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Hi, Im Erik Voss, And If Youve

seen Wonder Woman, you probably noticed the new UK movie intro featuring the members of the Justice League plus a ton of missable characters fromNK] Comics. And. What’s really cool about this is, this is Warner Brothers and UK cinematic saying UK we have a ton of amazing characters in our comic book universe and we’re bringing them all into our movies at some point, so hold on to your butts!’ So in this video, I’m going to go through this intro and identify all the characters that I noticed and explain how they might play into the movies currently on UK schedule, or movies that are still in development or just rumored, or in my own wild boy (wild Boy ) Wild fanboy Fantasies. So, one big thing to point out at the top during this montage, that actually kind of parallels. The Justice League animated series Intro-Yeah Guys, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, is part of this.


This is a big deal. When Warner Brothers announced the Justice League movie and released that poster, a lot of people were wondering why Green Lantern wasn’t part of this. I mean, maybe they figured people are still recovering from the 2011 Ryan Reynolds version, I mean I know it’s still a sore subject for Ryan Reynolds. UK Don’t make the supersuit Green.

Or Animated!” Meanwhile, Others Were Asking Where Is

Martian Manhunter-who, along with Green Lantern was also part of the original Justice League lineup. I mean. . . not that many people were asking about Martian Manhunter, but, yeah, you know.


. Some were. Anyway, it doesn’t matter because now this whole UK family is back in this new intro. So let’s comb through this big lineup and point out who.

Out Who Everyone Is, At Least The Ones

that I can make out. Okay, so in the center. We have the main UKNK] Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, flanked by the rest of the JusticeNK] Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. This is the Justice League that will be in the upcoming Justice League movie in December. And.

If You Look Closely, The Proximity Of Nearby

characters might be a hint that we could see those people make cameos in Justice League as well. So, soaring over them is Hal Jordan-Green Lantern, and standing to the right of Aquaman is John Stewart-Green Lantern. For. Those who don’t know, Green Lantern’s really like a title, so there have been a bunch of people with that position, and several others show up in this clip; we’ll get to them later. But before get to them later.

But Before That, Look At The Figure Behind

Flash. This kind of looks like the comic version of Darkseid. . Now,. He’s the major villain who’s probably behind the conflict in Justice League, and even if he doesn’t show up in the movie, Justice League,.

All Of These Events Are Heading Towards

a big showdown with Darkseid. So, I’m predicting that we will see Green Lantern and Darkseid appear in some form in Justice League, either like a surprise cameo during the movie or maybe in a post-credits scene. Now, after Justice League, the next movie onNK] schedule is Aquaman, planned to release a year later. , in December 2018, and in addition to Aquaman, over on the right is his Queen, Mera, his brother and villain, Ocean Master, and another Aquaman villain, Black Manta. Now, Mera will appear in Justice League, she’s played by Amber Heard,.

And Ocean Master And Black Manta Will Be

in an Aquaman solo film, played by Patrick Wilson and YahyaNK] UK Okay,. Another big film onNK] list is The Batman, a solo Batman film starring Ben Affleck. Now, Affleck originally wrote the script and planned to direct, but he stepped down and now Matt Reeves is taking over as the director. . It’s scheduled to release sometime in 2019.


Now, remember Affleck posted a picture a while back that teased that Deathstroke will be in The Batman. He’s going to be played by Joe Manganiello and Deathstroke actually shows up in this intro-he’s over here on the left. Now other than Deathstroke being in it, we don’t know too much about The Batman, but I could see a few of these other nearby characters showing up in it. For example, on the right you can see Harley Quinn.

See Harley Quinn With Her Signature Mallet And

the Joker, and even further down someone who looks like Mr. Freeze. Now remember, there’s also a sequel to Suicide Squad that’s in the works, along with a Harley Quinn spin-off movie called Gotham City Sirens that’s going to be directed by David Ayer. That movie’s rumored to have Harley leading a group of female UK villains, and one of those could be Catwoman, who we see over here on the left, next to Flash. It could also be fun to see Catwoman showing up in The Batman, we’ll see.

But One Batman Character Whos Kind

of hard to see here is Nightwing. UK actually announced that Dick Grayson-Nightwing is getting his own solo film, too, with Chris UK attached to direct. He directed the Lego Batman movie. Ok, zooming out a bit here, some more characters from upcoming UK. movies start to appear.

Theres Shazam And Black Adam Over

by Catwoman and Deathstroke. Now. Black Adam is the antihero and arch-nemesis to Captain Marvel, Shazam, who I think is the figure next to Deathstroke, maybe this is his alter ego, Marvel_(DC_Comics)” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Billy Batson, who is also visible in front of him. , like he’s in the process of transforming into Captain Marvel. Now, Black Adam will be played by DwayneNK] Rock” Johnson.

Hes Actually Supposed To Appear In Shazam,

which he’s also producing, and that movie’s scheduled to come out April 2019. Now, around this time, we’re also supposed to start seeing solo films for the Flash and Cyborg,, but both of those movies are still very much in development, and I’m guessing we’ll know more about those when we see how successful Justice League ends up being. That goes for Justice League, Part Two as well. We might also. see a sequel to Wonder Woman during this time, but the studio is reportedly still going over the details with Patty Jenkins about that.

But One Thing That Does Sound Confirmed

is that in 2020 there is another movie in the Pipeline Green Lantern Corps. I’m super excited about this movie, especially after seeing this intro, because so many of the Green Lantern characters show up in it. Like, besides Hal Jordan and John Stewart Green Lanterns. There’s also the villains Sinestro, Jessica, Cruz, Kilowog and Green Lantern. Mogo, which is a sentient living planet, which is why he’s so freaking huge here.

Also This Guy In Red Looks

like it could be Atrocitus. He’s another super villain from the Green Lantern Comics. . He’s, also known as the Red Lantern, and he’s always like Super Pissed off, so I’m really hoping that this guy shows up in the Green Lantern. Corps movie.

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Now The Last Announced Upcomingnk] Movie That

I’m excited about is Batgirl, and that kind of looks like her over on the left. Now, Batgirl is going to be written and directed by Joss Whedon. He’s the genius behind the two Avengers movies and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Now, Joss Whedon has also apparently taken over directing Justice League, while Zack Snyder takes some time off to deal with a family tragedy. So Yeah, that’s sad news for Snyder and we wish him the best,.

But Its Good To See That

the future of the UK movie universe is in such good hands with Whedon In the meantime. Okay. I know this has already been a ton of characters, but I’m going to quickly run through and point out any other possible sightings, and heads up, some of these might be a bit obscure to you. Okay,. Okay, first there’s an appearance by original Justice League member, Martian Manhunter-I think that’s him standing behind Harley Quinn.

Theres Also A Few Familiar Heroes From

theNK] Arrowverse-there’s Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Maybe Firestorm and Vixen over on the left side. Now there Aren’t any firm plans to bring these characters into the movies yet, but we’ll see. Like UK Doesn’t seem to have an issue having two versions of the Flash, so it’s possible. Also on the very far left, is the upcomingNK] Hero, Black Lightning. His solo UK series is set to debut in 2018.

Now, On Both Sides.

There is Hawkgirl and Hawkman, both of whom have appeared in different versions of the Justice League comics or animated series. And. This bald guy to the right of the Joker might be Lex Luthor, which would make sense-they’re the arch. Sense-they’re the arch enemies of Batman and Superman, respectively.

And The Big Guy Behind Nightwing Looks

like Swamp Thing. He has one of the weirder origin stories in theNK] Comics, he’s huge and made of plant materials. Meanwhile, another spooky figure is over here, Solomon Grundy,, a villain who’s a reanimated corpse. And the little figure flying above him looks like it could be Bumblebee, from Teen Titans. Now, everyone else on the right side is a little too tough to make out, so for now let’s pan back over to the left.


This massive looming figure, based on its size at least, could be The Spectre. He’s a god-like, vengeful spirit of police officer Jim Corrigan, but to be honest,. This is kind of a shot in the dark. But in front of them look like a few familiar faces from Suicide Squad.

I Think.

Think that’s Enchantress there, and then Captain Boomerang, and that might be Deadshot behind Batgirl There. And the two flying figures up there could be Mr. Miracle and Big Barda, They’re a couple and they’re both New Gods with power similar to that of Superman and Wonder Woman. Now.

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Its Cool To Be Reminded That

UK has access to all these amazing characters which makes me wonder, which of these characters do you want to see in their own solo films. Which ones do you want to see in their own UK series And are there any that you just want to see make little cameos in Justice League, Part Two But another, deeper UK what do you think are some other ways UK could go other than following something close to Marvel’s universe-building model Like, instead of these Avengers-style team-up franchise movies what if UK took a more Anthology. characters Like, see how Batgirl and Nightwing do in their own solo films, where these heroes are dealing with their own specific problems, rather than worrying about the extended universes. Like, I would love to see a world where UK doesn’t try to compete with Marvel, and instead of world-building, just give each of these amazing characters their own, independent films or short-run, standalone anthology series. I want to know what you think.

Comment And Let Me Know How You

would tell everyone atNK] Warner Brothers how to do their jobs. Who knows Maybe they’re reading UK comments Sections. Now I’m determined to identify everyone in this picture, and if you’re with me on this mission, please like this video and share it around, let’s get on this people. And subscribe to new rockstars to see me and others obsessively break down every other UK property into its most.

Missable Details.

And you could be more part of our team here by contributing to us on Patreon. Thank you so much to all of our current donors, especially Kenny Smith. So tweet at me with any other UK characters that you spotted in this or any thoughts you have about the UK movie universe can also follow new rockstars on Twitter (@newrockstars) for updates on our videos.

Ooh Wait-I Think I Just Spotted Another

character.. . way in the corner there.

Okay, Zoom In–Oh My God, Thats Me! What

the Hell I’m a hero.. .


New UK movie intro features the members of the Justice League plus a ton of missable characters from the comic book universe . Erik Voss identifies all the characters that I noticed and explain how they might play into the movies currently on UK schedule, or movies that are still in development or just rumored, or in my own wild boy (wild Boy ) Wild fanboy Fantasies) The Justice League animated series Intro-Yeah Guys, Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, is part of this.& So,.& This is a big deal. I mean I know it’s still a sore subject for Ryan Reynolds. Meanwhile, others were asking where is Martian Manhunter– who, along with Green Lantern was also part of the original Justice League lineup.& I mean. Green Lantern wasn’t part of that poster, but, yeah, you know.& Some were. Some were asking about Martian Manhunters.& not that many people were asking for that. But it doesn’t matter because now this whole…. Click here to read more and watch the full video