridge Oh really yeah Things are opening the back waxers. They’re opening up again there’s hope yeah they take off all your hair yeah, but I bleep man because I usually get my back waxed when the hair is supposed to be long but I bought I’ve been buying all this weird bleep on Amazon and I bought this like back hair shaver like it’s one of those are my boyfriend a man groomer.

Its A Man But Its Not

It’s a guy $10 one it and but when you get waxed. I don’t know if you girls have what they call in France look Regina dead hairy my it’s better to have long hair to get waxed. So I had stubble and the Colombian. girl doing it She was like this is really gonna hurt Cuz It’s stubble it hurt like hell but whatever I mean I get it. I mean I put it all on you know social media because you know I quit I quit wax you did you’re here with like the Mafia stead of hair and yet you went and got your back Brian.

I Remember You With Short Hair From From

burning bridges and I never see I never see you with long hair at all. I know it’s weird do we look like Justin Bieber’s dead Brian it’s yeah we know each other Oh hi yeah Brian’s Oh yeah I should’ve mentioned Brian’s are kind of a little bit blind so oh right does that bad to tell people it’s fair it’s fine yeah we have a diversity requirement. We have to fulfill UK cool cool cool yeah. I’m excited to get waxed again like I had stopped during the quarantine right because like European wax like shut down I was like wow I can’t believe for the first time in five years. I’m shaving my own vagina again for my chiropractor personally Yeah, I’d love to get my nails done soon the nails is number one like this I can’t believe like I mean Brussels like you’ve saved so much money, but it’s like Oh Yeah, What about the rub and tugs in Midtown Can a fellow still get jerked off.

Im Asking For A Friend No

I haven’t been to the city in like a couple months No the last time I went was Maybe in April to pick up like a package from a fan, but the last show I did in the city was like March 17. Yeah I think I can’t go to. Nudie bars until Phase four. I think that’s gonna be a real problem.

I Dont Know How Theyre Gonna

like how they’re gonna have a Gallagher’s in Long Island City, how are they gonna do it like they’re not gonna survive on their happy hour birthday right now I just I don’t know I mean like I’ve been asking like my friend who goes with me to like sapphires yeah, and he talked to one of the girls there and they’re gonna be opening which Phase four. But they don’t know how many people could get in I just find it to be bleep with these phases all the time it’s gonna be really awkward getting a lap dance through a plastic sheet. Though I mean like how do you guys really should have a plastic sheet on you to be honest. You know my gloves and masks even when we come out of yeah.

I Dont Even Like Wearing A Mask Going

outside to like the bagel store. It’s like so stupid like we know there are so many deaths going on but why do we have to sacrifice you know Michael Lee we’re keeping this one fun cannon put down the Pinot Grigio and let’s hear one Pinot Grigio it’s Cabernet Oh oh I did never have I ever never never have I ever in this video little boring tough that gotten a haircut three months until till now you know but I actually just this week as you can see by the length of my hair got my first real true barber haircut during this open nineteen thing and it. feels liberating you know because I always like to have my hair short like this so when I dive in the pool I can just do that let’s try right away live in the good life. You know you guys, you guys are feeling me for this, but it feels it feels a lot of like freedom.

You Know Yeah I Havent Had A I

haven’t Yeah, I haven’t had a haircut and a long time. I got a haircut two days before my birthday when was your birthday. I know Don’t tell me don’t.


This is gonna be airing on Friday night We’re kicking off the Friday night right with this bunch here I’m so excited to have this group every every week . We have the super fan of the wet spot the king of porn the the reigning title porn King Mr. Michael Gavin Ollie. We have lots a whole mess of comedians. They’re coming from UK on a newbie for a very long time.& Westchester’s favorite former UK police officer now full-time comic.& Cannon Yeah! I have a podcast Yes and your podcast is called off police off the cuff. Yes Amazing amazing I’m, a retired porn store, and then we have a good friend of mine comedian.& She just recently moved to Cod.& I can’t even keep track and that way to be on the bottom thank you very much. Jessica Starling in the corner. She was most recently she was most recent she was on the Wet Spot a couple weeks back we love her.&…. Click here to read more and watch the full video